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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

                        CELTIC WORKSHOP (Internet)
 This is an Upload of the first Celtic Workshop on Druids, Oghams and 
 Divination. Each student was supposed to have already downloaded the
 Library 16 files Oghamd.txt (A table of Ogham correspondences),
 Fionnw.GIF ( A symbollic representation of Oghams in Circles.) and
 Ogham.GIF (A picture showing exactly how each tree Ogham symbol looked.)
 In additional to these files, messages were posted in the Section 15
 message board for Ogham correspondence tables by Nigel Pennick, D.J.
 Conway, John Matthews, Murray Hope, Douglas Monroe and Edric Thorsson.
 A lot of information is contained in these files and messages and
 is essential for fully understanding the workshop and discussion. I 
 recommend reading "The Celts" by Nora Chadwick for historical background
 on the Celts as a people. I recommend John Matthews book "Celtic
 Shamanism" and also Nigel Pennick's book "Magical Alphabets". More
 complete discussions of many of these topics are found in those works.
 Due to time constraints, All the prepared material did not get
 presented during the Workshop. I have included it here in it's entireity
 at the request of the participants and in the interest of completeness.
 Before starting the Workshop, we engaged in informal conversation  with
 the first topic being the book "Life of a Druid Prince". Jehana asked 
 if I had read this book.
 <Start of Workshop>
 O'Dubh  : Never read the book
 Jehana  : It's basically an archeological/anthropological study of...
           one of those sacrificed humans they pulled out of a peat bog.
 SUZAN   : hello Jehana!
 Jehana  : with some interesting speculations as well.
           Hello suzan.
 O'Dubh  : I saw an article on it with pictures in Scientific American I 
           Merry Meet Again Maiden!
 Jehana  : yes, i think they covered it there, too.
 O'Dubh  : looks like UFOs are the talk of the town tonight.
 Jehana  : And The Crone greets the Maiden!
 SUZAN   : there was a great TLC special on an archeological find like 
 Jehana  : suzan is still here.
 SUZAN   : geesh! there are 27 people in that room!
 O'Dubh  : yes it's a mad house over there
 SUZAN   : oh just lurking around a bit sorry :)
 O'Dubh  : I didn't get any advertising here.
 Jehana  : too busy to stay there. <g>
 O'Dubh  : had to do it all myself.
 Jehana  : rilla mentioned it to me when i logged in tonight.
 O'Dubh  : everytime I log on here I'm bombarded with announcements
           but no Celtic Workshop!:(
           Hi Susan W!!
 Jehana  : hey, celtic workshop!!
 Susan W.: Hi, just nosey, what's going on?
 Jehana  : hello susan...
           odubh is about to do a celtic ../.
           druidic workshop.
 O'Dubh  : We're gonna be talking about Celts, Druids and the like
 Jehana  : is it workshop or discussion or both?
 Susan W.: Maybe I'll listen in for awhile, already been on over anhour.
 O'Dubh  : I know how expen$ive it is!<G>
 Jehana  : same here.
 O'Dubh  : Well I guess I'm gonna start
 Susan W.: What can I learn here?
 O'Dubh  : You can learn Magick, Shamanism, Oghams, Divination
           But it won't happen overnight.
           Also Druid type stuff.
           There's a lot to cover.
 Jehana  : (But it doesn't all require connect time) <g>
 O'Dubh  : that's right
           A lot of the files are in the library or message boards
           any way Maybe I should start.
 Jehana  : ga
 O'Dubh  : I'm going to upload the announcement first so you can see what 
          we'll cover.
 Susan W.: great
 O'Dubh  : Dia dhuit, a Kheltoi is ni Kheltoi!
           (Hello to all Celts and Non-Celts!)
           We are going to be having on-going Work Shops regarding Celtic 
          Topics of Interest here in the NewAge Forum. I hope to draw
                you Celts and NonCelts alike out of the Groves and into the
                CO's!<G> Time to share some of that Knowledge we've been
           I plan to touch on the following topics of interest:
                   CLASS #1
                   Druids, Oghams, Divinations
                   CLASS #2 
                   Deities, Shamanism, Magick
                   CLASS #3 
                   History, Warriors, Geneologies (maybe your family         name!)
                   CLASS #4 
                   Languages (Gaeilge, Gaelic, Welsh, Manx,Breton), 
                   Poetry, Prose
           I will basically upload files to the library, prior to the 
           class, to provide a focal point for the discussions and a 
           framework for building a Celtic Book of Shadows. We will 
           flesh these frameworks out through discussions online. I, 
           by no means, have all the answers on matters Celtic. 
           But I truly believe that ALL of us, working together, can 
           approach advance our knowledge and rediscover the True Celtic
           Druids are especially welcome to attend so that our Celtic 
           Knowledge may be "Illuminated"!<G> 
           I also hope that The Welsh Bards will grace us with the Songs 
           of Taliesin. 
           Other topics will be included based upon the desires and 
           direction of the students and other participants.
           I see the way that the workshops will be conducted as:
 Susan W.: ?
 O'Dubh  :         Opening Remarks by Me.
                   Presentation by a Speaker (not necessarily me).
                   Questions and Answers.
                   Group Open Discussion and Discovery.
                   Summation and Assignments.
           The classes start this Monday night in Work Shop 1 of the
           Forum at 10 PM EST! See you there!<G>
           Beannacht leat,
           (Blessed be)
           Susan W> ga
 Susan W.: Oh, sorry, thought my screen was stuck there.  GA
 O'Dubh  : OK That was the announcement and sorry if it was wrapping on 
           your screens!<G>
 Jehana  : sorry, i do have to go; i will put this workshop on 
           next monday's calendar.
 O'Dubh  : I'll continue with the presentation
           Ce'ad Mi'le Failte!  (100,000 Welcomes)
           Welcome to the Celtic Workshop!
           We will be investigating  and sharing our knowledge
           of matters Celtic here. 
           It is my hope that the researches and references 
           I have will add to or compliment your own. 
           I am, by no means, the final authority on 
           these matters. 
           Discussion and interaction, coupled with a
           shamanistic journey or two should fill in
           the gaps and illuminate us all.
 Dean    : hello
 O'Dubh  : Tonight I hope to lay down a firm framework
           for our knowledge of Druids through a
           discussion of their Magickal writing,
           called Ogham, after Ogma - Sun Face,
           and through a discussion of their divination
           It is commonly thought that the Druids left
           no written records of their work.
           I disagree.
           Many references exist that contain the
           poems of Druids, stories about their Magicks,
           tales of their strategies, their secret lore,
           their Oghams, their invocations, their victories
           and their defeats.
           The major problems with using this information
           is that it is the product of a long
           (tho reliable) oral tradition that was finally
           written down by their antecedents the Culdean
           Monks of the Celtic Church.
           (Probably Druids in hiding).
           Some of the Irish manuscripts 
           used as references on Druids are:
           The Book of Armaugh
           The Book of Ballymote
               (A primary source for Oghams)
           The Tain Bo Cuailgne
           The Book of the Dun Cow
           The Book of Invasions
           The Book of Leinster
           Many references to what Druids did
           are contained within the above books.
           Much of what Celts wrote was symbollic
           of deeper meanings.  Each work can
           be interpreted on many levels.
           In modern times, Druidry is being studied
           by several major groups, ADF and OBVD to
           name just two.
           If we have any Druids present tonight,
           Please come forth and identify yourselves now.
           (well, since only us chickens are here!<g>)
 Susan W.: .
 O'Dubh  : I'll identify myself as a student of Wicca, Druids and Celts
           Susan W>Whatis your interest or area?
 Susan W.: I have no knowledge in this area . .
           I have been told a little bit by a friend.
           The extent  . . .
           is that I understand this Wicca, Druid beliefs,
           are very old and are based on the powers of the earth?
 O'Dubh  : yes the knowledge of Druids/Wiccans is based upon the Earth
           it's power.
           The knowledge of the Oghams is tree knowledge applied as
           in the use of Magick and Divination.
           I'll upload some info on each symbol
           or group of 5 symbols and show what their
           meanings are.
           The Druids were the shamans of the Celtic
           Clans. They carried the history, the culture 
           and the geneologies of the Clan in their memories.
           To aid in remembering this information,
           Oghams were used, each Ogham being
           associated by its beginning sounds
           with the item to be remembered. This
           is similar to alliteration in today's
           writings.This led to an entire series of
           different types of Oghams.
           Tonight we will discuss tree oghams and Fionn's Wheel.
           Ogham BTW is pronounced "O Wam".
           It's one of those strange Gaelic things!<G>
           I have listed the Oghams for
           those of you that haven't 
           downloaded the Ogham GIF's
           or the Ogham Divination files
           in Library 16 yet.
           Each Ogham is listed by its
           ancient Gaelic name, then its
           modern Irish name and then its
           Welsh counterpart.
           The first group of 5 is from the
           North on Fionn's Wheel.
           (it is from the Book of Ballymote)
           7th century Irish manuscript.
 Susan W.: .
 O'Dubh  : Beth Beith Bedw Birch - The White Tree of Purification
           Protection against harm, physical and spiritual.
           Deal with/clear away the bad things of life.
           A new begining. Peasant. 24 December-20 January. White.
           Luis Caorthann Criafol Rowan - Tree of Life
           Protection against psychic attack.
           Develop powers of protection and foretelling.
           Used in Metal dowsing.
           Planted around stone circles. Peasant 
           21 January-17 February. Liath (grey). 
           (also luisne or "red glare").
           Fearn Fearno'g Gwernen Alder - "The Red Man"
           (pranksters, also help one escape the Otherworld)
           Used in fires to make swords.
           Frees the Earth from water. Used in Building
           Foundations because of this fire aspect.
           Protection in conflicts.
           Freedom from binding Magicks. 18 March-14April. 
           Crimson or blood red.
           Saille Saileach Helgen White Willow or Sally Tree -
           The growth of lunar power and water.
           Linking and harmonizing. It's power is greatest
           at night unless the Moon is visable during the day.
 Susan W.: ? O'D 
 O'Dubh  : Tied to the Moon phases.
           Protection against diseases. Peasant. 15 April-12 May. 
           Sodaith (Bright or fine).
           Nuin Fuinnseog Onnen The Black Ash - The Tree of Rebirth
           Links the World of Spirit to the physical.
           The passage way between the inner world and the outer realms.
           The keys to the future but only in time. 
           First Chieftan Tree. 18 February-17 March
           Necht or clear in color.
           Yes Susan W? (I actually heard Susan W and responded at this
           point but have included the other uploaded information here 
                for completeness).
           Huath Sceach gheal Ysbyddaden - 
           The Hawthorn or Whitethorn
           The May Tree. The name means "Terrible" 
           referring to the Destroyer aspect of the Goddess. 
           Unlucky (especially to cut it except in May).
           (Bringing the blossoms in the house is also unlucky).
           Rags are tied to its branches as offerings.
           Protection against all ills Magickally.
           Peasant. 13 May-9 June. Purple (For the Hag/Underworld).
           Duir Dair Derwen Oak - The King of Trees
           The Oak King. Magickal strength.
           The doorway to inner knowledge.
           The ability to see the invisible or be invisible.
           The ability to bar or open the ways.
           10 JUne-7 July. Black. Chieftan. 
           Planted in Sacred Groves by the Druids.
           Tinne Cuileann Celyn Holly - "Fire"
           The Holly King. Balanced Strength and Power.
           Unification, Fatherhood, Rebirth.
           Fire, strength, boldness.
           Peasant. Temen (grey-green).
           Coll Coll Collen Hazel - 
           "By the Power of Three Times Three"
           Discovery, Druidic Herald wands "Word Wisdom".
           Used as A Magick Shield in warfare (Fionn's Shield).
           Water Witching forked rods.
           Quert Aball Afall Crab Apple - Tree of Eternal Life
           Isle of Avalon. Five seeds/blossom petals.
           Apple-green or Mouse-Brown.
           Muin Muine Vine - "The Vernal Equinox"
           "The First Harvest".
           Chieftain, 2 September- 29 September.
           Mbracht (variegated).
           The Magickal ability to roam widely and to gather.
           Assimilation leading to inner development.
           Gort Eadhne'an Eiddew Ivy  - "The Second Harvest"
           30 September - 27 October. Gorm (blue).
           scarcity in unfavorable situations.
           Changes necessary for growth.
           All things are tied to the Earth.
           Transformation by being rooted in the Earth.
           Ngetal Giolcach Cawnen Reed - "The Tree of Scribes"
           Used to make pens and Welsh plagawd (paper).
           28 October - 24 November.
           Thatching, mats, baskets.
           Insulation, Enclosure, Covering.
           Preserver of Knowledge, Maintainer of Order.
           Nglas (glass green or yellowish-green).
           Straif Drai'on Draenenwen Blackthorn - 
           "Tree of Punishment and Strife"
           Peasant. Staves of Magickal Power.
           Draoi (Wizard), Drai' (Druid).
           Power in Visible and Invisible Worlds.
           Use to overcome resistance to One's will.
           Sorcha (bright colored) or purple-black.
           Ruis Trom Ysgaw Elder - 
           "Tree of the Cailleach (Hag)"
           ru'isce (a violent attack, a blow, a throw).
           Irish Witches rode Elder sticks instead of brooms.
           Three fold aspects of Time, Existence, Goddess.
           Ogham of Timelessness or unity of all time.
           Balance in threes. Rocnat (roebuck red).
 Susan W.: How would you use this information, for example . . .
           the Native Americans use prayers for certain rituals, such as 
           blessing your surroundings.
           How would you use that infor.?
 O'Dubh  : The information would be used 
           in divinations and in casting spells.
           It would also be used to mark pathways for Spiritual journeys
           into the Celtic Otherworld.
           The first use of Oghams was on Birch, for instance,
           and it was interpreted by the Irish God Lugh to mean
           that a Magickal attack was going to be made
           upon his wife.
 Freepowder: hi all
 O'Dubh  : He took precautions.
           Hi Freepowder !! we are underway with our workshop.
 Freepowder: I didn;t miss it?
 O'Dubh  : I'm just telling Susan how Ogham information was used.
           It's happening right now.
           Anything missed will be in the library.
 Freepowder: out standing, but I can't stay long<sigh>
 O'Dubh  : Susan>Does that answer your question?
 Freepowder: GA
 Susan W.: So, he called upon the spirit of the Birch tree to protect 
 O'Dubh  : He used the Magick of the Birch symbol to protect him and
           his wife. Birch was used to surround them and protect them
           from Magickal attack. Lugh's wife was in danger of being
           spirited away to the Underworld.
 Freepowder: (sorry) who are we talking about?
 Susan W.: Gottcha. :) Difference in interpretation. GA
 O'Dubh  : The Celts were also shamanistic just like the Native Americans
 Susan W.: ?
 O'Dubh  : FP>We are talking about the use and meaning of Oghams and 
           symbols of Magick.
 Freepowder: in general?
 O'Dubh  : Well I'm presenting the meaning for each Ogham as based upon 
           the information handed down by the Irish Druidic Bards.
 Misty   : Can you tell us a little about the shamanistic part of the 
 Freepowder: ah!
 O'Dubh  : Misty>I will cover that more fully next week but....
           the Celts lived close to nature as did most peoples
 O'Dubh  : in the past. They observed that they had to interact with
           it on a more personal basis than we do today.
           I am introducing symbols and diagrams to be
 O'Dubh  : used in Magickal journeying.
 Misty   : Ok, sounds good!!
 Freepowder: O'd> the Celts focused mainly on Trees & shrubs, while the 
 Freepowder: focused more on animals , right?
 O'Dubh  : FP>The Celts tied Oghams to everything...
           Birds, animals, shields, flowers you name it!<G>
 Freepowder: !
 O'Dubh  : They even had a secret Hand Language<G>!
 Misty   : I've heard of was that used?
 Freepowder: <aside> sounds like modern gang!>...
           Ogham was used like runes or tarot?
 O'Dubh  : FP>one of the messages I posted has a direct correllation for
           Oghams and TArot!
 Susan W.: ?
 Freepowder: I missed it, been a heavy wkend<abashed> GA
 O'Dubh  : It's in Section 15.
           Susan >GA
 Susan W.: I had someone give me a shamanistic (N.Amer.) style
           drumming experience. ..
           in which I saw the trunk of a very large tree . .
           with a section that you could walk into  . . .
           like the old forest located S. of Yosemite . . . what are
           called again. ?  Anyway GA
           Any meaning to that vision? O'D?
           Sequoia . that's it.
           O'D> GA
 SUZAN   : O'D is having some trouble with his connection.......
           he will be right back.....
 Susan W.: ok
           I'm probably gonna split in a few . . . been on almost 2hrs.
 SUZAN   : thanks for being patient
 Susan W.: What are your interests again Suzan?
 SUZAN   : i am an astrologer
 Freepowder: Suzan> by the look of it we have just got started w/ this, 
 Susan W.: Hi O'D
 Freepowder: welcome back O'D
 O'Dubh  : Sorry about the line going down!<G>
           Thanks guys!
 Freepowder: Mercury is retarded<G>
 O'Dubh  : So where were we?
 Freepowder: Sequoyah in vision
 Susan W.: Did you get I saw trees in a vision?
 O'Dubh  : FP!>LOL probably what the prob is!<G>
 Freepowder: GA<G>
 O'Dubh  : Susan>Yes
 Susan W.: Any importance?
 O'Dubh  : I was telling how Celts/Druids
           saw all of life interconnected like the Oak limbs
           I believe your vision is telling you 
           to look within yourself to see how
           you connect to the life around you
           perhaps you should go on a shamanistic journey.
 Freepowder: ?
 O'Dubh  : Discover your inner truths.
           FP> ga
 Freepowder: Shamanistic Journey?...
           you mean like a vision quest?
 Misty   : Did we lose him again?
 O'Dubh  : Yes FP but along definate paths
 Susan W.: O'D> celtic style?
 O'Dubh  : let me continue and I'll show you the map.
 Freepowder: GA
 O'Dubh  : Susan>Definately Celtic style if that is what you feel closest
 Susan W.: Actually more N.Amer. style :)
 O'Dubh  : Native American style is nice but I am a Celt.
 Susan W.: Tell me your way.
 O'Dubh  : Watch and see !!
           they (the ways) may be closer than you know!:)
 Freepowder: <watching><G>
 O'Dubh  : Ok I'm going to skip the Ogham meanings and go straight to the
           Wheel of the journeys.
           This is Fionn's wheel and is a GIF in Lib 16.
           <now uploading path names>
           Fionn's Wheel is a diagram found in the Book of Ballymote. 
           It shows all 25 Oghams arranged around a series of concentric
           circles (in library 16 as fionnw.gif). This diagram can be 
           used to divine paths necessary for "Pathworking", a very 
           powerful shamanistic technique. I have identified the meanings
                of each Ogham on the paths (using the correspondences from
                Nigel Pennick mostly). Each Ogham's meaning can require at
                least a workshop of it's own to fully cover. I offer these here to show what can be done with Oghams:
           An Roth de an Bealach
           (The Wheel of the Ways)
           Each path will be identified with it's Gaeilge/English name 
           and the elements along the Ways.
           The Northern Path is first.
           (from outside to inside)
           An Cosa'n do Sla'n 
           (The Way of Protection)
           The White Tree of Purity
           The Tree of Life
           The Red Man
           The Moon
           The Keys to the Future
           This is the first path on Fionn's wheel
 0jim     : hellod
 O'Dubh  : It contains the first 5 Oghams B L F S N
 jim     : hello
 O'Dubh  : This path is first because it teaches the new
           student how to protect him/herself from Magickal harm.
           HELLO jIM
           Please standby
 jim     : ok
 O'Dubh  : this is a formal Workshop
           But join in !!! 
           Any way, the first step was Purification,
           followed by gaining an ally in "the Red MAn",
           a being kind of like Coyote in Native American workings.
           The tree of life is there as well
           (this could be what Susan saw in her dream)
           The Moon represents the protection of the Goddess
           When the inner level is reached
           the student gains the keys of knowledge
           but not the wisdom to use them.
           Another journey must be made.
           That is the next path.
 O'Dubh  : This Path contains the Ogham EBA:
           An Roth de an Bealach
           (The Wheel of the Ways)
           An Cosa'n de Fe'ile
           (The Way of Ritual)
           The Sacred Grove (Imbolc)
           This path requires an understanding of
           the major Religious festivals of the
           Celtic year begining with Imbolc,
           The new beginings
           The festival of Brigit.
 Susan W.: !
 O'Dubh  : It also requires one to perform such a ritual
 Susan W.: O'D & all>  sorry, but I gotta go.  Thanks for the info.
 jim     : !
 O'Dubh  : Susan> ok I'll continue and upload all this into the library.
 Susan W.: THanks, I'll check into it.  Bye.
 jim     : Thanks for the insight to PAGANISM.  Get out of this stuff!
 Freepowder: ?
 O'Dubh  : jim>not sure what you mean?
 jim     : !
 O'Dubh  : jim>ga
 jim     : you know! Druids, Pagans, Witches, stuff like that
 Misty   : Get out???
 jim     : !
 Scott   : uh oh.
 O'Dubh  : JiM>We are Druids, Pagans, Witches and stuff like that.
 jim     : !
 O'Dubh  : You are well to listen in to the workshop.
           Jim>standby just a second.
           FP has a question
 Freepowder: I thought Samhain was the beginning of the Celtic year?
 O'Dubh  : FP>It's the begining of the Celtic year but not necessarily
           the begining of the study of Celtic religions.
 Freepowder: ?
 O'Dubh  : FP>ga
 Freepowder: Imbolc...
           is the start of this path of wisdom?...
           or study on fionn wheel, right?
 O'Dubh  : FP>The study of all the major festivals is the second path
           The symbol is actually the Grove.
           The most powerful Magick in the Druid rites
 Freepowder: ah!
 O'Dubh  : was The victory of life over death,
           the renewal of the wheel of the year,
           the marriage of the Crone to the Oak King or Cernnunos.
           That would not be an appropriate start point for begining
           the study of Druidic Magicks. (Before a student can begin
           Magickal work, the ability to shield and protect oneself
           must first be developed. This is why the first way studied is 
           the way of protection. The next step to performing or learning
           occult wisdom would be in a protected environment, such as rituals or Circles. What better ritual for a fresh start than
                Imbolc which is symbollic of New Beginings and the Quickening
                of Life?  Samhain is actually the end point of the year and
                represents the  culmination of the Druidic Mysteries.
           Jim>I believe you had a question?ga
 jim     : not really
 O'Dubh  : ok
 jim     : just watching and laughing
 O'Dubh  : any other questions?
 Scott   : ?
 Misty   : So are you saying that Winter Solstice is the beginning of 
           the wheel?
 O'Dubh  : Jim>I suggest that you watch your behavior
           since the forum has some strict rules about 
 jim     : ?
 O'Dubh  : putting down what others believe.
 jim     : i'm not putting you down, just enjoying the show
 O'Dubh  : Jim>Are you done?
           or do you have a question?
 jim     : 1!
 O'Dubh  : Jim>ga
 jim     : soo sorry if i offended anyone, didn'y mean to
           got to go
 O'Dubh  : Goodbye jim
           now to continue
 Freepowder: Slan leat J
 Scott   : ?
 O'Dubh  : the next path to aid us in becomming more enlightened is the 
           Eastern path on the wheel.
 Misty   : What about my question?  Or did someone beat me to it?
          ********  Answer inserted by O'Dubh  ****************
          (I completely missed Missy's question in all the confusion.   
         The answer to Missy's question is that Samhain is the begining 
           and the ending of the Celtic year. It is the time when the God 
          of the Underworld marries the Crone aspect of the Goddess. The 
          new God or the Sun is not yet reborn until the Winter          Solstice.  The Celts began their days at sundown. It is not surprising that they began their new year with the end of the last harvest.  The period between Samhain and Imbolc is the dark part of the year and is therefore like the night before the day. During this period preparations were made for the onset
 of winter and the coming spring planting.)
 Michael : Whats up tonight?
 jim     : eexit
 O'Dubh  : Scott>ga
 jim     : eexit
 O'Dubh  : Jim> try /exit
 jim     : thanks
 Scott   : O'D did you say you were going to upload this lecture?  I
 would really like to D/L it, but have to go to bed...
 O'Dubh  : Scott>Yes I will and will add notes as I go !<G>
           Slan leat!
 Scott   : Any idea what the file name will be? <G>
 O'Dubh  : It'll be celtws1.txt
 Freepowder: byer
 Scott   : thanks for your time, Blessed Be.
 O'Dubh  : Pressing on here and watching the clock.
 O'Dubh  : This Path contains the next 5 Oghams H D T C Q:
           An Roth de an Bealach
           (The Wheel of the Ways)
           An Cosa'n do Fios
           (The Way of Wisdom)
           The Cailleach
           The Oak King
           The Holly King
           The Three Times Three
           The Tree of Eternity
 O'Dubh  : This Path contains the Ogham OI:
           An Cosa'n do Gra'
           (The Way of Love)
           The Spindle of the Wheel (Beltaine)
      ********  Additional Data inserted by O'Dubh  **************
 O'Dubh  : This Path contains the next 5 Oghams M G NG STR R:
           An Cosa'n de Deis
           (The Way of Balance)
           The First Gathering
           The Second Harvest
           The Tree of Scribes
           The Tree of Punishment
           The Triple Goddess 
 O'Dubh  : This Path contains the Ogham UI:
           An Cosa'n de an Fhi'rinne
           (The Way of Truth)
           The Ancient Knowledge  (Lugnasadh)
           The Inner Mysteries
 O'Dubh  : This Path contains the next 5 Oghams A O U E I:
           An Cosa'n de an Saol
           (The Way of Life)
           The Tree of Regeneration
           The Tree of Continuous Fertility
           The Morning Dew
           The Preventer of Death
           The Tree of Life and Death 
 O'Dubh  : This Path contains the Ogham AE:
           The Way between the Worlds
           The Sea (Samhain)
             **********End of inserted data ***************
           I will cover all of these and their meanings in the next 
           Workshop, next Monday.
 Freepowder: ?
 O'Dubh  : I'm putting them here to give everyone a chance to read and 
           study them.
 Freepowder: A bit off the Subj...
           if you find the time could you help with...
           Gaelic Pronounciation?
 O'Dubh  : FP>Sure will and I'll put notes in the upload as well.
 Freepowder: thanks!
 Rilla/Sysop: Hi all!
 O'Dubh  : I'm going to type the rest of the paths in now to speed things 
           Hi Rilla!
 Freepowder: Hi rilla, Dai dhuit
 Rilla/Sysop: Dai dhuit!
           Did you learn what that meant ???
 O'Dubh  : Rilla>It means Hello.
 Rilla/Sysop: Just stopping bye to tell y'all goodnight!
           and hugs!
 O'Dubh  : Gang I see that we will have to continue next week
           It's late and we still have about 2 hours to cover.
 Freepowder: ?
 Misty   : I hate that.
 O'Dubh  : I will post the rest of my lecture on the section 15 message 
 Freepowder: what time does this start?...
           and will it be in the Co notices?
 O'Dubh  : It starts at 10 PM Est.
           Yes it should be.
           I have to get Rilla to do it.
 Freepowder: 7 PST<scratching head>
 O'Dubh  : I was surprised it wasn't.
           FP>that's right
           7PM PST.
 Freepowder: numbers hate me<G>
 O'Dubh  : I know 
           I appreciate everyone being here.
 Misty   : No prob..
 O'Dubh  : Next time we''ll cover how to make a shamanistic journey using
           the Oghams and Fionn's Wheel.
 Misty   : See ya next time or probably sometime during the weekend.
 Freepowder: O'D, I appreciate you taking the time to put this on!
 O'Dubh  : Beannacht leat!<blessed be!>
           Thanks everyone!
 Freepowder: Sl'n leat!
 Misty   : Night....*B*B*
 Freepowder: well, who's left?
 What follows is the rest of My presentation concerning divination:
 O"Dubh  : Western (read Druidic) meditation was usually done 
         for divination and foretelling the future. 
         This was called by the names: Tenm Laida, Dichetal
         Do Chennaib and Imbas Forosna.
         Tenm Laida (Illumination by Song) is an altered state 
         usually achieved by chanting or singing of a repetitive 
         pattern. This can also include drumming and dancing. 
         These activities synchronize the body and mind to
         an external rhythm allowing us to cast off the chains 
         of normal existence.
         This allows one to float at peace within the song 
         (dance, beat, mantra, etc.) This is a strictly Druidic 
         or Shamanistic practice even though it may look like TM.
         Dichetal Do Chennaib (Cracking  open the Nuts of Wisdom) 
         is a state achieved by relaxation and clearing the mind 
         in a Ritual environment. It usually involved using some 
         Magickal implement such as a knife, a sword or a staff 
         to touch a subject (usually upon the head) or involved 
         the handling an item so that the diviner could discover 
         what secret knowledge was contained within it. 
         This information could be events from a person's past life, 
         a detailed history of who and what had happened to an object 
         or how and why the subject was being hexed or spelled. 
         I know this sounds like ESP but it was enhanced through 
         Ritual and relaxation techniques. I believe that Dichetal
         Do Chennaib is the proper state for performing Ogham
         divinations as well. More on this later.
         Imbas Forosna (Illumination) was a form of altered state 
         used by seers and bards to create or see visions. 
         The Druid would be totally isolated from all sensory inputs, 
         sounds, lights and feelings. This was usually a very
         dark room or a covering of hides. The Druid would attempt 
         to float and relax. When in the proper state he/she would 
         signal for the hides to be removed or he/she would open 
         the door out of the Darkness. The sudden, instantaneous 
         transition from Darkness to Light would cause him/her to see 
         visions or to spontaneously utter poems, prophecies or to 
         achieve a total Awareness of the secret Knowledge of 
         their Surroundings. This sensory deprivation forced oneness upon
         them and caused them to become centered and to float. It was 
         their Ultimate Meditation technique.
         The Druids also used music, colors, trees and numbers to alter
         their consciousness. They were familiar with the Pythagorean   
         Mysteries and may have actually been the source of them!<G>
         Druids shared IndoEuropean roots with the Indian Brahmans but
                I don't have any hard data to support any similarities in their practices.
 O'Dubh  : To perform an Ogham divination , one must be clear about the
         purpose or object of the divination before begining. Focus this 
         purpose in your mind before starting meditation and/or Circle
         casting. I find that working within a Magickal Circle tends to
         prevent outside psychic influences but don't believe it's 
         absolutely necessary to use a Circle. The form of divination
         is Dichetal Do Chennaib. 
         What we will be doing is casting sticks or "fews" upon a casting
         cloth. The sticks are about finger length and size and carved
         with Oghams for each of the 25 symbols. (I prefer to work with
         woods that are the actual symbols used for each Ogham where    
         Obviously, some "Crane Bag" symbols are not trees and will have
         to be carved on some neutral wood or other substance, shells or
         rocks for instance. I use Ash or Oak for any substitutions.)
         The casting cloth is a representation of Fionn's Wheel and can
         be multicolored (as in the GIF), plain (Black and White) or just
         drawn on the floor or ground. I like to make the largest Circle
         about my height (in my case 6'2" but use what is suited to you).
         I orient the Wheel with the "B" Ogham to the North. I stand on
         the South side of the Wheel facing North about 3 feet back from
         the "M" Ogham. Place the Oghams in a bag and then randomly     
         select 7 of them. Close your eyes, spin around three times while
         blanking your mind from everything but your purpose. At the end
         of the third spin toss the 7 "fews" into the air about 3 feet
         above your head and towards the center of the Wheel. Once they
         have settled out immediately read the arrangement of the sticks
         as a general impression only. Write this down. Also record the
         relative orientations and postions of the "fews" upon the Wheel.
         Pick up the cast sticks and return them to the bag. Repeat this
         process twice more so that a total of three readings is        
 O'Dubh  :You should now have three Wheel/Ogham Divination charts that 
         have the relative positions of 21 Oghams on them. Interpret the
         Oghams based upon the correspondences I referenced previously.
         (This came from Nigel Pennick's Book "Magical Alphabets" with
         the actual meanings for the Oghams being from the Bardic/Druidic
         traditions as passed dowm by the Clan Bards of the O'Flahertys).
         I use the correspondences that "feel" right to me. You should
         do the same. No one set of correspondences is the absolutely
         right one to use. The above correspondences just hang together
         better in my own mind. The basic technique to reading the tale
         of the sticks is to read then deosil (clockwise) and from the
         outside to the inside. The "fews" towards the center represent 
         the future and those towards the outside the past. Any sticks
         not on the Wheel are ignored. Crossed sticks conflict. Parallel
         sticks compliment or enhance. Sticks laying on Oghams of the
         Wheel have combined effects. The interpretation is not hard and
         fast. I read the symbols as a "story" that is dynamic. I take
         all three divinations together. If they have no correllation at
         all, I ignore the results and try again. Sometimes A divination
         is not possible. I'll try at least three times to get results.
         The relative agreement of each of the Three Wheel/Ogham charts 
         determines the degree of confidence one can have in the
 readings, from utter certainty to total confusion! (reminds me of Sex
 for some reason but that's another story!<G> I guess the point is that
 such Powers and their use are not instantaneous or easy to realize
 at times. Sometimes its easy and other times impossible no matter 
 how much you try!<G>) This entire process of interpretation is very
 similar to: Palmistry, Tarot, Astrology or Runes. They are all basically
 taking seemingly random or (at least) uniquely individualized instances
 from a person's life and attempting to give meaning to such events based
 upon how they relate to Magickal symbols and patterns. What is actually
 occurring is that the left brain is gathering facts from the cast
 patterns that configure the mind and Spirit to allow the right brain to
 make the "Salmon leap" to intuitive insight or Illumination. This is 
 Dichetal Do Chennaib or "cracking open the nuts of Wisdom" at its
         After the divination is finished, dismiss your Circle and fold
 or erase your casting Wheel or cloth. Store them separately and away
 from normal life until they are to be used again. I recommend a wooden
 or cedar chest. Use whatever represents peace, quiet and solitude for
 O'Dubh  : So what have we found from this discussion of Druids, Oghams
 and divination? We found that Information exists concerning Druid Oghams
 in the ancient 7th and 8th century writings of Irish monks-Druids. We
 disovered that Fionn's Wheel can be used as a divination casting cloth
 and as a "map" for "Pathworking". We suggested that the Ogham correspon-
 dences can identify unique ways to Magickal knowledge and insight.  Most
 of this information came from oral Druid histories that were finally
 written down in the first millenia by the Druid remnant or Culdean
 Monks. I admit that some of my presentation has been colored by my
 interests in other forms of MAgick that have more readily available
 information, such as Runes, Tarot and Astrology. I have also made every
 effort to go to an ancient textural source or, at the very least, to a
 modern writer basing their work upon ancient verified Druidic works. In
 our future investigations into Druidic practices and Magick, I hope to 
 continue using the same techniques to discover or rediscover the
 Mysteries of the inner Druidic Knowledge.
 Key words to look up and understand for this Workshop and the next:
         Shamanism, Pathworking, Magick, Oghams, Druids, Culdee,
         Celt, Fionn, Archetypes, Jung, Vision Quests, divination,
         meditation, Bards, Invocation, Circles, spirit guides.
 During the discussion of Fionn's wheel we will primarily address
 archetypes, symbols, Magick and Shamanism as well as Pathworking.
                        CELTIC WORKSHOP (Internet)
 This is the second Celtic Workshop. We covered Pathworking using Fionn's 
 Wheel and how Druids did Magick. (O'Dubhain - 28 Feb 1994)
        *SYSTEM*             | Switching to Workshop/Seminar 1
        Freepowder           | heloooooo
        O'Dubhain            | Hi!
                               | Looks like just you and me!<G>
        Freepowder           | how many are we?
        O'Dubhain            | Hi Tammy!
        Tammy                | Hi!!!
                                            | I got my old man to give me 15 minutes.
 How generous!
        Freepowder           | BRB, Hi tammy! Jee-ah guitch <heheheh>
        O'Dubhain            | What a nice guy!<G>
                                            | Ban jeeah Gwitch!
        Tammy                | Sorry I won't be able to stay for the
 whole thing.
        O'Dubhain            | heheheheeh!
                                            | That's ok you can download it later
        Nan                  | 'lo everyone
        O'Dubhain            | Lo Nan!
        Sue Thornburg        | Hello!!!!!!!!!
        Falcon               | Hi All
        Freepowder           | it's obvious that the Celts had a sense of
 humor, look at their spelling<G>  HI nan, Hi falc
        Sue Thornburg        | FP> HAHAHAHA
        O'Dubhain            | Hi Falcon!  Hugs Sue
        Sue Thornburg        | Will this be a formal CO, Odie?
        Falcon               | Hi O'D
        O'Dubhain            | Sue>It's semiformal!<G>
        Freepowder           | hi sue, the word for the day is *maismic*
        Wren                 | Hi, guys
        O'Dubhain            | It's a workshop!
        Freepowder           | hi wren
        Nan                  | maismic?
        Falcon               | <lost>
        Sue Thornburg        | Oooh, good, I'm wearing half of my tux.
        O'Dubhain            | Hi wren
        Falcon               | Hi Wren
        O'Dubhain            | Lo Eric  Let's get cranking folks
        Eric                 | LO OD
        Falcon               | What is a workshop?? <otl>
        Freepowder           | I'll be good, O'd, promise
        O'Dubhain            | A Workshop is another word for a CO But
 since its a WOrkshop it's supposed to be hardere!<G>
        Eric                 | and maismic??
        O'Dubhain            | ANYway
        Falcon               | *maismic*
        O'Dubhain            | The way this works to date is I talk about 
 some subjects and we discuss them
                                   | then we maybe come up with some new ideas
        Sue Thornburg        | Sounds terrific. :)
        O'Dubhain            | It runs like a formal CO to begin Just put
 in a ? or a !
        Fred McCandless      | so toss out an idea
        O'Dubhain            | If you have a comment or a question
                                   | OK
                                   | First last week
                                   | We talked about Druids Oghams and Divination.
        Fred McCandless      | ?
        O'Dubhain            | I placed a bunch of  files in the library
 16 to be used in the workshop.  ok Fred>GA
        Fred McCandless      | si
        O'Dubhain            | Fred> Got a question?
        Wren                 | He's gone, O'd
        O'Dubhain            | anyway the way it works is just like 
 that!<G> ok The files give you background on what we discuss.  So the
 first question I would ask is....
        Jehana Silverwing    | hi odubh.
                                   | ust 
        O'Dubhain            | Why are we studying these subjects?
                                   | Hi Jehana!
                                   | I mean what are we going to get out of this 
                                   | study?
        Nan                  | cause we like to waste $$ on CI$? <GGG>
        O'Dubhain            | ANyone want to volunteer an opinion?
        Falcon               | !
        O'Dubhain            | Falcon>ga
        Falcon               | I study things because they are there and
 I feel I should learn as much as I can
        Nan                  | !
        O'Dubhain            | Me too Falcon!<G>
                                   | Nan>ga
        Nan                  | on a more serious note....I'm interested
 in learning about them because they are part of my heritage and the
 heritage of those around me
        O'Dubhain            | That's a reason I study them too Nan. When
 I asked myself these questions I came up with some answers.  Why study
 Oghams?  The answer was because the Druids used them in Magick.
        David Pfeiffer       | To add more to that Nan, being new here,
 I'd like to learn more about the history of the natural beliefs because
 they may be the only saving grace of this planet.
        O'Dubhain            | They are symbols of Magick.  David> That's
 a good one too.
