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                                           SAMHAIN RITUAL 
                                   WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1991 
                                    On-Line Ritual Facilitators:   
                                    Keymaster -- Priest 
                                    Otterkin  -- Priestess 
           (8-13,Shadow Hawk) Hello all, Blessing Be among Thou. 
           (8-3,John & Karen) Hi. 
           (8-5,keymaster) Ok we are ready now. 
           (8-10,Jehana & Jeff) ready here. 
           (8-4,Tapestry) Ready. 
           (8-3,John & Karen) ready 
           (8-12,Frodo) I'm here, dunno for how long. 
           (8-6,Grey Owel) ready 
           (8-5,keymaster) Tonight we celebrate the Sabbat Samhain, 
                the eve of the New Year. 
                This is the time when the Goddess in her aspect as Crone 
                veils Her face and the 
                Horned One takes His throne. 
                It is a time to reap the good 
                and to banish the bad. 
                To this end, we folded paper with that 
                which we would banish written upon it. 
                With the old year dying 
                and the new year yet to be born, 
                it is also the time when the dead 
                may be invited to leave Caer Arianrhod 
                and join us in the ritual and 
                the feasting afterward. 
                During the feast, the Lord of Misrule 
                reigns and is free to inflict his 
                Puckish like humor on us all. 
                Welcome all, and let us begin. 
           (8-5,keymaster) Take a deep breath..... 
                and let it out slowly... 
                and visualize the link between us... 
                Scattered to the winds are we, 
                but we are here together.... 
           (8-8,Otterkin)  We enter a grove amidst tall oaks, lit by a 
                waning moon and a circle of torches.  It is a 
                warm indian summer night with little wind, and an 
                aura of expectancy flickers like the flames.  Our 
                altar stands at the North, decorated with apples 
                and pomegranates, nuts and corn.  There is an 
                empty plate and a hand-thrown earthenware bowl 
                filled with fresh water.  A chalice holds the 
                wine.  The cakes are slices of pumpkin bread with 
                raisins, and oatmeal cookies.  The small cauldron 
                of cleansing is of old polished brass with a 
                handle for carrying. 
                A large, black iron dutch-oven stands on its 
                three legs in the center of the circle.  Wisps of 
                smoke rise upward and tongues of flame reach 
                beyond it's rim.  Four unlit torches lay near it. 
                Here the callers of the Guardians will light 
                their torches, to place them in empty sconces 
                planted in the earth at the North, East, South, 
                and West.  There are small buckets of water 
                beside each sconce. 
                Because we are modern pagans, the Priestess has 
                brought a boom-box with appropriate music. 
                Listen inside yourself and you will hear it. 
                Focus on the water in the chalice. 
                a symbol of cleansing and rebirth. 
                I add a dagger-tip of salt to represent 
                the aspects of the earth. 
                Great Mother, bless this cup that we  
                may be cleansed. 
                (The chalice is passed clockwise, with each 
                of us sprinkling ourselves.) 
                (When this is done, I return the chalice 
                to the altar.) 
           (8-5,keymaster) The incense we have chosen for this night is
                juniper and myrrh. 
                It burns with the charcoal in the small brass cauldron. 
                Breathe it in, and think of fire and air together. 
                Let the strength and joy they represent 
                become a part of you. 
                Great Father, bless this fire and air 
                that we may be purified as it passes over and through us. 
                (Cauldron is passed clockwise around the circle, by its
                (When all have breathed it, the Priest returns it to the  
           (8-7,Otterkin) The ground beneath us has been sprinkled 
                with ginger and swept to remove all negativity 
                from this space.  Let us join together 
                and in the names of Danu the Great Mother 
                and Arianrhod the White Lady, 
                and of Cernunnos the Hunter, 
                I cast and consecrate this Circle. 
                (I draw the invoking Pentagram in the air 
                with one hand and then, with a long stick 
                from a hazel tree, draw the circle deosil, 
                North to North.) 
           (8-5,keymaster) Let the caller of the Guardian of the East, step
           (8-4,Tapestry) Lords of the East, Masters of inspiration,
                intelligence, new beginnings, and the wind rattling my
                windows this night, Hail and Welcome. (Light Torch & place
                in sconce) 
           (8-5,keymaster) Let the Caller of the Guardian of the South, step
           (8-10,Jehana & Jeff) Lords of the South, may your fires burn
                hearty during the coming darknesses, 
                May your Will be strong upon us; with us.   
                Hail & Welcome (Light torch & place in sconce.) 
           (8-5,keymaster) Let the Caller of the Guardian of the West, step
           (8-3,John & Karen) Lords of the West, 
                guardians of the dark ocean and the lands beyond 
                be with us now in this time between the worlds. 
                Hail and welcome. (light torch and place in sconce) 
           (8-5,keymaster) Let the Caller of the Guardian of the North, step
           (8-11,wanda) Lords of the North, Masters of the Earth, 
                the hills, the valley, and forests  --  
                join us now in this time of great joy 
                (light torch and place in sconce) 
           (8-7,Otterkin) (Facing the center)  The Circle is bound. 
                This is a time that is not a time, 
                in a place that is not a place, 
                on a day which is not a day, 
                and we are safe between the worlds. 
                So mote it be. 
           (8-5,keymaster) So mote it be! 
           (8-12,Frodo) So mote it be! 
           (8-3,John & Karen) so mote it be! 
           (8-11,wanda) So mote it be! 
           (8-10,Jehana & Jeff) So Mote It Be 
           (8-4,Tapestry) So mote it be! 
