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Sacred Time

Cosmic noise

This page has links to resources at sacred-texts related to time: chronology of sacred texts and religion, and information about calendrical systems used by major religions.

The above image is a whole-sky map of fluctuations in cosmic background radiation, basically the closest thing to a photograph of the big bang that we have.


 The Stories of the Months and Days
By Reginald C. Couzens [1923]

 Christmas in Ritual and Tradition
By Clement A. Miles [1912]

 Fifty Christmas Poems for Children
By Florence B. Hyett [1923]


 Sacred Texts Timeline
by John Bruno Hare [1999]
The chronology of sacred texts from the origin of the universe to the present.

 Timeline: Origin of Major Religions
by John Bruno Hare [1999]
A chart of the origin of the twelve major world religions.

Calendars and Orreries

Calendar systems index Includes:
Positions of the Planets
Phase of the Moon
Islamic Date
Jewish Date
Mayan Calendar