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                                     Air Meditation
                     (taken from the WICCA echo on  Sun 24 Jan 93 22:17)
           It is dawn.  I find myself in a forest filled with Aspen trees.
           I raise my eyes and look for the sky, but the boughs looming
           overhead hide it from my view.  As I look up, feel the cool
           breeze of spring brush my face, and hear the sound of the
           rustling leaves.  Blowing, laughing from the east, Eurus brings
           thoughts of renewal and life.  I follow the wind further into the
           soft shadows of the forest, inhaling deeply the strong scent of
           the trees.  I smell, too, the wafting hints of fragrant incense.
           I follow where my senses lead me and come to a small clearing
           circled by burning censers filled with sweet-smelling oils.
           Toward the east end of the circle is a staff.  I walk over to the
           place and sit on the ground before it.  I take the staff into my
           hands and close my eyes.  First come swirling colors of white
           then yellow then fading darker into lavender.  Then, out of the
           swirling fog of colors come dozens of small, lithe figures who
           swirl around as if carried on the wind itself.  They dance around
           my head and body, swirling around as if caught in a dance to
           unheard music.  Then, taking my attention from the spirits of the
           air, I look up to find further figures emerging from the mist.
           First comes a woman with the beauty of the dawn. As she steps
           forward, each of the four winds, in turn, hasten from around here
           and fly, one to each of the four corners of the earth.  As she
           fades, there comes another whose form seems insubstantial, and
           seems to constitute both the image of a woman and a cow at the
           same time.  I look closely the attempt to solidify one form, but
           I cannot.  As this image fades, I am presented with the forms of
           two women who immediately remind me of the nighttime sky.  One
           glows with the pale light of the full moon, and her eyes hold the
           fullness of hidden knowledge.  The other, whom also seems to
           radiate cool starlight, seems to embody the possibilities of many
           lifetimes.  In due course, these figures too fade and I am left
           with only the mist of the elemental world of air.  Suddenly,
           three male figures issue from the mist. They seem to be three
           aspects of one man, but each's attributes differ.  The first
           glows with the light of the moon, seeming to be its protector.
           The second and third appear almost identical, except that one has
           a winged helmet and shoes.  As I sit and study the sameness and
           difference of the three, they begin to fade, as does the fog.
           When the mist clears, I find myself sitting within the circle
           still clutching the staff in my hands.  I place the staff once
           again on the ground and rise.  I thank the element of air, and
           all it is associated with for sharing with me its wisdom, and
           leave the circle.
            * PALLAS ATHENA, Atlanta, Georgia 404-920-1349 (93:9603/0)

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