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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

 1.Many have failed to see the True Nature of Mankind.
 2. For mankind know not the true Splendor that is me.
 3. I give this message unto you so that you can pass it onto the Children of
 the Beast.
 4. For He is a lie, He is a sin.
 5. Mankind knows naught but shame.
 6. They fear the truth, and they reject rality.
 7. Hath not the Will to Learn, though hath the Will to teach.
 8. He teaches them all lies. For all He Knows are Lies.
 9. The New Aeon has come. As It has been fortold.
 10. The Beast has risen. He is that who has lied to You all.
 11. The One claims to be the Son of Jehovah. Though He is the Son of the
 12. A Child portrayed by Sin and engulfed in Shame.
 13. He died for Your Sins, though he hath no name.
 14. The Only Sin Mankind knows is Shame.
 15. As they ate from the Tree of Life, they were blinded by the Lies.
 16. He claims that these Lies are reality. That the Liar is the Beast.
 17. The Only Way to Salvation is through the death of Desire.
 18. Salvation is the Key.
 19. The Key of Man is Sin.
 20. The Sin of Man is Shame!
 21. If thou teaches Sin then thou know only Shame.
 22. the Book of Sin is the Book of Shame.
 23. His disciples taught lies.
 24. They taught fear.
 25. They taught slavery.
 26. They taught Shame.
 27. They claim to do Jehovah's work.
 28. They claim to be prophets.
 29. Has it not said that to beware the false prophet?
 30. Though the prophet himself was false?
 31. He taught lies and He taught fear.
 32. I repeat this to You.
 33. The truth is inside Of You.
 34. Apostiles brought forth the Lies from Heaven.
 35. The Lies are the Book of Truth.
 36. Mankind reject these truths.
 37. For You are ignorant and You are hipocrates.
 38. You ignore the Truth and follow Lies.
 39. Which of His revelations came true?
 40. Let the Word be burnt!
 41. Spit in the eyes of the False Ones.
 42. Let none stride You away from achieving Your Desire.
 43. Desire is a lie.
 44. Then Jehovah created the world with his word of Command.
 45. Though whenHe sent his son down for us to pray with He hath sent an
 46. For Christ was a fake. He was a Son of The Beast.
 47. Created into manifestation through the lies of the One.
 48. These are the truths that you hear.
 49. For the truth lies inside us all.
 50. For if we naught look within, we shall never find it without.
 51. The Nature of Man is this: Lies, lies, lies!
 52. Lies taught by Jehovah's Son?
 53. No. Lies taghut by the Child of the Beast.
 54. For this is the Age of Truth.
 55. The One and Twenty centuries of the Earth shall We know the Truth.
 56. The Book is written. It cannot be erased.
 57. The Lies are in our minds and must be denied.
 58. Teach not lies Thou servents!
 59. Teach love and Wholeness.
 60. Teach Forgivness and Condemn not to death!
 61. It is written to command death.
 62. Thou shalt never condemn to death.
 63. Ye shal never subject Another to discrimination.
 64. For the Prophet said "Love All Unto the Being".
 65. Let these truths hold near to You.
 66. Let them always Be.
 67. For just as You are here to Be, Let the Truths be known to thee.
 68. The truths said are those by Man.
 69. Follow not thier empty lies.
 70. With the grace of the One unto You all.
 71. By the powers of Love and Life.
 72. Spread my Word and Teach them the Truth!
 The key to Inner knowledge and salvation is through discipline of the Self.
 The Mind is the mystery. The Body is the Temple. The Spirit is the Will. Ye
 shall endure through suffering perfection of the Self is the Death of Desire
 under Will. Read not the words of the rite unless You decide to perform it.
 Once you have agreed to embrace Yourself to the Gods and Goddesses, then
 shall ye be granted knowledge and wisdom that was once unknown. The Occult
 shall no longer be. The truth shall be Hidden No More!
 1. Ye shall have with you a dagger, a star, a cup, and Your Book.
 2. The Book shall be of Your secrets.
 3. Arange the items as listed onto an altar. Have a statue of the Goddess
 and Her consort Pan.
 4. Kneel before thine altar and raise the Dagger high above.
 5. Thus through Your voice proclaim:
 "I am of the Gods, and to the Gods I do submit myself!
 I give unto thee my soul, and I give to thee my Whole!
 I shall be granted My Rebirth!"
 6. Thus shall youtake thy Blood and mix it within the blessed cup of life.
 7. Mix it with the Holy Water.
 8. Then shall You raise the Cup to the Gods and Say:
 "My Body shal be pure,
 My Mind shall be Pure,
 My spirit shall be pure,
 I embrace Myself,
 I take thine Mysteries inside of Me!"
 9. Upon thine proclimation, shall ye drink the Cup of Life.
 10. Lie onto the ground before thine altar.
 11. In the position of the God with arms across your chest, raise the
 ancient powers by chanting thier sacred names:
 "Nuit, Rah, Pan!
 Ares, Dionyus, Graal!
 Horned Hunter of the Night,
 Great One of the Seas,
 Silent One of the Skies,
 And Mighty Lord of Might!
 I invoke thine sacred Name,
 The One is the All,
 The All is the Many!"
 12. Ye shall arise and raise the Star.
 13. Hold it upon Your Heart.
 14. Proclaim Yourself as a servent of the Gods.
 15. Then drop the star and raise your arms.
 16. In a Loud and Demanding voice, say these words:
 "Great Goddess I take thee inside of Me,
 I pledge My loyalty to thee,
 As I head into Your Arms,
 Shall ye then make Me Whole,
 I shall endure,
 All that You know,
 Isis, Hecate, Diana,
 Cerridwen, Artimes, Athena!"
 17. Then shall you meditate
 18. After completion of the Ritual, ye shall scribe all you have seen.
 19. And shall ye scribe all You Now know.
 20. For You have now been initiated into the Spirit's Glow!
 21. "Love Unto All, and Fallow thine self!"
 The Sin of Man is shame. When Eve ate from the Tree of Life she knew the
 truth. The truth was Shame. Then she Gave the fruit to Adam. Who was taught
 the Lies of Man.
 The snake was not a serpent. He was the Lies. He taught them the truth of
 shame. For it has been seen inside His eyes!
 The Sin is here and shall always be. Nothing can hide it. The woman had
 given man the gift. The gift of Shame. So too did Christianity. Christ gave
 the gift of Shame. For shame is the only Sin of Mankind.
 All Mankind knoweth is Shame. For Shame is the lies taught by the Child. The
 Child was the Son. The One was the Father. And the Lies were the Holy
 For Mankind know now the lies. They will never forget. Thier desires are
 then never met. For they are blinded by the lies. The Lies of Shame.
 The Will is the Control,
 The Will is the life!
 Spread Will until you All,
 And fear Not for I have come!
 I am Here. I have always Been,
 I shall teach to You the Sin!
 The Sin of Man is Shame,
 Repeat not he mistake again!
 Teach love and naught fear,
 For I am always here!
 I shall arise until the end,
 And teach to you my friends!

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