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The Internet Book of Shadows

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This is a large (+9Mb) collection of articles related to Neo-Paganism which can be found archived at a number of FTP sites (for instance, here). This is a collection of posts to bulletin boards from the late eighties to the mid nineties, essentially predating the modern Internet. According to a recent communication, the original editor of this archive was Durwydd mac Tara at PODS net. We acknowledge Durwydd’s hard work to preserve this archive. For ease of access, we have converted this archive to HTML using a C program. There are a number of technical difficulties with this collection including runtogetherwords in many places, problems with the table of contents and huge inconsistencies in pagination; due to the volume of this material we have left these intact for now.

We have taken the liberty of removing about twenty-five articles which were too far ‘off topic’, posted elsewhere at this site, or had serious copyright issues. Three articles have been removed at the request of the authors. Other than the omitted articles we have made no attempt to alter any of the content.



Practically all of the files below are copyrighted but redistributable for non-commercial purposes. Consult each file for particulars.


NOTE: As most of these postings were archived many years ago, we have no way to contact the authors of any of these documents. Therefore we can’t arrange copyright clearances for any of these pieces or give you the email addresses of the authors. Some of the may have a web presence and you may be able to find them by searching for them through search engines, but because of time limitations we can’t directly assist you in this process.

CD-ROM note: For copyright reasons, none of the files on this page are included on the sacred-texts CD-ROM, although it does have most of the public domain files from the neopagan section.


Featured Articles

Pre-Islamic Paganism 34,035 bytes
History Of Wicca In England 45,031 bytes
Witch Hunt 37,517 bytes
The Runes 20,700 bytes
Ravenbok: The Raven Kindred Ritual Book [External Site]
An introduction to Icelandic neo-Paganism.

An Investigator’s Guide to Allegations Of Ritual Child Abuse 161,431 bytes
written by an FBI agent, this report debunks a contemporary witch hunt.

The Book of the Goddess by Anna Livia Plurabelle [2002]


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The Laws by J. Random Folksinger
How to power a magic spell by Black Cat
What is Magick by David Rankine
Ethics and Etiquette by Morgaine
Becoming a Witch by Morgaine
Self Dedication Explained by David Rankine and Sorita
A Self Dedication Ritual by David Rankine and Sorita
How to find a Coven or Group by David Rankine and Sorita
Book of the Whole
Physics and the Basic Principle of Visualization Magick
Birthing Ritual Chant
Gender and Nature in Contemporary NeoPaganism
A Code Of Ethics for Teachers of the Wicca
Protection Spell
Personal Cleansing
What is Progressive Witchcraft?
Making Contact with the Lord and Lady
Wiccan Fundamentalism
Defending Eclectic Neopaganism
Thoughts on Bashing Fluffy Bunnies
‘He Casts the Circle’
Cleansing (Rowan Moonstone)
Second Degree Initiation (Gary Dumbauld)
Pagan Ritual for Basic Use
A Circle For Catharsis (Judy Harrow)
Opening (ending) The Circle
Consecration Of Chalice, Athame Or Other Tool
Samhain Ritual For Small Circle (L. A. Hussey)
NROOGD SAMHAIN – 1987 (l.a. Hussey)
The Origins Of Halloween (Rowan Moonstone)
Firestar Beltaine 1986
An Eclectic Circle Ceremony (Durwydd)
A Mabon Outline (anon.)
