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                                    Treatise on Mind 
                                     From: The Tigress  
                 From themoment that 2 cells forma zygote, we see the interaction
           of  informational process  - recognition,  communication, interaction,
           integration,  re-stabilization and reproduction  and or re-structuriz-
           ation.   This cycle of life can be see from the barest combinations of
           any two elemental  components beginning  at the  lowest atomic  desig-
           nations  of energy  and throughout  the  continuum of  increasing com-
           plexity - perhaps far beyond our capabilities 
           to  understand.  ***  If consciousness  can be defined as an awareness
           of integrity through this process of self recognition; then conscious-
           ness can be easily applied to that which is non-human.*** 
                 Fromthe most basicinteractions of chemistry, wefind that even on
           an atomic level there  is to be found this type of  consciousness.  We
           have  become aware  of the  atom's necessary  maintenance of  it's own
           structure  through the  evidence  of necessary  balancing of  protons,
           neutrons and electrons;  the importance of electron  shell valences is
           also a reminder of this  type of integrity.  Even on an  atomic level,
           there is a  form of awareness  of self-integrity in order  to maintain
           structure and identity. 
                     Thisprocess of awarenessis also agenius of discrimination. A
           form  of identification  of self  & non  self on  an  energetic level.
           There  is a borrowing, and sometimes a sharing energetically, yet when
           this process of self recognition begins to fail we see the destruction
           of the matter  it involves <this is evident with  atomic structure and
           also evident at the human level in the study of  cancer.> Therefore we
           might look  at this  process of  self-recognition and  maintenance and
           examine it's nature in order to find its function and capabilities. 
                     Whenwe look atdifferent types ofmatter, we findthat the more
           simple the atomic structure of the mass, the  less complex its process
           of  "consciousness" needs to be.   Things which  are comprised of only
           one  atomic component do  not need complex  processes of communication
           between those components.   Thus the level of consciousness  is rather
           low on an evolutionary scale of creativity, yet we also see that these
           types of  things are far more  stable in regards to  their integrity -
           far less vulnerable  to destruction.   In example, it takes  an enorm-
           ously concentrated force of heat to break the integrity of an atom...-
           yet a  mere 2000 degree flame  will not only destroy  the integrity of
           human consciousness, but also destroy the integrity of  the individual
           component  molecules which form the material mass  of a human to their
           lowest forms as individual atoms. 
                     Whenwe look at theforces involved incommunication of energy,
           we  see  a flowing  medium of  different  frequencies within  a single
           spectrum  of  energetic  potential.   Elemental  energies  and  forces
           <light,  sound,  temperature,  pressure,   magnetism,  electricity...>
           differentiate and vary in  intensity and frequency yet are  very alike
           in  that they are all  means of transferring energy  as a form of com-
           munication which can be informative/stabilizing or disinformative/des-
           tructive,  depending  on the  structure  of  the "consciousness"  they
           encounter.  It  may be perceived that the more  complex the structure,
           the lower the  frequency of the  integrity of that  structure and  the
           more vulnerable that structure is to disinformation. 
                The  more diverse the components  are that are  included within a
           thing,  and the more efficient  the means of  communication within the
           structure  of that thing; the  lower the common  denomination of freq-
           uency of integrity must  be in order that the  informational frequency
           will not be  destructive to any  of the component  parts.  To  analyze
           this statement we must look at other analogies within our environment.
           Firstly I would like to examine the nature of sound. 
                Sound waves come  in varying frequencies and  modulations, and as
           humans we assign different  notes to those steps within  the frequency
           spectrum which we can differentiate and perceive.   If we play several
           notes  simultaneously, we  find that  in order  to maintain  a balance
           harmonically, we  must play notes  that match each  others modulation.
           You can play a "C"  note at any octave and in fact play  all "C" notes
           simultaneously and  you  will find  that  within the  frequency  range
           these notes will compliment each other, in fact they will contribute/-
           share  energy with each other.  WE find similar matching if we look at
           musical chording.  If you play the notes "F" and "C" , the  sharing of
           energy vibrationally  between those  two ranges  of frequency  will in
           fact create  the note  of "A"  in the  range in  which  the two  notes
           frequencies  overlap.  In this way communication is informative and in
           fact the  "whole is greater"  than the sum  of its parts.   Similarly,
           playing  two notes which lie in the same modulation frequencies simul-
           taneously  will increase the duration of the vibration compared to the
           duration if each note were played alone. 
                When we  examine  the sharing  of  electrical information  at  an
           atomic level, we see  that through the temporary sharing  of electrons
           in a  phase path  also indicates something  that we might  consider as
           investing a thing <atom> with more than the sum of its parts.   Simil-
           arly in using electric  frequencies in a series, we  store information
           on silicon chips which invest them with more than they would be if one
           simply  looked at the electrical  and silicon components  alone.  This
           transference  of  energy  is also  a  transference  of  information in
           frequencies which in many ways we are still attempting to understand. 
                Simple, one component things,  can sustain far higher frequencies
           of  energetic  transmission than  can  complex  components of  things.
           Frequencies which pass freely through atoms ultimately destroy complex
           things such as humans when they are subject to  them.  It appears that
           the more complex  the union  of the  components, the  slower and  more
           tediously  complex the  transformation  of data  must  be.   The  more
           complex a thing is,  the lower the vibrational capability  it sustains
           in order to maintain the integrity of its own structure. 
