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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

                          Bibliography Of Magick In Science Fiction 
                                      Magenta Griffith 
              Abbey, Lynn     Daughter Of The Bright Moon
                              The Guardians
              Anderson, Poul  Operation Chaos
                              Mermaid's Children
              Blish, James    Black Easter
              Bradley, Marion Z    Darkover  series,   especially  The  Forbidden
              Crowley, Aleister    Diary of a Drug Fiend
              DeCamp, L. Sprague &      The Complete Enchanter, Wall of Serpents
              Fletcher Pratt
              DeLint, Charles      Moonheart
              Eddings, David       Pawn of Prophecy
                                   Queen of Sorcery
                                   Magician's Gambit
                                   Castle of Wizardry
                                   Enchanter's Endgame
              Farrar, Stewart      Omega
              Fortune, Dion        Sea Priestess
                                   Moon Magic
                                   Winged Bull
                                   The Goat Foot God
              Garrett, Randall     Too Many Magicians
                                   Murder and Magic
                                   Lord D'Arcy Investigates
              Heinlein, Robert A   Stranger in a Strange Land
                                   Waldo & Magic Inc.
              Kurtz, Katherine     Deryni Rising
                                   Deryni Checkmate
                                   High Deryni
                                   Lammas Night
              LeGuin, Ursula K     A Wizard of Earthsea
              Lovecraft, H. P.     The Shadow out of Time
                                   At the Mountains of Madness
                                   The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward
              Miesel, Sandra       Dreamrider
              Norton, Andre        Witch World Series
              Paxton, Diana        Brisingamen
                      Bibliography Of Magick In Science Fiction (cont.) 
                                      Magenta Griffith 
              Sky, Kathleen        Witchdame
              Tolkien, J.R.R       The Hobbit
                                   Lord of the Rings
              Walton, Evangeline   Island of the Mighty
                                   Song of Rhiannon
                                   Prince of Annwn
                                   The Children Of Lyr
              Wilson, Robert Anton &     Illuminatus! Trilogy
              Robert Shea
              Zelazny, Roger  Chronicles of Amber

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