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                   The Wishing Well -or - Releasing The Butterfly of Chaos 
                                      Frater Choronzon
           The general function of a Wishing Well is understood from an early
           age by most people. The user projects some required outcome of
           events, or "wish" into the well, perhaps accompanied by a symbolic
           financial donation, and waits for events to take their course.
           Similar properties are attributed in popular tradition to acts of
           cutting a birthday cake and breaking a wish-bone while devouting
           certain species of poultry.
           In every sense, the act of making a wish using any of the above
           ritual props is a magical operation though experience suggest that
           Wells tend to be more effective than both chicken bones and all but
           the most esoterically decorated cakes in achieving the intended
           As of late, many Wishing Wells have been withdrawn from public
           access; and, moreover, recent opinion polls have indicated high
           levels of dissatisfaction with the scarcity of wish-fulfillment
           opportunities, particularly among vegetarians. This paper attempts
           some analysis of the dynamics involved in successful wish-making,
           and offers a ritual procedure which readers may find useful pending
           the launch of another "Wishing Well Withdrawal" from the public eye.
           Anyone who has studied non-linear dynamics (or Chaos Mathematics) as
           applied to the interaction of complex systems (for instance life-in-
           general) will be aware of the extreme sensivity of such systems to
           initial conditions. This is illustrated by the so called Butterfly
           Effect; a model of the process by which a butterfly flapping its
           wings on the Carribean Islands can set in train a series of
           atmospheric interactions which may culminate, after some elapsed
           time, in the occurence of a hurricane in London.
           The hypothesis in this context is that the ritual act of making a
           wish sets up initial conditions for a Chao/dynamic process which
           culminates, after some elapse time, in the occurrence of whatever
           event was the original objective of the wish; hence the subtitle
           "Releasing the Butterfly of Chaos". Atmospheric effects are often
           synchronous with successful magickal operations as was observed, for
           example, by those who were present for (or within earshot of) the
           4,000 watt "Enochian Verse Recital" in South London, 17.30 Hrs,
           Monday, 28 May, 1990; but where magic is concerned the atmospherics
           are felt to be little more than by-products of casual sequence which
           is primarily electromagnetic in character.
           The actual process by which a successful wish is transformed into
           its outcome is, of course, magic; at least in the sense that modern
           TV receiver might be acknowledged as such by Agrippa or Abra-Melin
           the Mage - Was there ever a more effective acrostic "for divers
           visions" than an infrared remote control?
           A detailed explanation of how the magical process appears to work
           would fill a book (reasonable offers from reputable publishers
           accepted); suffice it to say that no rewrite of either the Laws of
           Physics or the Axioms of Mathematics is required, and to mention
           that the Astrological elements of the hypothesis will form the
           substance of a paper to be presented to a forth coming meeting of
           the "Talking Stick".
           For the purpose of this exercise, the process may be appropriately
           visualized by consideration of nothing more complicated than a
           humble smoke-ring. In mathematical terms this is a Torus (a ring-
           doughnut shaped structure) which has a clearly defined, coherent and
           self-contained existence for an extended period within a
           fundamentally chaotic matrix; ie. it can hung around for several
           seconds retaining its structure in the turbulent air of a
           smoke-filled room. Such ordered structures fall quite naturally out
           of the Chaos Mathematics which models the behavior of gases and
           liquids (Fluid Dynamics for the technically inclined). Examples of
           such ordered structures in a chaotic environment abound, and not
           only on this planet. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter, for instance,
           has been in existence at least since Galileo observed it in 1610,
           though the chaotic nature of that planets atmosphere was not
           appreciated until the flypast of the Voyager spacecraft of 1979.
           A perfect smoke-ring requires very little expenditure of energy to
           be brought into existence, though that energy, in the form of a
           controlled pulse of gas projected from its creator lips has to be
           quite precise - ie. smoke-rings don`t always work, particular if
           someone is watching, and the best ones of all usually happen quite
           by accident! Significantly, the only way an observer can know if a
           smoke-ring is there because it has smoke in it. If an identical
           pulse of gas is projected from a non-smoker, the Toroidal ring
           structure will be established in the just the same way within the
           atmosphere, but its presence is almost impossible to detect, even
           with the most sophisticated of scientific instruments.
           The atmosphere is not the only chao/dynamic envelope surrounding our
           planet; there also exists the magnetosphere, which we perceive at
           ground level as the earths magnetic field. At present it exerts a
           force which causes a compass needle to point approximately towards
           the North Pole.
           The magnetosphere extends out into so-called empty space well beyond
           the atmosphere of the planet, and is anything but static in
           character. Complete polarity reversals can occur. A record of these
           is preserved in the sequence of North and South oriented volcanic
           rocks which have been mapped in the ocean floor extending outwards
           from mid-oceanic ridges, such as that which runs the lenght of the
           Atlantic. The magnetosphere exhibits its own "weather" patterns
           which, like the atmospheric weather, are driven primilarily by
           radiation from the Sun/Solar Winds. Magnetic and electric storms
           which affect TV and radio reception are a phenomena of
           magnetospheric weather, and interaction between the magnetosphere
           and the atmosphere can result in phenomena such as the Aurora
           Borealis or Northern Lights. Other manifestations include ball-
           lightning and St. Elmo`s fire.