                Energetic  communication exists  infinitely throughout  the univ-
           erse.  The transference  of information through radio waves  and light
           waves  continues back in time to the occasion of what was known as the
           Big Bang.  It may be that in the future we will find that in the  same
           way gravity  and electromagnetism  are also continuums  of information
           from  times long past.   Scientifically we study  these energetic con-
           tinuums and yet we doubt and deny the holistic communicative nature of
           the  universe.  We search for causes  and effects within the realms of
           our limited  perceptions and  are amazed  when we  can find  no causal
           effects to explain change. 
                When we examine  biological life, we find  that each evolutionary
           adaptation seems to be  an extension of  the process of self/non  self
           awareness and maintenance  of integrity.   Not only  do we see  inten-
           sification  of sensory perceptual abilities, but also we note that the
           integrational and responsive/reactive   components of the process also
           have to evolve and adapt in order to stay integrated with  the rest of
           the "consciousness".  Amoebas are "simple" life forms, and  yet we can
           examine them and see that each organic component within that life form
           serves  as an  informational  and communicative  component within  the
           process of  maintaining the integrity <life> of  the whole.  When this
           communication  process or any part  of it ceases,  the organization of
           the organism begins to deteriorate and eventually ceases and dies.  In
           biological  life, we find  that though we  have maintained the  use of
           electronic  communication on some neural  levels, we have  sunk to the
           depths of  transferring  actual molecular  compounds <proteins,  amino
           acids...> in  most of our  organic processes.   Even the human  brain,
           supposed  highest achievement  of  organic life  forms, requires  base
           molecular  salts  in order  to  process electrical  information.   Our
           complexity denies us the speed of light, radio, 
           and other  faster and higher  frequency modes of  communication except
           from outside of ourselves. 
                The  human consciousness is a  genius of discrimination.   We use
           the  abilities of discrimination to  identify those stimuli which come
           from outside of our biological forms  in order to protect and maintain
           our  integrity <life.  We use  our senses <inefficient though they may
           be>  to gather and interpret pure energetic communications such as the
           radiated  energy of sunlight and we are so inefficient at interpreting
           that data that we can only sense  light and heat and it destroys those
           sensors that gather that information through blindness and sunburn  if
           we continue too long in our attempts.  Yet, 
           conversely ,  we need the  information from sunlight  which stimulates
           our organic forms  into producing  vitamin D <without  which we  would
           die>.  Is this a  remnant of  photosynthetic capabilities  from lessor
           complex integrations,  or merely a  new attempt at  further increasing
           our potential? 
                As organic forms of  consciousness, we are sorely limited  in our
           perceptions  of the  universe.    Limited  in exploring  the  possibly
           limitless ranges of energetic exchange simply due to the limits placed
           upon  communication due to the complexity  of our component structure.
           Yet  rather than admit to our limitations, we seek further exploration
           through  the development of tools  made from things  less complex than
           ourselves.   In the laboratory, we use  light waves and shaped silicon
           to create microscopes to increase our sense of visual acuity within 
           the  spectrum of  visible radiation  imaging.  In  the studio,  we use
           simple cones flattened  vegetable matter and  electronic amplification
           to create  tools to compensate  for our limited aural  perception.  We
           have created  many tools out of simpler and less complex components in
           order  to reach  those  higher frequencies  of  information which  are
           either  so far removed from us as  to be imperceptible, or so destruc-
           tive to us that we dare not experience them ourselves. 
                The  human zygote from the moment of conception is a discriminat-
           ing consciousness which is involved in the  differentialization of its
           components in order to 
           develop finer  levels of complexity.   This fetus is  also even before
           birth  learning to  interpret  communicative energies  from the  outer
           world in order  to begin definition  of itself, its integrity  and its
           maintenance  of  self apart  from the  influence  of "other".   Cells,
           joining together  in communication  to form co-operative  systems each
           with separate  responsibilities to the  whole.   Organs with  specific
           functions  supporting the organism in its fight to maintain its integ-
           rity.  Consciousness of Mind, determining the  difference between self
           and non self, regulating the integrity  of the whole.  This harmony of
           components within a symphony  of orchestration, this is the  matter of
           being alive. 
                Despite our complexities, despite recognition of our  vulnerabil-
           ities and limitations; we as  humans are beings of arrogant mind.   We
           claim supremacy over all biological organisms and claim the sole right
           to conscious thought <as if we were the only from  of communication we
           wished to  recognize.>   We deny our  insecurities and  lay claims  to
           great understandings concerning the  universe, when we in fact  do not
           even  understand the actual workings of our own process of integration
           and communication within our own biological forms. 
           We claim  ownership of consciousness,  yet we  do not even  pretend to
           truly evaluate the process of consciousness nor its beginnings. 
                Despite our inadequacies,  we assume  to know the  nature of  the
           beginnings of  all life.  We  claim to know  the "mind" of  "God" <the
           prime causation for all that exists> and we claim title to superiority
           in emulation of this "God" - above and beyond all other  forms of life
           or integrity.  An egotistic lot are we, who strive to seek security in
           the midst  of  our fear,  our  inadequacies, our  vulnerabilities;  by
           developing a system of belief which guarantees our security in a place
           beyond our perception.  We seek safety and foundation at the same time
           that we reach outward to claim flight amongst the stars. 
                This is the  paradox on humanity, of  mind.  Complexity  found in
           simplicity... using simplicity to explore  a universe beyond the range
           of our complex integrity.  Our complex integrity vulnerable to all but
           the  simplest energies,  while we  lay grasp  to use  complex energies
           which would destroy us in  order to prove our strength.  What it is we
           look for, we  eventually find at the expense of  closing our senses to
           see  what really  is.  Perhaps  it is  true that the  most foolish are
           those who lay claim to knowledge for they have closed their minds 
           to further  learning, and  that  the most  wise  are those  who  claim
           knowledge of no thing, that they may learn all. 

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