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                              "22 Commandments" For The New Age 
                                        Ann Waldrum 
             1. You shall learn of Honesty  and attempt to heal your fear of  it,
               to use this in daily living.
             2. You  shall learn  to Love  Unconditionally--beginning with  your-
             3. You shall help all people  in your worlds come to physical  heal-
             4. You shall dwell  on things of high and pure  energy in others and
               self to change Earth.
             5. You will  learn and practice  Pure Service  -- unconditional  and
               with love energy.
             6. You will release  Judgment into the Void--You will  see, identify
               and choose for yourself Only.
             7. You will  Recognize One God  --the God  that corresponds to  your
             8. You will destroy no  one in any way -- through  gossip -- through
               killing  their gifts  -- discouraging  self love  by injuring  the
               physical body by foreign substance -- incorrect foods -- incorrect
             9.  You will  use your  mind in  the way  the Source  prepared -- by
               faithfulness of prayer -- by study and spiritual growth.
             10. You will learn self discipline so that you respond to  the Earth
               with wisdom.
             11. You will take full  responsibility for your own life  -- blaming
               no other.
             12. You will seek  to learn about your God --  seeing the Connection
             13. You  will  be  known for  your  Gentleness, your  Loyalty,  your
               Kindness, according to your beliefs.
             14. You will grow in Peace  by change of attitude and  understanding
               of others.
             15. You  will learn to  respond and act  from the Highest  Center of
               Inner God -- the Love Response.
             16.  You will learn to Love All Mankind by seeing the Highest in all
               people without exception.
             17.  You  will promote  the healing  of  Mind, Body,  and  Spirit by
               teaching and living the belief in Man's Divinity.
             18.  You will show  faithfulness in your study  of yourself and your
               persona (masks) in order to Free All Parts of Self.
             19. You will Live your life as ordained by your faithfulness  to the
               Truth, as you understand the Truth.
             20. You will Speak in Love, Honesty and Wisdom.
             21. You will Think in Love, Honesty and Wisdom.
             22.  You will  live  in Moderation  (Balance) in  All Areas  of your
                 Theforegoing was delivered on July 20, 1989, through the trance-
           mediumship  of  Carla Neff  Gordan by  the  Spirit Guide  "Mary." Mary
           stated that these ideas will also be released through other mediums in
           six different areas of  the world. In preface to  these "Commandments"
           Mary said the following:
                 "Youare a loving,connected community oflike-minded souls assist-
           ing  through our inner connection. You are becoming a profound  source
           of awakening for  your world. These rules are to  open your hearts, to
           teach  you self-love,  to calm  your emotion  to help  you to  live in
           reality that you have wished. To grow, first you must  become a source
           of  service. There  must  be a  difference in  earth because  you have
           walked  here. Now is  the time of  shifting your energy  into a higher
           place through  unconditional love. A part  of your purpose  is to heal
           the earth  through holy, or  wholeness, relationships. You  will begin

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