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A Christmas Carol, by Gabriel Rossetti [1857] (Public Domain Image)

Fifty Christmas Poems for Children

by Florence B. Hyett


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Title Page
Index of Authors And Bibliography
Old Carol
The Lamb Child
Christmas Day And Every Day
The Christmas Child
The Lamb
The Holly
Shepherd's Song
Verses From “The Cherry-Tree Carol”
A Cradle Song
The Birds
Christmas Eve
A Christmas Prayer
Three Christmas Songs
Cradle Hymn
A Song For The Season
In The Night
“Mary Had a Little Lamb”
Waiting For The Kings
Behold A Silly Tender Babe
A Christmas Carol
Ex Ore Infantium
A Song of Christmas
The Holly And The Ivy
A Cradle Hymn
Before Dawn
The Waits
In Praesepio
When Christ Was Born
The Carol of the Poor Children
Star of the East
A Christmas Carol
Yule-Tide Fires
Six Green Singers
That Holy Thing
To His Saviour, A Child; A Present By A Child
An Ode to the Birth of Our Saviour
A Christmas Carol
The Oxen
I Saw Three Ships
Unto Us a Son Is Given
Verses From the Shepherd's Hymn
Verses From the Hymn on the Morning of Christ's Nativity
From “In Memoriam”