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                              QUANTUM MECHANICS
                                  AND SOME
                            SURPRISES OF CREATION
 Cross posted from I_UFO, by Glenda Stocks, again By Bill Moore
 Scanned from the CONTACT, June 14,1994, with permission.
 ... we will define this writing as simply an interesting look
 into quantum-statistical methods of simulating energy-informational
 ... Boris Iskakov who was born in Magnitogorsk on November 14, 1934.
 He is a graduate of the Institute of Physical Engineering in Moscow.
 ... In this work he endeavors to synthesize elements of science
 and religion.  Dr. Iskakov has recently been interrogated and we
 would share the interview with you.
 ... The interview comes from Russian documents so we will meander
 through the translations as best we can and at least you will be
 introduced to such as "leptons", etc.
 The equations of Schrodinger and Dirac, well known in quantum
 physics, describe the laws of the conservation of probability for
 fluxes of matter at the level of elementary particles of the
 microworld. By means of certain mathematical transformations I
 (Dr. Iskakov) obtained equivalent equations of a much broader
 applicability. They describe the laws of the conservation of
 probability for fluxes of matter, energy, and information. The
 equations have a deep philasophical meaning, which extends far
 beyond the interpretation of the Schrodinger and Dirac equations. An
 appropriate name for them is, in my view, suggested by a doctrine
 of Oriental philosophy--karma. In a narrow sense, it claims that
 every deed or thought, good or bad, receives due reward or
 retribution. In a broader sense, it denotes the principle of unity,
 integrity, and inter-conditionality and causality in the Universe.
 That is how I construe the term "equations of karma", which
 describe any cause-and-effect relationship.
 The study of psychic phenomena dictated the need to define the
 concept of the information-energy field. Its material medium,
 according to contemporary notions, may be a global lepton gas,
 consisting of extremely light particles, microleptons, with a mass
 of 10^-40 - 10^-30 g. Microleptons are much lighter than electrons
 and are capable af freely penetrating any body in the Universe. The
 gaps between atomic nuclei are for them just as spacious as are the
 holes in a fishing net for molecules of air.
 The idea of a microlepton gas appears to echo the 19th-century
 notion of the universal ether, but is scientifically much more
 complex and profound. What we are talking about in this case is no
 longer an ideal space-pervading fluid, but a quantum-granular
 structure of the space-time continuum, filled with whirling streams
 of polarized microleptons (including some virtually vacuum-born).
 Such an approach enables us to use the mathematical apparatus of
 quantum mechanics to describe the information-energy field.
 Moreover, relationships of a higher level of generalization are
 derived than the classical equations of Schrodinger. The new
 equations describe not only the movements of matter, but also the
 development of the totality of interconnections, signals, events,
 and processes. The special term introduced for such relationships
 is "equations of karma". As for karma, it is understood to mean a
 broad philosophical category of universal inter-conditionality,
 causality, and dependence in combination with the principle of the
 unity and integrity of the Universe. There are two equations of
 karma--the direct and the complex-conjugated:
 GS> (NOTE:  I have substituted regular letters for the Dr.'s
 GS> symbols)
        AY=0; A'Y'=0;
       where the operators have the form
        A=2h^2V + i2h o/o t-9;
        A'=2h^2V - i2h o/o t-9.
 Here Y denotes the probability density wave (the wave function);
 V, the Laplace operator; 9, the potential energy density, and h,
 Planck's constant.
 These equations may be solved in the form of karma waves and
 anti-waves with quantization of probability waves. Connected with
 them are perturbations of the information-energy field, i.e., wave
 signals. In principle, such signals may propagate faster than light.
 The equations of karma make it possible to draw certain
 philosophical conclusions of fundamental significance. It follows
 from them that diffraction takes place not only in space but also in
 time. Any event is, so to speak, split in space-time. The
 propagation of a solitary signal is preceded by a series of pre-
 signals and followed by post-signals, both fading with distance.
 Perceptive analysts are able to use the first intimations of
 pre-signals to give a precise picture of a coming event. This is
 called scientific foresight. But there is also intuitive prevision.
 Centuries ago clairvoyants described events that are happening in
 our time.
 Pre-signals provide an explanation of relative proscopy--when a
 sensitive person learns about an event before others do. Such a
 person detects faint pre-signals that most people do not perceive.
 For instance, an explosion on the Sun may produce solar prominences
 extending for millions of kilometers. Two or three days later the
 "solar wind" reaches the Earth, causing powerful geomagnetic
 storms that affect everything living. During such periods, disease
 and mortality rates increase in all countries.
