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                 SOUTH (invocation)
           Facing South:
                Guardians of the watchtower of the south, we do summon, stir, and
           call  thee up  to protect us  in our rite.   Come forth  from the cook
           fires and smokehouses where  food is being made  ready for the  coming
           cold  months.  Kindle within us the  flame of spiritual awakening.  So
           mote it be! 
           Responsorial:  So Mote it Be!
                 FIRE (invocation) 
           (Celebrant with the candle symbolizing the element of fire):  
                "I  live in the guarded embers  of campfires and the pilot lights
           of stoves, I  spring from the lightning  and the hands of  men, I warm
           you and I destroy you. Without me you would die.  Am I not holy and 
           worthy of praise? "
                 SOUTH (banishing) 
           Facing South:  
                "Guardians of the watchtower of the south, return now to the 
           dying fires of Autumn's heat soon  to give way to Winter's chill. Take
           with you our blessings and thanks.  Hail and farewell! 
           Responsorial:  Hail and farewell 

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