        David Pfeiffer       | Sorry to interrupt. <g>
        O'Dubhain            | The reason I study Magick is just that
 that's ok I study Magick of the Earth and of people and of the SPirit to
 find the keys to who I am How we relate to each other and to the Planet
        Jehana               | i agree with david.
        O'Dubhain            | This is a time that we are all coming
 together to save ourselves and our Planet The ancient Wisdom shows us a
 Way to do this Jehana
        O'Dubhain            | We must look within for the Power of
 self-awareness For growth and harmony.  The Oghams are the roadsigns on
 the Ways to this Wisdom
        David Pfeiffer       | But the whole idea is not for ourselves. 
 We are just as important as individuals as a leaf is to a tree.  One
 leaf only holds so the tree may live.
        O'Dubhain            | One map of this inner journey is Fionn's
 Wheel.  Right again David.  But we must start with ourselves.  To have
 a tree one must have leaves. and branches and a trunk and roots as well
 as Life.  It's all got to work together.  The purpose of this workshop
 tonight is to  determine the way that Fionn's Wheel shows us how to
 "Pathwork" to knowledge of ourselves.
        Nan                  | ?
        O'Dubhain            | To show how Druids did this Yes Nan
        Nan                  | i think i know what you mean by "pathwork"
 but could you please give a brief definition so that i know we're
 thinking the same
        O'Dubhain            | OK. Pathworking is basically an inner
 journey to discover Truths within ourselves
        Falcon               | ?
        Nan                  | thanks
        O'Dubhain            | It allows us to tap a "Higher" wisdom To
 know our totems and our Spirit guides. Yes Falcon ga.
        Falcon               | What is Finion's Wheel?
        O'Dubhain            | Fionn's Wheel is a representation of the
 Oghams laid out in Circles around a center.  Like a Native American
 Medicine Wheel.  It is pretty much the same thing for shamanistic
 purposes I uploaded a GIF of it into Lib 16 as FIONNW.GIF
        Falcon               | thanks
        O'Dubhain            | On it are the Ogham symbols for our
        Wren                 | ?
        O'Dubhain            | Each symbol represents an ability or a
 knowledge to be gained or understood, Wren ga
        Wren                 | Is there a book with the diagram?  I can't
 see GIF's
        O'Dubhain            | It's in the following books: "The Book of
 Ogham" by Edred Thorsson, "The Celtic Shaman" by John Matthews
        Jehana               | will capture the gif.
        O'Dubhain            | "The Book of Ballymote" by a 7th century
 Culddean Druid<G>, Jehana also in Religion lib.
        Jehana               | okay, odubh.
        Beth Campbell        | send 2 what's Palyne? Is this a formal co?
        O'Dubhain            | yes Beth?  The way Druids worked Magick
 was by "becoming" or by actually changing reality A classic example of
 this is The Song of Amergin the Druid who aided the Gaels in defeating 
 the Tuatha de Danaans.  I quote from his song:
                                   | "I am the wind which breathes upon the sea.
                                   | I am the wave of the ocean.
                                   | I am the murmur of the billows.
                                   | I am the ox of the seven combats.
                                   | I am the vulture upon the rocks.
                                   | I am a beam of the Sun.
                                   | I am the fairest of plants.
                                   | I am a wild boar in valour.
                                   | I am a salmon in the water.
                                   | I am a lake in the plain.
                                   | I am a word of science.
                                   | I am a point of a lance in battle.
                                   | I am the God who created in the head the fire.
                                   | Who is it who throws light into the meeting 
                                   | in the mountain?
                                   | Who announces the ages of the Moon?
                                   | Who teaches the place where couches the Sun?
                                   | If not I?
        Jehana               | I think this song is a teaching ballad.  
        O'Dubhain            | I invoke the land of Ireland!"
        Jehana               | by the way, whose translation is this?  
        O'Dubhain            | Yes it teaches and it invokes the power of
 the Land.  This was the translation by Douglas Hyde.
        Jehana               | okay, just simply because it is slightly
 different than the one i remembr.
        O'Dubhain            | This Spell was used by the Druid to
 overcome the winds raised by the de Danaans in their battle for the
 Land.  It is an example of the way a Druid would work.  There are other
 tales of shamanistic workings by Druids
        Freepowder           | ?
        O'Dubhain            | Among these is "How the Tain was Recover-
 ed" Yes FP?
        Freepowder           | you spoke of becoming, is Amergin actualy
 becoming... those things or, has he been in the past?
        Nan                  | or is it a metaphor?
        O'Dubhain            | He is actually synchronizing himself with
 the spirit that controls these items.  It is a series of symbols. It can
 be viewed metaphorically.  But the fact is it got results.  The wind
 died and the Gaels landed on Ireland.
        Freepowder           | ok GA
        O'Dubhain            | Present day shamans do the same thing. 
 The story of the Tain was lost and had to be recovered.  It had been
 written in Oghams on sticks and sent to Italy.  None of the bards had a
 memory of the entire story, so they sent two men to recover the Oghams,
 Senchan and Muirgen.  No one knew where to look for these Ogham sticks. 
 So Muirgen decided to ask Fergus mac Roich (only one problem---Fergus
 was dead) So Muirgen slept on his grave and invoked the ghost of Fergus
 to reveal the entire story.  The Spirit of Fergus appeared in a cloud
 and for three days recited the entire epic.  Muirgen was able to go back
 to the Bards and tell the entire tale.  This tale was written down and
 we have it today.  This is an example of dream traveling to discover
 hidden knowledge
        Artemisia            | ?
        O'Dubhain            | yes Artemisia?
        Artemisia            | fart
        O'Dubhain            | hahahaha! ok
        Jehana               | <rofl>
        Sue Thornburg        | <snork>
        Freepowder           | <LTB>
        O'Dubhain            | mine was getting constipated!<G>
        Freepowder           | *maismic*
        Jehana               | LTB?  lettuce, tomato and bacon?
        O'Dubhain            | haha!
        Nan                  | lol
        O'Dubhain            | gotta be! <wiping eyes> Anyway the point
 is Druids did Magick in a lot of ways that has to be discovered again
 from studying these tales.  Native Americans pass this kind of know-
 ledge down from teacher to student.  We are not so lucky. We have to dig
 it out of books and figure out the symbolisms!
        Sue Thornburg        | Unless we have an O'Dubh and a computer.
        Artemisia            | :-)
        O'Dubhain            | <taking a bow> But not for speed typing!-
 <G> or typos!:(To take a Journey on Fionn's Wheel, I suggest One study
 the Paths as outlined in Workshop #1 in Library 16 here as CLTWS1.TXT.
        Beth Campbell        | <g> Does this mean ... those who don't
 respect the past are doomed to repeat it?
        Jehana               | only if it was a "bad" past <g>.
        Freepowder           | *maismic*
        Sue Thornburg        | <chortle>
        O'Dubhain            | I think we all get our turn in the
        Jehana               | sorry.
        O'Dubhain            | The first Path according to my inner
        Beth Campbell        | wrong choice of words (sorry) (must be
 mercury) going to repeat it
        O'Dubhain            | and as based upon the Oghams in Nigel
 Pennicks "Magical Alphabets" is the Way of Protection.  This Way has the
 Oghams B L F S N on it from the outside to the center.  Each Ogham on
 this Path teaches us a Magickal ability.  The first Ogham B stands for
 the tree Birch--The White Tree of Purity and Purification.
        Jehana               | B is birch in the norse runes, too.  
        O'Dubhain            | It is used to protect and Purify us before
 we start our journey within.  It was the first Ogham ever used. It
 warned Lugh that his wife was going to be abducted to the Underworld and
 it will serve to show us that we are protected. Life springs anew.  To
 make such a journey one should meditate and cleanse oneself of all
 unclean and impure thoughts. 
       Beth Campbell        | (sounds like Eve and the Apple)
        O'Dubhain            | Native Americans might do this in a "sweat
 lodge".  more of a putting away of the mundane bagage of life. baggage
 that is !<G>  Make an Out of Body (OOBE) type of Journey to a White tree
 shining against a totally Black Darkness.  Use its image to purge your
 mind of distracting thoughts and go to the next level ---The Tree of
 Life.  Upon this tree one learns to shield unwanted psychic energies and
 Magicks. This Ogham is "L" for Rowan. When one is floating in an OOBE
 one needs such shielding to travel safely.
        Freepowder           | ?
        O'Dubhain            | The next symbol in our journey is --"The
 Red Man". FP ga
        Freepowder           | sould it be too long to cover their
 protection in a bit more detail?
        O'Dubhain            | It would take an entire workshop.
        Freepowder           | thought so, <G> GA
        Artemisia            | :-)
        O'Dubhain            | I'll cover this with a post on the Section
 15 message board.
        Nan                  | 15 or 16?
        O'Dubhain            | The Red Man or the Fear Dearg is a
 Supernatural being
        Jehana               | how about a library file?
        O'Dubhain            | that is a fire entity. That too Jehana!<G>
 He sometimes will rescue us from the Other forces of the Underworld. 
 His Ogham is the Alder Tree.  Fp ga
        Freepowder           | the whistle tree!<G>
        O'Dubhain            | Ah!  Perhaps the whistle will lead us from
 the Underworld!?<G>
        Fea'dog              | it does me!
        O'Dubhain            | Red is the color of life and frees us from
 conflicts and shields us in our lives.  Once we are pure and can shield
 and have no inner conflicts, it is time to learn of Magick itself!  The
 next step or Ogham is The Moon.  It is the letter "S" for the White
 Willow.  This is a form of the Goddess and leads us in Divinations to
 guide our future travels on the Wheel.  The last or inner Ogham on this
 path is "N".  It represents the Keys to inner Knowledge that we have
 gained.  It is the Black Ash.
        Rachel               | hello
        O'Dubhain            | It also gives us the insight "as Above so
        Jehana               | hello.
        Rachel               | what is the subject?
        O'Dubhain            | All our previous insights will aid us in
 the physical and the astral worlds.  Rachel, this is a Workshop on
 Celtic Magick.  These keys and knowledge must grow like seeds within us. 
 In the future, they allow us to work our Power, the Earth's Power and
 the Power of the Spirit.  This completes the Way of Protection. I
 suggest that each of you try such a journey on your own, in a Circle or
 Safe quiet place.  Learn the symbols for the Oghams from the tables in
 the library (there are about 7 there I think).  Shamanistic journeys are
 very individualized.  Use symbols that have meaning to You.  To complete
 the journey around Fionns Wheel would cover the entire year and the
 Major festivals. 
        Nan                  | is that the next workshop, the festivals?
        O'Dubhain            | Really project yourselves into the Wheel
 and you will find your own inner guide and Truth.
        Beth Campbell        | (sorry)
        O'Dubhain            | Nan>I think that'd be a good one The Major
 festivals are Imbolc Beltane Lughnasadh Samhain The Solstices and the
 Equinoxes Each of these can be found on the Wheel.  I hope that I wasn't
 too sketchy on this!<G>
        Nan                  | this medium is a bit slow and time
 consuming to cover this kind of stuff
        O'Dubhain            | I know my typing can stand improvement.
        Artemisia            | You were very good...<sigh> but I don't
 think I'm ever going to get this. 
        O'Dubhain            | John Matthews covers shamanism fully in
 his Book
        Nan                  | can you pre-type any and use cut and
 paste, that might help
        O'Dubhain            | "Celtic Shamanism". I could but then we
 lose spontaneity and dialogue.
        Nan                  | we could still be spontaneous in the
 discussion, but the information portion we're all being quiet anyway
        O'Dubhain            | Hey!  Ok! Next time lends itself to
 uploading on the festivals. <g>  I would like you each to consider
 making a shamanistic journey and messaging me about it.
        Pietra               | ?
        O'Dubhain            | You might be surprised about what you
 find. Pietra ga
        Rachel               | I have a ?
        Pietra               | Is this in part where the Masonic orders
 "get their symbolism? I noticed a lot of simularities
        O'Dubhain            | Not sure.  Not a Mason, but I wouldn't be
 surprised.  I'll ask around.  <that's my homework>
        Falcon               | ?
        O'Dubhain            | Rachel ga ok Falcon ga
        Falcon               | What is a Mason?
        O'Dubhain            | Any answers from the group?
        Artemisia            | I know a little
        Pietra               | !
        O'Dubhain            | fire away
        Artemisia            | My papa was a shriner, very similar They
 seem to be exclusive mens orders
        Maire                | H'lo, O'Dub, et all.  Just peeking in to
 see the conversation.
        Artemisia            | the women are part of the outer circle
        Pietra               | Freemansonry dates itself to the time of
 the pharohs
        O'Dubhain            | Maire>just about done here
        Artemisia            | The masons did a consecration of a
 washington d.c. monunment
        Beth Campbell        | The masons were the brick layers 
        Artemisia            | and used the earth-air-fire-water symbols
 as part of consecrating the cornerstone
        Maire                | O'Dub> thx.  Still monitoring tho.  Might
 see something interesting <g>
        Nan                  | isn't there a Masonic forum or section
 somewhere, maybe in religion?
        Pietra               | and even before According to them the
 square and compass (symbols of Freemansonry) stand for the masons who
 built the pyramids
        O'Dubhain            | Haven't seen one. George Washington was a
        Nan                  | are we finished for the night, it's past
 my bedtime <g>
        O'Dubhain            | And the Pyramid with the Eye on it on the
 Great Seal of the US is a Masonic Symbol.
        Pietra               | They are a one God  belief but have lots
 of cabalistic degrees
        Artemisia            | rilly?
        O'Dubhain            | I declare the Workshop over for the
        Beth Campbell        | The Masons erected a monument to GW in
 Alexandria VA
        Nan                  | look for it on the dollar bill artemisia
        O'Dubhain            | Let the games begin!<G>
        Artemisia            | I know it's there...just didn't know it
 was masonic
        Nan                  | thanks O'D' i didn't wanna leave and miss
 anything :) bye all, see ya next week
        Artemisia            | night, nan
        O'Dubhain            | It'll be in the library 16 as CLTWS2.TXT
        Mark A. Foster       | Did I just miss a conference?
        Artemisia            | hehehehe
        O'Dubhain            | Just finished Mark.
        Falcon               | Night Nan
        Mark A. Foster       | On what?
        Maire                | G'night, Nan
        O'Dubhain            | But we're doing another next week at 10 PM
        Pietra               | They have associated groups for women and
        O'Dubhain            | It was on Druid Magick.
        Mark A. Foster       | What subject?
        Beth Campbell        | Folks are old if more than twice your age.
        Mark A. Foster       | Druid magic. Sounds interesting.
        Pietra               | Falcom>> Are you confused Yet?
        O'Dubhain            | I think so!<g>
        Mark A. Foster       | I didn't see an announcement.
        Artemisia            | <G>, beth
        O'Dubhain            | It's in the Flash! check it out.
        Mark A. Foster       | Oh, ok. Where is that?
        O'Dubhain            | We'll be here everyweek on Mondays at 10PM
        Mark A. Foster       | Under "special"?
        Falcon               | Pietra>I will always be confused
        Artemisia            | gosh...I can feel my visa floating away!
        O'Dubhain            | MArk>Are you running WinCim?
        Mark A. Foster       | 10pm Eastern?  DOSCIM
        O'Dubhain            | yep EST look under Special and Notices
        Mark A. Foster       | Okay.
        Pietra               | O'dubh>. yes is forum group -- but the
 info you get there
        O'Dubhain            | Should be a news Flash there
        Pietra               | will not tell you about "secret work"
 which is the real purpose of FreeMansonry
        Mark A. Foster       | I just saw it. Never knew that was there.
        O'Dubhain            | Ta failte romhat!
        Mark A. Foster       | Nite, y'all.
        O'Dubhain            | Nite Mark Slan leat!
        Artemisia            | Yes, and membership is very exclusive...-
 even used to be limited by color and financial status
        Falcon               | Bye Mark
        O'Dubhain            | Pietra>I plan to find out
        Falcon               | bye all
        O'Dubhain            | I have my ways you see!<G>
        Pietra               | Still is
        O'Dubhain            | Bye Falcon!! Thanks for coming!
        Artemisia            | yeah, i figured...just didn't wanna specu-
        O'Dubhain            | Artemisia>How did the healing go?
        Pietra               | am Member of Eastern Star and Dad is 33rd
 degree (the highest)
        Artemisia            | great! very powerful
        O'Dubhain            | Great!!!
        Artemisia            | Thanks for all the encouragement!
        O'Dubhain            | I was pumping the energy your way!
        Artemisia            | Thanks!  I knew I could feel a little
        O'Dubhain            | Pietra>Show your dad the tables and get
 his thoughts please!:)  Artemisia> Glad I could ooomph ya! <G>
        Artemisia            | hehehehehe
        Pietra               | I would if we were on speaking terms
 however I have the book
        O'Dubhain            | Pietra>Good enough.  Maybe some Druids
 hiding in there!?
        Artemisia            | I wouldn't doubt it!
        Pietra               | They would say so
        Artemisia            | it seems like they take from several
        O'Dubhain            | Some of these societies formed about the
 same time as a rebirth of interest in the occult and Druids.
        Pietra               | It is interesting that along with some of
 the rest of us the inquisistion tortured and put to death all Masons
 they could find.
        O'Dubhain            | Might have members in both paths.
        Artemisia            | hmmmm
        Pietra               | they certainly do --I am one
        O'Dubhain            | Sounds like they were intent on eliminat-
 ing anyone that thought for themselves.  Might have to talk to my uncles
 about this.  They are Masons.  But those guys are very secretive ! Just
 like Druids!<G>
        Pietra               | Oh good
        Artemisia            | Yes, they are <G>                  
        O'Dubhain            | Anyway, Thanks to all!
        Artemisia            | Thanks to YOU!
        O'Dubhain            | Gotta sleep and catch a plane!<G>
        Pietra               | bye y'all
        O'Dubhain            | See you all tommorrow! Hugs all around!
        Artemisia            | tomorrow?
        O'Dubhain            | bye sure!
        Beth Campbell        | Nite O'Dubh!
        O'Dubhain            | just for chitchat!
        Artemisia            | Oh.
        O'Dubhain            | nite Beth Hugs
        Artemisia            | night, O'D night, everyone
        Maire                | Night, O'Dub.  Happy landings, and hope
 your stewardess brings you lots of complimentary drinks<g>
        O'Dubhain            | <G> Thanks bye all!
 This an edited transcript of the Third Celtic Workshop presented by
 Searles O'Dubhain. The topic for the evening was scheduled to be
 the Major Celtic yearly festivals and their hidden meanings. Oghams
 were used to attempt to discovery the magick and Mystery within each
 (2-1,Freepowder) Dia duit
 (2-11,O'Dubhain) Dia Dhuit!
 (2-1,Freepowder) Hi KEN
 (2-11,O'Dubhain) Welcome Kenneth 23!!
 (2-1,Freepowder) Hi Nan!
 (2-11,O'Dubhain) Hiya Nan!
 (2-1,Freepowder) Hi bianca
 (2-9,Bianca)     O'Dub, Wren will join us later
 (2-11,O'Dubhain) Tonight we are going to do a Workshop.
 (2-29,Nan)      'lo all :)  
 (2-26,Wren)      Hi, guys
 (2-2,STUART NICHOLSON) Hi, are you there bianca
 (2-11,O'Dubhain) Dia dhuit Wren!
                  Yo Stuart!
 (2-1,Freepowder) too bad CIM doesn't have macro's F10=HI <G>
 (2-9,Bianca)     hi stuart
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Freepowder> An bhfuil Gaelige agat?
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Hi all!
 (2-1,Freepowder) K> no, I think, <G>
 (2-11,O'Dubhain) Ta', beaga'inin!
 (2-29,Nan)       what's the topic tonight?
 (2-11,O'Dubhain) Tonight we are going to discuss the major Celtic
 (2-1,Freepowder) ever try to learn gaelic in Las Vegas? craps yes, but
 (2-17,Kenneth 23):)
 (2-2,STUART NICHOLSON) Bianca are you still there?
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)What?  You mean there's a "Luxor," and "Aladdin," 
                 but no "Tara"?!? 
 (2-11,O'Dubhain) Anyaway I'm the presenter here and everone should
 listen up 
                 while I do my pitch!<g>
                 We are going into formal CO mode.
                 What will follow is a discussion of Celtic Festivals and
                 their meanings.
                 (At this point I lost my telephone connection and had to
                 log back in.)
 (2-29,Nan)      must've gotten dumped
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Sorry got knocked off line!<G>
 (2-1,Freepowder)He falls off occasionally, whiskey I think <G>
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)O'Dubhain...I thought a renegade god ate you.
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) hahahaha!
 (2-2,STUART NICHOLSON) hello...
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Nope a phone call from a damsel in distress!<G>
 (2-26,Wren)     He's baaaack!
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) hahahaha ken!<G>
 (2-17,Kenneth 23):)  Well a worthy cause, at least
 (2-1,Freepowder)too much of the creatur?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) I'm back and let's get going before Mercury goes RX
 (2-29,Nan)      can/did you turn off your call waiting O'D?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Now as I was saying I'll present then we discuss
                 use a ? or a ! to ask a question or request 
                 time to make a remark.
 (2-30,Jehana Silverwing) hiya, can't stay for long.
 (2-30,Jehana Silverwing) but bianca said hi, so here I am *g*.
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Hi Jehana
                 here we go:
 (2-30,Jehana Silverwing) hello odubh...
 (2-9,Bianca)    hi pietra
 (2-9,Bianca)    hi jehana 
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) The Celts celebrated 8 major festivals during the year.
 Four of these festivals are associated with the Sun and four are tied to
 the phases of the Moon.
 I will briefly discuss the Lunar or Fire Festivals first.
 The Celtic year is divided into halves marked by the two great fire
 festivals of Samhain and Beltane. The period from Samhain to Beltain
 is(2-9,Bianca) sid and mindy called "an Ghrian beag" or the "lessor
 Sun".  The period from Beltain to Samhain is called "an Ghrian mor" or
 the "greater Sun". The year is further subdivided by the other two
 yearly fire festivals of Imbolc and Lughnesadh.All of the fire festivals
 are celebrated at night and are held during the Full Moon. They are
 primarily concerned with agriculture, nature, pasturing and livestock. 
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Samhain is the begining of the Celtic year and marks the
 time of the Cailleach and the begining of Winter. The doors of the Sidhe
 are opened on this night and the veil between the Worlds is thinnest.
 This is the night that Druids offered sacrifices (usually the excess
 cattle that would form the basis of the Winter's meat stores). This is
 the time that the Ancestors walk the Earth once more and cross the thin
 veil to visit with the living. Samhain is associated with the province
 of Munster and the fortress of Tlachtga.
 Beltane marks the begining of Summer and is dedicated to the "Shining
 One:" or Bel. Two large bonfires were ignited and cattle were driven
 between the fires and into the fields for Summer pasturing. This was
 also done to purify them from their long Winter confinement. Men and
 women were known to leap through the flames for purification at these
 fire festivals.  Usually the men first then the women (and after the
 flames had diminished!<g>).  This night is the time when the Sidhe walk 
 the land and mortals must overcome their Otherworldly enchantments and
 temptations.   Beltane was the time when divorces were granted in
 Ireland as well as a night of release from the Winter. This festival was
 associated with the province of Connacht and the fortress of Uisneach.
 In ancient Ireland an additional two fire festivals were celebrated:
 Lughnasadh and the feast of Tara (celebrated every 3 years).
 Lughnasadh was the time of the first harvest and a time of games and
 competitions. It is associated with the Goddess of Sovereignty.  The God
 Lugh held this festival to celibrate the efforts of his fostermother
 Tailtiu to clear the fields of Ireland for planting.  It was also the
 time when couples could enter into a "trial marriage" known as a Brehon 
 wedding. The couple would clasp hands and thrust them through a circular
 opening in a special stone, while announcing to the Brehons (judges and
 lawyers) that they intended to live together for a one year trial
 period. Either party could break the marriage by a public announcement
 during the feast of Beltane. This festival lasted for a month! The feast
 of Tara was held every three years to distribute laws and gather
 An additional festival was added later.  This is Imbolc and was held in
 Leinster to celebrate the Goddess Brigit. This festival marks the ending
 of Winter's grip and the passing of the influence of the Crone or
 Cailleach to the Maiden of Spring. It is the time of the first lambs and
 of new beginings. Brigit's sacred flame was tended in Leinster in a
 sacred center for female Druids. This festival was usually one of the
 home and the hearth and was usually presided  over by the female head of
 the house.
 The Sun festivals are MidWinter and MidSummer Solstices as well as the
 Spring and Vernal Equinoxes. These festivals mark periods of greatest
 imbalance between the Sun and the Moon as well as the periods of
 greatest balance. Not much is known about how these Sun festivals were
 celebrated by the Celts, if at all. One source I've read claims they 
 are evidence of Anglo-Saxon influences on later Celtic life and
 practice. Most authors state that only the lunar festivals were publicly
 celebrated (at least by the Irish).  Perhaps the Druids used the Solar
 days for Magick and Divination. I am still researching these celebrat-
 ions and am not prepared to discuss them in detail this evening.
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Perhaps we should discuss the previous presentation
 before we get to the Magickal meaning of the Lunar festivals?
 (2-1,Freepowder)you answered it <G>
 (2-7,O'Dubhain)  Ok I know this was a long spiel but now we can discuss
      The following pieces are much shorter with more room for discussion
 (2-7,O'Dubhain)  FP>ga
 (2-29,Nan)       ?
 (2-1,Freepowder)the festivals I have herard of samhain etc. are solar?
 (2-1,Freepowder)but not agreed upon?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain)  The Solar festivals are not really ancient Celtic
 public festivals.
 (2-3,Pietra)     !
 (2-7,O'Dubhain)  Samhain is a lunar festival.  But More research must be
 done on the Solar festivals. ga FP
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Are the Solar festivals mentioned at all in Greek or
 Roman chronicles as Celtic festival days?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain)  Kenneth >Will get to that question in a minute.
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Nan>ga
 (2-29,Nan)      two questions, how are the lunar holidays determined
 (dates) and what is the connection of 
 (2-29,Nan)      the Sidhe with Beltane?
 (2-29,Nan)      ga
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Nan>I'll answer those in the following presentation.
 Pietra>ga       ok
 (2-3,Pietra)    didn't the people also jump the bonfires?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Pietra>Yes they did. And sometimes they were sacrificed
 in them But that was very long ago.  The Human sacrifice was replaced by
 animal and agricultural sacrifices.
 Kenneth>The Romans influenced the Britains and also the Vikings and
 Anglo-Saxons  This is where the Sun festivals come from although they
 could have been Druid ceremonies closed to the public.
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Hmmm...I see.  So as far as readily evident public
 festival information goes, 
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)the Solar festivals are recent -- at least in the sense
 of "post-Roman?"
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth>Yes I believe so. These festivals are part of
 the Wiccan year.  Because Wicca embraces soo many diff backgrounds and
 deities.  anyway I'm going to talk a little about the Magickal sig-
 nificance of these holidays and festivals now.  We will use the Oghams
 from Fionn's Wheel to get an inkling of what was really going on during
 these festivals.  Any other questions before I start?
 ok From the "Crane Bag" of Mannanan mac Lyr The Festival of Imbolc
 (First Full Moon in Aquarius) The Feast of the Goddess Brigit.
                 Ogham Symbol "EA":
                 Koad or Eadha the Sacred Grove
                 Death (Tarot).
                 Unity of the Eight Festivals of the Year.
                 The Wheel of the Year.
                 forty shades of green.
                 Interpretation and Meanings:
      This is the festival of new beginings.  This is the time when most
 new life came forth (first shoots of spring, lambs and the childern that
 were sired at Beltain).  A celebration of the Triple Goddess, showing
 the passage of winter and the advent of summer. The Time of the Maiden
 who bridges the gap from the Dark Queen of the UnderWorld to the Red
 Mother of Life and Plenty.  The Mystery here is the unity of Death and
 Life through the Promise of the rebirth of the Green World as represen-
 ted by Brigit, the Maiden of the hearth, the home, poets and the forge.
 Imbolc is the time of divination, augury and seeking of new directions
 for the year.  I believe that Imbolc is a carry over from an earlier
 Goddess religion in Ireland.
                 Discussion or questions anyone?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) FP>ga
 (2-1,Freepowder)Brigit did poets, who did musicians? <G>
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Well the Dagdha played a mean harp.  And Lugh was
 (2-1,Freepowder)no "patron saint" of musicians?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Well Taliesin was the king of Bards And was the greatest
 of musicians as well.  So he would be your God of Musicians.
 (2-1,Freepowder)he was welsh! Amergin maybe? <G> 
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Amergin was also a great bard.  He seems to be Talies-
 in's counterpart.  Ok on to Betaine!
      From the "Crane Bag" of Mannanan mac Lyr The Festival of Beltain
 (First Full Moon after the Hawthorne's bloom)  The Feast of Bel and the
 twin bonfires.
                 Ogham Symbol "OI":
                 Oir Spi'ona'n Eirinen Fair.
                 The Spindle of the Wheel.
                 White or Red.
                 Interpretation and Meanings:
 This is the festival of life. On this day, the sacred fires were lit on
 the hill of Tara. Fires were lit on hills across Ireland when the signal
 fire was observed until the land was surrounded in a circle of fire.
 Beltain marks the begining of summer when the land is filled with
 plenty. This a time when the ways between the worlds are open and the
 Sidhe are most likely to grant gifts to those who seek them early in the 
 morning. It is also a time that is central to the entire cycle of
 agriculture. It is now when the promise of spring is fulfilled. The
 Maypole symbolises the fertility rites of this festival. Strange that
 the red and white streamers of the Maypole should remind us of the DNA
 Helix of Life. Life is the Spindle and Love is the weave. In Ireland
 the people dance around a burning bush in a "serpent" dance. Beltaine is
 the time of our maturity and the fulfillment of desires.
                 Questions or should I go on?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) FP>ga
 (2-1,Freepowder)Bel was the god of the dead?...
 (2-1,Freepowder)and this was a festival of life? GA
 (2-1,Freepowder)<G> Ok
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) There is controversy over whether Belenus is really the
 God for whom this festival is named.  But Belenus, Bael, Bile and Beil
 are all names associted with this festival. Some of theses are Sun Gods
 eg "Shining Ones" Irish sources say this that Beltaine really means
 Great Fires!<G>
 (2-29,Nan)      ?  Nan>ga
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Juan Standby please Co in progress
 (2-29,Nan)      what if there's no Hawthorn around? how do you know when
 this festival is?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Nan>It's commonly called May Day in Western Europe.
 That's May 1 or the closet Full Moon to May 1.
 (2-29,Nan) ok
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) That's the first full moon in Taurus.
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth>ga
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Beltane seems to be characterized by masculine symbols
 -- was it a special day for men, such as entrance to manhood festivals,
 or such?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth>It was a day of festivities for both men and
 women It's also associated with the first Battle of Moytura.  Women and
 men both fought in that battle.
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)<nod> Was there any particular ascent to adulthood
 ritual in Celtic festivities?
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)I see...
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) All the festivals were used as rites of initiation since
 this was a time of gathering of the clans.  many times a boy would be
 initiated by graduating from warrior training or bardic training he
 could then demonstrate his prowess.  
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Ah...I see.  So anything involving community could be
 done on those days (including Bhar Mitzvas :D)?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Something like that! and also lots of games and
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Pressing on  here From the "Crane Bag" of Mannanan mac
                 The Festival of Lughnasadh
                 (First Full Moon in Leo)
                 The Feast of the God Lugh.
                 Ogham Symbol "UI":
                 Uinllean Fea' Ffawyddean Beech or Phagos.
                 Magickal Hardness and Resistance.
                 Ancient Wisdom as a foundation.
                 Tawny or light roebuck.
                 Interpretation and Meanings:
 This festival is linked to many ancient practices in Ireland. Contracts,
 marriages and other binding agreements were made on this day. This is
 the day of the Marriage of Lugh. It is also the day when the performance
 of the clan chiefs was evaluated and perhaps a new chief was chosen.
 This is the time of the great horse fair and fittingly enough the
 marriage of the King to the land. This could sometimes involve a ritual
 whereby the new king was symbollically mated with a horse, Symbolizing
 the Goddess of Sovereignty. The first harvest had already been reaped.
                 Ogham Symbol "IO":
                 Pethbol Guelder Rose
                 The step into the Inner Mysteries.
                 Pink or Pale.
                 The dance of life.
                 The Crane Dance.
                 Interpretation and Meanings:
 Since this festival is linked to the young god Lugh that replaces the
 older god Nuada, it is also linked to the mysteries as Lugh is "Samil-
 danach" or "multi-talented". It is very possible that a series of
 examinations was given to Druidic students on this day, corresponding to
 the series of tests that Lugh had to pass in competitions with the other
 Gods before he was admitted to their company. One such contest is in the
 throwing of stones or chariot wheels that occurred during the weeks of
 this fair. Another is the playing of board games at this time such as
 "fidchell", a game played with wooden pieces (possibly Oghams) and
 similar we are told to chess. My own opinion is that it was a kind of
 divination. The point here being that just as Lugh proved himself worthy
 to join the company of the Gods by being "Samildanach", so I interpret
 this symbol to imply that new Druids were admitted to the  inner
 mysteries and Circles by passing their tests during this festival.
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Questions?
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth!>ga
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Sorry...just one little thing I've always wondered --
 Fidchell, and games like it in other celtic groups, are mentioned
 frequently in literature and legend.  Are there any surviving fidchell
 sets?  How is information known about the game?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth>Not much is known about the game.  No sets
 survive but it must have been something!  Everyone was playing it!<G>
 more? ga
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)No...that's all, thanks!
 (2-1,Freepowder)O'D? GA
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) ok
                 From the "Crane Bag" of Mannanan mac Lyr
                 The Festival of Samhain
                 (First Full Moon in Scorpio)
                 Ogham Symbol "AE":
                 Amancholl, Mor, Xi, Pe'ine, The Scotch Pine.
                 Shower of the Way.
                 Marker of the Ley Lines.
                 Bringer of Illumination.
                 The Container of Wisdom,
                 The Sacred Pine Cone, Buarci'n.
                 The Sea. Green or Black.
                 Interpretation and Meanings:
 There are many meanings to this symbol. The first is the Sea represen-
 ting the darkest depths and also the source of all life.  The mystery
 here is that as life ends, so it begins in the same place and from the
 same source, the Sea (or Otherworld for which it is a symbol).  This
 celebration honored the Night of the Dead, when the ancestors walked the
 Earth once more and the ancient knowledge could be re-acquired.  It also
 celebrated the mating of the Dagdha with the Morrigan, the Queen of
 Death and Darkness, the Washer at the Ford. She gives the Dagdha the 
 advice to assemble the Aes Dana or skilled ones and to advance upon the
 Fomorians at Maige Turedh. The Goddess of War then goes to kill the King
 of the Fomorians (Indech mac De Domnann) in his tent at Scetne. The
 Second Battle of Maige Turedh (Moytura) is won by the De Danaans on
 Samhain.  I interpret this story of the Dagdha (The All Father)with the
 Goddess of Darkness (The Triple Morrigan) to mean that the will of the
 One was united in the Power of Dark and Light to be used during this
 "gray time" of twilight. The Spiritual aspects overcome the Mental and
 Physical aspects (the Fomorians and  the Firbolgs, defeated in the first
 Battle of Maige Turedh) to claim the Land and ALL that is. The victory
 of the Spirit assures us that the Wheel will turn eternally and that the
 three aspects of humanity are forged together through the two battles of
 Maige Turedh. Please read Steve Blamires's excellent interpretations in
 his work "The Irish Celtic Magical Tradition". This last marriage of the
 Dagdha and Morrigan also represents the mystery of life from death. 
 I believe that to be the Ultimate Mystery of Druidism or any other
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) questions?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Fp>ga
 (2-1,Freepowder)did the Irish believe in reincarnation? GA
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Yes they did. They believed that when you were re-incar-
 nated, it would hold true to the bloodlines.  Like maybe you are your
 great grandfather or grand mother re-incarnated!<G>
 (2-1,Freepowder)not "karmic" then?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Not a great deal of karma there.  They did hold each
 accountable for their life's actions.  
 (2-1,Freepowder)what about if you are adopted? <VBG>
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) he Irish also believed in "fosterage" so that you became
 "blood brothers".  So I suppose you could re-incarnate in someone else
 that way!<G>
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) yep.
                 More questions or What shall we discuss next time?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) FP>ga you devil!<G>
 (2-1,Freepowder)was the Morrigan just death and destruction ...
 (2-1,Freepowder)or had she redeeming qualitys?
 (2-2,Pietra)    celtic Music (lol)
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) HAhahaha! She might have played the bones perhaps!<G>
 (2-2,Pietra) !                
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) The Morrigan was also the patroness of Magick and
 WItches!<G> Pietra>ga
 (2-2,Pietra)    got another Cd for you Great fire away I declare the
 Workshop ended!  Thanks for coming you diehards!<G>
 (2-29,Nan)      thanks O'D! great info see ya next week......if i can
 rent a 'puter on the road, sigh 
 (2-1,Freepowder)good job, as usual! Next time?
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)<clapping> Thanks for the presentation!  I'm glad I had
 the recording option on!
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Ta failte romhat!(you're welcome)
                 I will post it in the library in the next few days.
 (2-29,Nan)      what's next week's subject?
 (2-2,Pietra)    Amam by the Clannad produced by cbs records even has
 (2-2,Pietra)    the lyrics in Gaelic printed
 (2-1,Freepowder)P> ever listen to planxty or de dannan?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) I might touch on Sun festivals and stone circles as well
 as passage graves and the Underworld.
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Has human sacrifice been done as a workshop topic? 
 Esp. symbolic/actual sacrifice of rulers? 
 (2-29,Nan)      bye all, see ya later
 (2-2,Pietra)    Free>no who does it?
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Bye Nan!
 (2-1,Freepowder)Slan leat Nan
 (2-1,Freepowder)P> that's the name of the groups <G>
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth>Not yet.  Slan Nan!
 (2-2,Pietra)    Free>oops
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)That might be a fun topic.  Well, fun for us, not for
 whoever got sacrificed...
 (2-1,Freepowder)P> older more traditional than Clannad...
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth>It'll take some research to dig out the details
 like the Wicker man and other good stuff.
 (2-2,Pietra)    free> I'm nagging O'Dubh into buying Celtic Odyssey and
 (2-2,Pietra)    then he'll thank me
 (2-1,Freepowder)Enya was IN clannad before she went solo, (useless
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth>Like torturing a volunteer to death to do a
 (2-2,Pietra)    free> it's traditional too
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Pietra>I'm going for it just haven't found it yet.
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Enya is part of the Dunnan family, which is most of
 (2-1,Freepowder)Music in magick & vice versa, do that O'D!
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) FP>Great idea!!
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)I was lucky enough to see Clannad in concert last year!
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) <----needs to get his Pythagorian stuff from home.
 (2-2,Pietra)    O'Dubh bbi griosghrua garth 'aicr'
 (2-1,Freepowder)P> try the chieftains too.
 (2-2,Pietra) ok thanks free
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)O'D> I would be more than willing to assist in research
 regarding sacrifice, if possible.
 (2-2,Pietra)    Kenneth >yep says so right here! (in my phamplet)
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth>Thanks I'll try outlining wwhat i need in a post
 to you.
 (2-1,Freepowder)P> & the Bothy boys if you like acordian <G>... or was
 that Boys of the Lough...hmmm
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Pietra>What is that something about being glad I'm so
 sunny when you're near me?