 This dependence of everything living upon solar catastrophes was
 proved several decades ago by Alexander Chizhevsky. Can we learn of
 the approaching "solar winds" in advance? It appears that we can.
 The solar wind has presignals: swift streams of solar photons an
 neutrinos, which reach the Earth in eight minutes. By detecting them
 it is possible to warn the medical services of all countries of an
 imminent geomagnetic storm two or three days in advance, ample
 time to take the necessary measures.
 From the theoretical standpoint the works of the eminent Russian
 researcher Anatoly Okhatrin are of definite interest. They confirm
 the idea of an ether or universal lepton gas, which contains full
 information about the material world. Clusters of the lightest par-
 ticles--microleptons--carry people's thoughts and feelings; these
 microleptons are capable of travelling in space and time at
 tremendous speeds.
 The speed of light is a limiting factor only for a continuous stream
 of speeds, the so-called continuum. However, greater speed levels,
 in excess of the speed of light, are possible for extremely weak
 Okhatrin's experiments and calculations show that people's thoughts
 are carried by the lightest microleptons. And the equations of karma
 prove that they can travel much faster than light. This justifies
 the conclusion that humanity's potential in getting to understarnd
 the Universe is practically boundless.
 Up to now it was considered that our potential in the conquest of
 outer space is limited by what is known as the pessimistic radius
 of Poincare-Einstein. If we multiply the speed of light by the
 human life span, we arrive at the limit that even the most sophis-
 ticated spaceships cannot surpass. No generation of spacemen can
 explore the Universe beyond that radius [it says].
 But from the equations of karma it follows that at the level of
 extremely weak signals we can reach out far beyond the Poincare-
 Einstein sphere. Material thought can travel to distant regions of
 the Universe at a speed greater than that of light. Man can obtain
 information about what is happening at any distance from him. This
 is a fundamental philosophical conclusion that allows humanity to
 look to the future with optimism.
 I arrived at this conclusion by considering the equations of karma.
 But then, many scientists before me have reflected on the
 synthesis of science and religion, among them the founders of
 quantum physics. What are termed the conjugated equations of
 Schrodinger and Dirac point to the possibility of the existence of
 anti-particles. Similarly, the conjugated equation of karma suggests
 that there can be anti-signals as well as anti-particles. More-
 over, this equation makes it possible to describe the spectrum of
 properties that these anti-signals possess. While ordinary signals
 travel along the river of time from the past via the present into
 the future, anti-signals travel in the opposite direction. They
 originate in the future and pass through the present into the past.
 This property of anti-signals stuns our imagination: certain
 particularly sensitive people and instruments can, it turns out,
 receive signals from the future.
 Previsions, predictions, and prophesies come under the scientific
 heading of absolute proscopy, which implies the acquisition of
 information about events that have not yet taken place. They have
 yet to occur, but sensitives already know about them.
 The problem is merely one of the threshold of sensitivity and the
 balance of signals and noise. Anti-signals come from the future at
 a faint and very faint level. Very few people can detect them.
 There is no violation here of the principle of causality. Rather,
 its interpretation becomes more sophisticated and more refined
 dialectically. According to the equations of karma, time in the
 microworld can reverse its direction, turning, as it were, into
 "anti time". From a single point it is possible to see both the past
 and the future of microparticles at the same time.
 We can receive information about the future only at the
 probability level. Only the strategic parameters of a human fate are
 pre-determined. But freedom of choice too is preserved: a person is
 free to take any decisions and bears full responsibility for them.
 A person shapes his or her destiny and pays for the consequences of
 those decisions. Thus, there is a predetermined part of the future,
 which a person cannot change, and there is a probable or variable
 part, for which he is responsible.
 Solving stationary equations can yield curious results. Waves
 emitted and absorbed by hundreds of biologically active points are
 superimposed on one another and form a series of standing waves,
 which surround the human body. The body turns out to be nothing more
 than a dense nucleus shrouded on all sides by a number of
 energy-information holograms. The shape of the first hologram
 follows that of the human body, but is enlarged and rounded,
 remotely resembling a spacesuit. Actually, this hologram contains
 all the information about the body and is carried by microleptons
 orbiting along the quantum shell, the boundary of the first
 hologram. The second hologram and its shell are larger and carry
 weakened information, which is more difficult to decipher. The
 same may be said of the third and subsequent shells. The more remote
 shells are more rounded in shape, changing from a spacesuit to an
 egg and then to a sphere. Our atomic-molecular body is "clad" in
 microlepton holograms, each of which carries complete but weakened
 information about the person, including his or her innermost
 thoughts and feelings, his or her mind and conscience. It may be
 said that the sum-total of these holograms is nothing short of a
 person's lepton soul.
