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           *********** The Religion Forum  10/28/92 22:50:38 
           HPS  | Relax...  Let your body and mind be at ease... Breathe 
                | gently; regularly... 
                | This is the time of Inward turning, of saying goodbye to 
                | our Dead. 
                | We have descended into the night, and the veil between the
                | worlds is at it's thinnest. 
                | The Sun King has become the Lord of Shadows, sailing West:
                | We follow Him into the dark. 
                | Life declines; the season of barrenness is on us, yet we 
                | give thanks for that which we have reaped and gathered. 
                | We meet to turn the Wheel and weave the cord of life 
                | that will sustain us through the dark. 
                | I take these Creatures of Earth and Water, and do Cleanse
                | and consecrate them to bring into this Circle,
                | to do the Lady's Will. 
                | I purify this sacred space in the Lady's Name. 
           HP   | I take these creatures of Air and Fire and do Cleanse and 
                | consecrate them to bring into this Circle to do the Lady's
                | Will.  I do cleanse and consecrate this Circle in our 
                | Lady's Name, to do the Lady's Will! 
           HPS  | I cast this Circle... 
                | a glowing blue orb... 
                | glowing, growing... 
                | surrounding all of us... 
                | surrounding us in protective blue-white light... 
                | expanding to touch all of us... 
                | connect us into the web... 
                | a place that is not a place, a place which is all
                | places... 
                | a time which is not a time, a time which is all times... 
                | connect us into the web . 
                | The Circle is Cast. 
           HP   | (facing the West, feeling the essense of Water rush
                     through me) 
                | (hearing the sound in the blood of my veins) 
                | Hail Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, Spirits of 
                | Water... 
                | I call upon you to come this night 
                | and attend this our Lady's Rite... 
                | Guard us and Guide us in this request 
                | that we might tonight... 
                | Do the work by Her great Light. 
                | (lighting candle, passing taper to Gail) 
           Gail:  The North: Power of Earth... 
                | Join our ritual circle 
                | Send your protection to us as we perform this sacred
                | ritual tonight 
                | You, the force from which all life springs, 
                | Hold us in your heart through the winter 
                | That we may be re-born with you at Beltaine 
                | Empty us of fears so that we may be strong 
                | Strong in the Goddess' light to do her work 
           nise nekheba: facing the east I call upon the powers of the
                | air, the winds to join our 
                | sacred circle.  Come obatala, Olofi, and chango, ancient 
                | orishas of the east 
                | come and bless us 
                | uplift us 
                | caress us with your powerful, forceful breeze 
                | and guard us through the Spring. 
                | go ahead south 
           Frodo: Spirits of the South Remember. 
                | Spirits of the South, hear my call... 
                | Spirits of the South, Remember. 
                | Spirits of the South, you are here. 
                | South. 
                | Red. Fire. 
                | The heat of summer. 
                | The passion of adolescence. 
                | Feel the South. 
           HP   | (turning to HPS) 
                | Blessed Be thy feet, that walk in the Way of the Wise 
                | Blessed Be thy knees, that kneel at the sacred altar 
                | Blessed Be thy Womb, without which we would not be 
                | Blessed be thy Breasts, formed in Beauty 
                | Blessed be thy Lips that shall speak the Sacred words 
                | Blessed be thy Eyes, that they shall see the truth 
                | and Blessed be thy Mind, that it shall know and
                | understand. 
                | Gracious Goddess, Holy Maiden, Mother, and now, Crone... 
                | Descend upon this thy Priestess, we do humbly beg... 
                | Join us tonight in your circle as we assemble to once
                | more... 
                | Spin the Wheel of Life and Death.  Great Goddess, mother
                | of us all, you have brought us to life, and you walk with
                | us to Death's Door and beyond. 
                | Goddess of Life and Goddess of Death, Cerridwyn, I call
                | you Home! 
                | (kneeling) 
           Cerridwyn: (greets HP, looks upon him) 
                | By the Flame that burneth bright O' Horned One! 
                | We call thy name into the night, O' Ancient One!
                | Thee we invoke, by the moon-lit sea, by the standing stone
                | and the twisted tree. 
                | Thee we invoke, where gather thine own, by the nameless 
                | shrine forgotten and alone. 
                | Come where the round of tdance is Trod. 
                | Horn and Hoof of the Goatfoot God! 
                | By moon-lit meadows on dusky hill, when the haunted wood
                | is hushed and still. 
                | Come to the charm of the chanted prayer. 
                | As the moon bewitches the midnight air, evoke thy powers, 
                | that potent bide. 
                | In shining stream and the secret tide, in fiery flame by 
                | starlight pale, in Shadowy host that rides the gale, and
                | by the fern-brakes fairy-haunted of forest wild and woods 
                | enchanted. 
                | Come!  O' Come! 
                | To the heart-beat's drum! 
                | When the broad white moon is climbing slow. 