A Midsummer Celebration (Mike Nichols)
Ceremony Of Initiation (Brad Hicks)
Invocations to Frigg, Baldur, Freyja, Freyr, Brigit, Herne and Thorr
An Issian Circle Casting (Matrika)
Circles, why use them? (Mel White)
Handfasting (Wedding)
Initiation Into The Coven, Outdoor Version
Neo-Pagan Ritual (Brad Hicks)
A Celebration of May Day (Mike Nichols)
Midwinter Night’s Eve: Yule (Mike Nichols)
Winter Solstice Or Yule (Starhawk)
Yule in Britain (Tana)
Witches Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram (Paul Hume)
On the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (Tim Maroney)
Mystical Pentagram
Basic Spell Construction
Tool Blessing Ritual
Dedication Of Altar And Athame (Durwydd)
Beltane: Its History and Modern Celebration in Wicca in America
Casting The Circle
Technology And The Craft
Wiccan Tool List Master (Seastrider)
All Hallows Eve (Mike Nichols)
Samhain (United Wiccan Church)
Samhain Notes (Farrar)
O.T.O. Samhain Ritual
Two Witches A Modern Craft Fairy-Tale (Mike Nichols)
Wicca from My Point of View (Lady Phoenix)
Witchcraft: The Old Religion Q&A (Dr. Leo Martello)
Wicca, Wicca, Who’s Got the Wicca? (Hurn, RMPJ)
Binding A Spell (Farrar & Farrar)
Saxon Wicca Rites (Raymond Buckland)
Wiccan Shamanism (Selena Fox)
Healing Myth (Nihasa)
Candlemas: The Light Returns (Mike Nichols)
Lady Day: The Vernal Equinox (Mike Nichols)
Lammas: The First Harvest (Mike Nichols)
Harvest Home (Mike Nichols)
The Death Of Llew, A Seasonal Interpretation (Mike Nichols)
Spring Equinox Ceremony (Farrar and Farrar)
Smudging: How To Do It — How Not To Do It (Michelle Haas)
An Introduction to Traditional Wicca (K.A.M.)
Principles of Wiccan Beliefs (American Council of Witches, 1974)
The Wiccan Way (Lady Beckett)
The Charge of the Goddess (D. Valiente)
Satanism vs. Wicca (Diane Vera)
Women vs. Men (Michele Haas)
WHAT IS D.A.W.N.? (Denver Area Wiccan Network)
Glossary Of Terms Commonly Used In Wicca
Ritual For The Healing And Preservation Of Rainforests
What Are Runes (Lokrien)
Models of Magick
The Eight Paths and Other Wiccan Miscellany (Carrie McMasters)
Balance of the God and Goddess (Adrienne)
Where do we go from here?
Wiccan Path (Madoc)
Sex and Magick (Fra. Apfelmann)
The Riddle Of The Trickster
Notes on Kabbalah (Colin Low)
Footprints in the Chamber – Towards a Quantum Qabbala
The Dark Night of the Soul
Weaving Webs (David Rankine)
Supradimensionality Part I (I.O.T.)
Celtic Craft Reading List (Rowan Moonstone)
The Covenant of the Goddess
Covenant of the Goddess Pledge
Basic Principles Of The Craft (American Council of Witches)
In Grandmother’s Lap (RMPJ)
Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede (Judy Harrow)
Witches Creed (Doreen Valiente)
What is Wicca? (Texas Pamphlet)
A Little Less Misunderstanding (J. Brad Hicks)
NeoPagism (Eric S. Raymond)
What is Wicca? (Amber K.)
Re-Thinking The Watchtowers (Mike Nichols)
First Degree, What is it?