 (2-2,Pietra)    kenneth > Enya is solo now
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)There was a concert w/ the Chieftains and many famous
 country/western singers, including Willie Nelsen, Alabama, and others,
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)showed Country music's Celtic roots.
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)p > I know, and I'm sick of waiting for her next album
 to come out! (G)
 (2-2,Pietra)    Thanks I wondered what it meant O'Dubh
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)it's been a couple years!
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) <_----Thinking about hitting Clancy's in Manhatten.
 (2-1,Freepowder)Clancy's are Waaaay Coool!
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Pietra>Are you sure about the spelling?
 (2-2,Pietra)    O'Dubh > I only tease the people I like Now you're
 (2-2,Pietra)    on the way to Clancy's
 (2-1,Freepowder)been teaching my Boy Scouts their Irish drinking songs,
 will get me in trouble one of these days!
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Pietra>I'll work out the translation later.  FP>Yep Tom
 Clancy owns the place.  What are those scouts adrinkin FP?<G>
 (2-2,Pietra)    bhi griosghura garth' aicr' gus loinhir ina ciabh mar or
 Can see good now I turned the light on
 (2-1,Freepowder)O'D how do you find the wood u use in the US? same
 trees? close?
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) FP>close to the same trees
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth>I need to upload a file on the similarities and
 the locations. Also had a message about it as well.
 (2-1,Freepowder)O'D > water but sometimes I wonder what their parents
 think when they come home singing Whiskey you're the Divil!
 (2-1,Freepowder)>or wild rover no more!<G>
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Just tell them uisce is Gaeilge for water and sounds
 like WHiskey!<G>
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Pietra>will translate later.
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Folks>Gotta see a lady about some hugs!<G>
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Does anyone know of ritual use of intoxicants by the
 Celts, aside from alcohol?
 (2-1,Freepowder)I can't even find a gaelic to english dictionary here!
 (2-2,Pietra)    all> i like the music because it strikes a chord inside.
 but I don't know the lingo at all
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) See you in the Forum; same time next week.
 (2-1,Freepowder)K> isn't alcohol enough?
 (2-2,Pietra)    I think this means we get the brush-off now
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Kenneth>Druids drank a lot of strange stuff.
 (2-9,Blood Falcon) Hi all
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) might post a few brews!<G>
 (2-2,Pietra)    S'lain o'Dub
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) now now Pietra.
 (2-1,Freepowder)thanks again O'D!
 (2-1,Freepowder)Slan leat!
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)I'd love to hear of 'em!
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Slan leat, O'D!
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) I do have to do my gentlemanly duties you know!<G>
                 Slan Agat!
 (2-9,Blood Falcon) Bye O'D
 (2-7,O'Dubhain) Beannacht De' is Bande' leat!
 (2-17,Kenneth 23)Slan abhaile!
                    CELTIC WORKSHOP #4 - CELTIC MUSIC 
 This an edited transcript of the fOURTH Celtic Workshop presented by
 Searles  O'Dubhain. The topic for the evening was scheduled to be
 Celtic Music and Magick in general, the Role of Bards and Druids in 
 Celtic Music, the Music Ogham - Aradach Fionn, Tree tones and their 
 musical associations and some example folk songs and their interpreta-
 (2-11,Nan)   hi!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) I see you found a laptop!<G>
 (2-11,Nan)   I've got to get used to translating to west coast times <g>
 (2-8,O'Dubh) It's like 7 there right?
 (2-11,Nan)   actually i rented a IIsi (mac)
 (2-11,Nan)   yep
 (2-11,Nan)   i decided to go for the color <g>
 (2-2,Rilla)  Evening!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) what sort of work are you doing?
 (2-11,Nan)   hi n huggs rilla
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Hugs Rilla!
 (2-2,Rilla)  hugs!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Rilla.We are gathering up here.
 (2-2,Rilla)  mind if I lurk?
 (2-8,O'Dubh) No prob
 (2-11,Nan)   work? well......I'm getting ready to move into my new house
 in June...
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Hi LF!
 (2-11,Nan)   making decisions like carpet, paint etc.
 (2-9,Rose)   Rose?
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Hi Rose!<G>
 (2-11,Nan)   sorta work sorta not
 (2-9,Rose)   Hi!
 (2-4,Lord Falcon) <bow>Good evening all
 (2-11,Nan)   hi rose
 (2-20,Freepowder) Dia duit all!
 (2-11,Nan)   hi falcom
 (2-2,Rilla)  Hi all!
 (2-9,Rose)   Yes, Hello!
 (2-11,Nan)   hi fp
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Dia duit, a Fhreepowder!
 (2-20,Freepowder) oh yeahm hang on
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) There, that's better!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Everyone here knows we are gonna do a Workshop, right?
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) Ta'
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Slainte!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) <=====Typing is getting worse instead of better.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) I have a dram o' the creatur right here too! Slainte"
 (2-22,Wren)  Hi, folks.  Dia dhuit.
 (2-2,Rilla)  Dia dhuit, Wren!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Dia Dhuit, a Whren!<G>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) O'd how do you say hello to a bunch of folks, same way?
 (2-22,Wren)   Hey Rilla, brought some chocolate chips cookies .... <g>
 (2-2,Rilla)   ha!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  FP>yep!
 (2-2,Rilla)   <swat!>
 (2-2,Rilla)   no fair!
 (2-2,Rilla)   I wont look!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) ok.
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  well boys and girls shall we start clearing our throats?
 (2-22,Wren)   ahem
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) ARRRGGGHHH, hack hack!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) <======listening to the hackers.<G>
 (2-9,Rose)   Hmmm. 
 (2-2,Rilla)  hehe
 (2-2,Rilla)  ahem!
 (2-2,Rilla)  <how's that?>
 (2-11,Nan)   cough cough
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Ok let's get started!
 (2-11,Nan)  <ptuie> 'scuse me <g>
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Before I begin let me say a few words about how the
 Workshop is conducted.  We will first hear from a presenter, tonight
 that is me. If you have a question type in a ? and I will acknowledge
 you by tyoing "ga" at and appropriate time.  When you have finished your
 question type "ga" to let me know that I may respond. When
 we are finished I will acknowledge the next questioner in a similar
 manner. If you have a comment or additional information to provide
 on a topic, please use the "!" to signal me.  I will also cycle through
 those with comments in a similar manner. If their are no questions at
 this point I will begin tonight's presentation.
 (2-5,Seanchai) ?
 (2-8,O'Dubh) The topics I plan to cover tonight are:
                 Music and Magick in general.
                 Role of Bards and Druids in Celtic Music.
                 Aradach Fionn, Tree tones and associations
                 Some example folk songs and interpretations.
 (2-8,O'Dubh)   Seanchai ga.
 (2-5,Seanchai) Patience is a virtue I need to learn in a hurry.
 (2-5,Seanchai) I was going to ask, what's tonight's topic.
 (2-8,O'Dubh)   ok !<G>
 (2-5,Seanchai) Ga
 (2-20,O'Ba'n)  LOL!
 (2-11,Nan)     lol
 (2-9,Rose)     ditto
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Anyone that has ever done Magick knows that it involves
 resonances and associations.  Magick has many color associations as well
 as musical associations. We have all experienced the magick of music in
 contemporary music. Sometimes this can be in the form of attending
 a concert, othertimes it can be when we are alone and listening to our
 favorites tunes.  Modern day religious services take advantage of the
 Magick inherit to music to enhance their worship services. This can be
 in singing hymns or hearing organ and choral anthems. I'm sure that we
 will all agree that music in such sitruarions alters our state of being.
 We are uplifted and changed by the ritual music we experience.  It
 should be no surprise that the ancient Celts used music in a similar
 manner.  In Morgan Llwellyn's "Druids" we find an example of such a
 Druidic use of music in Magick.  The chief Druid of a village would
 greet the Sun with song and lead the village each day in welcoming the
 Sun back from the Underworld.  When the Sun set, another farewell song
 was enjoined. This practice is still followed by some in Celtic lands to
 this day. Examples of such incantations and greetings to the Sun
 may be found in the "Carmenica Gadetica" a vast resources of ancient and
 rercent Celtic verse and song.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Please pardon the typos!<G>  In many Magick systems, Words
 of Power using the names of the Gods are used to create resonances
 within the Magical Circle so that the Magicians may attain a higher
 state of awareness. The use of these words also serves to open the
 internal "Power Centers" or "Chakras" of the participants.  These
 godnames are constructed using the letters of the Magickal alphabets of
 the respective Magickal systems as well as the natural tones  and the
 corresponding resonances that are associated with each letter or symbol.
              For example:
                 YHVH Yud Heh Vahv He  
                 (a Kaballistic godname)
 (2-8,O'Dubh) An incantaion of a godname becomes a chant with its own
 inherent melody and rhythm. Such sounds generated form an occult
 alphabet are thought by Magicians to have inherit Power in their sounds
 and to generate Magickal resonances within the Magician and the Circle.
 It is my belief that the ancient Celts and Druids used music and sounds
 from their secret Ogham alphabet to aid them in working Magick in a
 similar manner.  
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Druidic Bards studied for 15 to 20 years to learn the
 epics, chants, spells and histories of their peoples and clans. These
 works were memorized exactly and were a requirement for advancement to
 a higher or inner level of the Druidic ranks. The works had to be 
 rendered with feeling so that the listener  would be spell bound and
 consequently could relive the event.  The Irish Druids had the following
 classes of Bards:
                  Class          # of Epics
                  Driseg         20   (the Beginner)
                  Foclaic        30   (Advanced beginner)
                  Cili           100  (Journeyman)
                  Anraid         175  (Master/Warrior)
                  Ollomh         175+ (Doctor/Judge)
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Bards learned to play the pipes, the whistle, the harp, the
 lyre, the flute, the sistrum and the bodrun among other instruments.
 According to Murry Hope these instruments, were used based upon the mood
 or tone that the particular Bardic work required. He gives a table of
 the following correspondences:
                     The Flute   -  Air   (later the Organ)
                     The Harp    -  Water
                     The Sistrum -  Earth (The Bells or Bodrun)
                     The Lyre    -  Fire
 Poets and Bards carried branches with bells and amulets attached to
 them. A beginner's branch would be bronze, journeymen carried a silver
 branch and the Master Bards carried a golden branch. The music of the
 bells would announce the Bard's presence and an impending performance.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Nan ga
 (2-11,Nan)   what's a sistrum?
 (2-11,Nan)   ga
 (2-8,O'Dubh) It's a stringed instrument that one beats I believe. 
 Anyone got an opinion?
 (2-2,Rilla)  Ray confirms that.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) ?
 (2-2,Rilla)  Precursor of the lute maybe?
 (2-8,O'Dubh) perhaps.
 (2-9,Rose)   I understand that one shakes it like Isis does in the
 (2-22,Wren)  Similar to a hammered dulcimer?
 (2-8,O'Dubh) That's what I was thinking, Wren.
 (2-11,Nan)   or a tambourine?
 (2-9,Rose)   I have a picture of one...
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Rose ga
 (2-9,Rose)   it looks like a tennis racket.
 (2-9,Rose)   with hooks.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) And you beat it right?
 (2-9,Rose)   I think so.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) ok Nan any further questions?
 (2-11,Nan)   got it, thanks
 (2-9,Rose)   shake it.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n)an ancient metal frame with numerous metal rods that jingle
 when shaken, websters.
 (2-9,Rose)   bravo.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) great! 
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) ?
 (2-11,Nan)    no, ga
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  O'ba'n?
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  ok let's roll!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) wait
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  O'ban ga!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) are the instruments dedicated to...
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) their various areas based on the tonal range they cover
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) the quality of the sound?
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) ga
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  It's the quality of the sound mostly.  The same way they
 would be scored in an orchestra for instance.  
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) ok.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) ga
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  ga
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) no, you ga!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) <G>|
 (2-8,O'Dubh) My own belief is that the Bards usually accompanied
 themselves with the harp as they recited their repertorie. Just as
 Oghams were used as keys to memory with verses being linked by assonance
 and alliteration, I believe that each Ogham had a unique tone or note
 associated with it on the harp.  The tone or string was struck as the
 Ogham sound was spoken or sung two notes per line.  The begining and
 ending notes serving to connect each line to the next line in a
 continuing stream.  In the world of my my imagination I can hear the
 tones and words of the Bards echoing as they float upon a wave of melody
 acroos the room.  The sound reminds me of chanting monks or the 
 plainsong of worship (similar to modern Anglican or Roman Catholic
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Sean O'Boyle, a late Irish scholar, made an attempt to
 interpret "Aradach Fionn" (Fionn's Ladder) as harp tabulature using
 Oghams. He suggested that the Irish practice harp that has only 20
 strings has a 1 to 1 correspondence to the first 20 Oghams. As far as I
 know,no records survived to reach us verifying his theory. It seems to
 make sense to me but I only speculate.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) A modern work "Trees for Healing" by Chase and Pawlik,
 reinforces this belief for me. This book is all about trees, their lore
 and their spirits. It describes techniques for meditation to determine
 the harmonic resonaces for a variety of trees. I believe that the
 ancient Druids also detected certain harmonic tones for each tree and
 used then in their Tree Ogham Alphabet. If we use the tones that have
 been rediscovered by Chase and Pawlik and combine them with the ancient
 chants, incantations and songs of Taliesin and Amergin, we may also be
 able to work powerful Magicks. This Magick can take any form from
 enchanting an audience to calling the winds.  The Greek Bard Orpheus was
 able to walk between the worlds in this manner and so can we.  I list
 the trees and the derived modern tonal correspondences below:
          Ogham  Old Irish       English         Musical Note
          B      Beith           Birch           F 
          L      Luis            Rowan           C
          F      Fearn           Alder           E
          S      Saille          Willow          F
          N      Nuin            Ash             G
          H      Huathe          Hawthorn        B
          D      Duir            Oak             F
          T      Tinne           Holly           G
          C      Coll            Hazel           D
          Q      Quert           Apple.          D#
          M      Muin            Vine            G
          G      Gort            Ivy             G
          Ng     Ngetal          Reed            F
          St     Straif          Blackthorn      B
          R      Ruis            Elder           A
          A      Ailim           Silver Fir      A
          O      Ohn             Furze           E
          U      Ur              Heather         B
          E      Eadha           White Poplar    E
          I      Ioho            Yew             F
          Ch,Ea  Koad            Grove           F
          Oi,Th  Oir             Spindle         C
          Ui     Uilleand        Honeysuckle     D 
          Ph     Phagos          Beech           A
          Xi     Mor             The Sea         G
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Some of these tones were derived by meditation and
 resonance, some are based upon the colors associated with the Oghams. My
 suggestion is to
 (2-11,Nan)   ?
 (2-8,O'Dubh) find such a tree yourself and to meditate under it. play a
 pipe, a whistle or a harp (even a guitar will do in a pinch!<G>) until
 you find 
 (2-22,Wren)  ?
              the correct tone for the tree.  Other tones will reflect
 from the tree.  The "soul tone" of the tree will be absorbed and you
 will possibly feel a tingle of energy that is released by the Spirit of
 the Tree.  This experience is somewhat akin to the common belief in
 Ireland (even today) that a particularily gifted musician, harper or
 piper has been taught by the Sidhe (famed for their enchanted music).
 Celts believe in harmony and rightness in all things and particularily
 in Nature.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Nan ga
 (2-11,Nan)   I noticed that many different oghams had the same note...
 are these the same notes or are they in differing octaves? ga
 (2-8,O'Dubh) The table I presented is not cast in stone!<G>
 (2-11,Nan)   or even in wood? <G> 
 (2-8,O'Dubh) The first approach has each ogham on a different tone For
 Fionn's ladder for instance.  The second approach used meditation
 techniques to determine the "soul tones" of the trees Some trees
 evidently have a similar feel to them.  I think that the table needs
 some work myself.  Perhaps one of the more musically gifted members
 could undertake such a study!
 (2-24,da Medic) ?
 (2-8,O'Dubh) ?<G>
 (2-8,O'Dubh) ga Nan
 (2-8,O'Dubh) additional questions?
 (2-8,O'Dubh) If not then Wren was next.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) !
 (2-11,Nan)   no, i think wren had some though
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Wren ga
 (2-22,Wren)   Already answered, thanks.  Gotta go, g'nite!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Sla'n Wren!
 (2-11,Nan)    g'night wren
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  O'ba'n ga
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) need to have the transmogrification of what tree is which
 out west for me to do it...
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) but with that I'd love to do the tree/tone thing!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Ok I'll put a table in the library this week.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) GA
 (2-24,da Medic) does this explain the prevalence of willow/oak in celtic
 magicks?  ga.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) Cool!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  da Medic ga
 (2-24,da Medic) sorry, saw the ga.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Yes it does to some extent.  I have entire books on nothing
 but healing properties of trees.  I'm sure Druids knew much more.
 (2-11,Nan) ?
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Nan ga
 (2-11,Nan)   could you please post a bibliography of some of those
 books??? (pretty please?)
 (2-11,Nan)   ga
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Ok will do that as well this week!<G>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) yes! yes!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Now to continue...
              Some of this Magick comes down to us today in the form of
 folk songs still sung in the outer reaches of Ireland and the British
 Isles.  Such a song is the "Padstow May Song" from  Padstow, Cornwall
 (in part):
                 "Unite and unite and let us unite
                 For summer is acome unto day
                 And whither we are going we will all unite
                 In the merry morning of May."
                 "I warn you young men everyone
                 To go into the greenwood and 
                 fetch your May home."
                 "Arise up Mr. _______ and joy you betide
                 And bright is your bride that lies 
                 by your side."
                 "Arise up Mrs. _______ and gold be your ring
                 And give to us a cup of ale the merrier 
                 we shall sing."
                 "Arise up Miss ______ all in your gown of green
                 You are as fine a lady as wait upon the Queen."
                 "Now fare you well, and we bid you 
                 all good cheer
                 We call once more unto your house 
                 before another year."
 (2-8,O'Dubh) I interpret this song to mean this:
              This song is sung on Beltaine and is said to 
              charge the atmosphere of the festival. It 
              symbolizes the marriage of the youth with
              the land. (Unite and unite and let us unite)
              It also adresses 3 individuals: A man, a
              woman and a Maiden in a green gown
              (who represents Nature).
              This song is sung around the May Pole or   
              May bonfires in the evening (and prior to
              anyone escaping to the outer folds of 
              darkness for an evening of bliss <g>).
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Another ancient folk song that has hidden meanings of
 Magick is the song "Green Grow the Rushes":
              " One of them is all alone and 
              ever more shall be so.
              Two of them are lily-white boys 
              all clothed all in green Oh!
              Three of them are strangers o'er the 
              wide world they are rangers.
              Four it is the Dilly Hour when 
              blooms the Gilly Flower.
              Five it is the Dilly Bird that's 
              seldom seen but heard.
              Six is the Ferryman in the boat that 
              o'er the river floats, Oh!
              Seven are the Seven Stars in the Sky, 
              the Shining Stars be Seven, Oh!
              Eight it is the Morning's break when 
              all the World's awake, Oh!
              Nine it is the pale Moonshine, 
              the shining Moon is nine, Oh!
              Ten Forgives all kinds of Sin, 
              from Ten begin again, Oh! "
 (2-8,O'Dubh) This song can be interpreted to mean:
              1. There is One Power.
              2. The God has two aspects (Light and Dark).
              3. The Celts are a wadering people with
                 the sacred number of "3".
              4. The 4th Ogham is the Alder sacred to Bran
                 the Blessed and his sister Branwen "the
                 Gilly Flower".
              5. The Wizard Merlin as well as the sacred
                 number of the Celtic Gods (not to mention
                 the number of points on a Pentagram).
              6. Keridwen's Coracle that ferries us to
                 the Underworld.
              7. The sacred number of sea gods and the stars
                 in the crown of Arianrhod.
              8. The number of judgement or resurrection.
              9. The Triple Moon Goddess Thrice emphasized
                 The number of Priestesses that guard the 
                 Cauldron of Rebirth.
              10.The necessity to find our "True Selves"
                 in order to understand the Inner Mysteries. 
                 The endless cycle of death and rebirth.
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Everone still awake?<G>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) ?
 (2-2,Rilla)   <I am!>
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  O'Ba'n ga!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) this is your interpretation? 
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) GA
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  It is also Murry Hope's interpretation.  I have seen a
 different version of this song.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) <patting self on back> suits me! GA
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  that is used by OATh coven and had hoped that perhaps they
 would be here tonight.
 (2-24,da Medic) !
 (2-8,O'Dubh) da Medic ga
 (2-24,da Medic) Cunningham also had summat similar ga.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Which book?
 (2-24,da Medic) Not sure, will check & advise, methinks in Earth Air
 Fire water ga
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Ok I have that one here will check in a min.  let's finish
 up a bit first!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Perhaps some of you have some ancient or even modern Celtic
 folk songs that you would like to share with us this evening? You could
 enter them here and we could discuss them in detail or maybe just take
 them to our hearts and embrace their inner messages (for Celtic Music is
 a music of the Heart and Soul). I know that many of you are very into
 Celtic Music. I'd like to have each of us contribute the names and
 titles of our favorite performers and songss.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) My favorite song is the "Rising Of the Moon" by the Clancy
 Brothers and Tommy Liam.
 (2-24,da Medic) !
 (2-8,O'Dubh) da Medic ga
 (2-24,da Medic) Joe doughterty's lament, black 47
 (2-24,da Medic) ga
 (2-8,O'Dubh) ok ! Others?
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) <embarrased> all mine deal with young maidens getting
 taken advantage of or with drinking, mostly poiti'n (e.g.Cruiscean lan)
 (2-11,Nan)   !
 (2-8,O'Dubh) hahaha LOL O'Ba'n !!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) !
 (2-8,O'Dubh) O'Ba'n ga
 (2-26,Adam)  ?
 (2-11,Nan)   there are sooooo many i can't chose a favorite, but one of
 the more interesting is "the Tain" by Horselips ga
 (2-8,O'Dubh) neat nan!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) Do you know Ben phagin? I have it but no translation, also
 the well below the valley o!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Most Celtic songs I've heard always have a hidden meaning
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) GA
 (2-8,O'Dubh) un minuto OB!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Adam question? ga
 (2-26,Adam)  OD, I lost some of your send  :P  Which is your favorite
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Adam> My favorite song is the Rising of the Moon.  by the
 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Liam.
 (2-24,da Medic) !
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) O'flaherty's drake!
 (2-26,Adam)  thanks  :)
 (2-8,O'Dubh) OB>Have that one as well.
 (2-8,O'Dubh) OB ga
 (2-24,da Medic)  gotta go do the work thing-Blesed Be! ga
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) that one is all about english occupation and resistance as
 related to a duck <G>
 (2-11,Nan)    lol
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  OB>I know it well (it's about a goose I thought)
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) how 'bout 5 (or 7) nights drunk!
 (2-11,Nan)    ?
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  But it's really about a man that was killed by the
 English.  They had to sing it in riddles to avoid being hanged.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) O'D> and how we has plenty of relatives to take up the
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  That's right. I am reading Trinity right now.  about the
 fight for home rule.
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  more favorites out there?
 (2-4,Da Shad) OD, went to an Irish festival this weekend...
 (2-2,Rilla)  <great book!>
 (2-4,Da Shad) and was really shocked at how strong a presense that the
 IRA had there, several booths for signing petitions and sending money to
 the IRA.  Pledges even!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) "bad luck to the savage to grease his white cabbage that
 wantonly murdered me beautiful drake" BTW Drakes are male ducks...
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) Ganders are male geese <G>
 (2-11,Nan) <---going to the Chieftans next w'end <VBG>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) <green>
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Da Shad>They need to do something settle the issues up
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  OB>Yer right yer scoundrel.
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Nan>great!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Any ideas about next week's Workshop?
 (2-4,Da Shad) If the IRA really wanted to get the brits out...
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Hint hint hint!
 (2-4,Da Shad) they just need to blow up the shipyards in Northern
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) I spoke to an Irishman who was probably in the IRA 
               since he denied it...
 (2-4,Da Shad) Once there is no more economic value in northern ireland-
 (2-11,Nan)    how about a workshop on stone circles etc.
 (2-4,Da Shad) there owuld be no more need for the brits to keep troops
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) his theory was for the Brits to just pull out, I said
 "bloodbath would follow", he said...
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Nan> Great idea!!
 (2-4,StonedAgain) Just call me stonie!  (g)
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) yes for 3-5 yrs then it would settle down and achieve
 normalcy with the rest of Ireland
 (2-11,Nan)    is this wkshp officially over? (loggin on long distance
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) one would guess <G>
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  yes Nan we're done for the night.
 (2-2,Rilla)   Nice job, Odie!
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) Gee, didn't realize that there was a workshop going
 on, sorry.
 (2-2,Rilla)  <impressed>
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Thanks Rilla!<G>
 (2-11,Nan)   thanks for another great one O'D', see y'all next week!
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Sla'n Nan!
 (2-11,Nan)   bye
 (2-8,O'Dubh) Ta failte romhat!
 (2-2,Rilla)  night Nan~!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) gabhaim buiochas, O'Dubh
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) Slan nan!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) did I get that right O;d?
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  OB>A Gaeilge/Bearla dictionary is a dangerous thing to
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) ROFL! TOO RIGHT!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) do you know the tune well below the valley?
 (2-2,Rilla)   OB> are you a Bard?
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  OB> no
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) R> wannabe
 (2-2,Rilla)   do you do music?
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) I suspect that has all kinds of hidden meanings, 
               will send in msg so you can figger it out <G>
 (2-26,Adam)   OD, I enjoyed sitting in on the workshop :)
 (2-26,Adam)   it was my first in this forum.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) R> *I* play Feadog! (tinwhistle)
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Adam>Thanks for coming!
               Go raibh maith agat!<G>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) pleased to have you Adam!
 (2-2,Rilla)   oh!
 (2-2,Rilla)   neat!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  OB> I bet rising Of the Moon Is great on the tin whistle.
               My daughter plays it on her flute.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) R> AND it's a grand Irish voice I';m havin' <laughing
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Rilla> Guess what?
 (2-2,Rilla)   I saw all kinds of cool stuff in the Lark in the Morning
 (2-2,Rilla)   tin whistles and ancient instruments...
 (2-2,Rilla)   they were really expensive though
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  At my daughter's Episcopal Church this weekend they are
               to have a shamnistic dancer!<G>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) O'd, it's ok but fenian men is better
 (2-2,Rilla)   OB> voice??? I've never HEARD I wouldnt know <G>
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  O'B>Methinks I like the Men of the West better.
 (2-2,Rilla)   OD> really?
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) <singing> "the lark in the morning she whistles and she
               and she flys across the meadow with the dew all on her
 (2-2,Rilla)   cool!
 (2-2,Rilla)   <smile> very nice!
 (2-2,Rilla)   Now where's the TAPE?
 (2-2,Rilla)   or WAV file?
 (2-2,Rilla)   hehehe
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Yep Rilla>She's gonna be raising a Christian Power Cone I
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) I have a tape, marty Burke, must make a copy & send it to
 you O'd
 (2-2,Rilla)   OD> Power is Power <G>
 (2-2,Rilla)   I learned all I know in High Mass <G>
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) Hmmm, OD, that's MUCH too phallic a symbol for
                   to raise!
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) How high were you in mass, rilla?
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) Bonewits has a lot on that, rituals VERY similar
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  I must be there to make sure they don't fry themselves!<G>
 (2-2,Rilla)   SH> heheheh
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) (snicker)
 (2-2,Rilla)   o/~ memories o/~
 (2-2,Rilla)   OD> make em ground!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  "O the risin o the Moon
               the risin o the Moon 
               Many a pike was a flashin"
 (2-2,Rilla)   what are we doing for Beltaine?
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  "by the Risin o the Moon!"
 (2-26,Adam)   y'all, I got to leave the room now...
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) Rilla, we be raisin a cone of power (g)
 (2-2,Rilla)   SH> did Sz tell you that I am definitely coming to Fla?
 (2-26,Adam)   I am talking with a very dear friend...
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  I'm heading to OATh for Beltaine if they'll have me.
 (2-2,Rilla)   SH> a raisin?
 (2-2,Rilla)   <G>
 (2-2,Rilla)   oh!
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) Bye Adam!
 (2-2,Rilla)   lucky you!
 (2-26,Adam)   thanks again  :)    MP
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) No she didn't Rilla
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Sla'n Adam!! Next week and check library 16 out!
 (2-26,Adam)   I have been, OD  :)
 (2-2,Rilla)   SH> thought we could all stay at the Hyatt..under the
 (2-2,Rilla)   <G>
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Great!!
 (2-2,Rilla)   night Adam!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Beannacht leat!
 (2-2,Rilla)   nice to see you again!
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) Rilla, if you want, I can stay down all night....
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) I have my own scuba equipment (g)
 (2-2,Rilla) extra set??
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  OB>BTW what was that first thing in that post you sent me?
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) I would bring an octopus for you.
 (2-2,Rilla)   time for me to go too folks...
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Sounded like "Quiet child"
 (2-2,Rilla)   Odie> thanks!!!
 (2-2,Rilla)   this was wonderful!
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) Nite Rilla
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  or listen up kiddies!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Rilla no prob. A labor of love!<G>
 (2-2,Rilla)  <G>
 (2-2,Rilla)   it shows
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Hugs!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) "Come and tell me sean o'ferrel, tell me why you hurry
               got me goin o'd, "is there a bathroom on this floor"
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  no not that one
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) (had to go change a diaper, yuck)
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  the one where the arch Druid said 
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) oh! hang on ...
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  The reply was "He is the Father".
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  "Hush me Buch all hush and listen and 
               his cheeks were all a glow!"
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) Can't find it right now, was supposed to say "hush
               and "yes father"
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  "I bear orders from the captain, get you ready quick and
               for the pikes must be together"
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) "I bear orders for the captain get ye ready wuicka nd
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  "by the Risin o the Moon!"
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) wuicka? a new religion? <G>
 (2-4,Shadow Hawk) Wuicka-Wombat wicca (g)
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  OB>Great I thought it said "Quiet child and He is the
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) O'd >LOL!< do you know the wearin' of the green? same
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Yes!! "They're hangin men and women for the Wearin o the
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) a gaeilge/bearla dictionary is a dangerous thing. <G>
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  hahahahaha!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) BTW how do you say Andrew jacob in gaelic?
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) my eldest <G>
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  <=====not a clue.
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  I'll ask in FLEFO!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) nuts.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) my middle is Michilene Og <G> (sp?)
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) flefo?
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) son that is
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  BTW
               Conor mac Nessa from the Tain was Called Conor son of
               but Nessa was his Mother!<G>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) Really!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  yeppers!<g>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) were they matrilineal?
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) :0
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  They were bilineal!<G>
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Mostly the fathers side though!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) LOL!
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  However they did marry the Picts
               and made them agree to trace lineage on the Mother's
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) I heard somewhere they were matrilineal, since they were 
               quite open sexualy
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) <G>
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  The women had a lot of different partners.
               and the men went both ways
               if you can believe a lyin Roman that is!<G>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) yup, so how do you know WHO your father is? <VBG>
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  Simple!!  Yer da's the one that wins the fights!<G>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) the Romans were...uh... a little...ethnocentric? <G> >LOL!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) have you got any music by planxty, or dedanan? 
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  OB.No I wish I did though.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) Great stuff, traditional.
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) or Shanachie records, mail order, HoHokus (?) NJ
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) they have an excellent Celtic catalog
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  that's Hoboken and it's close to me now!
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) if you can't find them find a Ladysmith Black Mombasa
 record and ck the pub, that's them
 (2-8,O'Dubh)  ok bro thanks!<G>
 (2-20,O'Ba'n) those are the guys that backed up paul simon on graceland
 (At this point we all retired to the VB&G for some shots o Uisce
                 Celtic Worshop #5 - The Celtic Otherworld
 This is the transcript of the fifth Celtic Workshop - The Celtic
 Otherworld.  We engaged in a brief period of socialization before and
 after the conference. I include that here to give an idea of the spirit
 and atmosphere with which everyone approaches the task at hand!<G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) Dia duit aNhan!
 (2-2,Freepowder) Dia duit aShearles!
 (2-5,Nan)        huh? <g>
 (2-2,Freepowder) hello, in Ir. Gaelic
 (2-5,Nan) ahhhh, thanks
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Dia Dhuir, a Shean!
 (2-5,Nan)        hi O'D
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Hiya Nan!!
 (2-5,Nan)        i'm probably gonna be a pretty quiet participant
 tonight, 'cause i'm watching the oscars at the same time <g>
 (2-2,Freepowder) SEE! I am psychic!
 (2-2,Freepowder) oh, did you get  my translation <G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) 'sok Nan, I'll fill in for you <G>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Close but no cigars!:)
 (2-3,Wren)       Hi, guys.  Who's singing?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Hi Wren!!
 (2-2,Freepowder) i figgered that <G>
 (2-5,Nan)        hi wren
 (2-2,Freepowder) Dia duit aWhren!
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) FP will have to do the singin tonight.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) I am the Seanchai tonight!<G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) "I left my  haaaaaaart in knockaknorra"
 (2-3,Wren)       Ah, you're being serious.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) "Three things about the drink. "
 (2-3,Wren)       FP> Looovely
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) "To have it. To Hold it, and to p[ay for it!"<G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) hahahah!
 (2-2,Freepowder) My wee phrase book is not up to the task, I guess. <G>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Good evening SUZAN!<G>
 (2-3,Wren)       Alas, ald
 (2-2,Freepowder) Dia duit aShuzan!
 (2-14,SUZAN)     hello all... OD!
 (2-3,Wren)       Alas, alad, that is
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) FP>Some of these sayings can't be literally translated.
 (2-2,Freepowder) alad? thought that was alack?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Tonight we talk Cosmology!<G>
 (2-5,Nan)        hi susan
 (2-2,Freepowder) too right, uh....what do you call those?
 (2-3,Wren)       If you're going to have a lass, you should have a lad
 (2-2,Freepowder) LOL! W
 (2-2,Freepowder) is cosmo here?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Yes!!! We have the Irish and Welsh Cosmos! Tonight
 (2-2,Freepowder) LOL!
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) For the sake of $$$$ Shall we begin?
 (2-2,Freepowder) ok
 (2-3,Wren)       <polite applause>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) "Celtic Workshop #5 - The Otherworld"
 Before I begin let me say a few words about how the Workshop is
 conducted.  We will first hear from a presenter, tonight that is me. If
 you have a question type in a ? and I will acknowledge you by typing
 "ga" at and appropriate time.  When you have finished your question type
 "ga" to let me know that I may respond. When we are finished I will
 acknowledge the next questioner in a similar manner. If you have a
 comment or additional information to provide on a topic, please use the
 "!" to signal me.  I will also cycle through those with comments. If
 their are no questions at this point I will begin tonight's  presen-
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) I would also like to apologize for not producing
 the list of tree correspondences this week that I promised to provide.
 Being on the road and away from home, I was not able to get to all my
 references about trees, herbs and the like. I haven't forgotten the
 promise however. I will post the list as soon as I return to Virginia
 this weekend. This list can be used together with certain meditation
 practices to determine the "soul tones" of the Tree Oghams. I did locate
 the Ogham/musical tone table of correspondences that I had mentioned in
 the Celtic Workshop #4. This table is by the Celtic scholar Dr. Sean
                 For the Treble Cleff (in descending order of tone):
                  Ogham  Old Irish       English         Musical Note
                  B      Beith           Birch           E 
                  L      Luis            Rowan           D
                  F      Fearn           Alder           C
                  S      Saille          Willow          B
                  N      Nuin            Ash             A
                  H      Huathe          Hawthorn        G
                  D      Duir            Oak             F
                  T      Tinne           Holly           E
                  C      Coll            Hazel           D
                  Q      Quert           Apple.          C#
                  For the Bass Cleff (in descending order of tone):
                  M      Muin            Vine            B
                  G      Gort            Ivy             A
                  Ng     Ngetal          Reed            G#
                  St     Straif          Blackthorn      F#
                  R      Ruis            Elder           F
                  A      Ailim           Silver Fir      E
                  O      Ohn             Furze           C
                  U      Ur              Heather         B
                  E      Eadha           White Poplar    A
                  I      Ioho            Yew             G
                  (No corresponences were given for these Oghams).
                  Ch,Ea  Koad            Grove           -
                  Th     Oir             Spindle         -
                  Ui     Uilleand        Honeysuckle     - 
                  Ph     Phagos          Beech           -
                  Xi     Mor             The Sea         -
                 In addition to the above correspondences, The following
 properties of our beings were associated with tone combinations:
                         The Body - Single tones
                         The Mind - Two tone intervals
                         The Spirit - Three tones at the same time
                 For more information on this subject, I recommend
 reading "The 21 Lessons of Merlin" by Douglas Adams (Llewellyn) or the
 Original work by O'Boyle: "Ogham: The Poet's Secret" (1980, Gilbert &
 Dalton Ltd., Dublin).
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The beliefs of the Celts and their Magickal/Religious
 practices cannot be fully understood without becoming more familiar with
 their Cosmologies and Deities. In considering how to proceed with the
 Workshop, a variety of topics came to mind:
                         The Otherworld
                         The Gods and Goddesses
                         The Objects of Power
                         The Guardians of the Circle
                         The "Place Names" 
                         The "Totem Animals"
                         The Transmigration of the Soul
                         The "In Between Times and Places"
                         The "Need Fires" or Days of Imbalance.
                         The Portals, Dolmens, Stone Circles, Passage Graves
                         The Rite of Three Rays
                         The use of Herbs and Potions
                         The Gift of Awen
                         The Act of "Becomming"
                         The Charm of "Summoning"
                         "Walking between the Worlds"
                         "Journeys on the Wheel"
                         The "Outer Darkness"
                         The "Dragon's Eye"
                         The "Many Speckled Rainment"
                         The Charm of "Making"
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The Subject of tonight's Celtic Workshop is The Celtic
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The topics I plan to cover tonight are:
                         The Otherworld
                         The Gods and Goddesses
                         The Objects of Power
                         The Guardians of the Circle
 (2-6,O'Dubhain )         "The Celtic Cosmology"
 The number three was sacred to the Celts and the Druids.  It should come
 as no surprise that the Celtic Cosmos is threefold: The Sky World, The
 Earth World and the Underworld. Each of these realms is associated with
 particular deities and Magickal acts or techniques.  
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The Sky World was associated with the heavenly bodies:
 the Sun, the Moon, the stars. This is the realm of the Gods and
 Goddesses and is associated with the cycles and patterns of the Sky (and
 perhaps also associated with The Megalithic Stone Circles).  These
 visible objects were used as a basis for performing Higher Magicks such
 as: Prophecy and Astral travel. The cycles of the Sun and Moon also were
 used to determine the appropriate times for doing particular types of
 Magick. Festivals were held during Full Moons, Dark Moons, the 6th nite
 of the New Moon, Sunrise, Sunset and the 4 days of the Solar extremes;
 Mid Winter, Mid Summer and the Equinoxes. The heavenly bodies were not
 themselves considered to be Deities, but were thought to reflect or
 contain the types of Power associated with particular entities. The
 Fires of the Sun were associated with the forge and with inspiration,
 possibly making Brigid (An aspect of the Irish Celtic Triple Goddess)
 also a Sun Goddess. Bel or Belenus was usually associated with the
 powers of the Sun as well. 
