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 Subject: Article 3 - BOS section
 Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 04:02:18 -0700 (PDT)
 From: Vitriol London 
 How to find a Coven or Group
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 Kingdom. (Please include a SAE)
 © David Rankine & Sorita 2000
 How to find a Coven or Group
 If you are looking for a group then going out and
 meeting people and talking, asking questions and
 showing your intent of finding a group are the most
 important steps.
 If you stay at home and never mingle with other people
 then don't expect anything to happen. This is not a
 'spoonfed' path to walk, there is a lot of serious
 work involved and when you do find a group,the work
 doesn't stop.
 Joining a Coven means giving up a lot of free time,
 subsituting social time for Coven time and spending a
 lot of time studying and experiencing... So which ever
 path you follow, and which ever type of group you are
 seeking - make an effort and be patient.
 In big cities such as the one we live in, London (UK)
 there is no reason to say 'But there is nothing to go
 to'. There are online organisations such as WWL who
 keep their members informed of social events,
 workshops, training groups, conferences and open
 rituals. The WWL also organise events just for their
 members, so that you can meet the faces behind the
 names.  To find out more about WWL visit:
 The Witches Voice - is another
 great resource.  You can find contacts with similar
 interests to yourself to correspond with, but most
 importantly they list all the major events,
 conferences and festivals organised by Pagans from all
 over the world.  They also list smaller events, such
 as pub moots and workshops.
 In parts of the world it is not that easy, and you
 might have to travel to attend conferences or
 workshops. This might seem like a lot of work just to
 meet other people, but if you are serious then travel
 should not deter you from your path.
 When you do get the oppurtunity to meet other Pagans
 make an effort to ask around about open groups and
 other events. As the organisers of the event if they
 know of groups which might be taking on new trainees.
 It is important to note that even in big cities such
 as London there are very few new groups forming and
 the groups in existance might only take on a trainee
 every few years. Those who do might expect to
 interview you to see if you will fit in with the rest
 of their group. If this happens take the oppurtunity
 to interview them too! Be honest with them, but make
 sure that their answers also satisfy you. Ask what
 they will be expecting from you and what training they
 will be providing you with.
 Unfortunately there are still some dubious groups
 using the name of Wicca to cover other activities. Do
 not just join a group because they happen to be the
 first one which approaches you!
 You should feel comfortable with your HPS & HP;
 Sex should not be expected in return for training, nor
 should it be part of your initiation;
 You should not be expected to contribute large sums of
 money in return for training - although you should
 expect to contribute towards temple expenses;
 Confidentiality is VERY important in Wiccan groups;
 Expect a lot of hard work!
 Finally you should enjoy being part of the group you

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