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                      WEST (invoking) 
                Facing West:
                Guardians of  the watchtower of the west, we do summon, stir, and
           call thee up to  protect us in our rite.  Come  forth from the rainbow
           hued  morning dew  that covers the  fields, and  is soon  to be frost.
           Asperge us with  your diadems and water our deepest  roots that we may
           find peace of mind.  So mote it be! 
           Responsorial:  So mote it be!
                      WATER (invocation) 
           (Celebrant with the water vessel symbolizing the element of water):
           "I rise from the moist  crevices of the Earth, I beat on the shores of
           Her body, I fall from the skies in silver sheets. Without me you would
           die.  Am I not  holy and worthy  of praise? "  (Celebrant asperges the
           circle with water) 
                      WEST (banishing)
           Facing West:  
           "Guardians of the watchtower of the west, return now to the 
           Autumn rains which cool the Earth's fevered brow baked in  the heat of
           Summer afternoons. Take  with you our blessings and  thanks.  Hail and
           Responsorial:  Hail and farewell!