Church of All Worlds
What is Shamanism? (Michelle Haas)
Etymology of “Wicca”
Nature Spirit Magick (Larry Cornett)
Mycenaen Mysteries (J. Teller)
Open Circle Ethics (Brandy Williams)
Shamanic Lifeways Fellowship (Michelle Haas)
Pantacle, The (Gary Dumbauld)
Chaos Magic (Mark Chao)
Magickal History (Fra.: Apfelman)
Power Animals (RMPJ)
Crystals, their care and feeding (Matrika)
Ethics and Magick (Warren Stott)
Candle Magic
Cauldrons (Elemental)
Irish Myth Concordance (Mike Nichols)
Bare Bones 3rd Degree (Humor)
Beltane Ritual (Seastrider)
Landmarks of the Craft
Magickal Ethics (Judy Harrow)
Mind Control Techniques (Dick Sutphen)
A Neo-Pagan Filmography (Mike Nichols)
Candlemas (Gwydion)
Opening the Circle
Circle Casting (Avaloian)
Coven Leadership
Blood Sacrifice (Althea Whitebirch)
Ancient Art, The
Ethics and Love Magick (Mike Nichols)
Drawing Down the Moon
Crone Energies (Grey Cat)
Elemental Correspondences
Autarchic Creed
Psychic Attack
Ethics or Etiquette
Dream Life
Dream Problem Solving
Dreams Precognition
Dream Bibliography
Psychic Self-Defense
Divination (RMPJ)
Divination (Bibliography)
Fundamentals of Human Ecology
The Postures of Ecstasy
Creation Story
Comparison of Wicca and Christianity
Degrees within Covens
Full Deck Tarot Spread
Banes, Bindings, and Mirrors (Judy Harrow, Hugh Read)
Harvest Thoughts (Gary Dumbauld)
Heyokah (RMPJ)
Full Moon Ritual (Seastrider)
Goodwife (Story by L.A. Hussey)
Great Rite, The (Symbolic)
Heal The Earth (a meditation)
Healing (one method)
Homeblessing (Selena Fox)
Imbolc (Solitary Ritual)
Hypnosis 101
Taleisin’s thoughts
Magick Vs. Prayer (Salgamma)
Dying God (Ammond ShadowCraft)
Kali and Modern Physics
Hidden Codes in the Torah
Keltria (The Henge of)
Five Fold Kiss
Ritual Bath (Sewna Silvara)
Tea Ritual (Sewna Silvara, Triskelion)
Scorpio Dragon (Sewna Silvara)
Descent of The Goddess (Sewna Silvara)
Craft Ethics (J. Crowley)
Computer Blessing (Zahai Stewart)
Charge of the Phone Goddess (Magenta Griffith)
Manhood Rituals (RMPJ)
Coven Offices
Odinism, What is it?
Strings On The Winds (Bardic Fiction)
Circle Purification for Asthmatics
Astral Projection (Monroe Technique)
History (Weyland Smith)
History of Witch Craft
Magick, Physics, & Probability (Hurn)
Magickal Definitions (RMPJ)
Magick Course Outline (Amber K.)
Magickal Laws (after P.E.I. Bonewits)
Mayan Deities (777 Supplement)
Mayday Celebration (Mike Nichols)
Necromancy (reprint)
Quantum Magick (Larry Cornett)
Personal effects of Ritual (Nihasa)
Heretic’s Corner (RMPJ)
Open Letter to A New Witch
Maychants (4) (Tanscribed by SeaStrider)
Magickal Stones & Gems
Modern Pagaism, Q&A
A Booklist of Pagan/Magickal Titles
Talespinner’s Neopagan Reading List
Witchcraft (Annotated bibliography)
Charge of The Horned God, The
Shamanic Binding (Gaffer Maccluiunn)
Spitual Emergence or Emergency (Paul Seymour)
Monotheism vs. Polytheism (Dan Holdgriewe)
Modern Pagan Persecution (Jonathan Hutchins)
Magick Christians (Alfgar Maharg)
Polarity and Single Sex Covens (Marios)
Evolution of Wiccan Ritual (Paul Hume)
Basic Beliefs of WICCA (C.O.G.)