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The Underworld is the realm of the Ancestors, as well
 as former humans and a number of Gods and Goddesses associated with the
 mystery of life springing forth from death. This process could be as
 simple and mysterious as the life cycle of a seed. From old life, new
 life appears in a series of changes from planting and germination to
 growth and harvesting. The passage graves and burial customs of the
 Celts also reflect this expectation of rebirth and afterlife. Many tombs
 and burial sites show that Celts were buried with objects that they
 could take with them into the Underworld to be used in battle, in
 hunting and/or for nourishment. This practice appears to be similar to
 what was practiced by many ancient peoples, including the Egyptians.
 Celts did not fear death, they expected to live on and eventually be
 reborn in another life. The Underworld and the Sky world were linked in
 this Mystery, sharing many of the same Gods and Goddesses. The daily
 rebirth of the Sun and the phases of the Moon are a good instance of
 this link between the World above and the one below.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The Earth World, occupied by we the living, also
 contains reflections and influences of the Sky World and the Underworld.
 These influences can be pictured as three zones (remember three is a
 sacred number): the upper zone is associated with the weather, the
 flight of birds, sky augeries and the elements and powers of Air, the
 middle zone is further divided into the Four Directions or Quarters
 (each with it's own Powers/Guardians of the Sacred Land), and the lower
 zone containing the depths of the sea, caves, cairns, burial mounds,
 "hollow hills" and sacred springs. This zone is the home of the Sidhe
 and the spirits associated with the Portals to the Underworld itself.
 The Celts in their life upon the Sacred Land expected to experience the
 influences of the Sky and Underworld in their life upon the Land. This
 attitude is demonstrated in the many dindsenchahs (stories of place
 names) that are told in Ireland to this day. Many of these stories are
 associated with a deity, an elemental, an Underworld portal or a combat
 of the God/desses and/or Epic heroes and heroines.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The following is a listing of the major Irish Gods and 
                         Danu, Dagdha, Nuada, Lugh, Angus Og, Len,
                         Midir, Lir, Manannan, Ogma, Anu, Brigid,
                         Morrighan, Aine, Sinend, Macha, Diancecht,
                         Gobnui, Medb, Scatach, the Cailleach. 
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The following is a listing of the major Welsh Gods and 
                 The House of Don
                         Manogan, Beli, Don, Math, Mathonwy,
                         Gwydion, Arianrhod, Llew, Dylan, Nwyvre,          Amaethon, Govannan(the smith), Nudd, Gwynn,    
                        Penardun, Nynniaw.
                 The House of Llyr
                         Iweriadd, Llyr, Penardun, Euroswydd,
                         Bran, Branwen, Matholwch, Gwern, Mananwyddan, 
                         Rhiannon, Nissyen, Evinissyen,
                         Pwyll, Pryderi, Kicva
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) These two groups seem to relate to one another but
 sometimes the correspondences can get very confusing. I include the
 deities that most closely resonate with my own Inner Being when working
 with the Sky World and the Underworld. My pantheon of Gods and Goddesses
 is both Welsh and Irish (as am I <G>). I include a more detailed
 description of them here:
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Danu
                         The Red Mother of All,
                         Major Mother Goddess of Ireland,
                         Mother of the Gods and Patroness of
                         wizards, rivers, water, wells, prosperity
                         and plenty, Magick and wisdom.
                         The All Father,
                         Eochaid Ollathair ( Father of All),
                         Ruadh Rofessa (The Red One, Lord of
                         Occult Knowledge),
                         Dagdha (the Good God)
                         Many talented and powerful,
                         Master of the harp and possessor
                         of a dread double ended club.
                         The Chief of the Tuatha de Dannan.
                 The Goddess of Sovereignty (Banbha, Fodla, Eriu)
                         The Land and the King were wed through
                         many ceremonies. Essentually the fate of the
                         King and the fate of the land were One and
                         vice versa. The Favor of the Goddess could
                         be granted by some heroic act or bu being
                         Magickally chosen (The Lia Fail could do
                         this, more later). Women who held the 
                         Sovereignty of the land were often referred
                         to as the Goddess (Such as Medb, Boudicca
                         and Macha-Red Mane).
                         The King and battle leader 
                         of the Tuatha de Dannan,
                         Possessor of the Magick Sword of Findias,
                         Lost his sword hand in the First Battle of
                         Moytura, against the Fir Bolgs,
                         stepped down from the Kingship
                         (because the King could nave no blemish)
                         even though he was outfitted with a 
                         Magickal hand of silver. He eventually
                         had his hand Magickally restored to lead
                         the Tuatha de Dannans  against the Fomors
                         in the second Battle of Moy Tura. In this
                         battle he was physically killed so he 
                         returned the Lands of the Sidhe.
                         Breo saighead (Fiery Arrow or Power)
                         Often called the Triple Brigid or the
                         Triple Mother. Also Associated with
                         Danu at times. The daughter of the Dagdha.
                         Goddess of the Sacred Flame of Kildare.
                         Goddess of poets, feminine crafts, the
                         hearth, martial arts, healing and
                         inspiration. The White Maiden aspect of 
                         the Triple Goddess. Her Feast is the
                         Major Celtic Festival of Imbolc. She 
                         who gives hope and new beginnings. The
                         Celtic Church could not replace her, so
                         they absorbed her as the "foster-mother"
                         of Christ and as St. Brigit, the daughter
                         of the Druid Dougal the Brown. Brigid is
                         very like the Greek Goddess Athena.
                         Sam ildanach (many skilled). This is the
                         Celtic Mercury. The grandson of Balor 
                         (leader of the Fomorians and the son of
                         Cian and Ethniu, a Sidhe princess. His 
                         feast is Lughnasadh, a celebration of
                         the death of his "foster mother", Tailtiu.
                         He is the combination of the Tuatha de
                         Dannans and the Fomors. He replaces Nuada
                         as the King and battle leader of the Tuatha
                         de Dannan and leads them to ultimate victory
                         in the second Battle of Moytura. He is 
                         sometimes called the "Shining One" and/or
                         Lugh Lamhfada (of the "long arm"). 
                         He also has attributes of a carpenter, mason,
                         poet,Druid, physician and a goldsmith. He
                         can be considered the Irish God of just about
                         everything. He was also the father of the
                         great Irish hero, Cuchulain.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) I see only the diehards are still with me!<G> (many
 more Deities to come folks)!<G>
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 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) More to come!..... <G>
                 Mannan mac Lyr
                         Chief Irish God of the sea. Not a member 
                         of the Tuatha de Dannan. A happy-go-lucky 
                         gypsy type. Always carried "the Crane Bag",
         `               a kind of Magick "horn of plenty". He gave 
                         the last 5 Oghams to the Druids (also called 
                         the "Crane Bag"). He preferred to roam among
                         the people in disguise and aid their exploits.He 
                        could change his shape at will. Despite his
                         antics, he was an extremely powerful God 
                         and was usually associated with fertility,
                         rebirth, weather, sailing and Magick. He also
                         had a Magickal ship that moved without sails
                         and was directed by the mind. Linked to the
                         Isle of Man.
                 Gwynn ap Nudd
                         The Master of the Wild Hunt, The Welsh Guardian
                         of the Dark Portals of the Underworld. He rode
                         the Night in a flowing grey cloak upon a pale
                         horse following his Hounds called Cwn Annwn.
                         (very large, white with red tipped ears). They
                         would seek out and collect souls.
                         "of the Silver Wheel", A star goddess of Wales,
                         Her palace was called Caer Arianrhod (Aurora 
                         Borealis), Goddess of time and karma. Mother 
                         aspect of the Triple Goddess in Wales. Goddess
                         of beauty, the Moon, fertility and reincarna-
                                                                                                                              tion.  Also associated with the sea.
                         Welsh Goddess of Nature, associated with the
                         Sacred Cauldron of Wisdom that allowed Taliesin
                         to become enlightened. When she discovered that 
                         Gwion had tasted of her cauldron, she chased him
                         through a variety of mutaual shape changes until
                         at last she caught and consummed him as a grain
                         of wheat. This caused her to give birth to
                         Known to all Celts as the "Horned God ". God of
                         nature, virility, fertility, animals, sex,
                         reincarnation and shamanism. Known to the Druids
                         as Hu Gadarn. God of the Underworld and Astral
                         Planes. The Consort of the Great Goddess.
                         The two greatest Celtic Bards that ever lived.
                         Amergin was the Chief Bard of the Mileseans and 
                         aided them in overcoming the Magicks of the Tuatha de Dannans to become the heirs to the       
                  land ofIreland. Taliesin was the great Bard of        
                 the Welsh, whose poetry and songs, Including the       
                  Cad Goddieu, tell us most of what we know about       
                  Druidry in Wales. He gained his knowledge from        
                 the Cauldron of Cerridwen. They are both patrons       
                  of Bards, music, Magick and  poetry.
                         The Dark aspect of the Celtic Triple Goddess.
                         The "Washer at the Ford" (seem washing bloody
                         laundry prior to battle by those destined to   
                        die).  The Battle Goddess, also Queen of the    
                       Witches and Goddess of Magick. Could appear as   
                       a Raven, a beautiful Maiden or an ugly Hag.      
                      Marries the Dagdha at Samhain. The Goddess of     
                        The "Sun Faced" One, so called because he was a
                        God of Wisdom and of speech. He invented the    
                       Oghams and was also a great Warrior. Sometimes   
                     associated with the Greek Herakles. Also Irish     
                   God of music, spells, the arts and eloquence.
                         "She Who Strikes Fear". The Irish/Scottish     
                        Goddess of martial arts. The Destroyer aspect   
                       of the Dark Goddess. A great sword warrior and   
                       instructor.  Native to the Isle of Skye. Teacher 
                        of Cuchulain.  Patroness of martial arts,       
                  prophecy, blacksmiths and magic.
 2-6,O'Dubhain )         "The Objects of Power"
 The Tuatha de Dannans are the Children of the Mother Goddess Danu. They
 are the Gods and Goddesses of Ireland. Some say they come from the sky,
 others say the North. They were masters of Occult knowledge learned in
 the four great Magickal cities of Findias, Gorias, Murias and Falias.
 They were given a great treasure by the Chief Mages of each city
 (Uiscias from Findias, Esras from Gorias, Semias from Murias and
 Morfessa from Falias). These gifts are the four treasures of Ireland:
 The Sword of Nuada, the Spear of Lugh, the Cauldron of Rebirth and the
 Stone of Fal. We can use the Power of such gifts in our own Magick by
 invoking the four Masters of the North.  Once invoked, the Power of 
 their gifts can once again be manifested in our very own Magickal
 2-6,O'Dubhain )         "The Sword Of Nuada Argetla'm"
 The first object of Power comes from Findias. It is the invincible sword
 of Nuada "of the silver hand".  It represents the forces of insight and
 illumination.  It is a representation of the terrible Powers of creative
 energy. The drawing of such a sword is what gives us new and terrible
 abilities (Atomic Power is an example of what such inspiration can
 create). The wisdom to not use or to maintain control such powers is
 what the use of this Sword is all about. Many times the wisest course of
 action is to keep the Sword sheathed and to resolve our conflicts
 Here is a description of this Magickal weapon's use in a modern day
                <I walk to the altar and pick up the Sword.  Advancing to the
 East, I raise the Sword and say:>  "Here is the Sword of Nuada Argetla'm
 in its deady scabbard.
                         Heed the Magicks of Findias! 
                         Uiscias wrought this blade! 
                         He of the Silver Hand lives again!
                         Who will dare to grasp it and define 
                         the boundaries of our safety?"
                <After the sword has been accepted by a member of the Circle,
                the following is said while walking three times (deosil)
                around the perimeter of the Circle :>
                         "Come forth Old One of the East!!!"
           <After the completion of the three circles, I light the Red
 Candle of Life that sits upon the Eastern Quarter and say:>
                         "Guard us well so that our lives may be our own.
                         Dia is Bandia linn!
                         (So Mote It Be!)"
 2-6,O'Dubhain )         "The Spear of Lugh Lamhfadha"
 The second object of Power comes from Findias. It is the iresistible
 Spear of Lugh "of the Long Arm".  This gift represents the ability to
 act across a distance.  It is represented by the Powers of fire that can
 also act across a distance, leaping between burning buildings yet also
 warming us from within the hearth fires. This flaming spear always finds
 its target once thrown. It is no surprise that Lugh must defeat Balor
 "of the Evil Eye" allowing the Tuatha de Dannans to conquer the Fomor.
 Today the ability to act across a distance might be better characterised
 by the telephone/communications networks.  The free exchange of
 information has fanned the flames of creativity in the modern world.
 2-6,O'Dubhain ) Here is a description of this Magickal weapon's use in
 the same modern day ritual as before:
                         <I walk to the altar and pick up the Spear.
 Advancing to the South, I raise the Spear and say:>
                "In my Right hand I hold the Spear of Lugh Lamhfadha.
           Brought from Gorias and given by Esras.
           It contains the Wisdom of Many acting across the Ways.
           No batle can be sustained against us while we possess it.
           Who will wield this Power?"
 2-6,O'Dubhain ) <After the spear has been accepted by a member of the
 Circle, the following is said while walking three times (deosil) around
 the perimeter of the Circle :>
                         "Come forth Old One of the South!!!"
 <After the completion of the three circles, I light the White Candle of
 Inspiration that is in the South and say:>
                         "Guard us well so that our ideas may burn
                         as does Thy eternal flame.
                         Dia is Bandia linn!
                         (So Mote It Be!)"
 2-6,O'Dubhain )         "The Cauldron of Rebirth"
 The third object of Power comes from Murias. It is the "Cauldron of
 Rebirth". This gift has the  Power to regenerate life and is usually
 associated with the Dagdha or Bran the Blessed. It can also be linked
 with portals to the Otherworld through which all life  passes during the
 death/life cycle. Mannanan mac Llyr who rules the sea and who is the
 possessor of the "Crane Bag" (another symbol for the Cauldron) is
 another deity associated with this Magickal device. The Welsh Goddess
 Cerridwen is also a keeper of the Sacred Cauldron.The Spring of Life and
 wisdom flows forth from the depths of the sea (another use for this
 2-6,O'Dubhain ) Here is a description of this Magickal device's use in
 our modern day rituals:
                         <I walk to the altar and pick up the Cauldron. 
 I place it upon the West Quarter and say:>
                         "This is the Cauldron of Rebirth, 
                         by it's waters we are reborn.
                         Fashioned in the fires of Murias,
                         Forged by the will of Samias.
                         Life eternal is its gift.
                         We pass through Death with each use.
                         May the waters of rebirth ever flow forth!
                         Who will call us back 
                         from the deepest meditation?
                         Who will summon us from the Shadows
                         of the Sea?"
                         <The Cauldron has sea salted water poured into
 it by a member of the Circle, This water is sprinkled three times
 (deosil) around the perimeter of the Circle while the following is
                         "Make thy Presence known Old One of the West!"
 <After the completion of the three circles, I light the Gray Candle of
 Twilight that stands in the West and say:>
                         "Keep our Spirits safe within Your soft embrace.
                         Dia is Bandia linn!
                         So Mote It Be!"
 2-6,O'Dubhain )         "The Lia Fail"
 This is the Kingship stone of Ireland. It was brought from the Northern
 city of Fal by the Tuatha de Dannan. This stone represents the Land and
 it's Sovereignty. It also represents the Power of the Earth to Judge all
 men. The other portals to the Underworld (caves and raths) are represen-
 ted by this Magickal object.  The dark reaches of the Underworld hide
 the secret knowledge of Death and Life. It is into the earth that Celts
 are buried to begin their journeys after death. Small wonder it is that
 the Goddess guarding this object should be the dread Morrighan. She
 represents the Wisdom that is gained via the Dark Pathways, yet she is
 also the bringer of victory in battle as well as new life, where none
 was expected. She represents the stark reality of Life and Death.
 2-6,O'Dubhain ) Here is a description of this Magickal device's use in
 our modern day rituals:
 <I walk to the altar and pick up the Stone.  I place it in front of the
 North Quarter candle and say:>
      "This is the Lia Fail, let all here be sobered by its True  Judgement. This is the Stone of Judgement, Solemn sacred One of Falias,
 grant our space your Sovereignty.  Morfesa has worked the   Earth's
 Power within you.  Judge of Kings, Center of Earth, Speak   and we shall
 listen!  Do not let us fail to heed your warnings!"
 <I turn to face the members of the Circle and ask:>
                         "Who will Stand with the Stone of Destiny?"
 <The One that has accepted the challenge, steps upon the stone and crys
                         "Manifest your Power Old One of the North!"
                         "Open Your Dark Pathways
                         Give us True Judgement!
                         Bring forth Thy Hidden Knowledge!"
 <I step back to the altar and face to the North.  I light the Black
 Candle of Darkness and say to all those who are gathered:>
                         "May our souls know the Truth of Eternity.
                         Dia is Bandia linn!
                         So Mote it Be!"
 <Starting at the East with arms open, I turn deosil around the Circle,
 stopping when I have come back to the East and say:>
      "My Brothers and Sisters in the One Power, Hear my Words!  Our
 Circle is complete!  We have Perfectly Created a Sacred Space, a Place
 out of Time. Let none seek to enter who would violate our Purpose. Our
 will shall be done and none shall be harmed! May the Guardians of the
 Four Quarters keep Their Watch over this Circle and lend us Their Mighty
 2-6,O'Dubhain )  That pretty much sums up the prepared presentation, any
 (2-5,Nan)        Whew!
 (2-5,Nan)        I'm still absorbing
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 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) yep!  Well there is a lot more I could say!<G>
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 (2-2,Freepowder) <hehehehe>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Like We could talk about just where those cities were?
                  The Sky or the North?
                  UFO's maybe?
 (2-2,Freepowder) ok, first tho, was the stone of fal...
 (2-2,Freepowder) the same as the stone of scone?
 (2-2,Freepowder) ga
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) That was what the Scots and the Sassanach would have us
 (2-2,Freepowder) you say?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) But the Irish tradition is that it is still inside of
 (2-2,Freepowder) thought so. hrumph.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Why would we every give away one of the treasures of
 the Land?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Besides!<G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) stolen?
 (2-5,Nan)        what's the stone of scone? (other than a very old tea
 snack <g>)
 (2-2,Freepowder) LOL
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) If it really was stolen then it sits in Westminister
 Abbey!  And hasn't cried out in over 400 years!<G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) nahm, it's still in Tara, yup!
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Meaning.....that the Sassanach are not the rightful
 kings of Ireland!!!!<GGGG>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The stone of Scone was the kingship stone of the Scots
 (2-5,Nan)        ahh, now i remember
 (2-2,Freepowder) N> Scotland had a similar legend to that of the stone 
                  of Fal, it was taken to westminister abbey when the 
                  english took scotland
 (2-2,Freepowder) And they niver give it back!
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Fp>That's right....thieving Sassanch!<G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) rude!
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 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) <======Just finished "Trinity" and in a very 
                  unforgiving mood.
 (2-2,Freepowder) the 4 cities, which world were they in?
 (2-2,Freepowder) LOL!
 (2-2,Freepowder) grand book! read it a few years ago.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Yes it sure makes one think that they'll never resolve 
                 the Problem of Northern Ireland.
 (2-2,Freepowder) I met a fellow, prob IRA, said...
 (2-2,Freepowder) the brits need to just pull out...
 (2-2,Freepowder) I said ther'd be a blood bath....
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Fp>The Four Cities were in the North but in the       
           Spirtual Plane.
 (2-2,Freepowder) he said for a few years then it would come right.
 (2-2,Freepowder) sky or earth or underworld?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Fp>Sky types always associated with the Spirit and Big 
                  Magick. But of course two of the gifts were associated 
                  with the Underworld. The Stone and the Cauldron.
 (2-2,Freepowder) sounds like a commercial, 'Big,Big Magick!' <G>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Goes back to that dual nature of the Deities again. 
 John Matthews has a great picture in his book, "Celtic Shamanism" of a
 World Tree that has roots in the Underworld and branches into the Sky
 World.  The two are connected by a Rainbow of colors , stars and 
 Totem animals!
 (2-2,Freepowder) you have more books than I have money <G> 
                  >sounds like Yggdrisll
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The Rainbow "brige" exists outside of the Physical
 World entirely.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Yes it does sound like Yggdrisll!  I have a GIF of this
 Cosmology at home and will upload it to Library 16 this weekend.
 (2-2,Freepowder) now, where have I heard of the rainbow bridge....Jesse 
                  Jackson? <G>
 (2-5,Nan)        well, i should be on my way.....thanks for another
 great workshop O'D. Looking forward to more :)
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 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Yes folks Jesse JAckson is the new Celtic Rainbow
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 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Hey Fp>What do you think we should cover next time?
 (2-2,Freepowder) I was heart broken, couldn't come up w/ ?s from last wk
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Think folks are just hanging back and uploading the 
 (2-2,Freepowder) the rest of the stuff at the top of this.<G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) yeah, it might help if the right rom was listed in
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Oscar night is a tough night to compete with the
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 (2-2,Freepowder) as long as they are reading..'sok
 (2-2,Freepowder) hey! I volunteered to get into sysopery <G>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) <======would like to get some additional opinions 
                  on some of this stuff.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) FP>You did? Great!
                  What was the response?
                  This workshop is closed! BTW!<G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) well, maybe if you are in the right place at the right
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 (2-2,Freepowder) I figured that out
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 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) <======just wanted it in the transcript!<G>
 <We next engaged in some generalized Celtic discussion that I thought
 would be of interest to the offline class readers!<G> ...>
 <Our discussion was joined by DRUID at this point>
 (2-13,DRUID)     I'm a member of OBOD in southern England.
 (2-2,Freepowder) OBOD?
 (2-22,Grey Wolf) Gotta go, I've got School in the mornin, Be sure to
 write though
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) GW>Bye!
 (2-8,Pietra) bye GW
 (2-2,Freepowder) Slan leat Gdub!
 (2-13,DRUID)     Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.
 (2-22,Grey Wolf) later
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Great Nice to have you here.
 (2-2,Freepowder) Ah! heard of them! stop in next wk!
 (2-13,DRUID)     I am working on my Ovate Initiation at this time.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) DRUID>Do you recommend any books?
 (2-2,Freepowder) we're gopnna re-create balor's eye! <G>
 (2-13,DRUID)     I am also a member of the F.O.I. located in south
 eastern Ireland.
 (2-2,Freepowder) FOI? sorry <G>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) FP>yeah !!! Chunk another hot spear into that Fomorian 
 (2-13,DRUID)     Fellowship of Isis. Olivia Robertson
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Dia dhuit, a DhRUID!
 (2-2,Freepowder) there is one referenct to lugh using a rock I think <G>
 (2-13,DRUID)     as far as books, i have quite a few, would
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The FOI sounds Thelemic to me.
 (2-13,DRUID)     not know what to recomend.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) I read the Book of Druidry by Ross Nichols
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Found it to be based upon the works of Davies and
 (2-13,DRUID)     I saw that you were giving a workshop on Ogham.
 (2-13,DRUID)     I have seen some of the origional standing Ogham stones 
                 in northern England.
 (2-13,DRUID)     They are standing in remote fields, not even marked
 very well.
 (2-2,Freepowder) Must be nice to live on the ground so to speak ,less
 the economy, tho <G>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) DRUID>It's my belief that the Oghams carved upon sticks 
                 have long since disintergrated.
 (2-13,DRUID)     They are weather beaten, but you can still make them
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) BTW They did find some Standing stones in this country 
                  with Oghams upon them!<G>
 (2-13,DRUID)     Yes i would agree, however these are stone, 
                  tall about 4 feet.
 (2-2,Freepowder) OD> really?! where?
 (2-13,DRUID)     I do not think so.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) <=====looking in reference right now
 (2-13,DRUID)     On an island in northern England, the name of the
 island escapes me,
 (2-2,Freepowder) and don't say L.A.!
 (2-2,Freepowder) the ones in the US, Druid
 (2-13,DRUID)     but i could go look it up if you want. I also have
 pictures of them.
 (2-2,Freepowder) they have some in Ireland yet don't they?
 (2-13,DRUID)     say it is highly possible.
 (2-2,Freepowder) where did the 'key' to the oghams come from, culdeans?
 (2-13,DRUID)     I have that information, i would need to refresh me
 memory, but it was from the old Ogham alphabet, and religion.
 (2-2,Freepowder) seems to me I read about some, in the south I think,
 no, ulster?
 (2-13,DRUID)     from the old Ogham alphabet, and religion.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Druid>the reference is "America BC" by Professor Barry
 (2-13,DRUID)     Does it actualy say there are stones in this country.?
 (2-2,Freepowder) well, yes but how did the info survive, i.e. what was
 the 'rosetta stone' for oghams
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) FP>The key came out of the Book of Ballymote
 (2-2,Freepowder) OD, Culdeans? or other?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) DRUID>I was looking at a reference to a reference.
 (2-13,DRUID)     Would you care to have me go and hunt up the info
 (2-13,DRUID)     on what island it was.?
 (2-2,Freepowder) no not online Druid <G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) and where are the ones in the US?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Actual refernce was Celtic Gods Celtic Goddesses 
                  by R. J. Stewart
 (2-2,Freepowder) post a msg at your convience <G>
 (2-13,DRUID)     Ok i will try to join next week with the info at hand.
 (2-2,Freepowder) cool!
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) great !!! Go raibh maith agat!
 (2-13,DRUID)     I spent a month in Ireland & England last year doing
 (2-13,DRUID)     a systematic search of the old Pagan & Druid Holy
 (2-2,Freepowder) WOW!
 (2-2,Freepowder) <turning green>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) DRUID>Pick up any strange sensations or Power?
 (2-13,DRUID)     Got to join in a Autumn EQ. in the Catacombs of
 (2-13,DRUID)     Clonigal Castle with Oliva Robertson. It was
 (2-13,DRUID)     real intense.
 (2-13,DRUID)     That was where i joined the FOI.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) DRUID> Is the FOI based upon Crowley's work?
                  What is it based upon?
 (2-13,DRUID)     Is it too late in the course to join and still
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) We are only scartching the surface
                  We still have a lot of "Works" to cover.
 (2-13,DRUID)     No it is an open organization, all forms of religion 
                  are welcome.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Like "Making:, and "Dragon's Eye" and The Three Rays
 (2-2,Freepowder) BTW, have you seen a little book called 'Irish Earth
 Folk' by Diarmuid Mac Manus, Devin Adair Co. 1959?
 (2-13,DRUID)     Good, is there a listing of dates in the LIB.?
 (2-13,DRUID)     I dont recall, however i went thru a lot of used book
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) DRUID>The Workshops have been uploaded into library 16
 (2-13,DRUID)     stores while i was over there.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) as CLTWS1.TXT TO CLTWS4.TXT
 (2-13,DRUID)     I will try and join in next week after i download the
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) CLTWS5.TXT should go in the nextfew days.  In it we
 mention additional topics of discussion.
 (2-2,Freepowder) and the tree list <G>
 (2-13,DRUID)     Tree list?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) The list is in CLTWS5.TXT
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Druid>I'm generatiog a tree cross reference between
 (2-2,Freepowder) a correspondence between Irish trees and american trees
 (2-13,DRUID)     I run a Pagan Based BBS called Echo's of Enchantments.
                  European/American/Eastern/Westen types of trees.
 (2-2,Freepowder) where?
 (2-13,DRUID)     Its been up for about five years.
 (2-13,DRUID)     Here in southere Cal.
 (2-2,Freepowder) Where in SoCal? <G>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) DRUID>ever yack with the ADF types?
 (2-13,DRUID)     I also teach Wicca at a shop in LongBeach. O'Dubhain,
 I was impressed with your list of credits in the who's who list. 
 Congrat's for all your effort.
 (2-13,DRUID)     Boy i need to type better.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) DRUID>Thanks!<VBG> 
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) <======Thinks Magickal greats can't type!:)
 (2-2,Freepowder) Druid> I'm going to play my whistle for some trees 
                  and see what happens(probably get sucked into Faerey
 and you'll never me again)
 (2-13,DRUID)     Well better go will grab the files and jump out.
 (2-2,Freepowder) Boy, I must be *really* magickal!
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) FP>Better ground and center first<g>.
 (2-13,DRUID)     Thanks for the time. Blessed Be! to all. Bye..
 (2-2,Freepowder) still trying to work that out! <G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) Slan leat Druid!
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Or at least have a safety line!<G>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) DRUID>Beannacht leat!
 (2-2,Freepowder) now what is that?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) hey hey hey!
 (2-2,Freepowder) a safety line?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) <======would like to conjure up a room full of DRUIDS!
 (2-2,Freepowder) really!
 (2-2,Freepowder) wonder where they all are?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) didn't you say that you were gonna play your whistle 
                  to the trees?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Fairies like music.
 (2-2,Freepowder) I did do a kind of minor healing thing the other night 
                  on myself, worked!
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) and We Celts are a real pushover!<G>
 (2-2,Freepowder) cold much better today
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) good
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) <======Hopes you took my advice to heart.
 (2-2,Freepowder) yeah, that thought you had a while back really
 intrigues me.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Which one?
 (2-2,Freepowder) yes, got modern magick, celtic magick (conway) 
                  >the one about playing ...
 (2-2,Freepowder) music for trees to see what happens.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) I think you'll get a response.
 (2-2,Freepowder) have a Modesto ash in the back yard, gotta be kin to 
                  the irish ash, right?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) right!!
                  And that's a great Faery tree.
 (2-2,Freepowder) BTW how come I don't see mulberry trees anywhere 
                  in those lists?<G>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Faeries love Oak ASh and Thorn trees.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Shhhh!!!
 (2-2,Freepowder) that book,Irish earth folk talks about those, and ...
 (2-2,Freepowder) puca's
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Secret inner initiate stuff!:)
 (2-2,Freepowder) yeah, right! lol
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) ROFL!
 (2-2,Freepowder) will you be doing a full moon rit online the 27th?
 (2-2,Freepowder) puca's, mostly dogs
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) <=====Thinks Sasquatch is a Puca!
 (2-2,Freepowder) LOL! might could be!
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) We are doing a Spring Equinox thing in Religion on Wed
 (2-2,Freepowder) open to the pub?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Think about it....Pucas and Sasquatch got a lot in
 (2-2,Freepowder) <fishing for invitation>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) FP>Sure is... the Cyber Coven HPS was here a while ago 
                  advertising it!<G>
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Please come along with me
 (2-2,Freepowder) yeah, but aren't pucas mostly horses and dogs 
                  and 4 legged in general?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) They can take any animal form.
 (2-2,Freepowder) Super!
 (2-2,Freepowder) what time?
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) It's at 10 PM EST in CO 8 over in the Religion Forum
                  On Wed Nite.
 (2-2,Freepowder) ok!
 <At this point DRUID rejoined us with some additional Information.>
 (2-13,DRUID)     The island in nothern England was IONA...
 (2-2,Freepowder) yeah, but I've read Llewellen, and she's no McAvoy!
 (2-13,DRUID)     However the largest gathering of stones we saw
 (2-2,Freepowder) that was one of the last outposts of the Druids 
                  during the roman times,
 (2-13,DRUID)     were in fact in Ireland on the island on Valentia, in
 (2-13,DRUID)     northern ireland.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Did you write down the inscriptions?
 (2-2,Freepowder) last retreat during the reign of Caradoc & Bodiciea
 (2-13,DRUID)     No,... it was hand to read, however i did make some
 video, and stills
 (2-13,DRUID)     could look them over real well, or have them blown up.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) <====remembers the tale "How the Tain was Recovered"
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) <==== two young Druids found the stone over Fergus
 MacRoy's grave "summoned" him and listened to his Shade
                  recite the TAin for 3 days!<G>
 (2-13,DRUID)     Next week will try and give a discription and direc-
 tions to the stones.
 (2-2,Freepowder) Slan leat aDhruid!
 (2-13,DRUID)     Later.
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) Slan!
 (2-13,DRUID)     bye..
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) I'm gonna bag it too FP!
 (2-2,Freepowder) ok, Slan leat! and thanks!
 (2-6,O'Dubhain ) TA failte romhat!<G>
           "Celtic Workshop #6 - Dindsenchas, Totems and Transmigration"
 This is a transcript of the sixth Celtic Workshop - Dindsenchas,Totems
 and Transmigration. The purpose of this Workshop was to investigate the
 Celtic Inner Spirit by looking at beliefs about the Land, the Family,
 the Spirit and the Soul. The stories about name origins as well as the
 practice of having totemic beasts seemed to be a good place to start. I
 also hoped that such investigations would give added meaning to
 understanding Druidic concepts of Being.
 Before I begin let me say a few words about how the Workshop is con-
 ducted.  We will first hear from a presenter, tonight that is me. If you
 have a question type in a ? and I will acknowledge you by typing "ga" at
 and appropriate time.  When you have finished your question type "ga" to
 let me know that I may respond. When    we are finished I will ack-
 nowledge the next questioner in a similar manner. If you have a comment
 or additional information to provide on a topic, please use the "!" to
 signal me.  I will also cycle through those with comments in a similar
 manner. If their are no questions at this point I will begin tonight's
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   The Subject of tonight's Celtic Workshop
                                Dindsenchas, Totemic Animals and 
                                Transmigration of the Soul.
 During the previous Workshop, we studied the Celtic Otherworld and their
 God/desses. We saw how Existence was divided into a Higher, Middle and
 Underworld reality. The Spirit of the Celt would be tied to and migrate
 between these various worlds. A celt was very connected to the land as
 well as having a strong belief in his "code of conduct'" and the
 immortality of his Being. Tonight's Workshop will attempt to clarify how
 A Celt arrived at these strong inner concepts of connection to his
 family, his Land and his Eternal or Spirit life. In order to understand
 the Celtic Spirit, one must know the Dinseanchas, the Totemic Animals
 and the Druidic concept of Transmigration of the Soul.
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   The first topic to be covered will be the Dinseanchas.
                Dinseanchas or "Place Name Stories"
 The Dinseanchas or "Place Name Stories" are among the earliest tales of
 Ireland. This tract gives the etymology of the names of several of the
 more well known places of Erinn. The first such "place name" that we
 will discuss is the origin of the Names "Meath" and "Uisnech". These two
 locations are tied into the history of the Kings of Ireland. Meath is
 the "fifth" division of Ireland set aside for the Ard Reis to rule and 
 Uisnech is the hill that represents the Spiritual center of Ireland. 
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   This is the story of Uisnech:
 "After the Tuatha de Dannans had been conquered by the Sons of Milesius
 (Mileseans), Midhe the son of Brath, son of Detha, was the first to
 light a fire in all of Erinn. This fire burned upon his hilltop for
 seven years and all the fires of the land were lighted using this fire.
 Midhe and his clan were entitled to a sack of corn and a pig from every
 house in Erinn each year in return for maintaining this fire. Naturally
 the Druids were envious of this fact and they met together to conspire
 against Midhe and his clan. Midhe discovered the plot and attacked the
 Druid conclave, cutting out the tongues of the Druids so they could not
 speak against him. He buried these tongues in the earth and sat upon the
 spot while his mother exclaimed that it was "proudly" or "Uaisnech" you
 sit up there this night! This then is the derivation of the name of the
 hill, Uisnech and of the province of Meath "Midhe". BTW Uisnech is
 pronounced "ISH nuk".
 Uisnech is the site also of the "Well of Life" where twelve major
 Magickal rivers flow forth from the Underworld. Could this be the Magick
 of the Druids tongues?
 (2-10,Adam)     ?
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   Yes Adam? ga
 (2-8,O'Ba'n)    !
 (2-8,O'Ba'n)    I've never heard this story
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   Ok O'Ba'n a question?
 (2-8,O'Ba'n)    GA
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   This story is from the ancient Irish Writings.           You can find it in "A Celtic Reader" by John Matthews  It's source is
 from Eugene O'Curry
 (2-8,O'Ba'n) GA
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   ok
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   Here is a story of the origins of the name "Tara":
 "Another significant hill is Tara. This hill had it's name changed five
 times. It was first called Druim Descuin or "the Conspicuous Hill", next
 it was Liath Druim after a Firbolg chieftain who was first to clear it
 of woods. The third name for the hill was Druim Cain  "the Beautiful
 Hill", then Cathar Crofinn, and finally Teamair (Anglicized Tara) from
 the name Te'a the wife of Eremon the son of Milesius."
 This story gives us a mini history of Ireland, from the original names
 of the hill through the names ascribed to various invading tribes until
 we see the name that it retains to this day "Tara". BTW this name is
 pronounced "CHOW irr" in Gaeilge.
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   Another Dindseanchas is the story of Lughaidh Delbaeth
 "the fire-producer", a Dalcasian Druid.  "Lugaid had a considerable
 amount of land, while the husband of his daughter, Trad, though a king,
 had little land and a large family. Trad asked Lugaid for an oracle to
 find out how he could gain more land. Lugaid consulted his oracles and
 announced that if Trad would ask any man on that day to surrender his
 lands, that man would be bound to comply. Trad then asked Lugaid to
 surrender his lands which he did. Lugaid took his six sons with him
 across the Shannon river where he started a fire by means of his Druid 
 Power. This fire had five streams issuing from it.  Each of the eldest
 five sons followed these flames to the site of their new lands. Lugaid
 remained behind with his youngest son, Nos, and eventually dies and was
 buried next to a lake, near to Carn Fiacha (now called Loch Lugh-phorta
 or the Lake of Lugaid)."
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   This story is important for a few reasons: 
                                1. It is an instance of the use of Druid Magick to
 create fire.
                                2. It shows the the use of oracles to determine a course
 of action.
                                3. It demonstrates the sanctity of one's word of honor.
                                4. It shows the derivation of several place names as
 well as the family name of "Devlin" (from Dealbhna, derived from
 A story of this sort was used to establish place names, to derive family
 traditions, to demonstrate morality, to show the worth of cunning and
 integrity. It is also a good example of Druidic Powers. it was from a
 large wealth and variety of such tales that our ancestors remembered
 their past and learned their code of living.
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   This serves a similar function to the new book by
 William Bennett.....can't recall the title.  But I think it's on the
 best seller list right now....anyone know the book?  Something like the
 Book of......?
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   O'Ba'n ?  ah well continuing onward!<G>
 (2-8,O'Ba'n)    dunno <G>
 (2-4,Nan)       the book of o'ban????!!!! <vbg>
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   I'll find the name and insert it!  Nan!!!!LOL!
 (2-8,O'Ba'n)    great writer ain't I?
 (2-10,Adam)     <g>
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   The next topic to be discussed will be the Totemic
             "Celtic Totem Animals"
 Celts and Druids held the belief that each person and family had a
 special relationship with animals and animal Spirit Beings that were
 sacred to ech clan.  This belief is what Patricia Kennealy is referring
 to in her book "Strange Days, My Life With Jim Morrison". MS. Kennealy
 is a member of an ancient clan of Irish "Wolf Shamans" whose tradition
 states that they are the Magickal leaders of their people.  This
 association of Spirit Animals or "Totems" is based upon the ancient
 Celtic belief that all life is related, the Land, the waters, the
 spirits of a place, the trees, the flora and the animals that they lived
 with side by side. Many ancient stories tell how the Druids could
 "shapeshift" into animal form to escape or work Magick. To know your
 Inner Celtic Spirit, you must know your clan and your personal Spirit
 (2-25,Denise H) I am here at last :)
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   The following animals appear throughout Celtic tales
 and Magick:
                The Salmon (Brionnfhionn)
 This is the fish of All Wisdom. It lives in the depths of the Sea from
 which all life springs. It is said to acquire it's great knowledge from 
 eating the Nine Hazels of Wisdom that fall from the Tree of Knowledge.
