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 Subject: Articles - (BOS section)
 Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 03:57:50 -0700 (PDT)
 From: Vitriol London 
 Hi there,
 I thought you might be interested in the following
 articles for your Book of Shadows section on Sacred
 Self Dedication explained
 Article by David Rankine & Sorita
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 Kingdom. (Please include a SAE)
 © David Rankine & Sorita 2000
 Initiation is a process of "death and rebirth" - the
 old self dies, and the new and magickal self is born.
 A rite of self-dedication marks a serious commitment
 and dedication to the path, and should not be taken
 Having followed your path this far, you will have
 noticed subtle (or not so subtle) changes in your
 self, and you may wish to mark this, and affirm your
 commitment to the path with a self-dedication ritual.
 Initiation is a process which happens over time, and
 the rite itself will benefit from being preceded by a
 daily practice, building up in intensity as you
 approach the day of the rite, with the dedication rite
 being the culmination of this ritual practice.
 As the rite marks a rebirth, into your witch self or
 magickal self, you may wish to obtain a new magickal
 item or items for it. This could be a piece of ritual
 jewellery, such as a pentagram pendant, or amber and
 jet necklace (the traditional witches necklace), or a
 cord you wear around your waist. Some people choose to
 mark their dedications by having a tattoo in a
 magickal design, personal to themselves.
 It is also good to have a magickal weapon which you
 will consecrate at the end of the dedication rite. A
 ritual dagger, or athame is the general tool chosen.
 Self-dedication can be very empowering, and can
 produce a feeling of "walking on clouds", and it is
 very important to earth oneself afterwards, and then
 to have a rest from magickal work for a period of
 between a week and a month.
 Simple daily meditation may be practised during this
 period, but avoid intense magickal work. Time is
 needed to assimilate the experience, and the
 dedication process should be undertaken at a time when
 you do not have too much outside stress, and are able
 to take time for yourself.
 It should be stressed that self-dedication is not the
 same as initiation into a coven, and should you wish
 to join a coven at a later date, you would still have
 to go through a probationary period and coven
 initiation, if accepted.

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