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                                Polarity and Single Sex Covens
                                         By: Marios
            M>      Here's my latest question for theological debate:  
            M> Given the emphasis on male/female polarity within the 
            M> structure of Craft mythology, can a group that is entire 
            M> same sex gay or lesbian legitimately claim to be 
            M> practicing Wicca?  Or is it something else pagan, that 
            M> is not Wicca? Please give reasons for your answer... 
            M> I've found this to be a really sticky one.
                   In a word, "YES". Try this on for size:
           1.  Craft as  an immenentalist  religion, recognizes  the "fact"  that
           individuals  contain both  "male"  and "female"  parts. Polarity  work
           takes advantage of this situation. After all, we  recognize solitaires
           as  practicing Wicca, so we  have already accepted  that polarity work
           may involve only one person. As a logical extension of this:
           2. Given  that  polarity work  includes immanent  "male" and  "female"
           components,  we must assume that a group situation will take advantage
           of this  fact in  their workings.  But, since  polarity work  may take
           place  within an  individual,  the actual  genders  of the  group  are
           unimportant. However:
           3. While  it can be  argued that  polarity work is  possible, and  off
           necessity, takes place in same sex groups, can we state  that they are
           practicing  Wicca?   That  must  depend  on  how  one  defines  Wicca.
           Personaly,  I would say "Yes",  however, the central  mysteries of the
           Craft can be interpreted as demanding a heterosexual couple.
           4. I suspect that certain rituals (e.g. the Great Rite) can easily be
           reworked  from   their  current,   heterosexist,  form.   However,  if
           "practicing Wicca" is defined by a strict  adherance to the LITURGY of
           Gardnerian  derivation, then a same sex coven cannot be practicing the
           TOTALITY  of Wicca (or certain of its  main rituals). They may, on the
           other paw, be defined as practicing PART of Wicca.

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