 Ordinarily, people do not see the energy-information shells that
 surround them. But in certain conditions it is possible to make the
 first hologram glow, especially the part of it surrounding a
 person's head. The fact is that upper chakras, the most
 power-intensive, operate at the highest frequencies. Some people
 have a first quantum shell that can become visible.
 Estimates show that the energy of the first shell amounts to
 fractions of an electron-volt. This is quite enough for a faint glow
 in the optical range of the spectrum. But for the glow to become a
 reality a great deal of energy has to be pumped into the upper
 chakras. This means a person has to adopt a definite mode of life:
 overcome base passions, and make his or her thoughts, feelings,
 and deeds pure, lofty and inspired. It is in that case that the
 energy of the upper chakras causes the excitation of the first shell
 by fractions of an electron-volt, and a halo visible to other people
 appears around the head of such a person (for example, a saint).
 In Christian art, only part of the hologram around the head is
 usually portrayed as glowing. But in Buddhist temples, there are
 pictures showing the whole spacesuit-shaped hologram aglow.
 The most ancient Buddhist manuscripts speak of a person's seven
 bodies: one dense and six subtle. The first hologram is called the
 ethereal body; the second, the astral body; the third, the mental
 body, and so forth. The lepton hypothesis allows a larger number of
 Judging from the equations of karma, we humans are infinitely
 "larger" and our lives are infinitely longer than we are accustomed
 to think. This means that each person is a factor of Cosmic
 Moreover, analysis reveals that inanimate objects as well as Homo
 Sapiens and other living beings have holograms of this kind.
 Consider the implications of this. If each body is present, at the
 information level, throughout the Cosmos, then in every small region
 of space-time there must be, if only super-weak, information about
 the entire Universe.
 Gautama Buddha's famous dictum states "everything is in
 everything" and, hence, "everything is in the small." In an expanded
 form this may be taken to mean that every point of space-time
 "knows" everything about all the other points.
 But if every zone of space "knows" everything, it is a most
 complete encyclopaedia, in infinite storage of knowledge about the
 Universe . All that is needed is to learn how to plug into this
 source of information, which can tell a person about anything and
 everything in the world.
 It follows from the lepton hypothesis that the soul is real and
 material. A human being, in the customary sense of the term, is
 nothing but a dense nucleus around which streams of leptons
 circulate. The totality of lepton shells is a cold bioplasma,
 which contains complete information about the nucleus. Thus, it
 can be termed a person's lepton soul. This notion has a quite
 precise materialistic content.
 According to the lepton concept, thoughts and feelings are material.
 They are carried by superweak pulses of electromagnetic and
 microlepton fields. Visual, audible, and other images, and all
 thoughts and feelings, exist in the form of clusters of superlight
 elementary particles. This brings to mind Plato's inspired guess
 that all eidoses, i.e., ideas or thoughts, exist autonomously,
 "float in the air" and recognize no boundaries.
 Plato intuitively arrived at that conclusion over two thousand years
 ago. Today we can put this into the language of mathematical
 formulae. We can measure the mass of a single human thought. Its
 weight varies from 10^-30 to 10^-40 g. To be sure, the opinion of
 sensitives and Okhatrin's experiments cannot serve as proof. Similar
 investigations have to be carried out at other laboratories. This
 will furnish the statistical data for reliable conclusions. If they
 confirm Okhatrin's findings, he will become the author of the
 greatest discovery of the latter half of the 20th century.
 Thoughts and feelings generated by human beings begin their
 independent existence in space and time. Both theory and experi-
 ments show that these eidoses are capable of exchanging information.
 What is most important of all is that one person's thoughts can
 occur to other people. Eidoses are like small living beings, but at
 the lepton level of matter. Thoughts and feelings are our offspring,
 who communicate with one another and with us in a language of
 super-weak signals.
 Estimates show that during a lifetime a person generates millions
 and even billions of eidoses. This makes it clear that we bear an
 enormous responsibility before the whole of humankind and before
 ourselves for what our offspring, i.e., our thoughts and feelings,
 will be like.
 When our offspring are noble eidoses of kindness, love, mercy,
 mutual assistance, truth, beauty, and harmony, we contribute to the
 health of humanity's leptonosphere. But when we beget malformed
 eidoses, i.e., evil, envious, cowardly, vain, and arrogant thoughts
 and feelings, we thereby pollute the leptonosphere we inhabit.
 Should the negative eidoses exceed a certain critical mass,
 humankind will be doomed. At present our survival depends to a great
 extent on the ecology of the spirit.
