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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

           July 31, 1991 
           10:30 EDT 
           This file contain a transcript of the 1991 Lammas ritual held online
           in the 
           CompuServe RELIGION forum Section 8.  The participants were: 
           User  User ID        Name 
           ----  -------------  ------------------- 
              1  72065,425      Cygnus 
              2  72730,2603     gaius 
              3  71600,621      Jehana 
              4  73715,1552     Larne 
              7  76304,3712     HAWK 
              8  71640,3711     SilverHawk 
             10  75325,1441     Shadow Hawk 
             12  71510,73       Peggy 
           This evenings ritual was designed and led by Shadow Hawk. 
             { } denotes an edit. 
             Text in {} has been changed, moved or editied in some fashion AFTER  
           the ritual was complete. 
             ( ) denotes action. 
             If you see (text) in parentheses, it indicates something you should
             " " denotes something to say verbally. 
             If you see "text" in quotes, it is something for you to repeat. 
             If you see text by itself, read and follow along, ok? 
            Ok, you all will need bread, charcoal, a cauldron/braiser of some
            that you can ignite the charcoal in. 
            Does everyone know what Lammas is all about? 
            Ok, Lammas is a ritual dedicated to the Sun God, or the Corn God 
            Or a variety of other Gods that are known as sacrificial gods 
            called because the ancients believed that the sun at it's highest 
           point (middle of summer) died, and that the essense went into the 
           food to sustain life during the long cold winter ahead. This is the 
           time of the Corn King, as was said, the first of the Harvest times 
            when the first crops were brought in. 
            ok, then, we begin... 
           * (Visualize a cloud of incense falling across 
             the world, cleansing and purifying, and saying,) 
             "By the Spirits of Air and Fire I cleanse thee." 
             (Visualize a rain of water and the strength of 
             the Earth rising up and say,) 
             "By the Creatures of Water and Earth I cleanse thee." 
           * (Everyone visualize and connect with the south, 
             the element of Fire.) 
             Ye Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South, 
             ye Powers of Fire; Spirits of Illumination and 
             Desire, I do summon, stir, and call you up, to 
             witness our rites and to guard the Circle. 
             (Connect with the West and the spirit of Water, ) 
             Ye Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, 
             ye Powers of Water; Spirits of Death and 
             Initiation, I do Summon, stir, and call upon 
             you to Witness our Rites and to guard the 
             (Connect with the North and the spirit of Earth,) 
             Ye Guardians of the Watchtower of the North, 
             ye Powers of Earth, Keepers of the Northern 
             Portals, Spirits of Mountain and Plains, I do 
             summon, stir, and call upon you to witness our 
             Rites and to Guard the Circle. 
             (Connect with the East and the spirit of Air, ) 
             Ye Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, 
             ye Powers of Air; Spirits of Clear Will and 
             Knowledge, I do summon, stir, and call you up, 
             to witness our rites and to guard the Circle. 
             (Visualize the Earth Herself illuminated in 
             a Circle of silver Light.  ) 
             The Circle is cast, we are between the 
             worlds, beyond the boundaries of time, where 
             Night and Day Birth and Death, Joy and Sorrow, 
             meet as one. 
           * Listen to the words of the Great Mother, she 
             whom of old was also called among men Artemis, 
             Astarte, Athena, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, 
             Cerridwen, Dana, Arianrhod, Isis, Brid, and by 
             many other names. 
             Whenever you have need of any thing, once in 
             the month, and better it be when the Moon is 
             full, then shall ye assemble in some secret 
             place and adore the spirit of Her, who is 
             Queen of all witches.  There shall ye 
             assemble, ye who are fain to learn all 
             sorcery, yet have not won its deepest secrets, 
             to these will She teach things that are yet 
             unknown.  And ye shall be free from slavery, 
             and as a sign that ye be really free, ye shall 
             be naked in your rites, and ye shall dance, 
             sing, feast, make music and love, all in Her 
             praise.  For Her's is the secret door that 
             opens upon the Land of Youth, and Her's is the 
             cup of the wine of life, and the Cauldron of 
             Cerridwen, which is the Holy Grail of 
             Immortality.  She is the Gracious Goddess, who 
             gives the gift of Joy unto the hearts of Man. 
             Upon Earth, She gives knowledge of the spirit 
             eternal, and beyond death, She gives peace, 
             and freedom, and reunion with those who have 
             gone before.  Nor does She demand sacrifice, 
             for behold, She is the Mother of all living, 
             and her Love is poured out upon the Earth. 
             Hear ye the words of the Star Goddess, she in 
             the dust of whose feet are the hosts of 
             Heaven, and whose body encircles the 
             She who is the beauty of the green Earth, and 
             the white Moon among the stars, and the 
             mystery of the waters, and the desire of the 
             hearts of man, calls unto thy soul.  Arise, 
             and come unto Her.  For She is the soul of 
             Nature, who gives life to the universe.  From 
             Her all things proceed, and unto Her all 
             things must return, and before Her face, 
             beloved of Gods and of men, let thine 
             innermost divine self be enfolded in the 
             rapture of the infinite.  Let Her worship be 
             within the heart that rejoiceth, for behold, 
             all act of love and pleasure are Her rituals. 