“Condensed” Definition of Wicca (Lady Phoenix)
Origins of the Mandan (Madoc)
Burning Times, The (Marios)
Fortune, The (RMPJ)
Lucid Dreaming (Omni Magazine)
Check List for A Well Working Group (Amber K)
Basic Love Spell
Amazing (Pagan?) Grace
Elements, A Hermetic Summoning (Marios)
Learning Process
High Technology Meets The Ancient Wisdom
Helpful Hints (Humor)
Channeling (Jast)
Elemental Correspondences (from Starhawk)
Candle Colors
Scents and Oils
Modern Paganism: Questions & Answers (C.O.G. Salt Lake City)
Standing Stones Book Of Shadows (Scott Cunninham)
Consciousness & Politics (Carol Moore)
Mothers Day Message
Memory & Perception, a new Model (Paul Seymour)
Some Magical Musical Selections
Chants w/ASCII Notation (L.A.Hussey)
Lilith (BBS Conversation)
Wiccan Information Network
Runic Thorn Ritual (Faunus)
Solitary Moon Rite, Issian (Ellen Cannon Reed)
Quilting and “Craft” (J.M. Cortese)
Sophia and Gnosticism (Terry J. McCombs)
Beltane (The White Bard)
Samhain (The White Bard)
Celtic Bibliography (Annotated, by Eryn Darkstar)
Candlemas (The White Bard)
Salem Anniversary Ritual (Sandy & Diug Kopf)
Elven (Modern Mythic Prose by Par Garou)
Craft Laws (by Lady Sheba)
New Laws (Lady Galadriel, Grove of The Unicorn)
The New Book Of Law, A Commentary (J. Random Folksinger)
Aporrheton 5 (Judy Harrow?)
The Abbreviated Laws (including Comment by J.R.F.)
The Law (Humor)
Karma, The Three-Fold Law (Paul Seymour)
Exegesis on The Wiccan Rede (Judy Harrow)
JOAN on the Witch Laws
Commentary by L.A. Hussey
Craft Ethics Response (M.K.H)
Broken Heart Spell (Healing)
Statement of Principles and Ethics (Lifeway Shamanic Fellowship)
Dragon, The Last (story by Gerald Decampo)
Circle Casting
On the Number 451 (Ordo Argentum Astrum)
Chaos Magick vs. Thelema
Notes On The Historical Egregore in Magick (I.O.T.)
Nemesis Conjuration (I.O.T.)
Ideology (I.O.T.)
Thunder, Perfect Mind (Tony Ianotti)
Treatise On Mind (The Tigress)
Magickal Training Course (Phil Hansford)
I.O.T. History (The Beginnings)
Chaoism and Chaos Magick (Pete Carroll)
“Dark Night of the Soul”
Liber OZMA (Tim Maroney)
Sigil Magick (I.O.T.)
Drugs and Religion — Snakebite Trips? (Loren Petrich)
Wishing Well (I.O.T.)
Hymns To The Star Goddess (O.T.O.)
Mind, A Treatise on The (The Tigress)
Dragon Trad and the Holy Grail (C.J. Mandrake)
Ritual of the Blessed Motherboard (Discordian Humor)
Prosperity Spell [Famtrad] (Rowan Moonstone)
“Quarter Calls”
Safe Travel Spell (Rowan Moonstone)
Wiccan Rede, The (J. Taylor, S.O.T.E.G.)
Wicanning Ritual (Earthworld Circle)
Washington Post Article (1991)
The 12 Steps and Shamanism (Matrika, P.A.N.)
Divine Circle Scam
Wiccan Rede (Poetic)
Blessing Prayer (Traditional Gardnerian “Dryghten Prayer”)
Meditation Techniques, Basic (Bill Witt)
River of Life Meditation (Gay Clarke)
MONISM (Durwydd Mac Tara)
Bardic Wedding (RowanHart Circle)
“Weasel Wicca” (Humor fm. Green Egg)
Rabbit (John Lone Wolf)
Literary Roots of Wicca (Diane Vera)
Satanism 101 (Diaane Vera)
Satanism Defined (Delohine)
Wiccan Rede (Poetic, WCC)
Orphic Invocations of God & Goddess (Phaedra)
Wiccan History (BTW, Julia Phillips)
What is Wicca (Durwydd Mac Tara)
wiccan Monism (Durwydd MacTara)
AIR – A Meditation (Charis)
Setian Symbolism (T.O.S.)
