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                            Ritual of Casting Sacred Circle
      Many times  we are asked "how  do you cast a  circle ?"  There  are so many
      different was that this  can be done.   Differs from each Tradition to  the
      next.  Even within our own Avaloian Tradition we make improvisions on this.
      The main factor  is to cast  a sacred space.   A space that  separates this
      world from the other.   A space that we  ourselves make holy.  And  that is
      what  is important.  A  space that you set aside  from all else, to glorify
      and exalt.  For you are the one casting, cleansing,  purifying, and setting
      it aside from all else.
      Before  you cast,  one  should make  sure of  the intent  of casting.   Ask
      yourself why  you are doing it.   Once you have this  the gathering is made
      easier.  If you are doing this with a group of people One must be chosen to
      be the Lord  or Lady.  The  Lord or Lady usually  has one person who  waits
      them.   This is not to  say the Lord or  Lady is higher than  they, but the
      fact  that they shall  be the  God/dess incarnate.   You  may also  do this
      solitary.  Depending on the amount tending.
      The Lord/Lady has the sword brought to them.  All else are standing outside
      where the circle  is to be cast.   The Lord/Lady  takes the sword and  walk
      deosil (clockwise) around the space  to be cast.  The wait has a small bell
      with them.   Beginning at the East, the sword, in a non-threatening manner,
      is raised.   The  wait rings  the  bell.   All fill  fall silent.    Moving
      clockwise the Lord/Lady  salute each direction.  If  there are four novices
      present each will stand to the directions as the Lord/Lady passes.
      Lord/Lady:  Let all those that wish to partake enter ye now !  (the bell is
      Everyone enters by stepping forward (no actual circle has been cast yet)
      Wait:   My Lord/Lady all those that  wish to partake in  this Magickal Rite
      are now present.  I pray you, cast the Sacred Circle.
      Lord/Lady:  What  thou doth sees  makes here this  night, shall be  forever
      within this circle.  So Mote It Be !
      (When anyone speaks the So Mote It Be or Blessed Be, all shall repeat it)
      Again  at the  East, the  Lord/Lady takes  the sword  and draws  within the
      ground or upon the floor the circle saying as the pass...
       "I draw this magick circle let no evil or ill will cross its mark." 
      Once the  Lord/Lady has  reached the  East again, They  take the  sword and
      place it upon the shoulders of the novice, and says...
           "be thou the  guardian of this  gate... I call I  summon I stir  oh ye
      spirits of Air,  come forth now I pray thee and  witness our Rite.  So Mote
      It Be !"
      The Guardian answers:  I am he/she the guardian, no evil or ill  will shall
      pass by  me, My Lord/Lady.
      the Wait rings the bell 
      The Lord/Lady goes to each quarter and perform the same,  on each guardian.
      The Wait will ring the bell as each guardian answers.
      Once the quarters are called the Lord/Lady goes to the center of the circle
      as  the Wait  preforms the  cleansing of  the circle  with salt  and water.
      Incense  can  be used  instead  of salt  and water  mixture.  The Lord/Lady
      summons the spirit of the Great Lady and the Great Lord by saying....
      Great Lady witness  now your children who stand before  you in Perfect Love
      and Perfect Trust.  
      Standing East, with the censer  the Lord/Lady says....
         Great Maiden Come To Us.....
      All repeat....
      Standing South, with the torch or candle the Lord/Lady says....
         Great Mother Come To Us....
      All repeat...
      Standing West, with chalice of wine or water, the Lord/Lady says...
         Ancient Queen of Wisdom Come To Us....
      All repeat...
      Standing North, with the salt, the Lord/Lady says....
         Brother Come To Us...
      All Repeat...
      Drumming,  rattles, any form of music making can  be added to this.  As you
      can take note there really isn't any particular God or Goddess called, this
      is the  Avaloian Tradition.  All  Gods are one  God, all Goddesses  are one
      So there is the very  basic beginnings of Magical Workings... you  can take
      it from here..... Do What Thou Wilt, Save Harm None, Shall Be the Whole.
      Bright Blessing...
      Lord OberRon
      Knight of the Sacred Light

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