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                             CHECKLIST FOR A WELL-WORKING GROUP 
           1.  We are clear about our goals and how  we  intend  to  achieve
           2.  We  know  and  respect  each  other  well enough to feel very
           comfortable and attuned working together.
           3.   Our  magickal  is  ethical,  designed  for  our  growth  and
           fulfillment  and  the  benefit of those who request help,  and it
           never used to harm others.
           4.  We share the responsibilities of making the group work; every
           individual's contribution is important.
           5.  We see each other socially outside  the  group,  and  support
           each other through difficulties.
           6.  We enjoy. there is fun and laughter at our meetings.
           7.  We  work at learning magick.  We dig deep,  compare different
           sources, try new techniques,  ask pointed questions,  do it until
           we get it right.
           8.  We  keep  ourselves  healthy and fit in order to more readily
           channel power and receive insight.
           9.  We keep our ritual area and tools orderly and clean.
           10.  We constantly seek knowledge from many  sources  --  people,
           books, workshops, other paths...
           11. We do not make a virtue of authority and obedience, but treat
           each   other  as  respected  equals  (regardless  of  the  formal
           structure of the coven).
           12.  We raise genuine power and channel it;  our rituals are  not
           tame readings or rote gestures, but filled with energy, vitality,
           will and purpose.
           Note: This document appears to be adapted from the work of 
           Amber K in "Covencraft : Witchcraft for Three or More",  1998 
           Llewellyn Publications.

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