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                               Balance of the God and Goddess 
           I  see the God  as That is  Created and Destroyed; the  Goddess is the
           Creator and the Destroyer.   His knowledge is experiential and he sees
           the cycle  of rebirth from  the unique  perspective of the  being that
           experiences  it. He  understands, more  so than  the Goddess,  how the
           cycle shapes the world of the living.  His life cycle of birth to full
           power  to age  to death  to rebirth  parallels our  own lives  on this
           earth.    The Goddess  loves Her  children,  the God  understands His.
           Through the  love they bear  for each  other, they share  in both  the
           knowledge  of  the  mystery of  rebirth  and  in  the  power, but  the
           knowledge remains His province and the power rests in Her.
           --- Maximus-CBCS v1.02
            * Origin: Pandora's Box, Ottawa, Ontario (93:9630/1)
                          Last amended June 11, 1989  --  Page NEXTRECORD 

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