                | Through the stars to the heaven's height. 
                | We hear thy hoofs on the wind of night! 
                | As black tree-branches shake and sigh, 
                | By Joy and terror we know thee nigh, 
                | We speak the spell thy power unlocks, 
                | At Solstice, Sabbat, and Equinox. 
                | Word of Virtue the veil to rend, 
                | From Primal Dawn to the wide World's end, 
                | Since time began, the blessings of Pan 
                | Blessed be in strength and love, 
                | Blessed be, wher'ere we rove, 
                | Vision fade not from our eyes 
                | Of the Pagan Paradise. 
                | Past the gates of Death and Birth, 
                | Our inheritance of Earth. 
                | From our soul the song of Spring 
                | Fade not in our wandering, 
                | Our life is one, 
                | By blackest night or the noonday Sun. 
                | Eldest of Gods on thee we call, 
                | Blessing be on thy Creatures all. 
                | I call upon thee, O' Ancient Horned One 
                | Who art the Comforter and the Consoler of Men 
                | I call upon thee, O' Great God of the Witches. 
                | Ruler of the Sabbat, Lord of the Wild Woods, 
                | I call upon thee, for I am thy Lady. 
                | Come out of the North upon the back of the Winds. 
                | And join the Lady Cerridwin at this Holy Sabbat/Esbat. 
                | I call thee by thy most ancient name Cernunnos. 
                | Descend upon this thy Circle NOW! 
                | We welcome thee Home! 
                | We welcome thee, Cernunnos! 
           Cernunnos: I am here. 
                | My Children call, from woods and from stream    
                | from fields fair and snow crested mountains. 
                | Once more the Wheel of Life has turned, the Gods of Spring
                | and Summer are gone.  Now's the time of the long night... 
                | and my white cloak spreads forth upon the land. 
                | Breath shoots steaming into the night, moonlight glints
                | off shining horn. 
                | Strength answers strength as I bugle my challenge... 
                | Calling you to me I bring you nigh 
                | Walk with me a while, 
                | and dance the dance of Life awhile. 
           Cerridwyn: It is Samhain... 
                | It is the year's ending. 
                | The crops have all been gathered in, 
                | those few remaining on the vines and stalks allowed to
                | seed next year's crops. 
                | It is Samhain. 
                | It is the year's ending. 
                | It is time to take new stock of ourselves 
                | It is time to allow our roots to grow quietly, 
                | deep and strong. 
                | The year's ending. 
                | The new year's beginning 
                | signified in that ending. 
                | Silence. 
                | Visualize a shadowy triangle of your fellow coveners
                | around you, 
                | with point facing West, and the ties of the past year
                | about your hands. 
                | It is the great cold of the night, it is the dark. 
           Cernunnos: The Woman Lives, she passes, she dies. 
           Cerridwyn: It is the great cold of the night, it is the dark. 
           Cernunnos: Fear Lives, it passes, Fear dies. 
           Cerridwyn: It is the great cold of the night, it is the dark. 
           Cernunnos: Laughter lives, Laughter passes, Laughter dies. 
           Cerridwyn: It is the great cold of the night, it is the dark. 
           Cernunnos: Hope Lives, Hope passes, Hope dies. 
           Cerridwyn: It is the great cold of the night, it is the dark. 
           Cernunnos: We Live, We pass, We die. 
                | Look around you, see the threads of Life and Death that 
                | connect you with the world. 
           Cerridwyn:  "Weaving the silver ship's thread 
                |   We cross the darkening night 
                |   Sailing across the Sunless sea 
                |   Enter the Dark Lord's sight. 
                |   Weaving the silver ship's thread 
                |   We cross the darkening night   
                |   Sailing across the Sunless sea 
                |   Enter the Dark Lord's sight. 
                |   Pearl-Grey warrior, ghostly quest; 
                |   Prince of Twilight, Sailing West. 
                |   Pearl-Grey warrior, ghostly quest; 
                |   Prince of Twilight, Sailing West." 
                | Please light your fires, incenses. 
                | Visualize your ties breaking with the flame. 
                | Gently but firmly breaking away. 
           Dark Lord: You are in sight of the far shore. 
                | See the light on the waves, a shroud, 
                | A track to follow. 
                | Step into the surf, step ashore. 
                | Cast off your bonds, and be free!" 
                | For here there is no binding. 
                | Cast off the veils that cloud your sight!" 
                | For here all eyes are opened! 
                | You Warriors- Here your battles are over. 
                | You workers- Here your tasks are done! 
                | You who have been hurt, here find healing! 
                | You who are weary, here find rest. 
                | You who are old, here grow young again! 
                | For this is the land of Youth, 
                | The Shining Land, the Isle of Apples. 
                | Here woods never fail; 
                | Here there is a tree, the Heart of Light, 
                | And a well of silence. 
                | Gaze into the Fire, my Children 
                | Let your mind soar, 
                | Follow me, for I am here    
                | The Comforter, the Consoler, 
                | Heart's Ease, and Sorrow's End 
                | I AM the Guide: 
                |     the Gate is open. 
                | I AM the guide: 
                |     the way is clear. 
                | I AM the Guide: 
                |     Death is no barrier 
                | For I AM Lord of the Dance of Shadows 
                | King in the realm of dreams. 