Perscution, Ancient & Modern (Julia Phillips)
Wheel of The Year (Julia Phillips/Matthew Sandow)
Wheel Visualization (Julia Phillips and Rufus Harrington)
Coven at Pooh Corner (D. Wadsworth)
Wicca and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (D. Wadsworth)
Greek and Roman Deities (Thomas Palmer)
Against The Witch Hunters (R. Culain)
Charging Crystals (Ian Kesser)
Tarot Divination (Tuppence)
Dangers of “Magical Thinking” in Magick (Nihasa)
Satanism as Media Hype (News Article)
Why I don’t Believe the “Survivors” (R. Moonsone)
Twenty-Two Commandments for the New Age (A. Waldrum)
Risk Assessment for The Craft Community (Weyland Smith)
Peyote & The Supreme Court (News Articles)
Channeling for Fun and Prophet (F.J. McGovern)
Bibliography of Magic in Sci-Df (M. Griffith)
Modified Assyrian Protection Spell (With Commentary)
Rosicrucianism (J. Phillips)
Vernal Equinox Ritual from OZ (Julia Phillips)
Beltane Ritual 1987 (Coven of The Serpents Eye)
Candlemas Ritual 1987 (Coven of The Serpents Eye)
Imbolg ’92 (Julia Phillips)
Samhain Ritual 1986 (Coven of The Serpents Eye)
Yule Ritual 1984 (Julia Phillips)
“Legitimacy” in the Craft (Khaled Q.)
Descent of The Goddess (G.B.G.)
Descent of The Goddess (Starhawk)
A True History of Witchcraft (Allen Greenfield)
Paganism at the Crossroads (Skytoucher)
Witches Rede of Chivalry (Ed Fitch & Janine Renee)
Autonomatrix Manifesto
Aethyr, On the Nature of (Anthra Andromda)
Dangers of Deity? (a Conversation)
Eight Magicks (Pete Carroll)
Dedication Ritual (Khaled Quicksilver)
Horn Song (Hugh Read)
Pan To Artemis (Hugh Read)
ALOHA! Serge King (Hugh Read)
Burning Times (L.A. Hussey)
Chance (Hugh Read)
To Greyshield, With Love (“Phoenix”)
Pagan Awakening (Jeff Bordeaux)
A Call To Lord And Lady (Jeff Bordeaux)
Seeking The Sign To Dragonheim (Jeff Bordeax)
To The Dragons Reborn (Jeff Bordeaux)
Earthdream (Jeff Bordeux)
Elf (Marcus)
LYRA (Hugh Read)
The Goddess is Alive (Unknown)
Hunter’s Warning (Jeff Bordeaux)
The Moon Pool (unknown)
Jewel (Shadow Hawk)
The Coming of Lugh (Iarwin)
Night Wind (Shadow Hawk)
A Tree Song (Kipling)
The Cloud Sculptors (Jeff Bordeaux)
A Dreaming Desire (Jeff Bordeaux)
To The Bonfires (Jeff Bordeaux)
Amphitrite (Sourdough Jackson)
Heaven is A Resting Place (Sourdough Jackson)
Prayer Drive (Sourdough Jackson)
ELEGY: James Douglas Morrison (Sourdough Jackson)
Another One For Jim Morrison (Sourdough Jackson)
Beneath The Full Moon (Sourdough Jackson)
Computer Blessing (Zahai Stuart)
Quarters Chant (Damon)
The River (Hugh Read)
Snow (Steve Earl)
The Shaman’s Call (Shadow Hawk)
Storm (Shadow Hawk)
A Victim of Ideologies (Jeff Bordeaux)
Magical Reveries (Hugh M. Read)
When Saturn Ruled Aquarius
Scarabeus (unknown)
Minerva (Unknown)
Love Is The Law (Unknown)
The Pentagran (Similodon)
BLOOD (Similodon)
Pandemonium (Sonia Brock)
New Words and Old (Kihe Blackeagle)
Spring/Summer Poem (Shadowhawk)
A Healing Spell (unknown)
Banishing The Circle (Devin Storm)
The Fool (Stormy Gael)
Hymn to Artemis (Frater U.’ D.’)