 This fish was said to be among the oldest of living creatures. The great
 Hero and Druid Fionn mac Cumhail gained his wisdom by touching his thumb
 to a salmon that he was cooking for the Druid Fintan.
                The Deer or Stag (Abhach, Sailetheach)
 The deer was said to be a fairy creature that could pass between the
 world's. This was especially true for a white deer. Fionn's wife Sabha
 became a deer when she went to the Otherworld. Beautiful women frequen-
 tly became deer in many tales while fleeing from hunters. The Druid Tuan
 mac Carill is the sole survivor of a group of early Partholanian Irish
 settlers. He lives at first as a wildman of the woods eventually
 becoming a stag, an eagle, a salmon and eventually is reincarnated as
 himself at a much later date to give the ancient history of Ireland to
 the more recent settlers.
                The Horse (Cab-all)
 The horse  was one of the most important animals to  the Celts. A mare
 is ritually symbolically mated by the King in the Rite of Sovereignty.
 White horses are also mystical beings. It is a pale horse that is ridden
 by Gwynn ap Nudd the Master of the Wild Hunt in Wales while gathering
 souls. A huge horse shape is sculpted into the hills of Wiltshire called
 White Horse Hill. This animal is another guide to the Otherworld.
                The Hawk (Seg or Aracos)
 The most famous Hawk is the Hawk of Achill that can riddle and discuss
 with the  Druidic poet Fintan. This animal is also as old as time and
 another storehouse of great knowledge.
                The Blackbird (Druid-dhubh)
 This is yet another animal that can freely pass into the Otherworld. It
 is associated with the Druids and the Goddess Rhiannon. This bird has
 mystical arts and can sing one into a trancelike state. It can give one
 access to the Magick of the Otherworld  and is an excellent familiar.
 This is not the Crow or Raven but a songbird.
                The Hound/the Dog (Abach)
 This is an animal of the hunt and is frequently associated with
 humanlike intelligence. The hounds of Fionn mac Cumhail, Bran and
 Sgeolainn, are actually transformed humans, The Cwn Annwn, are the
 Gabriel hounds that accompany Gwynn ap Nudd during the Wild Hunt as well
 as guarding the gates to the Underworld or Annwn the kingdom of the God
 of the Dead, Arawn. Cuchulain the Champion of Ulster gets his name from
 replacing the Hound of Cuchul that he kills. He is called the "Hound
 of Ulster" from this event. The hound is also his totem animal.
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   <a slight pause>
 There are many other Magickal totemic animals in Celtic Magick and
 history: the Eagle (Iolair), Crow (Badb), Raven (Bran), Sow (Airc), Boar
 (Bacrie), Cat (Caoit), Otter (Balgair), Bear (Arth), Badger (Breach) and
 the Eel (As-chu).
 The Dragon is another mighty Magical animal that appears in British and
 Welsh stories. It is, of course, a creature of fire but is also related
 to the Power of the Land. Another word for Ley Lines is Dragon Lines.
 Another name for raising Power is to invoke the "Eye of the Dragon". The
 whole Earth was viewed by the Druids as the body of the Dragon. Menhirs
 and stone Circles were located at great Power nodes. The Celts called
 Dragons "Fire Drakes".
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   The importance of these animals is in their use as
 Spirit Guides in the Otherworld and their aid as a familiar in working
 Magick. To find your totemic animal will require you to experience a
 shamanistivc trance. This is usually accomplished by "drumming" and
 meditation. (You'll need someone to drum or a "drumming tape" to allow
 yourself a chance to really meditate). Open youself up to the God of the
 Hunt as you meditate upon the Tree of Life. He will come to you while
 you are in trance (usually after 10 to 40 minutes of drumming). Your
 totem animal will apear running from the Great Forest. When the animal
 appears, let its essence fill you. Become your totem. Dance its dance
 and sing its song until you are one in the Spirit. You should repeat
 this ritual as often as necessary to have a close rapport with your
 Spirit Animal guide.  Much of what you are told and given will be from
 the perspective of the Animal and will be difficult to understand unless
 you are truly One with it.  
 (2-4,Nan)       does one usually only have a single totem animal or is 
 it possible to have more than one? ga
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   It's possible to have more than one.  You might have a
 clan totem as well as a personal totem animal.
 (2-21,O'Dubh)   Ok I have one more topic to cover  "The Transmigration
 of the Soul"
 I would like to start this discussion by quoting an ancient Celtic
 Culdean verse:
                               "Out of a Timeless World
                               Shadows fall upon time.
                               From a beauty older than earth
                               A ladder the soul may climb.
                               I climb by Fionn's Stair
                               To a whiteness older than time."
 The above verse is referring to Aradach Fionn, a listing of the Oghams.
 Each rung of the ladder or stair represents a lesson learned or a new
 life of continuing perfection. Such a series of lessons and rebirths are
 a manifestation of the Druidic concept of the Tramsmigration of the
                A few quotes about Druids:
 "The principal point of their teaching is that the soul does not perish,
 and that after death it passes from one body into another." .....Julius
 "Among them the doctrine of Pythagoras prevails, according to which the
 souls of men are immortal, and after a fixed term recommence to live,
 taking upon themselves a new body."....Diodorus
 According to some sources, this transmigration of the soul was done in
 an upward fashion, with each incarnation bringing the Being closer to
 the True Spirit. According to others, we are reincarnated into future
 lives of our progeny...thus Mongan is The Spirit of Fionn reincarnated
 in the Seventh Century CE (Fionn himself was said to be Cumhail reincar-
 nated). As we have seen previously, the Spirit of Tuan mac Carill is
 reincarnated several times as a variety of animals until he is reborn
 in the sixth century and relates his history of Ireland from the time of
 Partholan forward, St. Finnen is the Irish monk to whom the story was
 related. This story was eventually recorded in the Eleventh century
 manuscript, "The Book of the Dun Cow". No record exists to indicate that
 the Druids believed in "karma", duality (as seen in the concept of "good
 and evil"), original sin (actually they believed man was inheritly
 good), nor a heaven and hell afterlife.
 Where did one's soul reside then ? Many stories were told and written of
 the Otherworlds that awaited the Spirit between incarnations, These 
 stories are called immrama or "wonder voyages" and usually involve
 taking ship to a Magickal Isle. The voyages of Bran and St. Brendan 
 generally fit into these catagories.
 When one arrives at an Otherworldly island, time can pass extremely
 slowly compared to the Physical world. Oisin the son of Fionn went to
 such a faery world for a few days only. When he returned for a visit
 upon one of those Magickal White Horses, he discovered that many
 hundreds of years had passsed.  Although he had been cautioned not to
 dismount during his visit, he did so and was immediately transformed
 into an extremely elderly man. St. Patrick was brought to him and heard
 his many stories of the exploits of Fionn and the Fianna as well as the 
 lands of Tir na Og. Oisin was eventualy rescued by his Sidhe princess
 and returned to the Land of Eternal Youth. Some of the other Lands are
                               Tir fo Thuinn - Land under the Wave.
                               Tir na mBan   - Land of Women.
                               Tir na mBeo   - Land of Life.
 These four Tirs or lands make up the Celtic Underworld where Souls
 reside until reborn. There are also Plains above that are generally the
 habitations of the Gods.
                Thes are:
                               Sen Magh      - Old Plain
                               Magh Argetal  - Plain of Silver Clouds
                               Magh Mell     - Plain of Delight
                     Magh Ionganaidh - Plain of Wonder
 The Irish Celts felt that the Being had the following attributes or
                               Delph         - The appearance or Outer form
                               Duile         - The Body Elements 
                                                                            (flesh, bone, blood, etc)
                               Ana'l         - The breath or anima
                               Menma         - The Mind and the Will
                               Cuimhne       - The Memory
                               Fein          - The Self
                               Pu'ca         - The shape-shifting Shadow
                               Enaid         - The Soul.
 I would like to finish my remarks on Reincarnation and Transmigration
 with another ancient verse. This verse is from the Fifth Century CE and
 is the translation by Kuno Meyer:
                               "I invoke the seven daughters of the sea
                               Who fashion the threads of the sons of 
                               long life.
                               May three deaths be taken from me!
                               May seven waves of good fortune be dealt to me!
                               May no evil spirits harm me on my circuit!
                               In flashing corslet without hindrance!
                               May my fame not perish!
                               May old age come to me, may death not come 
                               to me until I am old!"
                               "I invoke Senach of the seven periods of time,
                               Whom fairy women have reared on the breasts 
                               of plenty.
                               May my seven candles not be extinguished!
                               I am an indestructable stronghold.
                               I am an unshaken rock.
                               I am a precious stone.
                               I am the luck of the week.
                               May I live a hundred times a hundred years.
                               Each hundred of them apart!
                               I summon their boons to me.
                               May the grace of the Holy Spirit be upon me!"
 That's the Celtic view of life!  To live but to have variety and
 passion, while reincarnating over and over!<G>
                           Celtic Workshop #7 
    "In Between Times and Places", "Need Fires" or Days of Imbalance,
           Portals, Dolmens, Passage Graves and Stone Circles"
 Tonight the Magickal nature of "In Between Times and Places" will be
 discussed and examples will be given for their use in Magickal "wor-
 kings". The Druidic concept of "imbalance" in Magickal workings will be
 introduced and discussed. The nature and use of the stone megalithic
 sites will also be presented and discussed.
 Tonight we undertake a journey to the lands that are between the worlds.
 This is the same place where anything can happen that Rod Serling
 referred to as the "Twilight Zone". The ancient Celts sought out this
 Magickal place to aid their Magickal Power and to seek the Otherworld.
 Before we can undertake this journey of the Spirit as well as the Mind,
 a brief review and synopsis of our previous discussions on the Celtic
 Otherworld and Magick are in order. 
                      "In Between Times and Places"
 As we noted previously, the Celts believed that Reality actually
 consisted of multiple worlds.  As a minimum, they believed there was a
 World of the Stars or Gods, a Middle World (the Earth) and an Under-
 world. All these worlds were connected in some way, with events and
 Magicks from one affecting events occuring in a different world.
 The Celts believed that these Worlds were closer at certain times. These
 are the "In Between Times" that we are going to speak about tonight. It
 should also be no surprise that the Celts and Druids practiced their
 most important Magicks during such times of transition as the sunrise,
 sunset,the moonrise, moonset and the transitions of the seasons
 (Beltaine and Samhain) and the extremes of the Sun (Mid-Winter and
 Mid-Summer) or the great "Fire Festivals". Later during our discussions
 of stone circles and passage graves we shall see one way that this
 desire to do Magick at the optimal times was possibly implemented.
                  "The Magickal Laws of Druidic Power"
 Celtic tales of Magick are filled with events that are linked to "in
 between states". This could be a mysterious fog, a time of dusk or next
 to the edge of water. All of these conditions have one state in common,
 they represent imbalance. Any student of the physical sciences can tell
 you, that all forces can  be resolved into the sum total of the in-
 dividual forces. One of the factors that must be overcome when moving
 anything is inertia. During times of change, when imbalance occurs
 naturally, is the time chosen by Druids for their Magicks. This is and
 example of the Law of Magickal Association, the Law of Similarity and
 the Law of Contagion as stated by Issac Bonewits in his book "Real
 Magick". Here is a listing of those three laws of Magick:
          Law of Association.
 If two things have anything in common that thing can be used to control
 both, and they have a mutual influence on each other, depending on the
 size of the thing shared. The more they have in common, the more they
 influence each other.
          Law of Similarity.
 This is the basis of "Sympathetic" magic and basically says that effects
 resembles causes.  "Lookalikes are alike".
          Law of Contagion.
 It states that once things come into contact, they continue to interact
 after separation.  "Power is contagious".
 These three Laws of Magick basically say that if you want to do Magick
 pick a time when Magick occurs that is similar to the kind of Magick
 that you want to accomplish. There is a very similar belief held by
 modern Wiccans.  Wiccans normally do creative or "positive" magick when
 the Moon is in its waxing phases. Banishing or "dark" Magick is done
 during the waning phases of the Moon. Druidic Magick took advantage of
 the times when the Sun or Moon "touched" the Earth (Sun/Moon rise/set).
 At such a time, some of the Power inherit to these heavenly deities
 could be "borrowed". This is the Law of Contagion at work. At Sunrise
 and Sunset is when the mists "Magickally" appear, making fog or mists a
 time of Magickal workings. The area of transition between states of
 matter such as the edge of a river or lake was also thought to be a
 Magickal location. This could have been due to the belief that all
 knowledge flowed forth from  the Well of Segais or Conla's Well but I
 believe it is more closely associated with the belief that where
 different worlds met was also a place where entry to the Otherworld was
 the easiest.  This also explains why they favored divination by the edge
 of water. Fire scrying is another example of this "Magick" in transition
 states. Fire is the ultimate transitory state of matter and leads us to
 the next  topic of discussion, "Need Fires" and "Days of Imbalance".
                           "Days of Imbalance"
 As you will recall, another time of greatest imbalance was when the
 change of the seasons and the extremes of the Sun. This is, of course,
 Beltaine, Samhain, Mid-Winter's and Mid-Summer's Solstices. Great fires
 were kindled during these festivals for two reasons: To encourage and
 enhance the energies of the Sun and to create conditions favorable to
 Tramsmutation of Power.
 These "need fires" were used to scry, to purify and to sacrifice as
 well. Animals and other offerings were cast into the flames. As we have
 seen in a previous Workshop, cattle were driven between the fires and
 youths engaged in jumping through the flames. (It has been conjectured
 that this practice of flame jumping had its origins in earlier practices
 of human sacrifice.   I personally have not seen a single valid
 reference to Druidic human sacrifices.)  The thought was also held that
 "like attracts like", so that the Power of the flames would also attract
 the Magickal Power of the Sun.
 Being periods of imbalance, the Druids also took advantage of the flows
 of power to perform divinations.  These great fires also served to
 signal the Power of the Druids to all people, as well as to unify their
 control over the minds of the Celtic nations.
                  "The Otherworld, Portals and Domans"
 Although the Celts did not build the megalithic structures found within
 their lands, they were certainly aware of them. Without exception these
 monuments were attributed to the God/dessess, heroes and/or to the
 Tuatha de Dannan. The many dolmens were thought to be passage ways or
 portals to the Otherworld.  Many myths and tales surround trips made to
 and from the realm of the Sidhe by passing through a dolmen archway when
 the Moon was full. Modern archeology has determined that these dolmens
 are actually neolithic burial sites.
             "Bru'gh na Bo'inne (Newgrange)"
 One of the oldest structures in the Western world is found in Ireland
 upon the banks of the Boyne river. This is the Bru'gh na Bo'inne, the
 burial place of Irish kings and the legendary palce of the Dagdha and
 Angus mac Og. The area is also known, in English, as New Grange. This
 structure was erected by the original inhabitants of the land around 
 3500 BC, predating Stonehenge and being contemporary with the Sphinx and
 the Pyramids of Egypt. The structure was covered with white stones in
 ancient times and would "shine' in the Sun when seen from great
 distances. This is very similar to the way the Great Pyramid was also
 described when seen in the sunlight with it's reflective coating.
 Many ancient Irish legends and tales are associated with this structure
 and the passage of time. Most of these tales are about time standing
 still or seeming to pass without notice. Their stories center around
 Angus mac Og (the Young God), his birth in a day, his attaining the
 ownership of the Bruig for "only a day and a night" (lasting forever in
 endless cycles), and his arrangement of his foster father Midir's
 marriage to Etain (who is the subject of many stories of shapeshifting
 and transformation). 
                     "Spirals, Symbols and Carvings"
 This theme of timeless days and transformation is very important when
 one considers that one possible use of this structure was the taking of
 shamanistic journeys. (Angus himself was visited by an aisling or "dream
 woman" who played for him upon a timpan and eventually they are
 transformed into white birds of enchantment).
 Martin Brennan, an Irish-American, was the first person to note the
 relationship between the carvings at New Grange and the rays of the Sun.
 Using the discoveries of Brennan and our previous information about
 Celtic Shamanism, I am going to suggest that the interior chambers of
 this structure were used for shamanistic ceremonies and journeys.
 Let me describe the geometry of Bru'gh na Bo'inne that a Draoi' priest
 might have encountered when appraoching the structure for religious/Mag-
 ickal ceremonies. The first thing that would be noticed is a brillant
 white bowl or hemisphere shining amidst a sea of green. This mound is
 surrounded by 97 kerbstones and the entire structure is then encircled
 by a ring of standing stones.  At the entrance is a stone that one walks
 around to enter the inner chambers. This stone is covered with spirals
 that have been carved into the stone. The stone is divided by a line
 that is aligned with the Mid-Winter Sunrise, the right hand spirals
 being counter clockwise (tuathal or widdershins) and the left hand
 spirals going clockwise (deosil). This is exactly the same type of path
 through the sky that one would observe for the sun during the year. (In
 fact, if you take a lens and focus the Sun's light on a board and leave
 it in place for a year, a track will burned upon the board in the shape
 of an interconnected double spiral. This experiment was done in the
 early 1970's by American artist Charles Ross.)  The entrace to the
 interior chambers, beyond the entrance stone, is 70 meters in length.
 One must pass beneath three large stones that are thought to be symbolic
 of the Celtic Cosmology, the Sky World, the Middle World and the
 Underworld. Once past this Otherworldly entrance, one encounters a large
 chamber with four smaller side chambers that are oriented to the four
 cardinal directions (North, South, East and West). The inner walls are
 covered with spirals and symbols, among them is an eight-rayed sun
 symbol (depicted within a circle). This symbol as well as the rest are
 selectively illuminated by the Sun's entrance through a small hole in
 the roof box that is oriented directly to the Mid-Winter sunrise. A
 finger of light would shine within the chamber to illuminate the
 carvings, shining in golden flecks upon the chamber walls. Within the
 main chamber were great stone bowls that were possibly filed with water
 and arranged to further enhance the solar display within by acting as
 mirrors. The seemingly hap-hazard arrangement of carvings upon the walls
 are organized and transformed by the rays of the Sun.
              "A Night with Angus mac Og"
 Now that the stage is set, imagine yourself to be a seer of the fourth
 millenia BC. You have fasted for days and have spent the long dark night
 of Mid-Winter meditating within the inner chambers of Angus mac Og.  You
 have performed your rituals you have attained a trance-like state and
 you await the rising of the Sun, the new God of Light to return to the
 world. What far journeys or estatic visions will be triggered within
 your Sacred Space by the new Sun's first rays?  A sudden thin ray of
 white light pierces the blackness of the inner chamber with an il-
 luminating shower of images as the inner darkness explodes! Your mind
 reflects the brilliance of the new born Sun as your inner consciousness
 expands into infinity! Your brothers and sisters would follow the dark
 shadow the standing stone to the carn's entrance to find you and the
 inner chamber reborn within the rebirth of the Mid-Winter Sunrise! What
 stories you could tell! What prophecies you could make! I sometimes
 think that Bru'gh na Bo'inne is really the Hyperborean " ...temple of
 the Sun..." mentioned by the ancient Greek writers, rather than
                     "The Land of the Hyperboreans"
 Perhaps the British Isles are the Islands of the Hperboreans after all?
 Where else is found such a system of large scale, megalithic structures
 all centered around the Sun and the Otherworld? One has only to step
 within any of these raths to be transported to another time or another
 age. Bru'gh na Bo'inne is only one among many such locations.  Three
 great mounds exist in this area of the Boyne river, New Grange is the 
 most elaborate but the nearby mounds of Dowth and Knowth are also
 fascinating.  Dowth is oriented to receive the rays of the setting Sun
 on Mid-Winter while Knowth has two passages and is oriented to receive
 the rays of the Equinoxes.  These chambered passages are not limited to
 Ireland, but are found throughout the British Isles and even in
 Brittany. Two noteable sites are located at Maes Howe in the Orkney
 Islands and at Gavrinis in Brittany. The interaction of carvings and
 site orientation is also wide spread and not limited to just the rays of
 the Sun. Many sites also used the beams of the Moon to illuminate
 passages and special formations. Although these sites could be called
 observatories by those of a purely scientific viewpoint, that would be
 in direct contradiction to the aims and worldviews of their creators. To
 fully appreciate the beauty, majesty and wonder of these Magick sites,
 requires us to use our entire mind. Perhaps we should now consider the
 other great location that has equal claim to being the Hyperborean
 Temple of the Sun?  That location is called Stonehenge.
                              "Faery Rings"
 Who has nor heard of the mysterious lights that are seen within faery
 rings when the Sidhe dance within the Moon ways? Such lights have also
 been observed within Magickal Circles constructed by Wiccans and modern
 day Ceremonial Magicians. The crop circle phenomena has also been
 associated with light displays and formations. All these phenomena have
 been reported and seen by reliable witnesses (although , as with all
 such events, there have been cases of fraud as well). The fact is that
 such circlular formations have all been associated with light displays
 and other unexplained phenomena.  It is no coincidence that all of the
 previously mentioned Magickal phenomena are also associated with the
 oldest such locations, the stone circles. Many hundreds of these sites
 are found in Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The two greatest of
 these are Stonehenge and Avebury. I will discuss Stonehenge tonight. I
 may discuss Avebury in the future if it is of sufficient interest to the
 other members of the workshop.
 Has there ever been a place to fire the imagination such as Stonehenge?
 What secrets does it hide as it sits amid the many other marvels to be
 found upon the Salisbury Plains ? This question and thousands more like
 it have passed through the minds of mortals for at least the last 3000
 years. Why was it built? Who built it? How was it used? Can it be used
 again? I'm sure you many have a few questions of your own!<G>  Before we
 get to the questions, let's go through a few of the details we know
 about the site and some of the more recent discoveries that have been
 made regarding its possible uses.
                "Stonehenge I"
 Stonehenge was built in three phases, starting with the construction of
 Stonehenge I around the year 1900 BC.  This is about a thousand years
 after the Pyramids and the tombs of the Bru'ghna Bo'inne and a few
 hundred years before the fall of ancient Troy and the Oddessy.  The
 first phase of construction was a great circular ditch with banks being
 piled upon either side.  The people building it were late Stone Age
 people, Not much is known about them except that they were hunters. An
 opening was left on the northeast side with four holes being left at the
 entrance that may have contained wooden poles. Two other holes inside
 the enclosure may have held upright stones. A third hole was dug that
 still contains the "heel stone", over which the sunrise is observed. A
 variety of other features are associated with this first phase of
 construction. I shall refer you to "Stonehenge Decoded" by Gerald S.
 Hawkins and John B. White for a more indepth discussion of these or
 other Stonehenge details. The entire structure was about 320 feet in
 diameter and about 6 feet high by 20 feet wide with the heel stone and
 possibly two other standing stones being visible. The entire bank would
 have been glaring white since most of the surrounding surface region is
 composted mostly of chalk. The heel stone rises about 16 feet into the
 air and is about 8 feet thick by 7 feet wide. Around the inside of the
 bank was a series of 56 holes called "Aubrey" holes. These holes contain
 the created remains of men and women from that period. Even in its first
 phase, I'm sure you'll agree, it must have been an imposing structure.
                    "Stonehenge II"
 Work upon the second phase of Stonehenge was begun about 1750 BC by
 another race of people known as the "Beaker People". These people built
 two concentric inner stone rings consisting of 82 bluestones on about a
 70 foot diameter around the center of the mound. The entrance was
 widened in the ditch bank by about 25 feet and a double row of 10
 bluestones was placed in the entrance to the stone circles. This work
 was done during about a hundred year period and was never finished due
 to some unknown interruption. With their departure, the Stone age closes
 in Britain and awaits the coming of the Bronze Age.
                    "Stonehenge III"
 The third and final phase in the construction of Stonehenge was
 undertaken by the "Wessex People" in about the year 1650 BC. These
 people were much more highly skilled than the "Beaker People" and
 carried on commerce with the peoples of the Mediterranean area. So many
 artifacts are found from these areas that some scientists have developed
 the theory that Stonehenge was finished under the auspices of a "Master
 Builder" from the Mediterranean. Since this is the only large megalithic
 structure attributed to the Wessex People, they may well be correct. The
 previous double ring of bluestones were removed and set aside for later
 use. They were replaced by a single row of huge sarsen stones coming
 from Marlborough Downs. A horseshoe shaped structure consisting of
 "trilithons" was placed inside of the sarsens and aligned upon the
 northeast opening and the center of the new stone ring. These "tri-
 lithons" are not found in other stone circles and are further evidence
 of the sophistication of the builders.  The cross pieces are held in
 place using a woodworking technique called "mortise and tenon" construc-
 tion. All of these stone pieces were hand-worked. The uprights are very
 close together (about a foot or less). The outer circle is 97 feet 4
 inches in diameter. The outer stones are about 14 feet high by 7 feet
 wide by 3 1/2 feet thick. The inner horseshoe is formed by stones
 ranging from about 20 to 25 feet high. A temporary structure which was
 oval shaped was constructed around the sarsen horseshoe that used the
 previously removed bluestones. This oval was removed and the stones were
 later used to form a horseshoe of bluestones inside of the sarsen
 horseshoe. A number of holes was also dug outside the sarsen circles
 called the "Y" and "Z" holes. These are in a pair of roughly circular
 rings around the entire structure.  One stone remains to be described
 and that is called the "altar stone" though no hole has been found for
 it and no use has been clearly defined. It is of a different material
 from the sarsens or bluestones.  It came from a quarry 30 miles away and
 is of fine grained green sandstone with mica flakes. If clean, it would
 glitter in the sunlight. Stonehenge III was completed about 1600 BC and
 now we are left with the Mysteries of its construction and use.
       "A Quick Word about Construction"
 The construction techniques would take an entire Workshop to cover and
 will not be discussed tonight.  I refer you to "Stonehenge Decoded" for
 details.  An estimate was made of the effort required using the
 conjectured techniques and and estimate of 1,500,000 man days was
 determined to be the level of effort required to build Stonehenge. These
 techniques were demonstrated using modern day men to determine how many
 were actually required for each task. I believe the estimate to be
 realistic and accurate. The question remains, "Why undertake such a
 truly monumental effort ?"  Although the "Hows" of Stonehenge are
 fascinating, I am much more mystified by the "Whys"!
        "A Quick Word about Uses"
 I can classify the "Uses" into five categories:
          1. It was used as a Calender to predict the seasons, the phases
 of the Moon, and the times of the Sun Festivals.
          2. It was used as a site for performing Ceremonies (everything
 from sacrifices to Season fesitivals).
          3. It was used as a Computer to determine Solar and Lunar
 eclipses. (The use as a celestial observatory also fits in here).
          4. It was used as a place to work Magick, take shamanistic
 journeys (similar to a Native American Medicine Wheel), and was used to
 initiate new shamans or priests into the order.
          5. It was used for some other purpose that is subject to
 conjecture and awaits the revelations of our own "illuminations".
 I will attempt to provide details about the site that have been
 determined by computer analysis and let each of you decide for yoursel-
 ves what you think, since tonight we are very limited timewise. We may
 return to these topics for additional details in the future.  
                  "The Computer Analysis"
 How well did Stonehenge predict the Mid Summer/WInter sunrises and/or
 moonrises? When the stone alignments were analyzed by Hawkins in 1961,
 using a digital computer borrowed from Havard University. The analsis
 showed a TOTAL correlation of all major Sun alignments and an almost
 total correlation with alignments of the Moon as well. The accuracy of
 these correlations was within 1.5 degrees. The calculations were based
 upon the positions of the Sun and Moon circa 1500 BC.  When the various
 phases of Stonehenge were considered, it was found that Stonehenge I had
 11 key positions that pointed to ten of the twelve extremes of the Sun
 and the Moon and Stonehenge III pointed 8 times to 8 of the same key
 positions! Needless to say, the position and day of the key Solar/Lunar
 days could be easily determined using Stonehenge as a calendar. (I will
 construct and upload GIFs showing these alignments to Library 16). The
 computer was also used to determine a method where the 56 "Aubrey holes"
 were used to predict eclipses. (BTW 56 is also the number of years that
 the moon takes to complete its entire cycle through the skies). These
 facts have been used to support the arguement that the priests using
 Stonehenge could have reinforced their apparant "power" over the
 elements by not only predicting the "dreaded" eclipses but also to
 "miraculously" cause them to disappear.  I personally couldn't say if
 this speculation is valid. It seems rather cynical to me. Another very
 interesting fact about the location of Stonehenge is that it is almost
 EXACTLY at the right lattitude (51 degrees 17 to allow the Sun and Moon
 azimuths to be separated by 90 degrees. It would seem that the site was
 NOT chosen at random.  
                  "Shamanistic Flights of Imagination"
 Before starting, I'd like to quote the ancient Sicilian historian,
 Diodorus about Britain in 50 BC:
 "The Moon as viewed from this island appears to be but a little distance
 from the Earth and to have on it prominences like those of the Earth,
 which are visible to the eye. The account is also given that the god
 visits the island every 19 years, the period in wish the stars to the
 same place in the heavens is accomplished.  ....There is also on this
 island both a magnificient sacred precienct of Apollo and a notable
 temple.... and the supervisors are called Boreadae, and succession to
 these positions is always kept in their families."
 (BTW the Moon rises farthest to the North every 18 to 19 years as seen
 from the center of Stonehenge).
 I would like to speculate upon some of the possible Magickal aspects of
          1. The site is situated in the midst of a lot of so called
 "crop circle" activity. Could the energy of these verified phenomena
 also be harnessed by Stonehenge? Could an outbreak of crop circle like
 marks have sparked the neolithic people to have constructed their own
 more permanent circles?
          2. Is there an Earth power that is yet to be discovered by
 modern science. Is this power related to "orgone" as postulated by
 Wilhelm Reich from his work with "bions"?  Reich said that this energy
 could be seen spiralling into the air through tubes made from organic
 matter. His "accumulators" were like batteries for orgone and were made
 of alternating layers of organic and inorganic substances (like the
 roofs of the great chambers at Bru'gh na Bo'inne).  Guy Underwood was
 also a proponent of what he caled "earth force" (also described as being
 spiral in nature). Underwood used divining rods to locate pockets of
 such energy within Stonehenge.
          3. Is there a "Dragon" or "Serpent" power waiting to be
 harnessed within the Earth?  Many of the ancient tombs have such a mark
 above their entrys. The Druids certainly believed it was so. Could
 ancient kings have married the land here as suggested in Marion Zimmer
 Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon"? I know the area is surrounded by the
 burial mounds of many ancient kings.  Is the "Dragon Power" awaiting a
 new infusion of energy from a group of dedicated Magickal practitioners.
 Does the Dragon sleep?
          4. The many solar/lunar occurences at Stonehenge suggest it may
 have been associated with shamanistic practices and initiations in a
 manner similar to the areas of the Bru'gh na Bo'inne. Such a practice is
 suggested in Douglas Monroe's "The 21 Lessons of Merlin".  Is Stonehenge
 a portal to the Otherworld?
                        "Ley Lines"
 One cannot discuss "earth force", "orgone" or the Earth Power nodes such
 as Stonehenge without discussing ley lines. These lines are geomet-
 rically located by standing at a Power node and sighting towards other
 power nodes. Using such techniques, "ley hunters" have determined that
 most of southwestern England is criss crossed by such lines. Are ley
 lines "power conduits" between "power nodes"? To answer this question I
 read "Earth Memory" and "Shamanism and the Mystery Lines" by Paul
 Devereaux, the editor of the "Ley Hunter" magazine and the Director of
 the "Dragon Project". Devereaux has embraced, investigated, evaluated
 and rejected more theories about the "ley lines" than anyone else (as
 far as I know). He acknowledges that "death roads" do exist near many of
 these sites but rejects them as being solely responsible for all ley
 lines. (NOTE: death roads are straight roads leading to such ancient
 centers for the express purpose of burials and funerary processions.
 They are well documented and universal to mankind). His own personal
 theory is that the ley lines are the result of shamanistic OOBE
 conducted at the so called "power nodes". The ley lines are the result
 of marking in this reality the patways that the shamans take in their
 altered reality from one sacred site to another. He suggests that these
 "traces" of the Earth's Spiritual Pathways are the means by which we can
 become re-attuned to the Earth's Power and ancient knowledge.
 Well there we have it, a discussion of Druid Power and Power centers. I
 know from my own experience that Magickal Power is stored within my own
 Solitary home Circle. How much greater can the True Power be at a site
 as special as Stonehenge or Bru'gh na Bo'inne?
       Celtic Workshop #8 - The "Rite of 3 Rays" and the "Gift of Awen"
 As usual, we gathered slowly, in fact I was late. After some brief
 initial hellos, we got started. Freepowder was still trying to live down
 an experience with Coyote (the Trickster) from early in the day!<G> I
 discussed the book "The 21 Lessons of Merlin" by Douglas Monroe as an
 example of a work produced by "Awen". I wanted to give the Workshop
 members a perspective on the pluses and minuses involved with such
 works. I also went over some formal and personal rituals and meditations
 I do to receive "illumination". All in all, a very stimulating evening
 of presentation and dialogue......Searles O'Dubhain
 Tonight I would like to do things a little differently than I had
 planned. Before we discuss the "Rite of 3 Rays" or the "Gift of Awen",
 let's talk about one of the references that I have used and some of you
 may have read, "The 21 Lessons of Merlin".  
 As we have previously discussed, not much was written down about the
 Druids by the Druids. The best we can get is the ancient writings of the
 Irish Celtic Culdean Monks who may have been Druids in disguise. Our 
 next best sources are oral traditions found in Celtic families, legends
 and Bardic lore. Comparative analysis between the other ancient In-
 do-European traditions of the Brammans, Greeks, Persians,Egyptians and
 the Siberian Shamans may yield some of the hidden Druidic secrets. A lot
 of the time we are making some educated guesses based upon how similar
 peoples worked Magicks and conducted rituals. Sometimes we have biased
 "eye-witnessed" accounts such as Caesar's or the other Roman historians.
 When a gap exists in our knowledge of Druidic or Celtic practices we
 must do what the ancients did......we must ask that we receive the "Gift
 of Awen". I'll mention some ways that this can happen and what we can do
 to aid our quests for "illumination" a little later in our discussion
 What does all this have to do with "the 21 Lessons of Merlin" you ask? 
 ..... The answer is that this is precisely the approach that Douglas
 Monroe seems to have taken in his book. He fills in the gaps with
 concepts that have come to him as illuminations and also uses the
 illuminations of the "Bardic Mysteries" of Wales (also arrived at by the 
 aforementioned methods). Since  we are all humans, some mistakes can
 occur when we interpret our "illuminated" thoughts and concepts. This is
 precisely why ALL SOURCES should be viewed critically and questioned
 (even as our very own Freepowder is prone to do!<G>). I know I constan-
 tly question and compare. Monroe's book has some very good concepts in
 it and some that I dispute. My primary dispute with him is over his
 concepts regarding the sexual polarities and workings of Magick. 
 He states that Druids were segregated in their Magickal workings because
 men and women cannot work together in a symbiotic manner Magickally. He
 says that women receive Magick from men but do not return it when a
 working is done. This is directly opposite my own experiences where I
 have found the presence of women to Powerfully enhance the working of
 Magicks.  He also states that male Druids did not marry and were
 celibate.  That may be true in Wales, but the Irish Druids married and
 had many children.  Abstaining from sex would have severely depleted the
 Magickal "gene pool"! The Druids were not stupid! I doubt seriously if
 they abstained from sex or procreation! Sex Magick is Big Magick!  (As
 I'm sure we will all agree!<G>). So Monroe does make do
 it.<G> Time and experimentation are the two best tools to evaluate any
 system and the systems of this book will be analyzed fully before we are
 done in this series of Workshops.
 Now I would like to briefly summarize what is in "The 21 Lessons of
               1. The 3 Rites of Assumption
               This lesson refers to the manner in which a student can
 first develop the ability to tap Power and to receive inspirations from
 the Higher Consciousness that exist around us. Monroe uses the "Song of
 Amergin", "The Song of Taliesin" and the "Song of Blue Star" to
 introduce us to Druidic imagery and visualization.
               2. The Pelen Tan
               In this lesson, Monroe says that the "Pelen Tan" or a 
 kind of glass globe with a candle or light inside of it was used to
 create a lighted space under trees that literally caused the area to
 glow with a "blue light" (used by male Druids). He also says that the
 white robes of the Druids emphasized the "black light" effect of these
 fire globes. He says that the female Witches of Avalon used "red lights'
 when performing their ceremonies, giving rise to the association of "red
 light" districts with prostitution in later ages.
               3. The 4 Symbols of Mastery
               This lesson is concerned with the development of Magickal 
 symbols, arch types and correspondences. The concept of "Mastery" over
 the elements is introduced and the need to be creative and original in
 all occult work is emphasized.
               4. The Summoning
               A complete rite of Magickal evocation is described here. 
 Monroe tells how to call the shades of the dead from their graves. He
 introduces the use of  herbs and incense into ritual. The specific shade
 being evoked in this ceremony is that of Merlin.
               5. The 4 Signs of Portal
               This lesson shows how to form a Magickal Circle, to call 
 forth the Guardians of the 4 portals to the Otherworld. Symbols are
 given for each Quarter (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) as well as the
 symbols for the "Sign of Three Rays" that represents Spirit or Akasha
 (similar to the Pentagram). The Old ones called are Uscias, Semias,
 Esras and Morfessa of the Magickal cities of the North. The God in the
 form of Herne is also invoked.
               6. The 4 Sacraments of the Earth
               The concepts of sacrifice to the elements upon a "Sun" day
 is presented. (Not human sacrifice BTW).
               7. The 8 Grove Festivals
               The eight major grove festivals of Samhain, Imbolc,
 Beltaine, Lughnasadh as well as the Mid-Winter, Mid-Summer Solstices and
 the Equinoxes are described. Some of the special items associated with
 each festival are given.
               8. The 16 Leeches of Diancecht
               The use of herbs in Druidic ceremonies and practices is 
 introduced. A discussion of Reincarnation is given and a Magickal
 journey is undertaken using these herbs.
               9. The Rite of 3 Rays
               A means of achieving protection is described. The rite is 
 likened to the Ceremonial Magick rite of the Banishing Rituals of the
 Pentagram as practiced by the Golden Dawn.
               10. The Battle of the Trees
               The Oghams are discussed and the "Battle of the Trees" is 
 described. A battle between wizards occurs and the Magick of the trees
 is used to defeat Merlin's adversary, just as the tree Magick was used
 to defeat invaders during the Cad Goddeu (circa 400 BC). One of the nine
 draughts of inspiration is described that will allow the Druid to
 commune more thoroughly with the spirits of the trees.
               11. The 8 Songs of Cycle
               The correspondences of the Oghams to music and the use of
 music in Magickal acts is presented. The use of musical instruments is
 described for the various elements and a tie between the Druids and
 Atlantis is suggested.
               12. The Herbs of Continence
               This lesson centers around Monroe's belief that Druids 
 segregated by sexes for education, Magick and workings. He describes a
 concept called "Duality". He uses a trip to the Sisterhood of Avalon
 (Glastonbury) to present his case. He also advocates celibacy for male
 Druids but not for the Sisters (beyond Maidenhood). Four herbal concoc-
 tions are presented that enhance male sexual powers.
               13. The Gateway Rite
               A visit to Stonehenge is described. The history and lore 
 of the site is mentioned with references to Atlanteans, Hyberboreans and
 even the Tuatha de Dannan. A method of merging with the consciousness of
 inanimate objects is also described.