 Here we also come up against a legal problem. Mere criminal intent
 is not yet a crime at the atomic-molecular level, but when a person
 conceives, say, a murder, he or she spawns criminal eidoses, which
 contaminate humankind's leptonosphere.
 That is why when someone steers a nation or country onto a road
 leading to disaster, that person commits the gravest offence above
 all against the whole of humanity. Although economic and
 political catastrophe is still many years off, it has already
 taken place at the lepton level, in the public mind. The collapse of
 a vast State can contaminate humanity's leptonosphere to such a
 degree that humanity's very existence becomes threatened. And no
 clan, no state, nor coalition that conceived such a crime against
 other nations can survive.
 The lepton hypothesis can provide a scientific explanation of the
 essence of God. When congregations gather in their temples, they
 create eidoses of prayer, which assemble into a collective
 egregor-eidos of a deity. When millions of people worship it, the
 material deity eidos acquires tremendous energy at the lepton level
 of matter. There arises feedback: a believer not only supplies the
 deity with energy, but receives genuine assistance from it upon
 supplication. There exist eidoses of Christ, Buddha, and Allah, and
 they actually interact with their Worshippers when the latter tune
 into the proper frequencies. This is something like a deposit in a
 savings bank--it helps the client at at a time of need. The
 microlepton "savings bank" is not responsible for other banks'
 clients: there is no resonance correspondence between them. Alien
 gods hold no power over a flock--only their own God has such powers.
 Gods, thus, actually exist at the lepton level of matter. In fact,
 the world religions describe different aspects of one and the same
 Supreme Rational Being. All the people of the Earth worship a single
 God, but in His multiple manifestations.
 After the death of a person's atomic-molecular nucleus, his or her
 lepton holograms may take different courses. Some of them may
 likewise disintegrate. But this happens only to the holograms that
 are made up of the heavier microleptons. Estimates show that the
 relatively heavy holograms have a natural half-life of seven to nine
 days; their ninety-nine percent decay takes about forty days.
 Thus, the meaning of the funeral repast on the 9th and the 40th day
 (in accordarnce with the Orthodox faith) is that the living emit
 eidoses that recharge the dead person's soul with energy and
 information to help it undergo the necessary changes in the lepton
 world. Thanks to these rites, relatively heavy lepton holograms can
 survive much longer. A reliable supply of living people's thoughts
 and feelings can extend the life span of the heavy fractions of a
 dead person's soul from forty days to several millennia. As long as
 a person is remembered and his or her days of birth and death are
 observed, that person's soul is preserved almost intact, just as it
 was when the person was alive. One can communicate with it by means
 of special techniques known to mystics.
 The soul also has medium and light fractions. We cannot yet
 verify this experimentally, but there is reason to think that
 their half-lives and total decay periods are much longer than those
 of the heavy fractions. It is even quite possible that the lightest
 fractions live eternally--the soul is immortal according to all the
 world religions. So far science cannot confirm or deny this in
 strict terms. This problem remains unsolved and requires an
 experimental solution.
 (Hatonn's comments)
 The next most logical question might well be , "Isn't there any way
 to measure this lepton energy or aura?" Yes indeed and again the
 only ALLOWED presentation comes silently from Russia. There are two
 scientists--the engineer and inventor Uri Kravchenko and the
 physician Nikolai Kalashchenko--who have developed an original
 instrument: the phase aurometer. This is a highly sensitive instru-
 ment for the remote measurement of the electromagnetic radiation
 of any object, biological included. The instrument and the method
 are protected by a Certificate of Authorship issued in 1990. This
 is an easy-to-prove concept and because of this implication I will
 not introduce much about it other than generalities about which
 much has been shared. This is something which Dr. Young has already
 devised though he doesn't recognize it as this and I would think
 would remind our own "tinkerers" that this is nothing more than a
 measuring device or a production device for electro-magnetic
 The particular phase aurometer in point is only for measurement or
 recordimhg a "patient's" own radiation by a contact-free method and
 has no impact whatever on the environment. BUT, LISTEN UP: THE
 I am not going to publish this information in general format as
 above. However, I do ask that several of the attached "tinkerers" be
 supplied with the documentation. We need to introduce frequency
 upgrading into seed for crops, etc. This is easily done but someone
 has to do it and I cannot spend time educating those at random
 distance. So, please make sure that Dr. Young, Dr. Hoffman, Dr.
 James and Dr. Trelle are made privy to the document in point. Thank
 you. It will seem quite primitive to you ones--but sometimes
 simplicity is where we must RE-begin in order to conceptually change
 directions. I salute you for your patience.
 Origin: CRYSTAL CAVE "DAS MAGICAL TREFTPUNKT" 719-391-1092 (93:9900/0)

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