Today The Moon is There (Hugh Read)
The Witches Ballad
Two Ritual Prayers (Anahita Gula)
Rainbows (Jennifer Holding)
Elements (r.m.p.j.)
Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy (Filk)
The Prettiest One (Filk)
The Lady’s Brothel (filk)
Cauldron Chant (Ammond Shadowcraft)
Celtic Circle Dance (Joe Bethancourt)
Descent of The Goddess (D. Mac Tara)
Charge of the God, The (Kyri Comyn)
Charge of the Goddess, The (Kyri Comyn)
Charge of the Horned God [Rhyming] (V. West)
Charge of the Goddess [Rhyming] (Kalioppe)
Second Ritual for Bast
Beltane Ritual (Lynna Landstreet, W.C.C.)
Yule Carols (Green Egg, Yule ’92)
Lammas Ritual , “The Corn Play” (Julia Phillips)
Food For Thought (Some notes for Coven Leaders–Amber K?)
Heirophant, The (Khaled Quicksilver)
Egyptian Metaphysics (Michael Poe)
Beltane. 90
Spring Equinox.92
Handfasting (Lady Ardane, Prodigy)
Maiden Story
The Sacred King
The Gifts of The Fool
The Triple Goddess (Kalioppe)
Dion Fortune & Gardnerian Wicca (C.S. Clifton in W.o.W.)
Temples, Covens, & Groves – Oh My! (Khaled Q.)
Feminine Current in the G.D. (Peregrine, in WoW)
Warriorship (Swein Runestaff W.o.W.)
Glenn Innes Standing Stones
Beyond Reason (Aries, W.o.W.)
Pagan Unity Ritual (W.o.W. #5)
Blessing my New Home
Bowhunter’s Prayer to Dianna (Kalioppe)
Creation Mystery, Part II
Song (Vivienne West)
Pagan Churches (Julia Phillips)
Searching (Carol Neist, W.O.W. #8)
Leave it Out, Leviticus (Aries, W.O.W. #8)
Being The Green Book Of Song
Wiccan Rede, The
Witch’s Ballad, The
King Henry (Child #32)
Lord Of The Dance
Celtic Circle Dance
Spring Strathspey
Bedlam Bells
Burning Times/Chant
Yule Songes
Blessed Be Again!
Stand Up, Stand Up For Odin
Fairies Love Song
Bard’s Song, The
All Thru The Night
Two Magicians
John Barleycorn
False Knight Upon The Road, The (Child #3)
Nottamun Town
Cambrian Dream
She Moved Thru The Faire
Song Of Wandering Aengus, The
Childish Edda, The
Valkyrie Song, The
God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot
Real Old Time Religion, That
High Holiday Song, The
Labeling Wiccans (Lucie)
Judeopagan Menopause Ritual (Randronoth)
Asatru Blot (Lewis Stead)
Celtic Deities/Origins (Lorax)
Walking With My Friends (Masochistic Maiden)
Firefawn (Masochistic Maiden)
A Dragon Tale (Kalioppe)
The Goddess Movement (Denver Post)
Funeral Rites (Oz Caliburn)
To Wiccen Or Not To Wiccen…… (article by Vivienne West)
Tools, etc. (Phoenix Whitebirch)
Solitary Neophyte Ritual (C.M.)