             And therefore let there be beauty and 
             strength, power and compassion, honor and 
             humility, mirth and reverence within you.  And 
             thou who thinkest to seek for Her, know thy 
             seeking and yearning shall avail thee not, 
             unless thou knowest the mystery, that if what 
             thou seekest thou findest not within thee, 
             then thou shalt never find it without thee. 
             For behold, She has been with thee from the 
             beginning, and She is that which is attained 
             at the end of desire. 
           * (Light charcoal and Take piece of bread in hand.  ) 
             now is the time to light your charcoal, and take the bread in hand. 
             This is the time of Lugh, the Shining One, the 
             Bright One, the Golden One, the Sacrificed 
             One.  He was conceived in the depths of 
             Winter, was Born in the Spring, Danced and 
             Loved in the Summer, and now, He Dies in the 
             Harvest so that we may Live through the long 
             Winter's Night. 
             Corn King, Sun King, Die and Be Reborn! 
             (Feel the death in the bread, the grains that 
             grew under the Sun, feeling the wind and the 
             rain on their husks, the sything of the grain 
             so that the bread may be made, the sacrifice 
             of Life so that Life could live.  ) 
             (Feel the Life in the bread, that which has 
             given up life, yet is filled with life, with 
             the sustanence that it provides, contemplate 
             hunger, and then the filling of that need. 
             See enough bread to feed the world., for the 
             God{dess} is not stingy, but looks after all 
             Her Children.  ) 
             (Holding the Bread in your hand, offer it up 
             for Blessings.  ) 
               "Oh Mighty Mother of us all, bringer of all 
             fruitfulness, give us fruit and grain, flocks 
             and herds, and children to the tribe, that we 
             may mighty.  By the Rose of thy love, do thou 
             descend upon the body of thy children." 
             "Behold, the Holly King is dead, he who is 
             also the Corn King.  He has embraced the Great 
             Mother, and died of his love, so has it been, 
             year by year, since time began.  But if the 
             Holly King is dead, he who is the God of the 
             Waning Year, all is dead; all that sleeps in 
             Her womb of Earth would sleep forever.  What 
             shall we do therefore, that the Holly King may 
             live again?" 
             "We Shall eat of the bread of Life.  Then 
             shall sleep lead on to rebirth." 
             (Tear off part of the Bread and offer it to the 
             Flame.  As it ignites and smokes, see the 
             spark of life that will be reborne in the womb 
             of the Earth Mother in the Winter.) 
             As the bread smokes, see life and death in the smoke, one lives on
             and without both, we would not be. 
             "Come back to us, Holly King, that the land may 
             be fruitful." 
                  I am the battle-waging spear; 
                  I am a salmon in the pool; 
                  I am a hill of poetry; 
                  I am a ruthless boar; 
                  I am a threatening noise of the sea; 
                  I am a wave of the sea; 
                  Who but I knows the secrets of the unhewn 
             (Feel the Essense of the God, His Birth, His 
             Life, and His Death, Gentle tongue, endless 
             passion, strength of His arms, the Warmth of 
             His Touch, and know that Thou art God as well.) 
             (Eat the Bread, and feel the essense of the God 
             on your tongue, and filling your body with 
             strenth for the trials of the Harvest and 
           * {(Connect with the East and feel the Air dying 
             Ye Powers of the East, thanks be yours for 
             attending our Rites, and ere ye depart to your 
             Sacred realms, we bid you Hail and farewell.} 
             (Connect with the North and feel the Earth 
             sinking down) 
             Ye Powers of the North, thanks be yours for 
             attending our Rites, and ere ye depart to your 
             Sacred realms, we bid you Hail and farewell. 
             (Connect with the West and feel the ocean 
             Ye Powers of the West, thanks be yours for 
             attending our Rites, and ere ye depart to your 
             Sacred realms, we bid you Hail and farewell. 
             (Connect with the South and feel the fire 
             Ye Powers of the South, thanks be yours for 
             attending our Rites, and ere ye depart to your 
             Sacred realms, we bid you Hail and farewell. 
             (Visualize the Circle expanding, beyond the 
             earth and out into space, bringing health and 
             good harvest throughout the world.) 
             "The Circle is Open, but never Broken, Merry 
             Meet, and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again!" 
           Thanks to Shadow Hawk for leading us this evening and thank you all
           attending (past or present) and I hope you will be able to join us in
           for our next gathering. 
           If you have any questions or comments, you can contact: 
              75325,1441 - Shadow Hawk 
              71600,621  - Jehana 
              71640,3711 - SilverHawk 
           On the CompuServe RELIGION forum in Section 8 (NewAge/Pagan/Occult). 
           Peace and prosperity to you and yours. 

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