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Astrology and Sky Lore

Dust Pillars (Hubble image) and Harmonia Macrocosmica, A. Cellarius [1660]. Collage (c) 2006 J.B. Hare

This page indexes resources related to the lore of the sky, and celestial objects, at sacred-texts, including Astrology and historical texts on Astronomy.

 Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos
tr. J.M. Ashmand [1833]
A key ancient text on the motion of the heavens, and its significance here on earth. One of the cornerstones of Astrology.

 An Introduction to Astrology
by William Lilly, (Zadkiel ed.) [1852]
The first modern text on Astrology, updated in the 19th century, and still in use today.

 The Sand Reckoner
of Archimedes translated by Thomas L. Heath [1881]
Did Archimedes invent calculus two millenia before Newton and Leibnitz? A pioneering attempt to measure the size of the universe…

 Moon Lore
by Timothy Harley [1885]
A compendium of lunar folklore.

 Solar Biology
by Hiram A. Butler [1887]
What’s YOUR sign?

The Hindu Book of Astrology
by Bhakti Seva [1902]
Actually a western astrology pamphlet from the turn of the 20th century with New Thought background.

 Astrology and Religion Among the Greeks and Romans
by Franz Cumont [1912]
A study of ancient Astrology and its relation to religion and mythology, by a well-respected academic author.

 Sun Lore of All Ages
by William Tyler Olcott [1914]
The mythology and folklore of the sun.

 The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems
by William Thomas Pavitt and Kate Pavitt [1914]
The symbolism of gems and their astrological signatures.

 Harmonies of the World
by Johannes Kepler, tr. by Charles Glenn Wallis [1939]
Johannes Kepler’s 1619 masterwork uniting the Copernican system, musical theory and the Platonic solids.

 From the Closed World to the Infinite Universe
by Alexandre Koyre [1957]
The story of how humanity became aware of the true immensity of the universe.

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