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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

                             Modified Assyrian Protection Spell 
           Ban! Ban! Barier That None Can Pass,
           Barrier Of The Gods, That None May Break,
           Barrier Of Heaven and Earth That None Can Change,
           Which No God May Annul,
           Nor God Nor Man Can Loose,
           A Snare Without Escape, Set for Evil,
           A Net Whence None Can Issue Forth, Spread for Evil,
           Whether It Be  evil Spirit, or evil Fiend, or  Hag-Demon, or Ghoul, or
           Or Phantom, or Night-Wraith, or Handmaid of the Phantom,
           Or Evil Plague, or Fever-Sickness, or Unclean Disease,
           Or That Which May Do Harm in Any Form or Fashion
           Which Hath Attacked the Shining Waters of Ea,
           May the Snare of Ea Catch It;
           Or Which Hath Assailed the Meal of Nisaba,
           May the Net of Nisaba Entrap It;
           Or Which Hath Broken The Barrier
           Let Not the Barrier of the Gods,
           The Barrier of Heaven and Earth, Let It Go Free;
           Or Which Reverenceth Not the Great Gods,
           May the Great Gods Entrap It,
           May the Great Gods Curse It;
           Or Which Attacketh the House,
           Into a Closed Dwelling May They Cause It To Enter;
           Or Which Circleth Round About,
           Into a Place Without Escape May They Bring It;
           Or Which is Shut In By the House Door,
           Into a House Without Exit May They Cause It To Enter;
           With Door and Bolt, a Bar Immovable,
           May They Withhold It;
           Or Which Bloweth In at the Threshhold and Hinge,
           Or Which Forceth a Way Through Bar and Latch,
           Like Water May They Pour It Out,
           Like a Goblet May They Dash It to Pieces,
           Like a Tile May They Break It;
           Or Which Passeth Over The Wall,
           Its Wing May They Cut Off;
           Or Which Lieth in a Chamber,
           Its Throat May They Cut;
           Or Which Looketh In at a Side Chamber,
           Its Face May They Smite;
           Or Which Muttereth In a Chamber,
           Its Mouth May They Shut;
           Or Which Roameth Loose In an Upper Chamber,
           With a Basin Without Opening May They Cover It;
           Or Which at Dawn is Darkened,
           At Dawn To a Place of Sunrise May They Take It.
           Out With You! Spirits of Fear, Spirits of Death!
           Give Way to the Sun and the Moon!
           For This is a Place Made Safe!
           Bright Blessings and Peace Upon Us!
           And All Who Reside Here,
           Let None Enter Here Unbidden,
           Keep Harm and Fear Far from This Place,
           May God and Goddess Bless Us!
           So Mote It So!
           So Mote It Be!
                 "This should be performedon the night of the full moon, and is a
           very intricate spell. All portals and doorways should be open, includ-
           ing  closet doors and windows, Then, as  you start, close every closet
           and cabinet door, making the sign  of the banishing pentacle with your
           wand, your athame,  or your hand (a stick of  patchoili incense may be
           substituted). Music should be light. Use a goodly amount of commanding
           incense  as well as patchouli  and sandalwood. Once  you have done the
           closets and cabinets, go from window to window outlining the banishing
           pentagram on  each one, and close  AND LATCH each window.  Remember to
           close  and latch your fireplace, as well, perhaps burning some incense
           there. Once  the windows are  secured, do inside doors,  then when you
           reach the entry ways, state the last ten lines. If performed  correct-
           ly, you will  notice the  difference in atmospheres  from the  outside
           compared to the  inside, the moment you walk into  the house or apart-
              --Avon, Sysop, Sanctuary BBS
               Okay,  that's how I got it. Here's what happened when we performed
               I had pulled one of my partners intothis with me, and we did itthe
           night after the full moon, being as how we didn't get home in time the
           night OF the full moon (being across town and having to stay the night
           as our friends were very tired). We also didn't use patchouli incense,
           as I dislike  it, opting  for sandalwood instead  with the  commanding
           incense. Several times, though I had talked to said partner about what
           to do  when I was speaking, I still had  to pause in the recitation to
           tell him what to do. So, there were breaks in  concentration. WITH ALL
           THIS,  we still got an  apartment that feels  much happier. This buil-
           ding, just since we  moved in a year and  a half ago, has seen  an axe
           murder on the lower floor, a shooting on the upper floor where we are,
           two  police break-ins  on drug  raids, several  shootings in  the back
           alley, and two stabbings on the sidewalk near the building. Bad vibes.
           Now it's better.
             Here's the downfalls--if you can call them that.
               This is supposedto, at least how I interpretit, clear out EVERYTH-
           ING in your house to start fresh. We had a ghost  cat before. We still
           have her now. Also, we now have two dark brown, heavily fanged...THIN-
           GS...hovering  in my  kitchen,  worshipping my  fridge. You  think I'm
           kidding. I'm not. Scared the hell out of me when I first noticed them;
           eventually, I broke down  and went into the kitchen. When  they didn't
           attack,  I moved near the fridge.  "It's a refrigerator," I said. They
           gave  back a sort  of sub-vocal "Wow..."  I opened said  fridge. "It's
           still a fridge," I said. They looked in; seemed even more impressed. I
           have NO idea  why. Also, once I looked down  from my computer, feeling
           watched, and noticed  another dark brown thing, all rags  and big feet
           and big  eyes.  His whole  being radiated  shock and  surprise when  I
           looked down; again, I  caught a sort of sub-vocal "WHAT??!!??", and he
           vanished. Poof. That's been  it, but it's interesting. Did  these slip
           in due to the changes or due to the lack of concentration?  No harmful
           thing is in this apartment now; of that I'm sure. So how are these new
           residents explained?
             Anyway, that's it. Hope you have fun with it... :>

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