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                    Why I Don't Believe The "Survivors" Of Occult Groups 
                                     by Rowan Moonstone
               Recently onthis echo, several people have taken Pagans to task for
           naysaying the  Christian sources dealing with  former practitioners of
           various occult disciplines. I have researched this area thoroughly for
           the past  five years. I've bought  or read all the  Christian books on
           the subject that I can get my hands on. I have over 1,000 clippings in
           the files dealing with this subject, I've got over 100 audio tapes and
           20 videotapes on this subject, and I've got reams of Christian litera-
           ture, and police training material to  draw from. In addition to this,
           I grew up as a Southern Baptist and was a Sunday School teacher at the
           age of 16. I know whereof I speak when it comes to Christian sources.
               I've also  been a Witch for nigh on to  8 years now, and have net-
           worked with other Pagans all across the country, attended festivals in
           various states, and subscribed to many Pagan publications both in this
           country and abroad. I've read  many books on modern and ancient  Pagan
           religions, and can  furnish a complete bibliography  for anyone that's
               After a concentrated search through this material, I must conclude
           that most of  the allegations  of the "survivors"  are fabricated  and
           insupportable.  In the  rest of  this report,  I will  give documented
           reasons why I believe this to be true.
               6-17-82 -Province Victoria Bulletin - "A misunderstanding appeared
           to be  the root of  a satanic scare  in Victoria this  weekend, police
           sources said Wednesday. Police, hospitals and human resources ministry
           workers had gone on the alert following a report that  a satanic group
           was  planning Tuesday  to  sacrifice a  human  baby. The  report  came
           through the  child abuse prevention  HELP line in  Vancouver. Victoria
           police said they had traced the source of the report to a church group
           in  Vancouver.  The group  apparently had  heard rumors  of a  rise in
           satanic activities in Victoria and had prayed that no atrocities would
           occur. Somehow someone interpreted  that to mean that a  sacrifice was
           actually  planned, police  said. That was  the report that  got to the
           HELP  line. However, Tuesday passed peacefully with no evidence of any
           satanic activity. "
               5-4-86 - New York  Times-" Derry Knight told an  astonishing story
           about his  membership in  a secret  Satanic  cult called  the Sons  of
           Lucifer and his heroic efforts to take over the leadership of the cult
           to free himself and  2,000 members from the coils of the  devil. As he
           told it, it was an incredibly dangerous  mortal struggle he was waging
           against  the most  evil forces  in the  universe, personified  by some
           prominent politicians,  including Viscount Whitelaw, the  deputy Prime
           Minister, who were, he  said, the secret masters of  Britain's Satanic
           orders ... In little  more than a year, before Mr. Knight's activities
           aroused the suspicions of  Bishop Eric Kemp of Chichester,  who called
           in  the police  fraud squad,  the support  group contributed  at least
           $313,000  to the  anti-Satanism  struggle. A  jury that  convicted Mr.
           Knight April  25 of 19  counts of fraud heard  that much of  the money
           raised by Mr. Baker had been spent by his supposedly struggling friend
           on call girls, fast cars,  and a life of dissipation."
               January 1988 New York Folklore"Satanism, Where are thefolklorists?
           by  Phillips Stevens, Jr. p 12 (  Mr. Stevens is referring to a murder
           of a 13-year  =old girl in this incident) "While  preparing me for the
           taping of some commentary  to be aired locally following  the National
           Geraldo Rivera  TV special on  Satanic cults  on October 25,  1988, an
           investigative reporter  for a Buffalo  TV station was  discussing That
           incident [the murder].  There were 13  people at that party,  he said,
           the  murdered girl being the 13th. Since  the murder, six of the party
           goers had committed suicide.....I  noted that it was strange  that six
           suicides  with such a  factor in common  had not been  reported in the
           news;  how did  he know  the details?  The mother  of the  most recent
           suicide had told him. ...I advised him to wait and check out the facts
           before airing this story; he called me a few days later saying no, the
           other suicides could not be confirmed."
               1-19-89 Joplin Missouri  Globe News (front page) -  "Jasper County
           Sheriff Bill Pierce said he had no figures available on  how much time
           and money that department  has spent investigating claims. He  cited a
           November case as an  example of the fruitless searches  that have been
           undertaken  because of  claims  eventually  fount  to be  false.  ...a
           Blytheville, Ark. woman told authorities there she had watched satanic
           cultists cut  the stomach of an infant, pour gasoline on the baby, and
           set  it on fire....After agreeing to take a polygraph examination, the
           woman  admitted the story  was false. She  told deputies she  made the
           false accusations to get attention."
               3=6=89 - HoustonChronicle - "A Houston -area womanwho claims to be
           a  former satanic priestess and  has told audiences  she witnessed the
           ritualistic murder of an 8-year-old Tomball girl has left law enforce-
           ment officers  frustrated in their attempts to investigate her allega-
           tions. 'We have  no homicide to link  it to. Why she  would make those
           claims and  then be  hesitant to  talk with  authorities is  reason to
           question  her motives,'  Harris  County Assistant  D.A. Casey  O'Brien
               The previous three messages should tell you why I don't believe in
           the  hysteria being  generated.  If anyone  wants  to see  the  entire
           articles that these quotes were taken from, send a SASE  with 3 stamps
           to P. O. Box 1842, Colorado Springs, Co 80901. BB Rowan

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