           (8-5,keymaster) (Picking up a pomegranate, I pierce the skin 
                of the fruit with my athame and remove several seeds, 
                placing them on the plate on the altar.) 
                On this night of Samhain, we mark your passing 
                O Sun King, 
                through the sunset into the land of the young. 
                We mark also 
                the passing of all who have gone before us, 
                and all who will go after. 
                O gracious Goddess, 
                Eternal Mother, 
                You who gives birth, 
                and life to the fallen, 
                teach us to know 
                that in the time of greatest darkness 
                there is the greatest light. 
                (I now take one of the seeds, and burst it with my teeth, 
                savoring the bittersweet flavor. 
                I then take the plate to the first covener in the East, 
                who takes a seed, places it in his mouth, 
                and then passes the plate around the circle.) 
                (I take the plate back to the altar. 
                and then move to the cauldron.) 
                Wise one of the Waning Moon, 
                Lady of the Starry Night, 
                let the fire within your cauldron 
                burn up the dross of the year that is past. 
                To free us from the burdens that are plagueing us. 
                May the energies be reversed: 
                From darkness, light; 
                from bane, good; 
                from death, birth! 
                (I then place my piece of paper into the fire) 
                I banish the pain of past relationships, 
           (8-7,Otterkin) (I step to the fire in the cauldron.) 
           (8-5,keymaster) of my bitterness, 
           (8-7,Otterkin) I banish the pain in my childhood memories, 
                but not the memories themselves. 
                (I throw my paper into the flames.) 
                (Each in turn comes to the fire to throw 
                in their paper, saying aloud their banishment 
                or not as they choose.) 
           (8-12,Frodo) I banish the tensions and uncertainties that have
                been plaguing my life as of late.  <toss>
           (8-10,Jehana & Jeff) (We have banished) (toss)  
           (8-3,John & Karen) We have banished! (toss)
           (8-4,Tapestry) I banish depression and anger from past
                relationships <toss> 
           (8-11,wanda) (stepping to the fire) I banish my
                deep sorrow from loves past...and embarrassment  
                from words spoken too hastily.   (toss)
           (8-6,Grey Owel) I banish the quickness of temper (toss) 
           (8-5,keymaster) (I go to the altar, and lift my hands above the
                cakes and wine) 
                All life is your own     
            All fruits of the Earth 
                Are fruits of your womb 
                Your union, 
                Your dance. 
                Lord and Lady, 
                We thank thee 
                for blessings and abundance. 
                Join with us, 
                Feast with us, 
                enjoy with us! 
                Blessed be!
           (8-7,Otterkin) Blessed be! 
           (8-11,wanda) Blessed be! 
           (8-12,Frodo) Blessed be! 
           (8-4,Tapestry) Blessed Be! 
           (8-3,John & Karen) Blessed be! 
           (8-10,Jehana & Jeff) Blessed be! 
           (8-6,Grey Owel) Blessed be! 
           (8-5,keymaster) (I now pass the wine clockwise around the circle)
                (Everyone takes a drink) 
           (8-12,Frodo) ->gulp!<- 
           (8-10,Jehana & Jeff) Good vintage. 
           (8-4,Tapestry) (libate) (sip) 
           (8-11,wanda) (sip) 
           (8-3,John & Karen) (sip) 
           (8-7,Otterkin) (small sip) 
           (8-6,Grey Owel) (sip) 
           (8-5,keymaster) (sip) 
           (8-5,keymaster) (Placing the chalice back on the altar) 
                (Taking the cakes, I pass them around the circle, clockwise)
           (8-5,keymaster) Everyone, take, and eat. 
           (8-12,Frodo) >munch.< 
           (8-10,Jehana & Jeff) Breaking off a piece; libating; (nibble) 
           (8-4,Tapestry) (take piece, crumble a bit onto the ground and eat
                the rest.) 
           (8-11,wanda) (breaking off a small piece and savoring it) 
           (8-3,John & Karen) Breaking off a piece, sharing it, nibbling 
           (8-7,Otterkin) My cat has cut her own door into the Circle, and I
                share my bit of cake with her. 
           (8-6,Grey Owel) (consume heartily) 
           (8-5,keymaster) (breaking off a piece, eating it, grokking its
                (I replace what is left of the cakes and the wine, 
                near the altar, 
                for the Sidhe to enjoy) 
                Will the Caller of the Guardian of the East, step forward
                and release the Guardian.
           (8-4,Tapestry) Lords of the East, thank you for your assistance. 
                Hail and Farewell. 
                (take torch and plunge it into bucket of water.) 
           (8-5,keymaster) Will the Caller of the Guardian of the South,
                step forward. 
           (8-10,Jehana & Jeff) Lords of the South; of Fire and of Will, we
                thank you for your assistance -- Hail and farewell!! 
                (Plunge torch into bucket of water.) 
           (8-5,keymaster) Will the Caller of the Guardian of the West, step
           (8-3,John & Karen) Lords of the West, we thank you for your
                assistance.  Hail and farewell! 
                (Plunge torch into bucket of water.) 
           (8-5,keymaster) Will the Caller of the Guardian of the North,
                step forward. 
           (8-11,wanda) Lords of the North, Masters of the Earth..we thank
                you for your assistance and joining us this eve -- 
                farewell! (grasping torch and placing it into the bucket) 
           (8-7,Otterkin) (I draw the banishing Pentagram in the air.) 
                Merry meet and merry part, 
                and merry meet again! 
                Let the Circle be open but never broken. 
           (8-5,keymaster) I hereby name............ 
                           Lord of Misrule......... 
                           Let the Feasting Begin!! 

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