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                               Channeling For Fun And Prophet 
                                     Farrell J. McGovern
                 Channelling is one of the more popular parts of what is call the
           "New Age".  It is also one  of the most controversial  aspects of this
                 To properly channelsomeone, be itMarylin Monroe, AliesterCrowley
           (I have been told this doesn't  work well...) or Devine, one must know
           something of  this person. The  easiest way  is by reading  about this
           person. Autobiographies are the best, of course, but biographies, news
           reports, or even old photos are  almost as good. You need some connec-
                 InPagandom, and Wicca, popular beingsfor channelling are various
           aspects of the God and  the Goddess. Again, one  must know as much  as
           possible  about the  Lady or  Lord that  you are  going to  bring into
           yourself for the enjoyment, edification and education of the others in
           the Circle with you.
                 The  most popular source of information on Gods and Goddesses is
           again in  books. Since there are  many aspects of deities,  there is a
           great deal of literature  about these beings. Most of  this literature
           that is over a couple of hundred  of years old is usually in the  form
           of Fables or Epics, which have more literary content than reality. One
           could easily call these works Docu-dramas, but they are still fiction.
                 "But..." I hear you ask,"How can they channel these beingsif all
           they know about  them is fictional?"  Well, there seems  to be  enough
           consensus  on certain deities, but not on all. But these rituals work,
           as  anyone  who has  attended the  beautiful  "Drawing Down  the Moon"
           ritual of Wicca.
                 So  it seems to  me that the  idea of a  "consensual reality" is
           created from the energies that all these people put into their concept
           of whatever  God or  Goddess they  believe in. There  are hundreds  of
           thousands, maybe  even  millions of  people who  believe in  Cerwdwin,
           Eris, Hecate, Cherenous, and others. But...are there not also millions
           of people who believe in Captain James T.  Kirk? Arthur Dnt? Catwoman?
           Batman? Smurfs?.....or even Peewee Herman?
                 Imaginesome Circle performing the DrawingDown The Moon ceremony,
           and due to a lack of concentration by the priestess, she channels, not
           Athena, but  Marry Tyler-Moore?!?!?!? Or the  priest channeling PeeWee
                 Weshall leave the furtherexploration of thisto some experimental
           coven...but please!  If you manage  to channel Papa  Smurf....we DON'T
           want to hear about it!

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