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      I looked through all my information, but as far as the Seminoles go
 I couldn't find any reference to the Badger.  I'm not saying that it
 doesn't exist, I just couldn't find any.  Here is something from one of
 my books that I thought you might find interesting:
      "Badgers are 2-3 feet long and are about 12 inches high.  Family
 members mark each other with scent for recognition since their sight
 is poor.  Their senses of smell and hearing, however, are excellent.
 Their diet includes a wide variety of roots, herbs, plant, and many
 small animals.  They dig with remarkable speed to catch burrowing prey
 and when they need to get underground quickly.  Badgers live in simple
 but extremely clean, well kept dens.  They pay close attention to
 details within their home environments.  They change their bedding
 often, backing carefully into their dens with straw, so as not to make
 a mess in the process.
      Badgers bring us gifts of tidiness and organization.  They are
 fastidious about their surroundings and will correct any disorder
 quickly.  If Badger has come to you in some way, it may be saying that
 you need to concentrate on maintaining an orderly environment to better
 facilitate your day to day living.  Badger can also be helpful to call
 upon for aid in managing your time.  This can be useful for those of us
 who are trying to satisfy our need to devote time to ceremonies and the
 spirit realm and still work a job.
      Badger will fight to the death if cornered.  While this may be a
 useful trait in the wild, men used this quality of Badger to exploit it
 in the so-called sport of Badger-baiting.  Captured Badgers were put
 into small enclosed areas with a dog or dogs, and bets were placed on
 the outcome of the fight.  Are you stuck in a pattern that served you
 well once, but is now damaging?  Badger could be warning you that a
 change of behavior is in order if you don't want to be cornered or
      [From _Animal Energies_ by Gary Buffalo Horn Man and Sherry
      Firedancer - Dancing Otter Publishing]
 Here's something I think you might find interesting.
 It's from a book on Zuni fetishes. (Author: Hal Zina Bennett)
 BADGER (Guardian of the South)
    Zuni name: Black Mark face
 Wide, bulky, compact body, spread out along the ground, legs and tail
 barely suggested.  Narrow, blunt face, prominent nose.
 (Describing the fetish itself)
 This fetish helps you focus your attention and deepen your passion.
 It is an antidote to passivity and 'victimized' feelings.  It helps you
 become more tenacious and grounded, for achieving any goal.
 If you are a Badger person, you are aggressive, highly goal oriented,
 able to concentrate on a single task or mission for long periods; and a
 good provider.

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