               14. The Dragon's Eye
               The act of creating Druid fire is mentioned during a visit
 to the Isle of Wight. The ley lines and the Power of the Land are called
 Dragon Power during this lesson. A rite that allows one to "call the
 Dragon" is presented and the symbol for the "Dragons Eye" is drawn.
               15. The Rite of Inspiration
               The use of meditation and Magickal Circles is described to
 allow one to receive enlightenment to the Awen (the inner spirit that is
 illuminated). Two rituals are given and the connection between the Sun
 and Awen is given.
               16. The Wild Hunt
               The use of the Mandragon herb is described during a
 shamanic contest between the Druid and the forces of Nature (usually
 done during Samhain). The gains and losses of such a competition are
               17. The Life Board
               A Magickal symbol for the Three Circles of Existence 
 (Ceugant, Gwyned and Abred) is given. Fionn's ladder is discussed. The
 use of such an empowered Magickal Symbol for makings and pathworkings is
               18. The Rite of Libation
               A  variety of Druidic draughts is given.
 (2-10,Trailstalker) RE #16:  I thought that Druids were in alignment
 with Nature.  What are they contesting?
 (2-22,O'Dubhain)    This particular lesson is about being in the Woods
 during the Wild Hunt of Gwynn ap Nudd when the raw primal forces of
 Nature heighten one's inner fears.
 (2-22,O'Dubhain)    It's a rite of Mastery whereby the young Druidic
 Initiate masters himself and faces the power of Nature, the winds, the
 Darkness, the lightnings and such.  So it's really a test to see how in
 tune you are with Nature.
               19. The Threshold Rite
               The use of herbs and incense to enhance a journey to the
 Otherworld is given.
               20. The Triscale Stones
               Divination using stones is presented. A pathworked trip to
 the Otherworldly city of Caer Idris is made to show the origins of the
 technique. The suggestion is given to find one's personal "oracle tree"
 under which divinations will be optimized. 
               21. The Rite of the Active Door
               The secrets of color and the concepts of invisibility are
 given along with a ritual that opens all occult knowledge to the Druid.
 This Ritual is the rite of passage to the Inner Mysteries.
 If you read this book, you'll see that the Druids are presented doing
 Magicks that harm others at times.  Some of the Druids even do battle!
 This certainly violates the Wiccan Rede that states "Do what you will if
 you harm none"> The fact is that Druids were not Witches and they
 frequently did battle as well as aiding their clans and kings in war.
 The great Druid Amergin aided the Mileseans in their battles with the 
 Tuatha de Dannan. Many other examples exist of Druids harming plenty,
 least of all none. Druids were definitely not Wiccans. Monroe's book
 follows this philosophy, so some may call it "unethical". He also
 advocates the use of a variety of naturals drugs to aid in Magicks, 
 meditations and Illuminations. I personally think these practices are a
 matter of individual judgement and neither recommend nor reject them. Do
 what you will. The choice is yours.
                        "The Rite of Three Rays"
      This Ritual is similar to the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the
 Pentagram and the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram performed during
 Ceremonial Magick and Ritual by the Golden Dawn as outlined by Donald
 Craig or Israel Regardie. Monroe gives his version of this ritual in his
 book "the 21 Lessons of Merlin". I haven't found any historical support
 for it in my Celtic references but it seems to be typical of what I
 think a Druid might do. (The Ritual smacks of Egyptian/Thelemic Magickal
 practice IMHO).  Monroe likens the 3 Rays or gestures in this ritual to
 the first 3 Rays of the Mid-Summer Sun over the horizon (the Celts
 called this Awen as well).
      This ritual is primarily used to generate Power within the Druid
 for protection or receiving "illumination" according to Monroe.  It uses
 the vibratory energies of sound coupled with the physical act of deep
 breathing and communing with the Sun to create an "altered state" within
 the Druid.
      Here's the basic steps of the ritual:
                1. Stand in direct sunlight (noon if you can do it).
                2. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to relax and start
 the path to a meditative state.
                3. Once you are relaxed, exhale then breathe in deeply as
 you raise your hands above your head.
                4. Slowly lower your arms while intoning loudly,
 "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" or "I" (The name of Isis in CM or Golden Dawn, this is
 the invocation of the Goddess Power). Bring your arms to your sides.
                5. Repeat this step while intoning "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" or
 "A" for Apophis the Destroyer. Monroe calls this the "Crystal Ray" or
 Ray of Balance and Separation. He says this represents  both Male and
 Female energies and also neither (sounds a lot like the Book of the
                6. Repeat again while intoning "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" or "O"
 for the Male God Osiris. This invokes the God Power to your aid.
                7. repeat the arm gestures a final time while intoning
 "IAO" or "EEEEEEE-Ahhhhhhh-OOOOOOOO!" Then open your eyes.
      At this point the energy has been raised and the work is to be
 done. One could shield from Magickal attack or seek the "Gift of Awen"
 or some other Magickal act.  Monroe doesn't state this but I recommend
 "grounding" afterwards and if possible. Do this by eating and drinking
 a lite meal. (I never recommend doing any Magick on a full stomach).
 Wiccans do similar rituals using athames, wands and swords to draw
 Circles and/or Pentagrams for protection and Ritual. This ritual is nice
 because the 3 movements are tied to the 3 Rays of Awen.  (As with all
 Magick, ritual is very personal, if it feels right do it!<G>). Monroe
 says that one could reverse the direction of the arm movements and the
 intonations to "banish" energies that are directed at you. He also says
 that one could only do the "male", the "female" or the "crystal"
 movements depending on what is needed or banished.  He suggests
 experimenting as do I. I'd next like to discuss some ways that I achieve
 "illuminated states".
 (2-24,Nan)          how would you describe the basic differences/simila-
 rities between Wicca and Druidry? (25 words or less <g>)
 (2-22,O'Dubhain)    The Druids use the Sun and the Moon.  And the Druids
 were more political back then.  Nowadays I'd say that the Druids tend to
 be more left brained than the Wiccans and they tend to be more bilateral
 with their Deity worship.
 (2-24,Nan)          a point of clarification for me .......Wicca doesn't
 use the sun?
 (2-22,O'Dubhain)    Most of the major Wiccan celebrations are done under
 the Moon. The Sun is also used but does not play as great a role as in
 (2-6,Heather & Michel) We have both Wiccans & Druid here, so perhaps we
 can clarify...
 (2-22,O'Dubhain)    good
 (2-6,Heather & Michel) 
      Wicca uses the sun as much as Druidism. Moon is primarily for
 esbats... Wiccans don't tend to be culturally specific with their
 worship,  while Druids go for mostly celtic stuff and only share 4 of...
 Wicca's 8 festivals.  (At least how we do it.) ... ga
 (2-22,O'Dubhain)    ok!! seems to be a diversity of opinions and
 practices as usual! thanks
 (2-10,Trailstalker) Where would "shamanism" fit in with all of this?  We
 do ceremony under the Sun, the Moon, the Stars,... in swamps, forests,
 deserts, living rooms, ... you get the picture... and what's an
 (2-22,O'Dubhain)    Shamanism comes in when you seek assistance from the
 Spirit world or you seek to control the elements.  Esbats are Full Moon
 Wiccan Rituals held every month Sabbats are Major festivals like we
 outlined previously 
 (2-10,Trailstalker) I've found that with shamanism if you are seriously 
 working the path, there comes a time when rather than you working it and
 using medicine items, you more or less become a medicine item for a
 Greater spirit power.  And it works through  you.
 (2-17,Freepowder)   I remember, Druids are left brain based on Bonewits?
 or others too?
 (2-22,O'Dubhain)    Actually Druids are both sided. I think some Wiccans
 tend to reject the left side approach at times Bonewits seems to be left
 brain heavy!<G> IMHO!
 (2-17,Freepowder)   modern druids, as previously cited?
 (2-22,O'Dubhain)    yes.... Modern Druids.
      The ancients were a lot more in tune with their entire minds They
 didn't really draw a line as such. To receive the "Gift of Awen"
 requires us to achieve heightened or altered states of consciousness.
 First let's describe what an altered state is. An altered state of
 consciousness is just that, a different state from that which we
 normally experience. This can be anything from a heightened awareness of
 our physical surrounding to a totally different way of perceiving 
 all of reality. I have basically recognized the following states in
                   1. Sensing the mood or spirit of the land around me,
 the trees, the streams, animals, the wind, the soul of the Earth. This
 state is achieved by quieting the spirit and/or the mind. Being at peace
 allows the world around us to communicate and touch us. I do this by
 relaxing and releasing my thoughts and emotions. I float and accept. I
 observe what IS. Not what I expect to see. Reality is as it is and not
 filtered by my conditioning.
                   2. Having access to the Akasha for inspiration and
 divination. (Usually coming in flashes.) I blank my mind in a manner
 similar to the above process but usually do this in a secluded room
 without light and external distractions. I fix my purpose in my mind and
 seek for an answer. I do not allow anything to distract me. When my
 answer comes, I can immediately recognize it.
                   3. Being out of "time sync" with others. Being
 slightly in the future of what's happening around me. This usually 
 happens to me without trying and sometimes accompanies other heightened
 states. It also happens when I've taken anything with codeine in it.
                   4. Seeing "visions", things that are happening in the
 future or the past as if they are happening right now. This state comes
 on me when I have a quest that requires me to see through a different
 set of eyes or a different point of view. I actually let myself just
 look into another world or time through the eyes of a native being
 (sometimes me or a relative, sometimes an artificial construct.)
                   5. Sensing people from previous lives. I usually have
 no control of this. It just happens and can be triggered by some
 familiar gesture word or other similar event. I just feel very at ease
 and comfortable (or hostile at times) with the person I've known before.
                   6. Reading minds. (This also just happens). This is
 not in words. It is in images and feelings. I just know what someone is
 thinking or feeling.
                   7. Going out of the body. I have to relax totally,
 isolate all external distractions. I start at my extremities and work
 inward. (Did I mention that I am lying down on a comfy surface?) I
 release all the tension in my physical body first. I next calm my
 emotions, then my thoughts.  Once I only exist within my head, I start
 releasing all external inputs. I shut down all my creative centers. I
 turn off all the monitoring that goes on. I relax and float. If Thoughts
 or emotions enter in, I sink them into the Earth away from me. I banish
 them. I float. Once I am completely isolated and floating in total
 darkness, I try to see behind me and in front of me at the same time.
 This is not possible while embracing the normal physical existence. It 
 can only be done in our Spirit forms. This takes total concentration and
 practice. Not force, just persistence and release. I liken this process
 to what happens when one is born. A long persistent pushing through the 
 birth canal surrounding us. The physical barriers thin out before our
 efforts and suddenly we are born anew on the Astral plane.  I can then
 see in all directions at the same time I am aware of all around me.
 Physical barriers are only thought forms to be ignored at Will. I can go
 anywhere I desire to go. (However I am only a child in this existence
 and am also very aware of the far greater Powers around me). I exercise
 extreme caution when traveling the Astral. It is very easy to be
 "noticed" and to become the object of unwanted attentions. My conscious
 mind distracts me continually as I maintain a hold on my physical
 existence. When i return to me body, I actually have to struggle back
 into it! Part of me wants to stay on the Astral. The barriers that
 separate and protect us from Astral Intrusions are tough to penetrate
 even when we hold the keys! Be careful and cautious and you can learn a
 lot. Slip for a minute and you can be trapped, possessed or lost.
                   8. Communing with the God/esses.
      I commune with the God/esses in several ways. I recognize that all
 things have life and Power within them. I especially feel a closeness to
 trees, plants, rivers and lakes. The ocean just overwhelms me with it's
 Power. The clouds constantly change in their forms and interactions.
 Celts believe that places have Spirits. I am a Celt ,by birth but also
 because I feel this Oneness and connection to Nature. You can be a
 Brother or Sister the same way. Birth is unimportant. Who we are in the
 Spirit is very important. The first way to commune with the Spirits
 is through Nature. When in this state my physical senses are extremely
 The next way to commune with the God/desses is through Ritual. In Ritual
 we open the Pathways within us to be filled with the One Power. We
 invite It within and share Its Touch. Magick is nothing more than
 specialized Ritual and is a focusing of the Power. We can actually
 become the God or the Goddess or some Other at these times. They can
 have a physical body through us. I have sat back at such times and been
 amazed at the words pouring forth from my mouth from the Energy that
 possesses me. This Power is benevolent and will vanish anytime we
 reassert ourselves. I caution those who would try this to be CERTAIN
 that they are within a Sacred Space and are Protected before opening up
 to a Spirit Entity.  All Spirits are not benevolent and some WILL try to
 violate your presence and assume complete control of your body. It
 happens all the time. Watch the news and see for yourself. When out of
 the body and feeling no constraints, it is possible to experience the
 touch of the God/desses. I have felt Their Wonderful Presences filling
 me. I usually feel Their approach as a feeling of tremendous anticip-
 ation. I sense that something monumental is going to occur. Something
 coming to me. The space around my spirit  begins sparkling in golden 
 crystals. Then I experience a thrill of Joy and Happiness. I am
 completed and embraced by the Knowledge of the Ages and The Love of my
 Fellow Spirit. It's beyond words but so very uplifting, comforting and 
 peaceful. I feel that I am where I should be. My sense of my life's
 purpose and my need to finish my work on this plane pulls me back. I
 also feel that I need to share myself with those on the physical plane
 I love. I cannot yet abandon the world of form. I bid Them adieu in
 Perfect Love and struggle back into my body. I carry Their Blessings and
 Love within. I try to share this in my life with others.
                   9. Working with Power.
 I always work within a Circle when using Power. This can be a Circle
 surrounding my person in an emergency. I prefer to use traditional
 methods to create Circles more formally. Circles tend to hold residuals
 of the Spells of Protection that are cast for them. My Circle at home is
 such a place. Anyone can enter it but only those that are invited may
 work with Power there. Sleeping within this Circle is guaranteed to make
 you travel and have the strangest of dreams!<G>
 To use Power I merely open myself to it. No meditation is necessary,
 though it helps me to be more sensitive to the nuances of Power. All I
 really need is a Magickally isolated place, a Circle. Once I am open, I
 reach for the Power of the Earth and the Sky. I let the Energy flow
 through me. (It feels like it comes into my feet and out of my hands and
 head! This is similar to the way lightning flows.) I leave the stream
 open and charge myself as full as I can get. My hair usually stands up
 a bit and I get all "goose pimply"! I keep in mind the goal of my
 working and I release the Power I've stored. (At the same time the Power
 leaves me, I see it going as a beam of energy. If the Working is large
 or systemic, I tie the beam to the same source I've tapped. This permits
 it to continue after I've released it. (I actually visualize the beam
 remaining and pumping the energy out.) I leave the beam with a spell
 that allows it to quit when the Work is done. I release the Power back
 to the Earth and Sky and thank the God/dess for their help. It helps to
 eat or drink or something equally grounded in Physical Reality after
 such an effort.
                   10. Dying.
 This is the Ultimate altered state. I myself have never actually died in
 this lifetime yet. I have been at the Portal many times. I have sensed
 the Ways to Tir na Nog. Always when I am close I sense a peace and a
 surrender within me to the call of the Guardian of the Door. I actually
 laugh from happiness. I have been told to return to this life because my
 Work is not yet done. I have spoken to members of my own family about
 their near death experiences and they are remarkably similar. A
 releasing and a faith in what will come. A sensing that all is right and
 that the Ultimate Will Accomplishes Its Purpose. I have read many books
 and accounts of the experiences of others who have gone through that
 door and returned. My belief in the Afterlife is strengthened by their
 revelations. The ancient Celts and Druids believed so strongly in such
 an afterlife that they sometimes chose to voluntarily accompany their
 loved ones through the Door. Druids would even borrow money to be repaid
 in another life! Needless to say their strong beliefs in another Life
 after this One caused the Celts to have no fear of Death!<G>
 I have watched the Spirits of those I love leave their bodies and have
 seen the Light that surrounds them in Happiness. I have seen their
 smiles to have finished their Work and receive their New Lives. Death is
 no End, Death is an Accomplishment and a Release.
 How do we tell when these states occur? We don't have to!!!  We are in
 them! They happen to us and we react to them!! We can't mistake them!!
 They are beyond all Time and Space!
 Seriously, If you are in one of these states, you feel very "charged up"
 and full of energy. You sense an Exaltation of the Spirit. You are
 extremely "Alive"! You will know and You will enjoy!<G>
 How do we induce altered states of consciousness? The answer to this is
 that we "open" ourselves up to them. We release our grasp on the Normal
 state of Consciousness.  We expand ourselves to the limits that are
 actually there and not the ones we are conditioned to accept. Seeing
 things that can't exist in Normal Reality helps sometimes. It shakes us
 out of our conditioning. This can be as simply as seeing a glorious
 Sunset or as strange as seeing a UFO or a Demon. I have achieved altered
 states through meditation, drugs, Circles, Rituals, Drumming, Singing,
 Reading, Dreaming, Involuntary or accidental occurrences, sickness and
 by being Possessed. I don't recommend narcotics or heavy drugs, sickness
 or Possession. Incenses and herbal drinks are ok though. (We'll discuss
 these next week).
               "Practical Meditation for Awen"
 I'll try to elaborate a little here on the practical side of meditation.
 I usually meditate lying down with my head to the North and my body
 relaxed. If I am in Ritual I can Meditate while standing or kneeling.
 The most important aspect to remember is to relax each part of your body
 and mind. I usually start at my extremities (feet and hands). I tell
 myself, "Relax your right foot, relax your left foot, relax your.... and
 so on. I release all the tension in each part and let it flow out. I do
 this several times until I don't feel my body any longer. Next I start
 on my breathing and my heartbeat until they are automatic and transpar-
 ent. Then I quiet my thoughts until only Darkness persists. Next I try
 to ignore the Darkness until I am floating. To go further requires 
 additional techniques. At this point I am a blank tablet and can just
 rest or I can receive "messages" from Others. It's very important to be
 where you are absolutely secure from unwelcome intrusions of the Spirit
 or the Physical at this time. Without such a safe place, you will always
 be slightly on your guard. It helps if another Being you trust will
 watch over you at this time. This can be anyone from an elemental, a
 totemic animal, a Spirit Guide, a person to a God/dess.  Just thinking
 about how it feels to meditate and then writing this answer, makes me
 meditate.<G> I guess that remembering how it felt to meditate makes it
 easier to meditate the next time you try! Practice makes Perfect!<G>
                              "Druidic Meditation"
 Some of this material was covered previously but I repeat it here for
 clarity and the benefit of those that may no have seen that particular
 Workshop yet!<G> Druidic meditation was usually done for divination and
 foretelling the future. This was called by the names: Tenm Laida,
 Dichetal Do Chennaib and Imbas Forosna.
 Tenm Laida (Illumination by Song) is an altered state usually achieved
 by chanting or singing of a repetitive pattern. This can also include
 drumming and dancing. These activities synchronize the body and mind to
 an external rhythm allowing us to cast off the chains of normal
 existence. This allows you to float at peace within the song (dance,
 beat, mantra, etc.) This is a strictly Druidic or Shamanistic practice
 even though it may look like TM.
 Dichetal Do Chennaib (Cracking  open the Nuts of Wisdom) is a state
 achieved by relaxation and clearing the mind in a Ritual environment. It
 usually involved using some Magickal implement such as a knife, a sword
 or a staff to touch a subject (usually upon the head) or by handling an
 item to discover what secret knowledge was contained within it. This
 information could be events from a person's past life, a detailed
 history of who and what had happened to an object or how and why the
 subject was being hexed or spelled. I know this sounds like ESP but it
 was enhanced through Ritual and relaxation techniques.
 Imbas Forosna (Illumination) was a form of altered state used by seers
 and bards to create or see visions. The Druid would be totally isolated
 from all sensory inputs, sounds, lights and feelings. This was usually
 a very dark room or a covering of hides. The Druid would attempt to
 float and relax. When in the proper state he would signal for the hides
 to be removed or he would open the door out of the Darkness. The sudden,
 instantaneous transition from Darkness to Light would cause them to see
 visions or to spontaneously utter poems, prophecies or achieve a total
 Awareness of the secret Knowledge of their Surroundings. This sensory
 deprivation It was their Ultimate Meditation technique.
 The Druids also used music, colors, trees and numbers to alter their
 consciousness. They were familiar with the Pythagorean Mysteries and may
 have actually been the source of them!<G>
 Druids shared IndoEuropean roots with the Indian Brahmans but I don't
 have any hard data to support any similarities in their practices.
 I have experienced Magickal states from drugs but I don't think the 
 technique is sufficiently controllable or repeatable. It's like playing
 your Steinway with a sledgehammer. Sure you can play a song but at what 
 cost to the instrument? Plus I find that the songs are usually more
 sophisticated if I don't use the sledge!<G>
 I would caution anyone using drugs to know their track records, side
 effects and purity before starting. Then do them under gradually
 increasing controlled and supervised conditions. Never experiment with
 There is always a documented lab record of their effects. Know your
 suppliers and don't get the wrong ones! The best recommendation is don't
 do drugs. Your Mind, Body and Spirit can achieve better and more lasting
 results. (As I mentioned previously, some natural herbal drinks and
 incenses seem to aid meditation and ritual. We'll discuss those next
 week).  Well there we have it!  All the different ways to achieve
 illumination to Awen!
 (End of Celtic Workshop #8 - The "Rite of 3 Rays" and the "Gift of
         "Celtic Workshop #9 -  The use of Herbs and Potions"
 The role of herbs in healing, Magick, ceremonies and rituals as well as
 in mind alteration were presented and discussed in detail. The effects
 of the most popular Druidic herbs and potions were detailed and
 discussed. Some reformatting was done on the transcript for clarity's
 sake as well. A final note!!!! Please exercise caution around most of
 these herbs!! Some of them are considered to be POISONS! The effects of
 some of the others are very powerful in areas of "mind alteration".  The
 author of one of the texts, used as a reference, presents his suggested
 methods for how the Druids used these herbs (they are ONLY used in a
 greatly dilluted state!). Once again I urge caution and good judgement
 before proceeding. All in all, the Workshop participants evidenced a
 very thorough respect and understanding of the use and effects of these
 Entering Workshop/Seminar 1 room...
                       "Druidic Use of Herbs"
 We must look at many sources to determine how the Druids used drugs and
 herbs. Some of these sources are historical (such as the Greek and Roman
 historians). Other sources are the traditions of the Bards and Seanchai.
 Still others are the folk remedies and fables of the major Celtic areas
 of the world (Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Britain).  We can also look
 to information that comes from the inspired "Awen" of others (such as
 Llewellyn Sion of Glamorgan and Douglas Monroe).  Archaelogical evidence
 is also being found (the bodies of sacrificial or other burial victims
 have been recently discovered). Each of these types of sources will be
 matched against the others (where possible) to give us the best possible
 idea of how Druids worked with drugs and herbs.
 A quote from one the ancients, Pliny, a Roman, referring to the Druid
 veneration of mistletoe:
 "Seldom was the Mistletoe found growing upon the Oak, but on such
 occasion, the Druids gathered it with due religious ceremony, (if
 possible on the 6th day of the new Moon-when the influence of the orb
 was waxing, and said to be at its height.  Following an elaborate 
 banquet, a white-clad priest cut the plant from  the oak tree with a
 golden sickle, while another Druid held out a white cloak for its
 reception. They believed that the Mistletoe, immersed in water within a
 cauldron, would impart fecundity to barren animals, and that it is the
 antidote for all poisons - its name meaning 'all healing.'"
 I recommend acquiring the following books to aid in your tree and herbal
      Scott Cunningham's "Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs".
                       Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 0-87542-122-9.
      Medicinal and Other Uses of North American Plants
                       by Charlotte Erichsen-Brown. Dover Publications,
                       ISBN 0-486-25951-X.
      Peterson's Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants by 
                       Lee Allen Peterson, Ho0ughton Mifflin Co.,
                       ISBN 0-395-31870-X.
      The Book of Forrest and Thicket by John Eastman,
                       Stackpole Books, ISBN 0-8117-3046-8.
      Trees for Healing by Pamela Louise Chase and 
                       Jonathan Pawlik, Newcastle Publishing, ISBN
 Many of the herbs can be had from your local health food store as well
 or can be ordered from the 
                       New Forest Gardens, 
                       P.O. Box 491, 
                       Westfield,NY 14787. 
                       (This is Run by Douglas Monroe I believe.)
 (2-1,Freepowder)      there are 2 varietys of Mistletoe.... american and
 european, the effects of them are almost opposite... european lowers BP,
 american raises.... the *berries* of either are deadly poisonous. GA
 (2-11,Rhianna)        Foxglove is another example - Digitalis (which
 comes from (foxglove) is a poison, yet it's used for treating heart
 (2-28,cherokee)       my gt grandma used mistle toe to bring prople out
 of fevers and unconsciousness.  aspirin bark is poisonous too. its all
 in how you prepare it
                       "The 16 Leeches of Diancecht"
 Diancecht was the physician of the Tuatha de Dannan.  He healed their
 wounded during and after their Battles with the Fomorai and the
 Firbolgs. He is the God of Herbs and Medicines.
 The following list contains herbs listed in "the 21 Lessons of Merlin"
 and contains their correspondences to the four elements as well as their
 applications. How to prepare a suitable "store" of these medicines is
 also given. The recommended dossages are also given.  Note: Some of
 these herbs can be considered "POISONS"!  I heartily recommend using
 extreme caution with them. I have attempted to identify those that may
 be considered harmful. Please proceed at your own risk. I must say that
 generally Monroe stays away fron poisonous herbs in topical or internal
 medicines. He does use some very dangerous substances in some of his
 recommended incenses. a long list will follow please bear with me!<G>
                    "The 16 Leeches of Diancecht"
 Mistletoe Uchelwydd or All-Heal vertigo, dizziness, headaches, hear-
 t/problems/palpitations, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, nervine.
 one ounce of dried herb, in a jar with twice it's volume of vodka. Leave
 for two weeks, strain and place in labeled dropper bottles.
 1 drop for every 10 pounds of body weight every 3 hours.
 Phu (Valerian)  sedative, cramps, pain, coughs.
 Hoodwort (Skullcap) nerves, fevers, coolant
 Nerve Root(Lady Slipper)  nervine, indigestion, headache
 Absinthe(Wormwood) digestion, liver/gall bladder, worms, topically for:
 insect bites,sprains, rheumatism, bruises.
 Golden Pipes(Chamomile family) stomach aches/digestion/gas, calamative
 vs insomnia in children, eye wash and open sores, kidneys.
 Holigold (Calendula) Marigold. topical application for sores, burns,
 bleeding hemorrhoids & wounds, in oil for ear aches, vaginal infections.
 Eerie (Yarrow) internal bleeding (especially lungs), gas, diarrhea,
 fevers(measles, colds,flus). also antiseptic.
 Brittanica (Vervain) colds, flus, coughs, upper respiratory inflam-
 mations, stomatic, insomnia, pneumonia, asthma.
 Catwort (Catnip/Catmint) digestion/stomach ache or cramps, calmative,
 fevers, headaches, bronchititis & diarrhea.
 Beerflower (Hops) Sleep aid, liver/digestive/gas/cramps. externally for:
 boils tumors swellings & skin inflammations, refrigerant.
 Withe (Black Willow) pain, fevers, arthritis, kidney/bladder troubles,
 antiseptic, gargle, tonsilitis, refrigerant.
 Coneflower (Echinacea) antibiotic (immune system stimulant), tooth/body
 abscesses, lymph node swellings, digestive aid.
 Goldenruthe (goldenseal) Antibiotic, general purpose internal/external,
 eye-wash, female infections, sores, skin conditions, colds/viruses/infe-
 Amber (St. John's Wort) nerves, bed-wetting, liver tonic, insomnia, mix
 with olive oil: use externally for skin conditions, tumors, wounds,
 ulcers, burns, swollen glands, bruises and muscle pains.
 Sacred Bark (Buckthorne) Constipation/laxative, digestive stimulant,
 gas, liver, gall bladder/ stones.
 Quercus (White Oak) internal bleeding, vaginal infections, antiseptic
 for all wounds/bites/skin conditions, poison ivy/oak, gum problems,
 lymph node swellings, varicose veins.
 To activate these drugs, the Druids would include a small amount of
 Mistletoe preparation to each before use. Since it was considered "all
                       "Draughts of Inspiration" (Only one is given)
 These drinks are thought to instill the correct state of mind  required
 for "Awen". According to Monroe, nine exist in total, though only one is
 given in his book. Perhaps we can discover the others? I suggest that
 the other tree barks that were used are from the red chestnut, white
 chestnut, Elm, Beech, Larch, Oak and Fir trees. I would guess these
 based upon Hints contained in "Practical Celtic Magick" by Murry Hope.
 I also would guess that ivy was used in a draught based upon information
 from Scott Cunningham's "Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs".
                           5 tablespoons of spring water
                           1 pinch Evening Primrose Flowers
                           1 pinch Black Willow Bark
                           1 pinch Thyme
 sit in Glass bottle (closed in the Sun) for 3 days strain/ add 1 tsp
 apple cider vinegar before use add 1 tsp chlorophyll (alfalfa) take 3
 drops subligually prior to Magickal Workings with trees/plants.
                         "Threshold Smoke"
 These concotions are used to aid one in having an Otherworldly ex-
 perience. They are cast upon the flames of a fire. Please note that some
 of the ingredients are POISON! and that another one of them is con-
 sidered "illegal". The use of these herbs are indicated to aid solitary
 meditations in the deep woods. Be aware that they will induce "Dark
 Visions" and reveal your inner fears. According to Monroe, the Druids
 required one to master such fears to be in tune with Nature and to
 achieve "Balance"..I recommend that none of them be tried when unsuper-
 vised and I also recommend extreme caution.
                       To make the incense:
                               Blend and compound the following plants:
                               Neckweede (Hemp)
                               Nightshade (Belladonna) (poison) 
                               Ghostflower (Datura)
                       Keep in a dark (light free) box.
                       Burn as an incense to facilitate "threshold" 
                       and "traveling" works.
                           "The Spirit of the Mandrake"
 This incense is used to attain a state of altered consciousness for
 resolving one's inner fears and becoming one with the Spirit of the Land
 and its animal Nature. I caution anyone considering using it to be aware
 that Mandrake is considered a POISON! This herb is used during the Night
 of the Wild Hunt that we discussed last week.
 Toss dried Mandrake (poison) root upon a bed of hot coals or embers and
 let the smoke cause you to travel within the darkness of the night. May
 apple, Peony; Ginseng or Briony roots may be substituted (also con-
 sidered poisonous!).
                      "The Song of Bluestar"
 Another herb used to achieve altered states was the Bluestar flower or
 the Blue Morning Glory. This  plant is considered poisonous! Do not eat
 or drink anything made with it and handle it with care. Monroe suggests
 drying the flowers and seeds to make an incense for a rite of assumption
 or tapping into Powers. This  might also be called "mind expansion". 
 (The same plants have been used to create LSD in recent times, so I am
 not surprised that they are used here). I'm not advocating that anyone
 of you try this incense, but Monroe says the Druids did. I'm not
 Here is the essence of the trip or rite of assumption:
 "I will be as a Bluestar upon a field of Green, circling upward towards
 a golden Sun."
                       .... translation by D.W.Nash
 The Druids believed all life was interrelated from the lowest forms to
 the highest. This quote from the ancient Welsh document, the Mathnawai, 
 shows their philosopy:
                       "I died as a mineral and became a plant,
                       I died as a plant and rose to an animal,
                       I died as an animal and I was a man.
                       Why should I fear?
                       When was I ever less dying?
                       Yet once more I shall die as a man,
                       to soar in the Blessed Realm;
                       but even from godhood
                       I must pass on...."
 One further quote from "The Gorchan of Maeldrew":  "Each atom an
 evolving life, each blade of grass a potential soul."
                "The Draughts of Oblivion"
 I give here the "fast" (meaning quick to make) version of Celtic drinks
 and libations from the "21 Lessons of Merlin" as well as the festivals
 at which they are used:
                               May Mead for Beltaine
 Add a half ounce of each of the following to 1 gallon of your favorite
 white wines:
                               heather flowers, meodowsweet, woodruff
                               leaves. Let sit for about 6 hours. Filter
                               and chill before serving.
                               Midsummer Ale 
 Add a half ounce of each of the following to 1 gallon of your favorite
 red wines:
                               fresh oak leaves, chamomille, red rose
                               petals. Let sit for about 24 hours. Add  
                             9 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon  of
                               vanilla. Filter and chill before serving.
                               Samhain Absinthe
 Add a 2 teaspoons of each of the following to 2 pints of your favorite
 port wines:
                               wormwood, dried apple/mint leaves, dried
                               pumpkin blossoms. Let sit for about 1    
                           week. Filter through muslin and bottle.      
                         Garnish with raisins and cloves before         
                               Midwinter Mulsa
 Add a half ounce of each of the following to 2 quarts of your favorite
 dry white wines:              crushed juniper berries, wintergreen,
                               Elder Flowers. let sit for about 6 hours. 
                               Filter and chill before serving. Garnish 
                               with a sprigg of green pine or hot with  
                             a cinnamon stick
 Now these are drinks I can get excited about!  I think we can all see
 that Druids used a variety of herbs in their work....from "visions" to
 (2-24,Trailstalker)   Before we break up for our "free-for-all" I wanted
 to share a couple of addresses.  
                       1)  Natural Labs in Sedona, AZ.  
 They make great herbal tinctures.  Pure and  powerful.  The man who runs
 it is very knowledgeable about herbs and remedies.  They can be reached
                                 45 Castlerock Road, Suite 2, 
                                 Sedona, AZ  86336.  
 (2-24,Trailstalker)   The other is Winter Sun Trading Company in
 Flagstaff, AZ. It is run by Phyllis Hogan who is the ... head herbalist
 in AZ.  She's at: 
                                 18 E. Santa Fe, 
                                 Flagstaff, AZ  86001.
 (2-24,Trailstalker)   BTW the man's name is Don Hall.
 Celtic Workshop #10 - The Act of "Becoming" and The Charm of "Summoning"
 How to actually influence your surroundings. How to perform Weather
 Magick, to call animals to you, to improve your crops and to influence
 the outcome of events. How to discover your past life, find your Inner
 Teacher or Self and how to summon "Spirits" to your presence.
 Our Cyber Tuatha gathered upon the moors and among the raths once more.
 This night was a night of Magick and the Power of the Moon Goddess in
 her full glory. We engaged in some prelimenary greetings  and then the
 presentation  begain .....
 (2-8,O'Dubhain)         Celtic Workshop #10 - 
                    The Act of "Becoming" and The Charm of "Summoning"
 Tonight's workshop is advertised to cover the following topics and I
 intend to give them all my best efforts at explanation.  Tonight's
 topics are:
                How to actually influence your surroundings. 
           How to perform Weather Magick, to call animals to you, to
 improve your crops and to influence the outcome of events. 
           How to discover your past life, find your Inner Teacher or
           How to summon "Spirits" to your presense.
 I am being ambitious in talking about these topics!<G> I trust we can
 cover them all tonight and I also hope to have many contributions by all
 of you regarding your own personal experiences in these areas. We will
 learn from our "Inner Druids"! <G>
 The key words to remember tonight are "Becoming" and "Summoning". They
 along with "Will" and "Authority" are the basis of most Druidic and
 Celtic Magicks.
 What do I mean by "Becoming"? What does this act have to do with Magick?
 How did Druidsdo this? I asked myself all of these questions before
 making this act a topic for tonight's workshop. The inspiration for the
 act of "Becoming" is the "Song of Amergin" from the ancient Irish
 manuscript the Leabhar Gabha'la (Book of Invasions). Hear now the words
 of the Druid Amergin:
                         "             The Mystery
                          I am the wind which breathes upon the sea.
                          I am the wave of the ocean.
                          I am the murmur of the billows.
                          I am the ox of the seven combats.
                          I am the vulture upon the rocks.
                          I am a beam of the Sun.
                          I am the fairest of plants.
                          I am a wild boar in valour.
                          I am a salmon in the water.
                          I am a lake in the plain.
                          I am a word of science.
                          I am a point of the lance in battle.
                          I am the God who created in the head the fire.
                          Who is it who throws light into the meeting 
                          on the mountain?
                          Who announces the ages of the Moon?
                          Who teaches the place where couches the Sun?
                                                           (If not I)"
 This was the translation by Dr. Douglas Hyde from his work "Literary
 History of Ireland". This poem was once as well known in the Celtic
 world as the "Lord's Prayer" is in today's world. It is said to be the
 first verse made by the Mileseans as they arrived in Ireland (circa 1000
 BC). This is also an incantation by a mighty Druid and is a good
 illustration of the act of "Becoming". Amergin is using the Magickal Law
 of Identification that is given by Isaac Bonewits in his book "Real
 "The Law of Identification ...states that by maximum association between
 your metapattern and that of another entity, you can actually "become"
 that entity and wield its power."
 Bonewits is a Neo Druid and the founder of the group A'r nDrai'ocht
 Fe'in (ADF for short though it really means "Our Druidic Magick" in
 Gaeilge).  This act of "Becoming" is one that is not lightly undertaken.
 The danger exists of being trapped within the other entity (whether
 natural, human or spiritual). I suggest you not actually try this sort
 of thing until you know your True Will (exactly who you really are
 without self delusion).  This was also true of the Greek and the
 Egyptian Mysteries. Their first and major requirement was "Gnothi se
 auton", literally "Know thyself"! The ability to control and return to
 one's being is linked directly to one's knowledge of Self. Sometimes
 this process goes the otherway as well, as when a Wiccan "Draws Down the
 Moon". The threefold Goddess actually Manifests within the High
 Priestess (HPS) in such a ceremony. She who has no Name is benevolent,
 usually, so that this possession results in the HPS afterwards being
 returned to control of her own body. "Becoming" is a two way street and
 a matter of "Will".  
 Now that we know a little about the act of "Becoming", I think you can
 appreciate just how great a Druid that Amergin was....he "became"
 multiple entities at the same time in his Invocation of the Mystery. He
 controlled all of these elemental powers and made them his own. This act
 of Power allowed the Mileseans to land upon Eireann though they were
 opposed by the Magicks of the Tuatha de Danaan. He also lived to do
 other Magicks (though I must say that his invocation of Ireland is
 rumored to have caused him to marry and join the de Danaan within the 
 spirit world of the Sidhe). We must remember that Amergin was a Druid
 and so had studied his arts intensivly for anywhere from 12 to 20 years
 as a minimum. He was able to return to hinself after such Magical
 Working because he knew his True Self and Will. This strong connection
 is the Way of Return for us all. I urge that you all exercise due
 caution when "Becoming". Know yourself first.
 Another saying worthy of note while discussing the act of "Becoming" is
 a common saying of the ancient world that I quote from Doreen Valiente's
 book "Natural Magic": "Ten measures of magic were given to the world.
 Egypt took nine. The rest took one."
 I include this saying here to establish one other connection....that of
 the Druids to the Egyptians. The lineage of Amergin and the Gaels
 includes his mother Scota (daughter of the Egyptian Pharoh) as well as
 Mile and Niall "of the Languages" a Scythian prince from Syria. No small
 wonder then that Pliny, a noted ancient scholar, says of the Druids in
 his work "Natural History" that the Druids practiced Magick with such
 elaborate ritual that it would almost appear that it was they "who had
 taught the Persians". These are none other than the Magi or "wise men"
 from whom the word Magick is derived. Another ancient historian, Dio
 Chrysostum groups the Druids together with the Persian, Hindu and
 Egyptian priesthoods regarding their use of magical powers. While I'm
 connecting Magical schools, I may as well say that Liber Al vel Legis
 (The Book of the Law) is the channeled revelation of the Egyptian
 dieties Nuit, Hadit and Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Otherwise known as Isis, Osiris
 and Horus) Horus is two in one, Horus and Harpocrates or Set/Apophis).
