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                             Karma, The Three Fold Law, & Grace 
                "As you sew, so shall ye reap". "What goes around, comes around".
           "Whatever you send out returns three times".  These are all sayings
           very familiar to all of us, all of them examples of a supposedly
           Universal Law  of cause and  effect, action  and reaction.   Of course
           many of  the religious  systems try  to furnish us  with some  sort of
           "escape clause" that will  allow man to either alleviate  suffering fo
           past misdeeds,  or to escape  responsibility totally.   Let us take  a
           little closer look at these three ideas and ther inter-reationship.
                     It seems that, on one level, we do live ina mechanistic uni-
           verse,  one pretty  much  ruled by  cause-and-efect.   This  Newtonian
           universe  seems  to react  in a  very  mechanical fashion,  i.e. every
           action "produces  an equal and opposite reaction".  A good analogy for
           this is the example of one billiard ball striking another.  The energy
           from the striking billiard ball is transfered to the one struck and is
           used  to push against  the first, imparting motion  in the same direc-
           tion.  This brings the second law  into play, i.e. an object in motion
           tends to stay in motion untill acted upon by an outside force.
                The principle of Karma basically says the same thing; i.e. any
           negative or positive action or thought remains that way, until it
           expends its energy by acting upon the originator.  Of course this also
           makes implicit the idea that thoughts or mental energy have a reality
           of their own, one that interacts with the physical universe.  If this
           idea is accepted, it then implies the existence of at least one more
           "world" or order of the universe, one with a non physical "reality",
           and one where the basic fundamental rules of physics (as we know them)
           may not truly apply.
                     The magician can bedescribed as one who "walksbetween" these
           two worlds.  "Walking between two worlds" implies that an individal is
           connected with both and can move between them at will.  The purpose of
           magic is to manipulate one world for the benefit of the other, i.e. to
           manipulate the unseen world for the express purpose of influencing
           events in the physical.  Unfortunately there does not seem to be a
           "free ride" anywhere in the universe, and when an individual acquires
           the power to do this, they also aquire a great deal of responsibility!
                By accepting the power  to exert "leverage" in the  unseen world,
           an individual seems to also accept a multiplied succeptibility to
           influences initiated in that world.  This is why negative workings are
           so dangerous!  This may also be the reasoning behind the "law of three
           fold return".
                     Now comesthe hard part!  Ifall of this causeand effect stuff
           is absolute, how can any  individual ever hope to "pay off"  the debts
           for all of the "stupid"  things they have done not only  in this life-
           time, but in  many others?  Must we "pay  off" all past transgressions
           on a  one for one basis?  Is there  no ecape clause in this "contract"
           we seem to have for living in the universe?
                This "escape clause" is called Grace by the Christians and by
           other names  in other systems, but  it does exist in  all.  Basically,
           the idea is this:  "Once a lesson is completely learned and one grows
           beyond a need for this lesson, it need not be repeated, even if the
           'books' are not balanced".  This is the "Enlightenment" sought by the
           Buddhist that allows the "breaking" of the wheel.

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