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Technology and The Craft

Removing the Barriers to Spaceflight

Before the ritual begins, distribute paper and have an airplane-folding session.

Techno-lesson #1: Making Fire

He tries to light the fire with firesticks; She then enters, lights the charcoal with the sacred Bic, and hands it to He, who lights the quarter candles with it and hands it back to She, who lights the altar candles.

Bless the Elements (She)

Cast the Circle (He)

Invoke Quarters (She)

All breathe, ground and center

Techno-lesson #2: Overcoming Physical Shortcomings

Chant: She Changes Everything She Touches

He & She begin the chant, She drumming. Her shoulder starts acting up; He gets out the Casio (tempo -2, any 4/4 rhythm). For the chant, mix verses as is pleasing.

Techno-lesson #3: Supplementing Abilities

First, He & She 'argue' about who's going to lead it, jokingly asking if anyone in Circle wants to do background music; then He gets pathworking with music on audio tape. When pathworking is done, folks should still be in light trance; the next thing is to concretize the working by distributing pens so that people can put whatever they symbols they think are appropriate on their airplanes.

Power chant: A rising OM; which at peak leads into Countdown. At "Liftoff", throw the planes upwards (when done, planes can either be kept or HP/S should offer to see that they get burned.

(* Note *) (* Note *) Don't forget to Ground (* Note *) (* Note *)

Grounding chant:

Earth below us
Drifting, falling
Floating weightless
Coming home.

Techno-lesson #4: There is no Techno-Lesson #4.

Cakes & wine, with discussion

Topics for Discussion:

  1. Why we invoked the particular guys
  2. Best and Worst side of technology
  3. Incorporating tech with Wicca
  4. Space Travel & Wicca: not leaving Her dead when we go
  5. More respecters of Earth involved with control of tech
  6. Whatever else...

Close (She)


***** NOTES *****

  1. Tools:
  2. Firesticks & Sacred Bic
  3. Paper and pens for paper airplanes
  4. Cassette deck and pathworking cassette
  5. Drum and Casio w/ rhythm generator
  6. Talking stick (optional)

by Skydancer & Triton, Proteus Coven, NYC

© 1987 Perihelion Press. Reprinted by permission.

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