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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

             Again the burning came,
             She felt the heat, the searing pain
             a cry lanced through her heart
                "Why, My Lady, Why"
             She lay quietly, remembering
             lost within the labrynth of the past
             and the future
             she did not feel the bite of the cruel blade.
           Bleeding, moaning, she saw the man
             his face, and heart masked with black
             she knew his choices and his pain
             Oh, to cause pain, to accept his own
             if only she could Touch him, Heal him.
             "I love you" she whispered
             dark eyes calm, yet full of pain
             "Don't " cried the man "I want to see you die"
             "I love you and forgive you" she said
             tears rolled freely down her cheeks
             Again, and again the searing pain
             As the man applied the red hot blade
             "Do you still love me, and forgive me" he screamed?
             Despite the pain she answered strongly
             "I do", She smiled
             "Blessed be" she whispered.
             A wave of pain sent her among the stars.
             "My Lady" she cried "I'm frightened"
             Strong arms held her close
             "You have done well my child, rest now"
             The man watched as the blade grew cold
             As the young body before him cooled
             tears streamed down his face
             and he whispered
                 "Forgive me"

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