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The Age of Reason

Moons of Jupiter: Copyright (c) 1999 J.B. Hare, All rights reserved
What if God doesn’t exist? What if humanity is not the center of the universe? What if there is no absolute truth? Here are some texts by free-thinking pioneers of our era that address these questions.

 Critical Views of the Bible

 Friar Bacon: His Discovery of the Miracles Of Art, Nature, And Magick
by Roger Bacon [1659].

 The Heroic Enthusiasts
(Gli Eroici Furori)
L. Williams, tr. [1887 and 1889]
Bruno’s Hermetic masterpiece.

 The Da Vinci Notebooks
by Leonardo Da Vinci, tr. by Jean Paul Richter [1883]
First publication on the Internet of all of Da Vinci’s notebooks with all of the images in context. Get an insight into the real Da Vinci.

 Works of Spinoza
Spinoza was one of the first philosophers of the Enlightenment

 Common Sense [1776]
 Rights of Man [1791]
 Age of Reason [1794]

 Origin of Species [1872]
 The Descent of Man [1871]
 Voyage of the Beagle [1909]

 What is Man
 The War Prayer
 Thou Shalt Not Kill
 The Fly
 Letters From The Earth [1909]

 Volume I: Lectures
 Volume II: Lectures

 Facing Life Fearlessly
 Absurdities of the Bible
 Why I Am An Agnostic

On prayer; purpose in nature; meaning of life; the soul; a personal God
Conversation on Religion and Antisemitism
Religion and Science

 Elizabeth Cady Stanton: The Woman’s Bible

About the graphic: When Galileo turned his telescope on Jupiter, he discovered that it has four moons which revolve around it. From this he inferred that the Earth and the other planets could revolve around the Sun. This was one of the key discoveries which started an intellectual revolution which resonates to this day.