 We have already seen the use of these three godnames in the "Rite of
 Three Rays" from a previous workshop. This was the intonation of the
 sounds "IAO" used when invokiing the One Power. In Thelemic Magick the
 Book of the Law is the basis for the revelation of a "New Aeon" or "New
 Age". It was channeled in 1904 by Aleister Crowley 90 years ago this
 month. "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law". "Love is the Law,
 Love under Will". (caps are mine).
 I have digressed quite a bit here but I think the time is well spent.
 Celtic Magick is tied through the Druids to the Egyptians and the
 Persians to a far older Magick arising out of Summeria and from there
 beyond time. It is true and powerful Magick and I give the same caution
 to you that I gave about herbs last workshop....think long and hard and
 with great deliberation before undertaking this journey. Once the path
 is taken, the journey must be completed.
 Now I finally get to my first topic of the night!  <G>:
             "How to actually influence your surroundings" 
 The key to any act influencing the world around us is to be in tune and
 in touch with it first. You must hear the tune before you can change the
 music or even write your own song. I suggest a lot of meditation in
 Nature. Find a spot that "speaks" to the Pagan within you. Be at Peace
 and "feel" the pulse of Nature, the God and the Goddess. Once this
 rapport has been established, one is ready to influence the surround-
 ings. The Druids left us few writings concerning their spells and
 Magicks.  We must "rediscover" these Works by looking at the Magicks
 that are done in the world today and by Using our "Druid filters" and
 "Celtometers"!! <G>  I have included examples of such "Natural Magics"
 from my own experiences, the experiences of other Witches and Druids as
 well as those that I found in the writings of Doreen Valiente, Bonewits
 and Scott Cunningham.
                    "How to perform Weather Magick" 
 For weather Magickal examples I turned to our very own Thunder Being,
 Shadow Hawk, shaman and wizard extraordinaire!<G> He obliged me with a
 few examples:
      The first example involves the  control of weather fronts and rain.
 Our favorite shaman uses the techniques of dancing and drumming to
 attain a higher state. He invokes the Lightning beings and they join the
 dance with him. By being so in tune with them he can ask that they do
 his bidding. If he must act upon an existing weather front, he sends his
 "power animal", Dragon into the clouds. Dragon is a manifestation of
 this Shaman in the power planes. Dragon then interacts with the clouds
 and controls the storms. When the work is done, he is recalled to his
 shaman. The use of such a "power animal" or Magickal construct allows
 the wise shaman to "become" one with the elements of the storm and 
 influence them without "losing himself" in their wild natures. The
 connection is retained with the Self (Shadow Hawk) back upon the ground
 while the power animal (Dragon) works among the clouds. The use of such
 Power has its price.... Shadow Hawk suffers sever headaches for three
 days following these episodes.
 The second example of how our Dark Shaman uses the weather for Magick is
 in charging his Magickal tools: his sword, wand and athame. During a 200
 MPH hurricane, he faced the Power of the storm, shouting out the
 invocation of the Quarters, forming a Magickal Circle and calling the
 storms Power into his sword, his wand and his athame. He also captured
 the storm's rain in a cauldron for later magickal workings. Can't you
 see him with the storm's winds lashing at his cloak? Sword upraised as
 lightnings crash all around him, exploding in sparks and reflecting in
 eerie blue lights off the steel of his blade and the aura of his
 Magick!!! He has used these tools in many Powerful workings.
                      "How to call animals to you" 
 This is a matter of "becoming" the animal in your mind and "willing" it
 to come to you.  Actually the "Beastmaster" movie illustrated this
 technique quite well. Most good hunters do this subconsciously and
                      "How to improve your crops"  
 In this Working, invoke no other spirits than your own. Burn no fires
 nor incenses. Carry four stones with you that have been blessed by you
 in a previous ceremony. Set these stones to define the area that is to
 be planted. Cast a Magickal Circle within this field. Sit upon the
 ground and place both hands upon the earth at your sides. Feel the
 earth, it's dampness, its fertility, its calm. Reflect upon your needs
 and the crops you are about to plant.  Next recite a suitable chant or
 poem. I like this one: 
                                "Go maith raibh agat, na mBande'.
                                 Go maith raibh agat, na De'.
                                 Go maith raibh agat, talamh me'ith.
                                 Cuirim fad beannacht na greine thu.
                                 Cuirim fad beannacht na gealai thu.
                                 Cuirim fad beannacht mo chroi' thu.
                                 Go me'adai Bhri'de do sto'r san 
                                          ba'isteach de earrach.
                                 Go me'adai Danu do sto'r san 
                                         greine te de tsaamhradh.
                                 Go me'adai Dagdha do sto'r 
                                        san gaoth ple'isiu'rtha fo'mhar."
 As I sit and reflect upon the bounty that the Land has given me I give
 back to the earth of my own personal Power. I remember the blessings it
 has bestowed to me and my pleasure in its well being.  After a suitable
 amount of reflection and meditation, I arise to do my plowing and to
 plant my seeds for another turn of the Wheel.
                "How to influence the outcome of events" 
 I try to create a feeling of Positive Magick within me. I banish all
 negative thoughts. I surround myself with a glow of positive golden
 energy. I tap the flows of the earth and the sky and "project" a
 creative field all around me. I find that this works well in casinos and
 just before having important meetings. It helps to strongly visualize
 the outcome that is desired and to see the results occur and not the
 actions that cause them. Let events sort themselves as they may. Let the
 Magick work. Be patient and await the rewards.
                    "How to discover your past life"
 Some people use tapes and hypnosis to do past life regressions. Perhaps
 some of you have and can share those experiences with us tonight. I find
 that what works best for me is to read about a time to understand the
 events of that period and to set the stage for my Work. I then allow
 myself to "daydream" and reflect about that time and to see myself
 within it. What usually happens next is that no revelation comes to me
 immediately. I maintain my focus over perhaps as long as three days
 constantly checking to see if my "dream" search has produced any
 results. When I least expect it, sudden revelation will show me a scene
 from a past life and my part in it. It's like seeing a photograph from
 an album for me.
               "How to find your Inner Teacher or Self"  
 This is the start of all real Magick, finding your True Will. Many
 techniques exist for doing this in a variety of books, everything from
 "the 21 Lessons" to Donald Michael Kraig's "Modern Magic". I will relate
 how it happened to me. I studied the works of Magick, Science and
 Religions (as many as I could find). I sought for the Truth that was
 external to me.  I was a bulldog chasing down many paths and wrestling
 with many concepts. The Truth eluded me, always constantly out of mu
 grasp....the fox and the grapes. I was incredibly frustrated.  One night
 I gave it all up. As I lay in the Silence of my mind, I left all of the
 mundane world behind and suddenly I was surrounded by Spirit in a place
 not a place. It was not within me...I had ceased to exist I was the
 student and the Spirit was the teacher. Since then, if I have need of an
 answer, I create a sacred space for me to be silent and I await
 enlightenment. I listen to my Inner Guide.  Sometimes the lessons are
 easy and othertimes I have to learn the hard way. (Frequently I get off
 of My Path and am "guided back" with many "object" lessons kicking me in
 the seat of the pants<G>)! I would be interested in hearing how anyone
 else found their True Will.  Mine search was long and hard and I still
 stray in confusion at times!<G>
                        "How to summon 'Spirits'"
 I will give an example of how to summon the Spirit of Merlin as found in
 the book "The 21 Lessons of Merlin" by Douglas Monroe. Before we begin
 there is a chant we must learn in old Welsh:
                                 "Bedd Ann ap lleian ymnewais fynydd
                                       lluagor llew Ymrais
                                  Prif ddewin Merddin Embrais."
          the meaning:
                                "The grave of the nun's son on 
                                 Newais Mountain:
                                         Lord of Battle, Llew Embrais, 
                                         Chief Magician, Myrddin Emrys."
         the pronunciation:
                                 "BETH AHN ahp T-Lay'in, eem-NEW-ais
                                     T-loo-AH-gor T-loo EEM-rais
                                  Preeve DEW-in MEER-thin EHM-rihs."
 I find that using an unusual language in a chant helps me to free myself
 from the chains of the mundane and allows me to focus upon the Working. 
 After memorizing the above chant one must search for a suitable
 site....a grave yard or burial ground that is isolated from prying eyes
 and situated upon a hill. This sounds hard but is not impossible to do.
 I know of such a place where my great, great grandfather and grandmother
 are buried upon a hill beneath a copse of trees in a farmers fields.
 Many such spots exist... though work can find them (and hopefully also
 permission to use them). 
 Pick a suitable night for the ritual, Samhain being the absolute best
 night. Gather nine pumpkins that are carved with faces (though candle
 holders will do...just not as spooky).  Set the circle up the day before
 the ritual as you don't want any distractions from your Work. Arrange
 the pumpkins with candles around you in a circle (about arms width) with
 the faces looking outward. Always light the candles from within the
 circle. Pick a suitably soulful dirge (for meditation and mood setting) 
 from your favorite songbook (Monroe suggests his but you know what you
 like better). Sing this song as you meditate and reflect upon the
 Working. Place an iron cauldron within the circle upon a bed of coals.
 Into this cauldron place a mixture of an herb, a flower and a tree
 (Monroe suggests using 1 part wormwood, 2 parts Ghostflower (Datura) and
 3 parts Yew (juniper or cypress) as an incense mixture. (Store bought
 incenses work just as well and can be burned in an incense burner
 instead of a cauldron). Start the entire ritual at 30 minutes before
 Midnight.  At precisely Midnight throw additional incense on the coals
 and recite the above invocation nine times without stopping. "Become"
 one with the chant! See into the Darkness! Expect the coming of Myrddin
 Emrys! Sit quietly and await the coming of the shade of Merlin! You may
 ask for the answers to three questions. Release the shade by extinguish-
 ing the fire and incense completely, then extinguish the 9 circling
 fires of the pumpkin heads. You can  now pack up and leave. The key to
 successfully working this Magick is setting the mood, performing the
 meditations and reflections and reciting the invocation properly. The
 ritual can be adapted to allow you to invoke other Spirits as well to
 equal effect.
 The ancient Gaels would do similar rituals to communicate with the dead.
 They would usually lay  and sleep upon the grave of the person to be
 summoned while fasting, until the shade appeared. This process was not 
  lightly undertaken by them, as the dead could be quite dangerous to the
 living, wanting to regain the pleasures of the flesh (hence the need for
 the Magickal Circle of pumpkins and light). In a previous workshop I
 told how the Ta'in Bo' Cuailnge was recovered by a young Druid sleeping
 upon the grave of Feargus Mac Rioch. I'd like to caution you all once
 more to do these rituals only when in dire need.  That's why it's
 important to do two things...
                         1. Always work within a Circle.
                         2. Have someone there that can aid you if things 
                           get out of hand. This means severingthe      
                          connection and banishing the entity.
 This is also why it's so important to know your True Will. When you have
 that anchor you can come back from anywhere. I know... because I have
 done it. It's like climbing a hill though...
 (2-28,cherokee)         Rhianna, I think as od said it's important to
 remember that you are working with very powerful energies. You must be
 pure and centered before doing the work. The indians believe it is not
 possible for an animal to take over a human because the animals are here
 as guides who keep us close to our source.
 Celtic Workshop #11 - "Walking between the Worlds" and "Journeys on the
 We met on Tuesday evening because the online Bealtaine Ritual was on
 Monday. The topics of discussion were Out of Body Experiences (OOBE),
 Astral Travel and Inner Journeys. An example of a "pathworking" on
 Fionn's Wheel was given.
 Tonight's workshop discusses Astral Travel and Inner Journeying.
 Tonight's topics are:
                                 Out of Body Experiences
                                 Astral Travel
                                 Example Inner Journey on Fionn's Wheel
 Tonight we talk briefly about the subject of Out of Body Experiences
 (OOBE). Thisexperience is the means by which one can effect or achieve
 Magick. It is central to the methods behind the Magickal Law: "As Above,
 So Below". A complete workshop will be offered here soon by another, so
 I touch briefly on these techniques tonight.
 Three excellent books on these subjects are:
                                 Astral Projection by Denning and
                                 Journeys Out of the Body by
                                 Robert A. Monroe.
                                 Traveling With Power by Ken
                                 Eagle Feather.
 I will present the results of an Inner Journey later, using Fionn's
 Wheel as a guide to the Astral Archtypes within each of us.
 The basic techniques of OOBE are these: "disassociation" and "release". 
 Another word for "disassociation" is "meditating".  Meditating allows us
 to break free from the conditioning forced upon our thoughts by the ever
 so mundane, so-called "normal" world. It places our mind into a rhythm
 that allows it to "vibrate" in resonance to other realities (some might
 say other dimensions or even other worlds). I achieve this state by 
 going through a process of literally forcing myself to "relax". I relax
 my extremities first, then my legs, arms, trunk, head, breathing, heart
 and lastly, my mind. The body is calmed by physically lifting, then
 releasing a body part and "feeling" the waves of relaxation flow inward
 and up the body. This is done in succession until only the mind is
 Once totally within the mind, relaxation of thought must occur. I
 achieve mental quietness by visualizing a totally "Black" void into
 which all thoughts, feelings and flickers of thoughts and feelings are
 fed.  This process continues until all is "black".  I float before a sea
 of Darkness. I see nothing, I feel nothing , I am nothing. Once this
 state is achieved, one may proceed to "travel" or have an OOBE.
                           "Leaving the Body"
 To leave the body requires an additional two steps: an increase in the
 vibratory rate of the Spirit and a "pushing" out of the body. I am lucky
 that I seem to have discovered these techniques while experimenting on
 my own. The proper level of Spiritual vibration or "ecstasy" is achieved
 by further relaxation and through belief or "Will". I totally believe
 that my Spirit can leave my body and do anything. This focused and
 concentrated belief through Will is the essense of all Magick. It is
 absolutely necessary to achieve results. Some might call this process
 "faith". It is the stuffby which mountains are moved and with which
 entire worlds and even universes are created.  It is also the basis of
 Love and it is through Love that most of us discover the Power that we
 all have to create and perform Magick.
 Everyone from Ahura Mazda to Jesus to Crowley says the same thing about
 this process. Love is Power. It is the fundamental requirement for
 creative Work. Let us soar upon the wings of eagles and fly on the wings
 of doves into the Astral.  I "key" the process of leaving my body to
 seeing in every direction at the same time. This is impossible for me to
 visualize or to consider in my "normal" existence while contained within
 the physical shell of my skull and the confines of my body.  
 The "Darkness" I have achieved by relaxation of the mind is seen as a
 balloon. I see only one side of it. As my Magick squeezes this balloon,
 it expands toward me and through me until I am surrounded by the
 Darkness. While this process of transformation and metamorphesis occurs,
 I maintain constant contact with all aspects of the Darkness that I
 encounter when the passage is complete, I see the inside and the outside
 of the Dark Bubble.  I see in two directions! This is one step. I take
 as many steps as are necessary, piling belief upon work and work upon
 belief until no direction is unseen. I see myself from without and
 myself from within. I float and I create.  I "travel" and I do anything
 I can conceive.  My existence is a "waking dream". I am the master of
 Reality. I am a new creation! This is the essence of OOBE. Where one
 goes from here is for a more advanced workshop. I trust the New Age
 forum OOBE Workshop will be just such an experience for all of us. I
 plan to be a part of it and I trust you will all join me there.
                "A Journey Through the Veil at Bealtaine"
 In the spirit of this Bealtaine season and to Honor the Mother of Summer
 and the Lord of the Greenwood, I took out a copy of Fionn's Wheel to use
 as a focus for my reflections and musings. I found a quiet spot with no
 distractions and I gazed upon the Magickal Oghams of the Wheel. I sought
 guidance about the world around us and clarity as to my purpose. As I
 gazed upon the symbols, a mist began to form and I slowly began to
 journey. The veil between the worlds is thinnest on the spindle of the
 Wheel this night. What follows is the story of my journey upon the
 pathways of the Wheel:  (A voice within my mind spoke to me.)
 "Tonight is a night of Magick. Come with me into the rath ..enter the
 home of the Sidhe. Let us walk the moonways and take the path of the
 journey within:" 
                         "The Mists of Draiocht"
 <The mists arise in the meadow and gather in whorls and spirals. The air
 is filled with mystery. A strange call sounds...
                         can you hear it?...shivers and silvers..
                         bells?... or ... harp strings and laughter?
                         We are called...called are we....called...
                         we must go....we must go...we must go...
                         Wrapped in wraiths of shimmering silver..
                         flowing, ever flowing from without..
                         time is not here...reality dissolves...
                         consciousness journeys within.
                         Into the night i must go...on spirit wings,
                         leaving this world behind!! I must go!
                         Billowing fog and music calls to me!
                         I have no legs...the mist rises! ...
                         I ride the arms..none! The
                         Power flows within always within.....
                         within......I float I float I float..
                         Only me in the silence and the drums...
                         Only me...the spirit me survives!
                         And my heart lives on in echoes! It 
                         calls to me across the void as I journey. 
                         Hear the beat of my heart's drum...hear
                         the beat of life's thoughts
                         are a rhythm...a drumming, a rhythm of
                         life and thought across the shimmering
                         moonways....come within .....within..
                         Feel the energy in waves as it comes 
                waves and we float..we float as
                         the waves...the waves...the waves...
                         come to us ..... we are...not 
                         we are not...we are not..we are not! Not!
                         It comes!! The darkness comes!
                         "The Point of Light"
                         One point of point of life!!
                         Only that ...only that...and the drum...
                         the drum as we journey...mists of silver...
                         we are mist and we float to the light..
                         the Silver wheel turns on mists of...
                         mists of...silver and light...a moth...
                         drawn...the light the wheel...
                         swirling in light and
                         can this be? Where can we be? How?
                         How?  The Wheel turns and we turn as
                         we spiral....spirals of life within...
                drumming...the silence is
                         all...Nothing and ALL!! We are!!
                         The journey begins:
                         "The Hallway of Music"
                         (Who is it that speaks?)
                         "Come to me my children...come within!
                         It is time... your time..our time...all
                         of time...and no time...We are here!
                         We are! We rejoice!
                         "Let us laugh and play the old songs!!
                         Let us sing and discover!! Dance the
                         dance and travel!"
                         <Arms surround me and sweep me across
                         a floor that was not there a moment
                         ago. Laughter fills the air. I am happy.
                         I smile with lips I do not have. I am
                         me but I am theirs as well!>
                         (How can this be?)
                         The colors are every color!! Multicolored
                         hues and rays abound!! They are many and
                         they are one !!! They are one and they are 
                         many! The colors! The colors are all one!
                         The signs of mystery...abound...the Mystery 
                         is in the signs ... The signs of Mystery!
                         All is Pefect ...all is Beauty...and...
                         I choose the first sign. ...."Huath"
                         <The flames engulf me!! I burn and I
                         am gone!! Into the Dark!! and the Light
                         beckons...Death and Life!! ....Love and
                         Sex!! I am steel!! I am a sword!!!
                         Goibhnui hammers upon his forge!!  I was
                         steel and now I am a sword!! I am a tool!!
                         I am a use!! Knowledge is upon me!! Waves of
                         sex lap upon the shores of death!! I am the
                         Crane walking the waters edge. I am Life
                         and Death .... endlessly ...  endlessly ...
                         until the Beginning. I must be shaped and
                         molded. I must burn the impurities! I must
                         sacrifice them to the Holy Fires! Purity!
                         Into the Twin Fires!!! Flames of Purity!!>
                         <I have been remade!>
                         "The Endless Sea"
                         <The fires are gone!! The world is a Sea! 
                         Deep Waters! Holy Waters! Healing Waters!
                         Awash in cooling , soothing waters 
                         of forgetting and solitude...I am not here.
                         I am a wave upon a sea of stillness....
                         I am the reflection of the moon in
                         pathways of silver!! I am an endless sea.
                         A sea that flows around a Great Tree....
                         A Shining Tree of Light! A Tree within 
                         the Light...a Tree that has been and
                         is always. It is the way!! It is a doorway!
                         A doorway to purpose!! A purpose that endures!! 
                         Enduring for all time!! A White Tree of many 
                         branches...many branches of life! Each branch a 
                         gathering of silver ... silver leaves in the 
                         moonlight. Moonlight and songs of Magick!
                         The music begins!!! The music of the
                         leaves sing to me! Each note...a lifetime
                         of purpose...attempted and tried....
                         gained and lost....melodies of song...
                         life's song....the call of the wren... 
                         each small note builds with the others!!
                         a symphony of souls...a multitude.... 
                         all the same...It is I!! They are me!!
                         I am them!!! I lust and I long for me!!
                         All of me....The sound gathers and the
                         music swells!! It is the call!! The call
                         is made and we/I/us/they/I gather to BE!>
                         The doorway is open yet the door itself 
                         is closed! Pass within with me:
                         "The Oaken Door of the Greenwood"
                         <I pass through the Oaken timbers of the
                         door itself! I step into a vast room...
                         the Great Hall of the God...the Grove!!
                         It is the Green Man...It is He!!
                         The forest is alive and sings the song!
                         He sits in Giagantic Majesty...humanlike 
                         in shape upon a living throne of evergreen 
                         and Holly!! His flaming eyes gaze upon a 
                         burning bush!!>
                         (Hear the words of the God:)
                         "Come sit at my fire!!! Look within and
                         SEE!! SEE!! SEE yourselves!!! See them all!
                         Your lives and your deaths!! See your travels!
                         See your loves!!! I am HE! I am Lord of the
                         Greenwood!! I am life reborn from the womb
                         of the Mother. and You are a are
                         a forest!! You are remade!! Be One!! Be
                         a part of the All!! Live with me and my
                         children!! We are life...your life and
                         the forest...all souls in the green song.
                         We are upon green...
                         upon green... Let us wed the Bride and be
                         ONE as we are and I! We wed
                         the Land!!"
                         <I am a vine of flowers blooming upon
                         a canvas of green...painted against
                         a sky filled with birds
                         all flocking one bird...
                         a giant creature of the Air... and I 
                         soar through the beams and boughs of
                         the Holly King's Hall and into the Sky!>
                         Join me upon the wings of Air:
                         "The Flight of the Starling"
                         A lush green earth spreads in fields
                         below me as I soar upon the winds.
                         I journey through and above a garden.
                         Many blooms...many flowers...many scents.
                         The air is filled with sounds and scent
                         and I see Forever across the World of 
                         the Living even unto the Hill in the
                         Center. The Center of all things. A great 
                         stone temple arises within a grove of hazel
                         and is framed against a golden light. White
                         and grey stones surround a crystal well
                         that sparkles within the mote of the always 
                         seeing eye! The Crystal Light shines forth!
                         It guides me to the spring!! The Waters
                         of Life!! The Wellspring of Knowledge!!
                         Crystal twinkles of light play music upon 
                         my mind's eye and cascade in fountains of joy!
                         The Song of the Ages of Man and Woman ....
                         so Many and so Right...the temple is filled
                         by the Song and the Dance ...step and sing!
                         Brothers and Sisters! Are we all here? What
                         is this place? Am I here? Are you here?
                         We are within... I am AWARE.
                         "The Fountain and the Field"
                         <I approach the fountain within the temple.
                         The roof is open to the sky and many birds
                         can be seen...yet only two are with me..
                         and they stand within the waters. One is the
                         white Crane from the Dead Sea.. I am speared
                         upon the point of his eye. I am pierced!!
                         I am lifted to a ledge of stone that surrounds
                         the inner temple...Here ther are many artifacts.
                         The spoils of war...the fruits of labor...the
                         ancient Magicks and Alchemies!! Tools of      
                         Magick!!  Tools !!! >
                         "Choose not waste this spin upon
                         the spindle of life!! Now is the time of       
                         change!! One choice only can you have!! Choose 
                         wisely....  or be gone!"
                         <A rounded shield fashioned from hazelwood ....
                         gilded and bronzed with a covering of symbols
                         catches my eye...and I choose...wisely...
                         wisely...wisely I trust!!! Guide me!! I cry
                         out....Guide me my Guide!!! Aid me now!!>
                         This is the answer that appeared:
                         "The Fruit of the Tree"
                         <A small voice croons to me..the voice of the 
                         querc....small and brown ...common....yet..
                         It is Beautiful!! and it sits in a tree of          White.
                         White Blossoms above the Eternal Fountain.
                         Perfect Beauty and Promise!! I approach the
                         querc and the Tree.>
                         I ask,"What is this Tree that grows within
                         this Sacred Place oh small brown one? What
                         is this Tree and why am I here? Guide me!
                         Let your Spirit show me the way!"
                         <The bird hops along a branch to where a
                         fruit of greens and pinks swells forth in 
                         its ripeness.>
                         " know life!!!Here
                         are the five points of Eternity!!! Here
                         are the seeds of Life itself!! Eat only 
                         if you are wise! Live only if you are pure!
                         Endure only if you are strong and return
                         to choose wisely once again!! Now is the 
                         time of the Five Pointed Star!! You must
                         become a Star child and grow!!! Be a
                         Point of Light in the Darkness!! Be the
                         Darkness and the Light!"
                         <I reach up and take the fruit. I split
                         it into two more pink than
                         green ... the other more green than 
                         pink. Within are the star shaped seed
                         chambers of life. The Star is born!!!
                         I bite into the Quert, the fruit of Life!! 
                         I am BECOME!>
                         The World Beckoned to me once more:
                         "The Light in the Darkness"
                         The point of light recedes rapidly into
                         the night, a shooting star across the skies.
                         I am alone once more looking at the wheel,
                         wondering about myself...Who am I? What
                         does this mean? What awaits me? What awaits
                         us all?  We are alone and the Wheel turns.
                         Once more I gaze upon Fionn's wheel...
                         and know my journeys continue....It's
                         knowledge is my shield. I am a sword and
                         the fires of summer beckon to us all.
 Such is the nature of an Inner Journey. I continue to see this journey
 and to reflect upon its meanings to me and to who I am. I recommend that
 each of you also undertake such journeys for yourselves. Go within to
 your Inner Guide and travel the Wheel.  Journey the pathways of Fionn to
 Wisdom and Knowledge. Beannacht libh!  That was my experience in an
 Inner Journey.
 Celtic Workshop #12 - The "Outer Darkness", the "Dragon's Eye" and the 
 "Many Speckled Rainment"
 This Workshop was presented and hosted by Searles O'Dubhain. We covered
 the basis of Druid Magick or Drai'ocht. We discussed the "Dragon" or
 "Serpent" Power that is inherit in the Land. We touched on the many
 different areas of knowledge and discipline necessary to be a Druid. We
 also discussed the Mysteries of "Death" and "Rebirth". Some preliminary
 socializing soon gave way to the formal presentation and discussion:
 Here is what I hope to cover tonight:
                              The Road to the Grove.
                              The Druidic concepts of Being. 
                              The use of the Power of the Land
                              in the Rite of the "Dragon's Eye". 
                              The "ley lines" and the "death roads". 
                              The attainment of Druidic enlightenment 
                              (Initiation to the Inner Mysteries) 
                              Authority and the "Many Speckled Rainment"
                         "The Road to the Grove"
 There are many paths to Magick though only One True Magick IMHO. The
 Grove is a home to this Power as is the Circle and the Temple. How do we
 attain the Power to do Magick for ourselves and for all of humanity? Let
 us look to see what the Pathways were for others.
                              "The Ancient Druidic Orders"
 I have discussed the Ancient orders or levels of Druids in a previous
 workshop.  I include them here for the sake of our current discussion. 
 Druidic Bards studied for 15 to 20 years to learn the epics, chants,
 spells and histories of their peoples and clans. These works were
 memorized exactly and were a requirement for advancement to a higher or
 inner level of the Druidic ranks. The works had to be rendered with
 feeling so that the listener would be spell bound and consequently could
 relive the event. The Irish Druids had the following classes of Bards:
                             Class          # of Epics
                             Driseg         20   (the Beginner)
                             Foclaic        30   (Advanced beginner)
                             Cili           100  (Journeyman)
                             Anraid         175  (Master/Warrior)
                             Ollomh         175+ (Doctor/Judge)
 It is to be expected that the lawyers, seers, scientists, judges, and
 clergy of the Draoi underwent similarly lengthy training periods.
                       "The Cloak of Many Colors"
 In the Christian Bible, Joseph was awarded a cloak of many colors by his
 father because he was beloved among all of his brothers.  Due to the
 jealousy and greed of his brothers, Joseph was also sold into slavery in
 Egypt and suffered a "death" to his old way of life.  Because he was
 open to wisdom and could perceive the meanings within signs and dreams,
 he became the chief counselor to the Pharaoh and rose above his death to
 "new life". Just as the history of the Gaels is tied to Egypt, so the
 rites of Druids are tied to this idea of "many colors" and rebirth.
 Please recall that the Mileseans descend from the Pharaohs  of Egypt and
 that their Druids were said to be better Magi than the Persians. To be
 as good a Druid as Joseph, one must learn the art of interpreting
 dreams, divination and eloquence. This is a mighty job and worthy of us
                         "My Own Personal Paths"
 When I embarked upon the quest for my roots and for the nature of
 Drai'ocht, I was immediately impressed by two things: 
                         1. The Druids were acute and patient observers
                         of Nature.
                         2. The Druids were the scholars and scientists
                         of their day.
 Using these two ideas, I created a color-coded series of educational
 levels for myself in my quest into the secrets of the Draoi.
 I believe there are five areas of knowledge in the Mysteries: 
                                 Knowledge of Self, 
                                 Knowledge of the World,
                                 Knowledge of the Spirit, 
                                 Knowledge of Magick, 
                                 Knowledge of the ONE.
 The entire process of learning and growing never stops. As a minimum I
 have required myself to know the following:
                         Knowledge of Self  (The Blue Level)
 The Student must be able to meditate until he/she can know their inner
 voice.  The Student must know truth and abstain from lying.  The Student
 must be able to love and be loved.  The Student must know the limits of
 self.  The Student must identify their Sexuallity.  The Student must
 know their life goals.  The Student must know their bodies and how to 
 maximize and maintain their health.
          Knowledge of the World (The Green Level)
 The Student must know the physical world.  The Student must know how the
 laws of Nature work.  The Student must be Holistic with Creation.  The
 Student must be able to shape the forces of Physics and Chemistry.  The
 Student must know the ways of Botany and Zoology.  The Student must
 study animals, plants, insects, birds,fish,trees and rocks.  The Student
 must hear the voice of the Waters and the Winds.  The Student must SEE
 within the Fires, The Student must be connected with the Earth.  The
 Student must know the history of civilization.  The Student must know
 the laws of man.  The Student must learn Music.  The Student must learn
 Poetry and Writing.
             The Knowledge of the Spirit (The Yellow Level)
 The Student must know the Spirit within.  The Student must study the
 Religions of Humanity.  The Student must make a Spiritual Journey.  The
 Student must leave the body and walk the Moon Ways. (OOBE) The Student
 must see the origins and travels of the Spirit within. (PAST LIFE
 REGRESSION)  The Student must Know the Spirit in Music, Colors, Symbols
 and Life.  The Student must hear the Akasha.
              The Knowledge of Magick (The Orange Level)
 The Student must read the Great Works (Cayce, Crowley, Enoch, Fortune,
 Hermes, Jung, Ogham, Pythagorus, Qabalah, Science, Solomon, Thelema,
 etc.)  The Student must learn to "See." The Student must learn to
 "Divine".  The Student must learn to "Shield."  The student shall learn
 to "Speak."  The student shall learn to "Heal."  The student shall learn
 to "Travel."  
               The Knowledge of the ONE (The Red Level)
 The Student must create and lead a Ritual.  The Student must focus the
 three Powers (Earth, Self, ONE).  The Student must perform the Great
 Rite.  The Student must change Reality.  The Student must perform the
 rite of "Making."  The Student must be reborn and become ONE.
 After passing through all levels successfully, the Student then becomes
 the Teacher and can wear the  White, Multi-speckled or the Dark Robes of
 their choice.  This is my path to Drai'ocht. You alone can choose the
 proper path to your Inner Light of Whiteness or Darkness. All colors are
 one color. All Drai'ocht is ONE DRAI'OCHT!
                   "The Druidic concepts of Being" 
 I would like to quickly touch on some Druidic concepts about states of
 being. These states of being correspond to the previous cosmology that
 we discussed in workshop 5. (Time does not permit me to make a complete
 discussion of these topics tonight. I may add another workshop to cover
 them more completely in the future.)
                 "Barddas and The Circles of Being"
 The Welsh Bardic work "Barddas" contains a description of the three
 Circles of Being: 
           1.  Abred or the Realm of Matter
               (The physical world of form)
           2.  Gwynyd or the Realm of Blessedness
               (The Magickal Astral world of Spirits)
            3.  Ceugant or the Realm of Infinities 
                (That which is the home of the
                 God/desses and the Blessed)
 These states of being are separated by three veils that must be passed:
 1.  Annwn or "Dark Forgetfulness"
     (This is the gap or veil that must be passed to achieve birth and
      rebirth in the Physical World.)
 2.  Cythraul or "the Ghost"
     (This is the veil that must be passed to achieve enlightenment.)
 3.  Lyonesse or "the Isle of the Blest"
      (This is the final veil that is passed when one has achieved
 complete enlightenment and complete growth.)
 "Awen" or "illumination" is like a lightning bolt that can come to us
 across these veils and bring us knowledge and understanding.
 The key to our Power and true wills is how well we are able to pass
 between these states of being. I will discuss some of these techniques
          "Circles of Thought" or, "The Cyclatron of the Soul"
 One of the marvels of modern science is the atom smasher or particle
 accelerator.  Another name for these powerful devices is a "cyclatron".
 This is basically a phased arrray of electromagnetic devices that take
 charged particles and accelerate them to tremendous speeds around a
 circular field until they approximate the speed of light or at least
 they approach relativistic velocities. The particles are then smashed
 into a target and the history of the mutual destruction is observed and
 recorded so that humanity may unlock the secrets of the Gods. I trust
 that most of us here tonight have experienced this acceleration effect
 within the vortex of our thoughts and Spirits. We strive mightily to
 increase the relativistic mass of our thoughts so that we may observe
 their behavor as they approach God-like reality in their manifestions.
 Whirr and strive as we might, we are doomed to the universal restraints
 of our own humanity in much the same manner as nuclear physicists are
 limited by the unvirsal limits of "C" or light speeds (warp Factor 1,
 Mr. Sulu!<G>). Such are the limits of thinking.
                "The Salmon Leap and the Shaman's Death"
 I have gone through the process of questing for ultimate meaning in life
 many times. Most of this effort has been exhausting as well as futile.
 Only through extraordinary efforts have I actually attained results.
 These results came about through quantum leaps of the mind and spirit
 across the "void". Since the salmon is the totem of knowledge, I call
 this leap the "Salmon Leap". It is very approprite to name it thus since
 the "void" is actually "death" and the salmon "leap" up the streams of
 it's birth to spawn new life from it's own death struggle. The ancients
 also refered to mighty feats as a "Salmon Leap". We must experience the
 "Shaman's Death" in order to attain our new life and knowledge. The
 "Salmon Leap" brings us to a New Reality and altered state of Being.
 Included in the initiation rites to all of the Great Mystery Schools was
 just such a rite of Death and Rebirth. Anyone care to reveal their
 secrets now?<G> OTO'ers? GD'ers? Druids? Wiccans? AMORC?  Freemasons?
 Templars? Illumatti? Assassins? Channellers? Others? The floor is now
 open. Let's hear the words of Life and the words of Death. Josey Wales
 faces Ten Bears in the moment of Truth. The gauge is cast...the 
 challenge is issued. The floor is open to all comers!
 Coming through the "dark night of the soul" or the "Shaman's Death"
 purifies and releases us so that we can experience illumination and
 enlightenment. Our "darkness' and ignorance are burned away in the
 flames of the Phoenix as we are reborn into the Light! Such a wonder!
 The Akasha and all knowledge are there to be received! Our training and
 our quest are rewarded. We are a new creation!
                           "The Dragon's Eye"
 The "Dragon's Eye" is another word for Earth Magick or the Power
 inherent to the Land that is at the root of the Celtic Soul. This is the
 power of Excalibur or Caliborn, the sword of Arthur. It is the "Dragon's
 Breath" that Merlin works with to create a Magickal Mist while using the
 charm of "Making". We have already seen the "Eye of the Dragon" in a
 previous workshop ritual. I would like to now open the floor for a
 further discussion by everyone here as to how we sense this Power in the
 Land and particularly how we sense it at many sacred sites such as
 "Stone Circles", Raths, Menhirs, Hills, "Ley Lines", "Stonehenge",
 "Avebury" or any other site of your experience. The floor is now open
 for Magickal discussion!
 Anyone else have a good story for how they've sensed the Power of the
 Land? How it just is laying there waiting for the call?
 (2-10,Freepowder)       Some time, when you can be alone for a while..
 climb up into the moutains, my mountains are the Sierras get up high,
 above treeline, and sit there, find a rock... where the wind blows all
 the time and just sit. it may take a while maybe an hour, maybe a day...
 but you will feel it.. strength more than power, but power just the same
 coming up form the rocks... singing in the wind... when you have got it
 right.. the animals will come you may not see them, the conys and the
 birds but you will feel them too if you are lucky.  they will talk to
 you not in words but in thoughts.  if you are ready your totem will make
 itself known I have found that no great preparation is neccesary but for
 an open heart and mind it happens for me everytime I go there which is
 not nearly often enough oh! don't do this in a lightning storm <G>
 (2-8,O'Dubhain)         Beautiful Freepowder! A hymn to the Mother!
 We can all sing the song of the Health of the Earth!  She is beautiful
 still in some places and will be again in others as we....and I do mean
 we.... all get together to release the Power of the Dragon!  THAT has
 been safeguarded for us by our ancient Shamans within the Earth. I sense
 that the keys for this Work are soon to be given to us all once more.
 (2-15,Nan)              Well, I can think of many times that I've felt
 the Power of the Land but I'll offer just a simple recent example:
 Last week I gave my ankle a nasty sprain, I knew that one thing it
 needed for healing was to walk barefoot on the land, so that's what I
 did <g> in general I find that going barefoot on almost any ground
 allows me to feel the power of the land......I don't do it long in the
 snow though <g>.
 (2-8,O'Dubhain)         I'll bet!!!<G>  Many of the ancient sacred sites
 are no longer in active use. I think that the day is rapidly approaching
 where the Land will call us to Work Magicks at such sites. We will
 re-establish the "ley lines" of Power that are now just echoes of their
 past. These lines and sites require a Human/Dragon magickal connection
 to re-Power the grids that exist all across this planet. Many events 
 occur today that point to this Work.
 (2-15,Nan)              I just wanted to comment that a few years ago I
 visited a more obscure stone circle and noticed by items left behind
 that it had been recently used..... so not *all* the ancient sites are
 inactive and I'm glad!
 (2-8,O'Dubhain)         That's true! I believe Shadow Hawk told about
 feeling serpent lines of Power beneath Avebury's Circles during a visit
 there as well, though Stonehenge seemed inert. He told me recently that
 he sensed that it could come "alive" again for the right combination of
 persons working there. If that happened, it would have to be tended on
 a regular basis. Too much of the Dragon sleeps at that site.  Myrdin
 Emyrs sleeps nearby himself!  Anyone else have a "Dragon" sense?
