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                                               2 Ritual Prayers 
              Copyright 1991 Anahita-Gula (pseud.).  May be reproduced with acknowledgment.
             We clean this night our altar and our room
             To build our Temple.  Here then, we have spread
             The pentacle, athame and the broom,
             With God and Goddess candles at the head.
             So dress we now our Priestess in her Crown:
             The Circle's cut in perfect Trust and Love.
             So call the Quarters, dance the Witches' Round
             And beckon down the Moon from high above.
             Sept. 1987.
             Another sample: this one is sung to the "Witches' Rune":
             (Introduction is spoken, as an Invocation)
             "Indeed, they occupy the throne room together.
             In the divine chamber, the dwelling place of joy,
             Before them their gods take their places.
             To their utterances their attention is turned."
                     From the Akkadian Hymn to Ishtar.
           Lord of Sun and Lady Moon,
             Dark at night and bright at noon,
             See my off'ring, hear my call:
             Lord and Lady, guard us all.
             Sky-God An, Earth-Goddess Ki,
             All do honour unto thee.
             Spread your seed upon the ground,
             Bring forth life fecund and round.
             Holy Queen of living things,
             She whose bloom the summer brings,
             Bless us, Lady, give us cheer
             As we wander through the year.
             Royal Shepherd, Mountain King
             Lofty Bull of whom we sing,
             Fill our bowls with waters sweet,
             Spread the seeds of corn and wheat.
             Bless our lips and bless our breast,
             Guide us gently to our rest.
             Bless our sheep and bless our corn,
             Ease our grief when we must mourn.
             Sing the song and join the rite,
             Praise the day and bless the night.
             Thank the Gods for what They bear:
             Earth and Water, Fire and Air.
             November 1983.
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