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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

                 NORTH (invoking) 
           Facing North:
                Guardians of the watchtower of the north, we do summon, stir, and
           call thee up to  protect us in our rite.  Come  forth from the fertile
           bosom of  our Blessed Mother Earth,  and nourish us so  that our hopes
           may grow to fruition.  So mote it be! 
           Responsorial:  So mote it be! 
                 EARTH (invocation) 
           (Celebrant with the salt vessel symbolizing the element of earth): 
                "I am your Mother.  From me  come the fruit and grain and animals
           which feed you.  I am your support, and  my pull on your  bodies keeps
           you held firmly to  me.  Without me you would die.   Am I not holy and
           worthy of praise? "
                 NORTH (banishing) 
           Facing North:
                Guardians  of the  watchtowers of  the north,  return now  to the
           Earth where worms  burrow deeper  and seeds nestle  awaiting the  long
           sleep of Winter.  Take with you our 
           blessings and thanks.  Hail and farewell! 
           Responsorial:  Hail and farewell! 

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