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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

                                            Today the Moon is There 
                                                   Hugh Read
               In that mighty, non-human Power Place
               Of mind that Is Not
               Lord of the Galaxy
               Can you hear my cry
               For fulfilment of my broken being
               Faulted, cracked, torn
               From that first painfilled day
               Of savage, late birth
               Send to me streamers of healing power
               That will make me new
               Of more eternal stuff
               Than this failed human
               Being is moulded from...fill in the sad cracks
               Seal the aweful breaks
               Smooth and fill the fissures
               With eternity
               That I may serve humanity wisely
               With pleasure and joy
               Being more than human
               Helping others grow
               Into the same places of dark power
             That are full of light
               That I hunger to touch
               And to feed upon
               Touch me now, this day
               Lord of the Galaxy
               Put me on thy Way
               Lord of the Galaxy
               Put me on my Way

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