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THE INTERNET SACRED TEXT ARCHIVE USB FLASH DRIVE 9.0 has electronic texts of over 1700 of the most important books ever written, most of which were transcribed especially for sacred-texts. Years of research and scholarship went into this product: all the core texts of religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on one flash drive.

  • More than 1700 books in a single drive.
  • No web connection needed.
  • Engage with the many illustrations and footnotes.
  • Absorb the secrets of out-of-print, rare books.
  • Support the life of the Internet Sacred Text Archive.
  • Works with any web browser. Allows keeping track of your reading easily with bookmarks.
  • Easy reading in other e-reader as many books are simultaneously available as zipped text files.
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Price $127.

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NOW you can now literally own the wisdom of the ages--all major world scriptures from the Bible to the Rig-Veda. Experience six thousand years of faith, from the oldest texts such as the Babylonian Enuma Elish and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Includes the Bible in English, Hebrew, Greek and Latin, linked to extensive reference material, along with the Apocrypha. Sit with the wisest rabbis of antiquity and give your mind a world-class workout while they argue the fine points of the Talmud. The Quran is included, in both Arabic and English, along with other key Islamic texts such as the Hadith and the mystical Sufis. Read the most important documents of Christianity, from the earliest days, through the Reformation and modern times.

Own a massive and comprehensive set of scriptures from Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Sikhism, and other eastern religions. You get the entire 50 volume Sacred Books of the East series: including the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, Taoist Texts, the Dhammapada, the Lotus Sutra, Hindu Law books, Vedic Hymns, I Ching, the Chinese Classics, and more. Read English translations of all four Vedas, rescued from obscurity, as well as the Sanskrit of the Rig-veda. Read the beloved Hindu epics, the Mahabharata and Ramayana, in their entirety. You can also read the historical sources of Wicca, New Age beliefs, and even Atheism. Whatever your religious beliefs, this is a must-have if you want to understand world religions. No other religious studies collection is as comprehensive or well-organized.

You get hundreds of books about oral traditions and folklore that go back to the dawn of humanity. Take a trip to the Kalahari, Siberia, or the Australian outback and hear the oldest stories in the world from tribal elders and shamans. Sail with the ancient Polynesians from New Zealand to Hawaii and Easter Island. Follow the adventures of tricksters, culture heroes and animals from Native America. Journey back to ancient Rome and Greece and feast on rich classical mythology. Enjoy the legends and sagas of the European dark ages, and wonderful Celtic folklore of gods, heroes and fairies. Read all of the primary sources of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, including the Kalevala and the Eddas. Open up dusty--and very authentic--books of magic, peer into the future with Nostradamus, get a Tarot reading, visit legendary lost continents and learn occult secrets--if you dare. All of these and more are included on the drive.

I highly recommend this to both the professional clergy, and the amateur researcher. It saves the wait for internet connections and web page loads, and provides a broad range of documents.--customer review.

Here's what customers are saying about the Sacred-Texts 9.0 media content:

  • ... it will be a great bargain as anyone that collects books on these topics will recognize.
  • I loved the search index and will use it greatly
  • I think it is very good value, even with the exchange rate differences. Books are very expensive in Australia anyway, so for me any electronic reference library is good value.
  • I was able to navigate easily through things.... I think [the price] is very fair.... that's a lot of data, having it in one place is very handy
  • It seems very well done, all around very high quality.
  • I think $99.95 is a very reasonable price for the DVD Rom, I will buy it and may even buy a gift or two for friends.

    This is an excellent product. Hours and hours of material to search through. Books I've never even heard of and some I've been searching for. This is a very important thing that this collection represents and I want to thank you for making this available.... a very realistic price for this product, as it is packed with material. --customer review.
  • The Sacred-Texts web site is the most elegant, intuitive and comprehensive site that I've found for unusual and historically important sacred writings. The scope of material you have included is almost beyond belief. Needless to say, the flash drive content reflect the fine quality that went into the web site. ... I tried using all of the search functions and that also worked perfectly. ... Based on the content of the flash drive, a price is a super bargain.
  • Thanks for the DVD and the service you provide by making these excellent works available for everyone for our enrichment.
  • Great work at a good price.
  • ...the contents and the search seem great. There are so many texts! And the search function is VERY handy for dealing with all of those texts
  • The search feature is excellent, exactly what I was looking for.
  • ... it will be a great bargain as anyone that collects books on these topics will recognize.
  • I love it! Very, very nice, easy navigation.
  • This is definitely a great project, very ambitious and a generous contribution to the entire world community at large.

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