 (2-17,cherokee/wwc1)    Many of the american indians have the same
 legends only we call it the serpent my great grandmother taught me to go
 out at night and to feel  the serpent move beneath my feet and to listen
 to the song it made in the wind.  We believe the time for the serpent to
 rise is here [it is in the] spirit of the people and the land.  I have
 been a healer in my past lives we used the crystals to awaken the
 serpent when it was time.  That time is soon and I feel the serpent
 singing to me.
 (2-8,O'Dubhain)         Thank you My Princess!<G>  Some legends say that
 crystals were used at Stonehenge as well. They were placed upon the tops
 of the lentils there to provide a Power connection.  Perhaps the crystal
 skulls will provide an answer.  I hope to see one in Miami next month.
 (2-15,Nan)              All this talk of serpents reminded me of
 Australia, where the Aborigines have the story of the rainbow serpent (I
 think it may be part of a creation myth) there they call the ley lines
 songlines. Bruce Chatwin wrote a wonderful book by that name that covers
 a lot about the Aborginal beliefs
 (2-8,O'Dubhain)         I want to check into that some more. Isn't it
 also amazing that everyone connects the serpent to wisdom ....even the
 Christians do it!<G> Though I must say they try to make out like it was
 a bad thing to get smart!<G>
 (2-17,cherokee/wwc1)    All peoples have stories of serpents many of
 them have head cult legends where the skulls were used as resonators to
 focus energy and to sing to the serpent to wake it up the aborigines
 believe this as did the mayans and the cherokees and other native
 (2-17,cherokee/wwc1)    ga
 (2-8,O'Dubhain)         Thanks!! ok Trailstalker M'lady ga!
 (2-1,Trailstalker)      Sorry... I'm coming in late on the conversa-
                         are we talking about snake/kundalini power? 
 (2-8,O'Dubhain)         we are talking about the power in the Land
 (2-1,Trailstalker)      ok I just needed a ref. pt. for the conversa-
 (2-1,Trailstalker)      ga
 (2-8,O'Dubhain)         ok Freepowder ga
 (2-10,Freepowder)       The serpents are everywhere, but watch out! some
                         them are snakes <G> couldn't resist, sorry <VBG>
           "The Many Speckled Rainment" "The Song of Amergin"
 This translation by Dr. Douglas Hyde from his work "Literary History of
 Ireland" was as well known to the Druids as the "Lord's Prayer" is to
 todays priests. It is a perfect example of the many different Magickal
 skills used by the Druids. It is one of my personal favorites as
 well!<G> I would like to use it to discuss the "many-speckled" rainbow
 of Drai'ocht! Once again I give you the words of the Bard:
                                      The Mystery
                         I am the wind which breathes upon the sea.
                         I am the wave of the ocean.
                         I am the murmur of the billows.
                         I am the ox of the seven combats.
                         I am the vulture upon the
                         I am a beam of the Sun.
                         I am the fairest of plants.
                         I am a wild boar in valour.
                         I am a salmon in the water.
                         I am a lake in the plain.
                         I am a word of science.
                         I am a point of the lance in battle.
                         I am the God who created in the head the fire.
                         Who is it who throws light into the meeting 
                         on the mountain?
                         Who announces the ages of the Moon?
                         Who teaches the place where couches the Sun?
                                                         (If not I)"
 Let's just go down the line and list the Druidic attributes used in this
 one spell by lines and in order (I also assigned colors to each
                              Attribute                       Color
                              The Powers of: Wind,            (Red)
                                             Sea,             (Grey)
                                             Fire.            (White)
                              Persistence.                    (all)
                              Death in battle.                (Black)
                              The Power of the Sun.           (Golden)
                              The Power of the Green World.   (Green)
                              Courage in extremis.            (Red)
                              Infinite Knowledge.             (Yellow)
                              The resting place of the soul.  (Purple)
                              The Knowledge of Science.       (Yellow)
                              Focus through Discipline.       (White)
                              The Gift of Awen.               (Orange)
                              *Drai'ocht*.                     (White)
 I could write an entire page on each of these attributes but not
 tonight!<G> "Fire in the Head" is the name of an excellent book by Tom
 Cowan on the subject of Celtic Shamanism.  "The 21 Lessons of Merlin" by
 Douglas Monroe agrees with my assignments for most of the above colors. 
 A true Druid worn the Cloak of many Colors for festive occassions, White
 or Black robes to conduct Magick and during ritual and a bull's hide
 when in battle.
 This the source or result of working with Magick for Druids. It is a
 measure of their Power and the strength of their "True Wills".  In the
 "21 Lessons" Monroe states that the students of Drai'ocht were awarded
 colored glass beads (called Gleini na Droedh) that were strung on
 leather cords for necklaces. These multicolored necklaces were kept
 secret by each Druid and produced only to demonstrate their Authority to
 other Druids. Magick knowledge, discipline and practice determined the
 level of Authority thus attained.
                            "Into the Light"
 Fionn's Wheel can also be multicolored.  I have made the one in the
 library that way!<G> (Make it so Number One!<G>) Seriously, to become a
 Master Druid, one must transcend the separation of colors and walk into
 the Light. This involves knowing the many fold paths of the Wheel and
 primarily the Inner Mystery of the relationship of Life and Death, White
 and Black, Balance and Action, Being and Not being. The Initiations into
 most of the Great Mysteries included this Dualism of Transcendancy. (An
 excellent  book on this topic is "The Great Initiates"by Edouard Schure,
 translation by Gloria Rasberry.)
                         What does this mean? 
                         What is this Initiation?
                         What is the Mystery?
 What follows is what I envision COULD have happened during such an
 initiation.  Hear the words a modern day Druid  might hear as he
 achieves his full Knowledge:
 <the Initiate will have been fasting and meditating within the total
 darkness of a cave or a dark room for at least a night.  Just before the
 rising of the sun or the lighting of the fires he/she would hear a loud
 female voice cry out!>
      "I am Arianrhod, Queen of the Heavens!  You who approach me must
      now ask yourselves these questions: 
                How can you achieve the Inner Knowledge? 
           Where can you find the Signs that show you the Way? 
           Heed My Words! 
           I am Arianrhod, Queen of the Stars, 
           I am She of the Silver Wheel! 
           My crown spreads across the Vault of the Heavens! 
           Your dreams shall be filled with the Secret Ways of the Night! 
          It is I that will show you the Paths of Knowledge! 
           It is I that will fire your Spirit in sparkling crystals of
           I am Arianrhod! Come to Me My children!  
           Be filled with Expectancy for what is yet to come!"
 <The chief Druid could follow these words with the following caution.>
           "Hear the Words of the Ard Druis:"
           "You who seek the Ways of Power must dare to approach the
                Queen of the Stars! 
           You who seek the embrace of Wisdom must approach Her Presence
                without fear! 
           You that seek for Love must first know your True Selves. What 
          is your Authority?
           Are you truly Human? Speak now if you dare!"
 <Then the Initiates should ask for entry to the Inner Mysteries.>
                         "Oh Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel! 
                         Bless us in Your Mysteries! 
                         Fill us with Your Spirit! 
                         Let us place no limits upon Your exalted Being! 
                         You are Infinite! 
                         You are the Unknown! The Darkness!
                         Admit us into Thy arms!
                         Grant us Your Blessings!
                         Our speech is confounded! 
                         Chaos is upon us!"
 <Once again, the Ard Druis would charge the Initiates.>
                         "Now is the Great Re-awakening! 
                         Now is the time of enlightenment! 
                         Those who are untrue shall be cast out 
                         into the depths! 
                         Cleanse yourselves through trials of fire 
                         and fasting! The way is long, 
                         Only the strong shall attain Knowledge!"
 <A flame or beam of sunlight should be produced to shine upon an open
 doorway, admitting the Initiates into the Inner Sanctum.>
                         "Behold the Flaming Door!
                         Behold the Burning sword of Gorias!
                         Enter if you dare the halls of Lugh!!
                         Wear the many speckled cloak of Samildanach!"
                         "Hear the words of the Sun!"
 <A male Druid dressed in Robes of Gold and bearing a torch should
 address the Initiates.>
      "I am Lugh Lamfadagh!!! I am Samildanach!
      I am thy burning desire for Knowledge! 
      I am the Power that illumes the Heavens! 
      Life is my gift to you, even as your Death is the Mother of Life. 
      To know Me is to know yourself completely, even beyond Death!
      Enter if you dare!
      Approach the fires of Life!!!
      Die and live again!"
      "I, Lugh am the focus of the Power and you My Druid are its     
      Enter the Flaming Door!
           Cead Mile Failte! 
           Maith an Drui!" 
 <At this point the Initiate should be robed in the multispeckled robe
 and presented with a golden sickle and a staff fashioned from the wood
 of the tree that is his "soul tone".  Standing before the gathered
 assembly,He should recite his geneology and the many achievements of his
 necklace of Gleini na Droedh. The ceremony should then be completed by
 the conducting of the Initiate's personal ritual (from his work on the
 Red Level).>
                         Such is the end of a long journey.
                         An Fhi'rinne Roimh an Saol!
                         We must awaken the Dragon Power within us all!!
                         DRAI'OCHT LIVES AGAIN!
                         TA' ME' DRAI'OCHT!!
 Celtic Workshop #13 - The "Charm of Making" 
 This Workshop was presented and hosted by Searles O'Dubhain. We covered
 some concepts touching upon the beginings of all things. We also covered
 how symbols are used to describe reality and Magick. We discussed the
 necessity for *belief* in performing Magick. I led a discussion about a
 ritual that was centered around the Charm of "Making". The arch[e]types
 and the Quarters used in Celtic Magickal systems were also discussed.
 Some preliminary socializing soon gave way to the formal presentation
 and discussion:
                             Opening Remarks
 Tonight I attempt to tie together the beliefs of the Celts in Cos-
 mologies and Magick or Drai'ocht to what we know of the world and
 reality through the study of modern science and more recent Magickal
 systems and their resulting Cosmological models. It is my hope that all
 of this discussion will clarify the history of the Celts and the
 workings of the Druids. The highest form of Drai'ocht was the Charm of
 "Making". This is the essence of creation by the use of the Will.  It is
 into the Cauldron of Primodial Creation that I plunge tonight as a
 Midwife to Magick.  Drai'ocht shall live again! The Dragon will once
 again be reborn!
 In many mythologies and some philosophies, Chaos is the void that
 existed in the begining of all things before even time existed and from 
 which all things have arisen. 
 "The notion that creation came from nothing (creatio ex nihilo) appears
 in several accounts of creation. The biblical story of creation
 contained in the Book of GENESIS begins with a formless, watery chaos
 that God shapes into the ordered world. The hymn of creation from
 India's epic Rig Veda (see VEDAS) describes the primordial situation as
 one of neither existence nor nonexistence and further states that no
 one, not even the gods, knows who produced the universe. In marked
 contrast is an Egyptian myth attributing creation to the deity khepri.
 In this myth Khepri states that when he came into being, being itself
 came into being; all other beings were then produced from his actions
 and his body; but before him there was only nonbeing. Among the
 Polynesians, creation myths emphasize the dimensions of void space and
 the qualities of darkness as the primordial structures of creation. In
 these myths, the initial state of darkness and void in which the deity
 dwells is later transformed and the forms of the universe then emerge.
 Creation is thus predicated on a void or a nothingness--a reality
 totally different from any form or substance of the created order. In
 addition, the deities who create from nothing or emerge from this void
 are given a new and special kind of power; for though creators of the
 world, they remain distinct from it in their originative form."
 .......quoted from The Online Edition of GROLIER'S ACADEMIC AMERICAN
 Encyclopedia, Copyright (c) 1993, Grolier Electronic Publishing.
 Magick is the ability to cross the void of Chaos and to create order in
 the universe that surrounds us. The primary way in which this creation
 occurs is through the focus of our own Wills.
                       "The Void was without Form"
 "Chaos theory, a modern development in mathematics and science, provides
 a framework for understanding irregular or erratic fluctuations in
 nature. Chaotic systems are found in many fields of science  and
 engineering. The study of their dynamics is an essential part of the
 burgeoning science of complexity--the effort to understand the prin-
 ciples of order that underlie the patterns of all real systems, from
 ecosystems to social systems to the universe as a whole." ..quoted from
 The Online Edition of GROLIER'S ACADEMIC AMERICAN Encyclopedia,
 Copyright (c) 1993, Grolier Electronic Publishing.
 The BIG BANG theory of the creation of the universe is widely accepted
 by astronomers.  "It holds that the universe began with the explosive
 expansion of a single, extremely condensed state of matter. A further
 development of this model, known as INFLATIONARY THEORY, describes the
 original condensed matter as arising from virtually empty space. Whether
 the universe will expand forever, slow to a halt, or contract again and
 continue to oscillate indefinitely from one big bang to the next is the
 subject of ongoing speculation....." Charles Long .......quoted from The
 Online Edition of GROLIER'S ACADEMIC AMERICAN Encyclopedia, Copyright
 (c) 1993, Grolier Electronic Publishing.
 Out of Nothingness was Reality formed. The diversity of Reality is due
 to the two great forces of separation: projection and reception (the
 male and the femine aspects of Power).  From this duality of all things,
 the rest of Creation is manifested. This manifestation can be described
 and modeled in many ways. I have chosen to limit myself briefly to two
 such descriptions during tonight's workshop. The first such model or
 description is the science of "quantum mechanics". According to this
 area of science, everything is composed of waves and the interaction
 between wavefronts. With two primary and distinctly different sources of
 waveforms, we get interference patterns. These lines of intersection
 have their own "nature" and give rise to other "quantum effects" in
 their own localized area of the space/time continuum. This ongoing
 process of interaction and manifestation can create Infinite Combination
 in Infinite Diversity (IDIC). I will discuss this concept later.
 The other way in which two differing states can create their own
 "reality" is through the laws of Boolean Logic and Algebra. In digital
 design and simulation techniques, this fact is well known. I work in
 such areas and can reduce any system to a series of "min" and "max"
 terms of inputs and "truth tables". This Boolean discipline of using
 "min and max terms" has given birth to the CyberSpace that we currently
 inhabit. I suggest that our present existence is no more than a
 "real-time" simulation in a greater system and that our creative/destru-
 ctive interactions are constantly birthing new realities and new
 creations. We are each a "star" as some Magickal systems teach. 
 All Physical and Magickal systems have hidden controls that operate from
 outside the program flow (another word for this flow might be called
 "life"). This outside intervention might be what appears in the form of
 "Magick" to an internal observer of that system. The operating system
 for the host platform, such as DOS, determines the form of the relation-
 ships between all programs, files and other processes. A magickal way of
 stating this might be, "As Above, So Below".  Tonight, I have discussed
 only two ways that some realities are postulated and created. In the
 wide variety of the Infinite Cosmos, Diversity is carried to the
 extremes. Anything CAN and DOES happen!
 One way man has attempted to understand and quantify his universe is
 through the use of symbols. The most often used symbols are numbers,
 letters and sigils. The Jewish Kabbala, the Celtic Oghams and the other
 Magickal alphabets are good examples of the use of such symbols to order
 and understand most physical, spiritual and Magickal relationships. I
 have talked about Oghams and Fionn's Wheel/Ladder in previous workshops.
 I have also talked about the Celtic Cosmology. Tonight I will briefly
 touch on numbers and math. Please refer to the previous Celtic Workshops
 #1, 2, 3, 5 and the Online Wicca Kabbala Threads for more information in
 those areas. Another kind of symbol that can describe our reality is a
 relatively new form of mathematics called Fractals.
 "A modern mathematical theory that radically departs from traditional
 EUCLIDEAN GEOMETRY, fractal geometry describes objects that are
 self-similar, or scale symmetric.  This means that when such objects are
 magnified, their parts are seen to bear an exact resemblance to the
 whole, the likeness continuing with the parts of the parts and so on to
 infinity.  Fractals, as these shapes are called, also must be devoid of
 translational symmetry--that is, the smoothness associated with
 Euclidean lines, planes, and spheres.  Instead a rough, jagged quality
 is maintained at every scale at which an object can be examined.  The
 nature of fractals is reflected in the word itself, coined by mathe-
 matician Benoit B. Mandelbrot from the Latin verb frangere, "to break," 
 and the related adjective fractus, "irregular and fragmented."
 The science of fractals has been found to exist within many natural
 formations . Fractals are found everywhere we look, from the shape of 
 coastlines to the geometry found in cellular divisions. Most dynamical
 systems that change their behavior over time become CHAOTIC in nature
 and can also be described using fractals.  The reason I mention fractals
 tonight is twofold. First, fractals show us mathematically how reality
 and life are manifested. As I said earlier, fractal geometry and 
 mathematics are a fairly recent discovery. One important type of Fractal
 that is found in nature is called a Mandelbrot set. This particular set
 of fractals becomes inheritly unstable as one looks closer at it's
 component fractals. What is so interesting about this fact and study is
 that FRACTALS in the FORM OF MANDELBROT SETS have been appearing as CROP
 CIRCLES on the Salisbury Plains. This is the same area that is located
 close by both Stonehenge and Avebury.  What is the source of these
 symbols? Where is this information coming from? Are these crop circles
 some sort of Magickal alphabet or symbols? Are they communicated to us
 across time and space from other Magicians or other Entities? If they
 are such symbols, has this phenomena occurred before in the past? Did
 the Druids observe, record and understand this type of information
 during their times? 
 My second pointis that our knowledge of Magick is itself like a fractal.
 With each piece of information we receive from our searches into the
 nature of Magick, we discover more and more questions. This gives rise
 to more and more associations and consequently more questions and
 disorder. Our attempts to totally understand Magick by close inspection 
 consequently results in chaotic thinking.  We see fractals everywhere
 when we look at the world. This world seems to be a fractal.  Everything
 from shorelines, earthquakes, cell structure to computer graphics have
 been found to obey the laws of fractals. Perhaps Magick and the heavenly
 cosmologies are fractals of the Higher Will? Perhaps our True Will is a
 fractal? Maybe fractals are the new Ogham, the new Wheel of Fionn?
 If an idea can be reduced to mathematical or Magickal symbols, then it
 can also be manipulated or transformed. These relation-ships are called
 "veils" or "pathworkings" in Magickal works. In mathematics, such
 transformations occur frequently. What is complex in one domain is
 simple in another.  Engineers use such techniques as vector and
 tensor analysis to handle complex systems all the time. Magicians use
 the principle, "As Above , So Below" to aid their Magickal Workings.
 Sometimes this Magickal work is also done while using symbollic logic to
 aid in the act of manifesting or "making" a new creation. We will next
 discuss how some of these Magickal transformations are done.
                           "Vibratory States"
 The addition of external energy to a molecule or the introduction of
 additional molecules into a solution causes its electron configuartion
 to change. The electron "jumps" across an energy barrier to obtain a
 different orbit or geometry.  The Molecule changes its behavior,
 sometimes with amazing results. This change in electrons through levels
 or states of energy is directly analogous to the levels or states of
 vibration that a Magician goes through to "resonate" with other
 spiritual forces. These principles of resonance and vibration are the
 keys to the techniques of OOBE and energy transfer in Magickal systems.
 To discover how we as Magickal/Spiritual entities can go through these
 types of transformed states, I looked at my own experiences, once again.
                         "Personal Experiences"
 The keys to working Magick are BELIEF, DISCIPLINE and FOCUS. Focus is a
 matter of personal ability and is sharpened through practice and effort. 
 Discipline is inherit to our very natures. Belief is absolutely 
 necessary to any Magickal Work. I have had three types of personal
 experiences that are the foundation of my BELIEF in MAGICK.
                         "The All from the None"
 This experience I have discussed before. It is the first veil that must
 be passed to obtain BELIEF in Magick and the resulting Powers. Briefly
 stated, I was able to detach from the ordinary (while conscious) and
 encounter Spirit and Magickal Beings.  These experiences have reinforced
 my ability to work Astrally and Magickally. The secrets to this
 experience are meditation, inner quietness and the increased vibrational
 level of the spirit or "ecstasy".
 By going into the "void" of Nothingness, I was touched by the Power of
 the Akasha! Anyone can do this, if they are willing to put in the time
 and effort to meditate to achieve inner "quietness".  The "Void" is the
 place where the Will can focus to create and produce all Magick!
                         "The None From the All"
 These are experiences I have had from "lucid dreaming". I have basically
 been able to go anywhere and do anything in my dreams. I have had many
 revelations and Super Normal experiences in these dreams. I guess the
 most outrageous experience was experiencing "death". Some deaths were
 just an abrupt end to one existence while manifesting into another body
 and another existence. One particular "death" was at the center of an
 exploding sun or bomb. I was literally blown into Nothingness and
 Non-Existence. I "floated" there in endless time without thought or
 being. I just was.  Only my Will still existed and through the exertion
 of my Will I was able to awaken into my body once more. This was not and
 ordinary dream. In fact, I'm not really sure this is the Reality I
 started out in! <GGG>  A Powerful incentive to learn more about Magick
 (to prevent such a thing from ever happening again)!!!!!
 IDIC is borrowed from the Vulcan, Mr. Spock. It stands for Infinite
 Diversity in Infinite Combinations. This basically means the Universe
 is filled with possibilities and that anything can (and will) happen.
 This is all those strange events that can be dismissed if taken one at
 a time but will stagger you if you keep a log of them. This includes
 such things in my life as:  Flying or "floating" in the air by myself, 
 reading minds, seeing the future, seeing creatures that are in another
 plane, hearing the music of the Sidhe and incredible feats of strength
 and speed (that could not possible have happened). All these many events
 taken together point to a variety of techniques that people can do. The
 secret is in remembering how we did it!!! Or maybe in finding a really
 excellent teacher. I am the worst of students but I am very persis-
                          "The Charm of Making"
 The following is the merest sketch of an outline for performming the
 Charm of Making, the very same chant that Merlin was heard to use in the
 movie "Excalibur". Much of this ritual comes from the following works:
 "The 21 Lessons of Merlin", "Celtic Magic', "Witta", "The Irish Celtic
 Magical Tradition" and the "Sacred Cauldon". Some of it is changed to
 suit my personal (*Irish*) preferences!<G>
                         "Circles of Drai'ocht "
 Druids' Circles are very similar to other Magickal Circles. Each
 direction should have a candle and color associated with it.  (I use Red
 for East, White for South, Grey or Blue for West and Black for North).
 I also have candles for the God and the Goddess.  these are usually
 Green and Red respectively.  I light the candles as the Spirits are
                             "The Guardians"
 The Guardian of the East Quarter is Esras associated with the Power of
 Air. The sacred city of this Spiritual realm is Gorias. The Celtic
 Deities usually associated with this Quarter are Nuada and Scathach. The
 sacred treasure or weapon is the invincible sword.  The Magickal Deity
 for the elemental Powers or the wind singers and sprites is Paraldas,
 ruler of the Sylphs, Zyphyrs and the Winged Sprites. This direction is
 most often associated with ideas, thoughts, inspiration and psychic
 powers. Ritual work for this direction is associated with dawn, sunrise,
 Spring, harmony, travel and freedom.  A suitable invocation of the
 Guardians might be:
                         "Tugaim cuireadh do Garda de Soir!
                          Tugaim cuireadh do Duile de Gaoth!
                          Tugaim cuireadh do Esras de Gorias!"
                         "I give invitation to the Guardian of the East!
                          I give invitation to the Element of the Winds!
                          I invite Esras, Master of Inspiration!"
                         "TUG-im KIR-oo gu GAAR-du gu SKULL!
                          TUG-im KIR-oo gu DOO-li gu GWA!
                          TUG-im KIR-oo gu ES-rah gu GOR-ah!
 The Guardian of the South Quarter is Uscias associated with the Power of
 Fire. The sacred city of this Spiritual realm is Findias. The Celtic
 Deities usually associated with this Quarter are Lugh and Bridgit. The
 sacred treasure or weapon is the flaming spear. The Magickal Deity for 
 its elemental Powers or Salamandes and Firedrakes is Djinas, ruler of
 the Consciousness and flames. This direction is most often associated
 with Action, Passion and Change. Ritual work for this direction is
 associated with Summer, noon, sexuality and purification.  A suitable
 invocation of the Guardians might be:
                         "Tugaim cuireadh do Garda de O'Dheas!
                          Tugaim cuireadh do Duile de Tine!
                          Tugaim cuireadh do Uscias de Findias!"
                         "I give invitation to the Guardian of the South!
                          I give invitation to the Elements of the Fire!
                          I invite Uscias, Master of Conscious Action"
                         "TUG-im KIR-oo gu GAAR-du gu OWE-yass!
                          TUG-im KIR-oo gu DOO-li gu CHIN-e!
                          TUG-im KIR-oo gu ISH-kah gu FIN-jah!"
 The Guardian of the West Quarter is Semias associated with the Power of
 Water or the Sea. The sacred city of this Spiritual realm is Murias. The
 Celtic Deities usually associated with this Quarter are Mannanan and the
 Cailleach. The sacred treasure or weapon is the cauldron.  The Magickal
 Deity for its elemental Powers or Nymphs and Undines is Niksas, ruler of
 the depths of the Sea and the spirits of the waters. This direction is
 most often associated with Emotions, healing and Marriage. Ritual work
 for this direction is associated with Fall, sunset, plants, the
 subconscious mind and dreams.  A suitable invocation of the Guardians 
 might be:
                         "Tugaim cuireadh do Garda de Siar!
                          Tugaim cuireadh do Duile de Muir!
                          Tugaim cuireadh do Semias de Murias!"
                         "I give invitation to the Guardian of the West!
                          I give invitation to the Elements of the
 Mystical Sea!
                          I invite Semias, Master of the Mind's Deep
                         "TUG-im KIR-oo gu GAAR-du gu SHEER!
                          TUG-im KIR-oo gu DOO-li gu MWIRR!
                          TUG-im KIR-oo gu SEM-ahs gu MUR-ahs!"
 The Guardian of the North Quarter is Morfessa, associated with the Power
 of Earth. The sacred city of this Spiritual realm is Falias. The Celtic
 Deities usually associated with this Quarter are the Morrigan and the
 Dagdha. The sacred treasure or weapon is the Stone of Fal.  The Magickal
 Deity for the elemental Powers or Gnomes and Dwarfs is Ghobas,ruler of
 the  inhabitants of the Earth and a crystal spirits.   This direction is
 most often associated with Destiny, Prosperity and Fate as well as
 Magick.  Ritual work for this direction is associated with Winter,
 night, midnight, self will and treasures.  A suitable invocation of the
 Guardians might be:
                         "Tugaim cuireadh do Garda de O'Thuaigh!
                          Tugaim cuireadh do Duile de Talamh is Cloch!
                          Tugaim cuireadh do Morfessa de Falias!"
                         "I give invitation to the Guardian of the North!
                          I give invitation to the Elements of Stone and
                          I invite Morfessa, Master of Destiny and
                         "TUG-im KIR-oo gu GAAR-du gu owe HOO-ee!
                          TUG-im KIR-oo gu DOO-li gu TA-loo is KLOKH!
                          TUG-im KIR-oo gu MOR-fes-ah gu FAL-ah!
 The Center of the Circle is protected by the Power of the God and the
 Goddess and the balance and diversity that They each manifest and
 control. This is the province of the Goddess of Sovereignty, Macha, and
 the Horned God or the Hunter, Samhan. The center is protected by the
 combined Powers of the Quarters and their Masters.  A suitable invo-
 cation of the Spirit might be:
                         "Tugaim cuireadh do Ana'l Fein!
                          Tugaim cuireadh do Duile de Anam!
                          Tugaim cuireadh do Grian agus Geala!
                          Beannachtai' DE' agus mBANDE' againn!"
               "I give invitation to the Souls of our Ancestors!
               I give invitation to the Element of All Spirits!
               I give invitation to the Sun and the Moon!
               The Blessings of the God and Goddess be upon us!"
                         "TUG-im KIR-oo gu GAAR-du gu AN-aal FINN!
                          TUG-im KIR-oo gu DOO-li gu AN-um!
                          TUG-im KIR-oo gu GREE-un AG-us GYAL-a!
                          BAN-uck-ta JAY AG-us BAN-jay UG-een!"
                              "The Words of Power"
 After the Guardians have been called, then the Words of Power Are Spoken
 and the Rite or Sign of Three Rays is performed for each of the
 This is the name of the God/dess of All and is intoned three times while
 making the appropriate hand gestures,
                                 "Threshold Experiences"
 If a portal to another plane or place is to be opened then the following
 Charm of Making is to be said three times (this Charm uses the Power of
 Sea and Stone):
                               "A ELFNTODD DWYR SINDDYN DUW
                                CERRIG YR FFERLLURUG NWYN;
                                OS SYRIAETH ECH SAFFAER TU
                                FEWR ECHLYN MOR, NECROMBOR LLUN"
                                                    "Dragon's Breath"
 If something is to be caused to happen or prevented then the following
 Charm of Making is intoned three times (this charm invokes the Powers of
 Fire and Air):
                                     "ANAIL NATHROCK
                                      UTHVASS BETHUDD
                                      DOCHIEL DIENVE"
 At this point the Power has been raised. The Will of the Draoi' should
 be directed and stated forcefully in the direction of greatest Power
 using the sign for that Quarter. Once the work, is completed, the
 God/desses and Guardians should be thanked and the Power Earthed by 
 lowering both hands to the ground while kneeling.  The Circle is opened
 in the reverse of its creation and the bounty of the Land and Tuatha
 should be enjoined and enjoyed by all.
 This is the end of the prepared presentation on the Charm of "Making".
 This and "Pathworking" are the two most powerful abilities of a Druid.
        Celtic Workshop #14 - "The Wheel of Elements or Seasons"
 Forum member Freepowder noted similarities between the Plains Indian
 Medicine Wheels and Fionn's Wheel from Celtics sources. His analysis and
 presentation on these topics led into a discussion of other cross 
 cultural similarities. I added some info from a study of the indigenous
 peoples of the world as well as Celtic topics. 
 Tonight our man of many names, Freepowder, O'Ba'n,John White, Sir Freep,
 etc. will give us his thoughts on the wheel and the directions as
 compared between the Plains Indians and the Celts.  It looks to be
 good!<GGG> I may have a few comments of my own. I also have some info on
 thses directions compiled by a noted anthropologist, Angeles Arriens,
 for the indiginous peoples of the world. I hope we can discuss the use
 and meanings of directions to all of us in our magical work.
                                     "The Wheel of Elements or Seasons"
 The world over, aboriginal religions have used the circle as a symbol of
 the world, the cosmos and the spirit.  Tonite I will attempt to draw
 some parallels between the Celtic version, Fionn's wheel or window and
 the Plains Indian version, the Medicine wheel.  Both of these wheels are
 pictured as a circle bisected by two lines, one vertical and one
 horizontal. In Plains Indian (PI from here on) the circle represents the
 cycles of the earth, of learning and of life. 
 The lines represent the 'roads' one must travel to achieve enlighten-
 ment.  The points at which the lines intersect the circle signify the
 four directions, east to the right, south at the bottom, west to the
 left, and north at the top.  There are qualities and totems (animal
 spirit guides) assigned to each direction. The totems and qualities
 vary somewhat, tribe to tribe, and the following is an attempt to
 combine several, mostly Lakota (Sioux) and Tsisistis (Cheyenne)   .
 red, illunination, child, the sun, spring, the source of life, 
 eagle, hawk and birds generally
 yellow, innocence, youth, daylight, summer, fullness of life, snake,
 lizard, mouse, horse, elk
 black or blue, introspection, maturity, sunset, autumn, waning of life,
 thunder beings, Bear, buffalo
 white, wisdom, old age, night, winter, death, wolf, raven, buffalo
 The PI speak of the guardians of the quarters as 'Grandfathers' or
 'Grandmothers'. Animals in mundane life are refered to as 'Little
 Brother or Sister.' At the center of the wheel is,in Lakota, 'Wakan
 Tanka', the Great Mystery. The source of all life, of all that is.
 Although Wakan Tanka is refered to as Grandfather, it has no sex, no
 body, it is at once the creator and all of creation. Also at the center
 is White Buffalo woman (or Sweet Medicine to the Cheyenne), the
 personification of the earth, and the female aspect of Wakan Tanka.
 The cycle of life as illustrated by the Medicine Wheel starts at the
 east. The PI believe that as an infant a person knows all things, thus
 the connection with enlightenment. As you grow into youth these things
 are forgotten so you may learn, and grow, symbolised by the south and
 innocence. When you are mature you move to the west and introspection. 
 Here you take your vision quest. As you approach old age you achieve
 wisdom in the north and, if you survive you return to the enlightenment
 of the east.
                         On to the Celts!
 The Celts use either a four spoked wheel, identical to the medicine
 wheel in apearance or enhance the image with 'cross quarters' making an
 eight spoked wheel. One differnce in the Celtic version of the Wheel, is
 probaly due to the variation in weather patterns between the Britsh
 Isles and the Great Plains. The Britsh Isles are around 1000 miles north
 of the Plains causing several things to happen. The sun, even at
 midsummer will rise far further to the north in Britain. Britain's
 proximity to the trade winds cause the prevailing winds to come from
 differnt directions. Therefore the Celts start their journey of life in
 the north.  The qualities of the quarters areremarkably similar if
 somewhat skewed as to direction. (Note: the animals assigned to quarters
 and cross quarters are approximate and individual impressions as to what
 animal goes where are most important IMHO)   
                                     They are:
 black, winter, wisdom, clarity, death, earth, animals, minerals,
 fallowness, darkness, winter solstice, salmon, wolf, the Morrigan, 
 red, spring, inspiration, life, birth, renewal, air, birds, smell,
 dryness, germination, spring equinox, otter, crow
 white, summer, spirit, humanity, change, power, fire, sun, light,
 vegatables, summer solstice, bear, hawk,
 grey, autumn, creativity, ripeness, fertility, compassion, love,
 emotions, hearing, water, moon, twilight, fish, autumn equinox, stag,
 The cross quarters mark the seasonal festivals, have associated animals
 and are used to represent the ages of mankind:
                                 Imbolc: 31 Jan, child, eagle
                                 Beltaine: 30 Apr, youth, sow
                                 Lughnasadh: 31 Jul, adult, horse
                                 Samhain: 31 Oct, elder, heron
 The Celts assign Gods and Goddesses to the quarters as well. The
 following courtesy of O'Dubh, and subject to interpretation. God/esses
 are directional <G> as follows:
 Master Morfessa of Falias, The Morrighan, Goibhniu, The Dagdha, Epona,
 Eriu, Macha (The Land, the Lia Fal, Magick, Soveriegnty)   
 Master Uscias of Findias Danu, Anu, Lir, Lugh, Bridget, Scathach, Ogma,
 Nuada (The Invincible Sword, Wisdom, Strength, the Winds)   
 Master Esras from Gorias The Dagdha, Lugh, Bridget, Danu (The Flaming
 Spear, Action, Fire, the Sun or Shining One)   
 Master Semias from Murias, Manannan mac Lir, The Dagdha, The Cailleach,
 Cerridwen, Danu, Dianecht, Arianrhod (Rebirth, the Undry, the Sacred
 Cauldron, the Sea, Water)   
 Many of these God/desses are assigned to more than one direction because
 they have more than one aspect (The Dagdha, Danu, Bridget, Lugh, the
 Morrighan). The best way to associate them with a particular direction
 is to base their direction upon their role in your Working or upon their
 use of the magickal tool involved.
 The Celts have this multi-faceted diversity in the nature and directions
 of their God/desses due to their travels across Europe and their
 incorporation of the local Deities into the Deities of their respective
 clans.  When they finally stopped their travels, these Deities were then
 more fixed in their associated directions and attributes. As modern day
 Celts, we have the use of all of these Archetypes to aid or worship and
 to enrich our Magicks!
 (2-21,cherokee)         the cherokee say that all ancient cultures
 descend through the plieades and that the druids and the cherokee have
 origins in atlantis the cherokee calendar as are most medicine wheels
 are based on the mayan system of time.  The Dogon of W. Africa say the
 same.  which is very similar to the celtic most ancient cultures say
 they got the wheel from the stars
 Also some of the first sailors to come in contact with North American
 Indians were Welsh and they could converse with some of the tribes!
 Seemed the Indians were speaking Welsh!<G>
 (2-21,cherokee)         the cherokee also claim twelve tribes came out
 of atlantis when it was destroyed and populated the areas of the earth
 bringing this ancient wisdom to other cultures like the 12 tribes of
 israel there are 12 clans in the cherokee matrilieage.  There was
 contact betwweeen the nordic vikings and the indians after contact with
 the celts too.
 (2-9,M&J)               As to the NA Indians speaking Welsh, I attended
 a Celtic League symposium a year or two back, and this was one of the
 talks.  I'll have to go back and review my notes, but as I recall this
 is heavily debated.  The accounts go back to a Welsh prince who
 supposedly sailed to America.  Whether or not this is true is highly
 (2-8,Freepowder)        The Welsh Prince was Madoc, and I believe...
 he was supposed to have sailed in the 11th century.... there were
 records of his sailing away.... but nothing on where he ended up....he
 most certainly never returned to wales.... One possible explanation for
 the 'Welsh' Indians is the occurance of grey eyes in some of the
 southern tribes, notably... the Choctaw and Cherokee.... There are some
 similarities in the languages, but it is possible.. that this is due to
 some wandering Celt .... heading east from the orient. <G>
 Ok Thanks FP!<G>  There are many other similarities...notably the common
 belief among both sets of peoples, the Cherokees and the Celts, that
 springs were doorways to the Underworlds and possessed their own
 spirits. There are other similarities... The Irish have legends about
 the first settlers coming from the west after a flood.
  This was later Christianized to be the daughter of Noah Ceasir....but
 it was first thought to be Atlantis. Also some of the alignments of the
 stone circles are on the Pleides.  In fact, The two major hubs of the
 Celtic year are connected to when the Pleides first ascend into the
 constellation of Taurus That is when Bealtaine and Samhain actually
 As to use in your magickal workings, given the eclectic nature of most
 American Mages, introduction of the Plains Indian version of the
 attributes of the quarters is allowable. Perhaps even justified given
 our geographical location. I personally use the Indian colors and
 animals in conjunction with the Celtic God/esses. As they used to say in
 the Toyota comercials, 'It just feels right.' <G>
 Ok I have another set of values for directions.  Then a brief discussion
 of future topics.  I know everyone is suffering from too much Holiday!!-
 Here's my blurb on directions:  The "Four Fold Way" by  Angeles Arrien
 a survey of sacred directions and paths of the indigenous peoples of the
 world gives the following characteristics to the directions:
 The Way of the Warrior, Direction of Power, Element is Air, winged
 creatures, Standing Meditations, Right Actions, Dancing, instrumrnt is
 the rattle and season is the Winter.
 The Way of the Visionary, Direction of Vision, Element is Fire, dessert
 and no legged creatures, Walking meditations, Truth telling, Singing,
 instrument is the bell and season is Summer.
 The Way of the Healer, Direction of Love, Element of Earth, All four
 legged creatures, Meditating while laying down, Right Speech is the way
 of living, Paying attention, Story telling, instrument is the drum and
 the season is Spring.
 The Way of the Teacher, Direction of Wisdom, Element of Water, All Water
 creatures,Sitting meditations,RightTiming in life's actions, Being Open
 minded to outcomes, Silence is the best wisdom, instruments are sticks
 and bones and season is Autumn.

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