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Fortean Texts


In the early twentieth century Charles Fort put together great quantities of exhaustively documented ‘puzzling evidence.’ This is data which science is unable or unwilling to explain, such rains of fish or blood, mysterious animals, or manufactured artifacts in deep strata. Fort collected numerous accounts of aerial phenomena prior to the invention of aviation, including huge cylinders and spheres in the sky. Many of these would today be considered UFOs.

These etexts were scanned from the authoritative 1941 Thayer one-volume edition of Fort’s works. The page numbering in each text reflects that edition. Copyrighted material in the Thayer edition (the introduction and index) has been omitted.


 Book of the Damned
by Charles Fort [1919]
‘I think we’re property.’

 New Lands
by Charles Fort [1923]
Fort uncovers more evidence of visitors in our skies.

by Charles Fort [1931]
Is spontaneous teleportation the key to a new view of reality?

 Wild Talents
by Charles Fort [1933]
Poltergeists, fire-starters, telekinesis, dowsing–are humans developing new abilities?