Lady’s Prayer, The
GAEA Hypothesis (Green Egg)
A Greek System of Chakras
The Farmer And The Goddess – A Modern Story Of Rebirth (Kalioppe)
Keeper of Wisdom, The (Kalioppe)
Imbolg Ritual (Kalioppe)
Samhain Ritual (Kalioppe)
Neo-Pagan Theology (Cyprian)
Pagan Musings (Tony Kelly, Selene Community, Wales,1970)
The Story of The Pit
The Jesus Story
Sybillyne Tradition of Wicca
UEA ’93 Main Ritual (Rowan Moonstone)
Covenant of the Goddess, History (Michael Thorn)
A Christian Speaks (J.C. Taylor)
Kill A Tree (Humorous Song)
Lord of The Ants (“filk” by Karl Lembke
Circles (song, “Anon”)
Great Rite (Vivienne West)
Ishtar, Inanna, & Ancient Astrology (Valkyrie)
Mazes in Myth (Valkyrie)
NeoPlatonism (Deborah Kest)
Rune Poem, A linguistic Analysis by Steph Parker
An Australian Aboriginal Myth (WoW #10)
A Pagan Sacrament of Holy Communion (Morning Glory Zell)
The Church of All Worlds, a Brief History
Neo-Paganism: An Old Religion for a New Age (Otter G’Zell)
Neo-Pagan Witchcraft vs. Satanism
Where The Hell Is The Church Of All Worlds (CAW, Australia)
What is Myth? (Web of Wyrd, #10)
Generic Pagan Funeral for a Elder Woman (She-Wolf)
Christmas Past (Eric Maple, via Julia Phillips)
A Yule Mythos
The Legend Of The Maiden
Candlemas Ritual
Herbal “Quick Reference”
House Blessing (She Wolf)
House Blessing notes (Scott Cunningham)
Dedication Pledge (Judy Harrow)
Mead, Brew of The Gods! (Lewis Stead)
In Defense of Excellence (Adrienne, Quicksilver, Ottawa)
Imbolc at the Covenstead (Erin)
Invocation of Lord and Lady (Ritual)
Yule Ritual (Georgian)
Yule Ritual (She Wolf)
Wine Blessing, All Female (Lynna Landstreet, WCC)
Altars, Misc Thoughts (Chris Olmstead)
What is Shamanism (Eliade)
Traveling Chant (Julia Phillips)
Bridal Blessing (Julia Phillips)
Child Blessings
Santa (Tane Jackson)
Halloween, A Witches Thoughts (Cecylina Brightsword)
Money Tree Spell (Rowan Moonstone)
Spell for contacting a friend (Rowan Moonstone)
Coming of Age ritual (notes by Malakus)
Stones, A Short Catalog
The Three-Fold Goddess (Eileen Turner)
Being A Witch in Britain Today (James Pengelly, WOW #10)
Ritual Theory and Technique (Colin Low)
Shamanism (Internet FAQ)
Rite of Passage, Modern Female (Lady Shyra)
Temple Of Set (Lillith Aquino)
Descent Into Confusion (Robert Hughes, WOW)
Wicca vs. Paganism (David Piper)
Raven Kindred Ritual (Asatru)
Bulb Planting Earth Chant (Eileen)
Reclaiming The God (Women’s Ritual)
T.O.P.Y. Is
What is Paganism (Bay Area Pagan Alliance)
Principia Discordia
Handfasting (CAW)
Beltane Ritual (ADF)
Brigit of the Celts (Unknown)
Finer Points of Ritual (Mike Nichols)
Editorial, Web of Wyrd #10 (Julia Phillips)
PR Flyer (Raven, Milwaukee CUUPS)
Coven, The (Julia Phillips)
TOS Symbology
Asatru Resources
ADF Ritual #1
Pagan Manners (Grey Cat)
Planetary Hours (Andrew Kettle)
Initiation (D. Valiente)
Initiation (Crowther)
Altered States and Ritual (Web of Wyrd #7)
Berserkir (Mike Howard, W o W #7)
Karma & Quantum Mechanics
“The Knots of Death”
Memorial Day Ritual (HPF, She-Wolf)
Celtic Workshop (from Internet)
How to use Magick with a straight face
Nine Noble Virtues (Norse)
Dark Moon Ritual
Brigit, Two Prayers
House Cleansing Ritual (David Piper)
Celtic Centering Ritual
Candle Blessing (Coven of New Gwynedd)
Covens and Witches (Julia Phillips)
Group Ethics Essay (Raven)
Wiccan Ethics & The Wiccan Rede (David Piper)
Charge of the God 1 and 2 (Siobhan)
For A Few Myths More (WofW #7)
Handfasting Ritual Notes
Handfasting, Celtic