           Cerridwyn: Give to me your fears, that they may die 
                | and be reborn... 
                | Speak to me Fear's name. 
           Shadow Hawk: I fear isolation 
           Cerridwyn: Each of you, as you wish, type aloud the thing of fear
                | you release.
           Gail    | I fear pain 
                Shadow Hawk: (burning paper in incense fire) 
           Asondrea| I fear loneliness 
           Frodo   | I fear failure 
           nise nekheba: I fear love 
           Cerridwyn: I fear hurt. 
                | I fear making wrong choices. 
           Gail | I fear the boredom of loneliness 
                | I fear the cold that brings sickness 
           nise nekheba: I fear pain (burning paper) 
           Cerridwyn:    Burn the paper 
                | Release 
                | continue on to form a Circle 
                | around the Altar in the Center 
           Gail: Let my fears dissipate in the fire <burning paper>
           HPS  |    HP & HPS stand in the center, by the altar. 
                | Envision a pomegranet before you... 
                | whole and green... 
                | take it, and envision it as you slice it open... 
                | spilling its red pulpy seeds before you: 
                |   Behold the Fruit of Life 
                |   Which is death.  <taste the pomegranet> 
                | Envision an apple before you... 
                | whole and red... 
                | take it, and envision it as you slice it open through its 
                | equator... 
                | see the pentacle formed in the apple before you: 
                |   Behold the fruit of Death 
                |   Bestowing Life! 
                | Look about you and see the Circle here! 
           Dark Lord: (kneeling) 
           Cerridwyn: This is the circle of rebirth. 
                |  "This the circle of Rebirth.  
                | Through you all passes out of 
                | Life, 
                | but through Me all may be born again.  Everything passes, 
                | changes. 
                | Seed becomes fruit; fruit becomes seed. 
                | In birth, we die; on death, we feed.
                | Know Me, and be free of all fear.  For My womb 
                | is the Cauldron of Rebirth, 
                | in Me, the Circle is ever Turning." 
           Dark Lord: Blessed Be! 
                | (kissing HPS hand) 
                | (standing up) 
           Cerridwyn: Now go forth into the world 
                | Death and Rebirth have transformed you 
                | Life begins again! 
           Dark Lord: Gracious Guardian of the West, Spirit of Water 
                | Thank you for attending this our rite of Samhain 
           Shadow Hawk: And as you depart to your watery realm, we bid you
                | fair journey 
                | until we meet again.  Blessed Be! 
                | (blowing out candle) 
                | (turning to SOuth) 
           Frodo: Spirits of the South 
                | We thank you for attending our Circle, 
                | and for your firey gifts. 
                | As you return to your lovely realms, we bid you Hail and 
                | Farewell! 
                | <to east> 
           nise nekheba: Oh African spirits of the East 
                | oh chango, obatala, and others 
                | we thank you for attending our sacred Circle and for your 
                | graceful, peaceful 
                | breeze.  We bid you farewell. (blowing out candle) 
           Gail:  Spirit of the gentle earth and fertile soil 
                | Thank you for your blessings 
                | Sleep deep into the night 
                | Keep us safe within your heart 
                | Blessed be to all that have shared your gifts 
                | <blowing out candle> 
           Cernunnos: (turning to My Lady) 
                | My Lady, it's the time when we walk the land again 
                | Our children call us, and the fields and forests grow 
                | barren as the leaves dance their way to death.  Now 
                | it's time for us to leave this space and walk the Circle 
                | of Life and Death again.  Gracious Goddess, you who 
                | the Stars shine for, You who I dance and Live for... 
                | you who Bring us Life and Death and Life again... 
                | I thank you for your presense here tonight... 
                | so that once more we could dance together.. 
                | As you depart this space, we will always remember 
                | you, and the love that you have for us. 
           Cerridwyn: Hunter, you who trod the paths of the Wild and
                | untamed, I thank you for your presence here tonight. 
                | Cernunnos, ancient one, your song of the Earth itself, 
                | In love and in change, we will always hold you dear. 
                | Farewell. 
           HPS  |   The Circle which surrounds us, glowing blue and white...
                | fades gently counterclockwise 
                | spirals inward, 
                | Gently, gently. 
                | ... 
                | Fire seal the circle round 
                | Let it fade beneath the ground 
                | let all things be as they have been 
                | since the beginning of time. 
                | Merry Meet, Merry Part & Merry Meet again!! 

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