           The ritual procedure put forward here postulates a process whereby a
           sudden pulse of electro-chemical energy, through an operators
           nervous system, establishes a magnetic structure which is the
           mathematical equivalent of a smoke-ring. It is suggested that this
           can occur on the onset of orgasm or accompanying a powerful
           martial-arts styled shout or KIAI, by a process akin to that of the
           Faraday Induction described in any half-decent textbook. The
           "magical" part of the process involves injecting a
           flash-visualisation of the eventual desired outcome of the magneto-
           smoke-ring as it is being established. The rest of the process of
           wish fulfillment is left to the wondrous dynamics of Chaos. It may
           be helpful for the operator to face towards the geographical
           (magnetic) North Pole.
           If performed as a solo working, this ritual may usefully be preceded
           by a banishing and visualisation exercise. The ritual text is
           written in the Enochian language of the angelic calls which were
           devised or discovered by Dr. John Dee in the 16th Century. In the
           sense that Enochian can be seen as a system of control (or cyber-)
           language for "life, the universe, and everything" it has many of the
           characteristics of a computer programming language. Among such
           properties would be those of recursive self-reference (ie. the
           ability to modify itself), and some of the phraseology of the
           preamble to the ritual is designed to apply ideas developed by
           Douglas Hoffstadter in his book Godel, Escher, Bach to the Enochian
           language. Specifically, the text of the ritual should increase its
           own potency with repetition.
           After the Enochian preamble, the participant(s) should make a
           vocalized statement of a "wish" or willed endpoint for the working,
           at the same time strongly visualizing the desired outcome. This
           "wish" may be of a benefic or malefic intent, but beware! the
           Enochian preamble carries a force of personal honor, in wishes of a
           dishonorable character they are likely to backfire.
           The pre-climatic mantrum "Zarzas Zarzas Nasatanata Zarzas" is held
           to be untranslatable. It is, by tradition, a formula which opens the
           Gates of Hell or the Abyss; in this context it is used to invoke the
           dynamic process of Chaos by which the wish can be fulfilled. Some
           occult authorities, Crowley among them, assert that the Zarzas
           formula is dangerous and advise against using it. Modern Chaos
           magicians do not share that view and, besides having employed it for
           years with no particular ills impacting the user, is consistently
           been found to enhance the effectiveness of most categories of
           magical working.
           The final climatic KIAI may be shout such as that projected by a
           martial arts practioner in the process of shattering a concrete
           block (or someone`s sternum), or else an exaggerated cry of orgasmic
           ecstasy. Prospective participants with orgiastic inclinations may
           care to experiment with variant techniques to effect the final KIAI
           exclamation which sets the magical "butterfly effect" process in
           motion. For example, the Enochian couplet following the statement of
           the wish might be committed to memory by operator of either gender,
           and repeated while other participants stimulate that operator to a
           frenzied pitch of ecstasy, culminating in the final KIAI. Such
           variants are for the more experimentaly inclined, but it is the sort
           of experiments which magicians of an unhibited frame of mind (or
           body) may find it enjoyable to carry out as an end in itself. Any
           feedback on results would be welcome!
           Ritual text / Enochian Invocation:
           COMSELH    I           P          MALPURG      DSI
           The circle with        eight      fiery darts  which is
           DRILPA     EMETGIS     DE         CHAOS
           the great  seal        of         chaos
           AS         IOADAF      DE         TOL          GLO
           was        in the      of         all          things.
           T          I           TA         HUBAR        BLIOR
           It         is          as         a continual  of comfort
                                             burning lamp
           NONCA      GMICALZOMA  CRIP       I            CORAXO
           to you     of power &  but        is as        thunders of judgement
                      understanding                       & wrath
           CIAOFI     DE          PAR        AG           IAIADIX
           to the     of          them       of no        honor
           SOLPHETH   BIEN:
           hearken    to my voice:
           VOMSARG                IADNAMAD                GOHULIM:
           unto every one of you  of undefiled knowledge  it is said:
           "OI        EMETGIS     LONSHI     OVOF         SA
           "This      seal        of power   may be       in
           MIAN       I           SAPAH      DE           OI
           continuancewith        the mighty of           this
           LU         IA          HE         BAHAL"
           song       of          honor      cried with a loud voice"
           VLCININ    DS          I          ZA           ZAZ
           Happy      is          s/he       who          has framed
           ANGELGARD  MANIN       PRGE
           thoughts   in the mind with the fire
           ANANAEL                PI
           of this secret wisdom, s/he
           I          VGEG        T          CAPMIALI     FISIS
           is         become      also       successively to execute
           BUTMONA    ATH         OD         AMMA         EMNA:
           By mouth   the works   and        curses       herein:
           >> MAKE YOUR WISH HERE <<
           SA         CHAOS       ANGELGARD               HARG
           Into       chaos       the thoughts            are planted
           OD         IONAS                               AZIAGIAR.
           and        they will become                    like unto the harvest
           !!! KIAI !!!

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