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                   A Pagan Sacrament of Holy Communion 
               (as performed in the Church of All Worlds)
                          by Morning Glory Zell
 The Priestess, Priest and Congregation sit in a circle, with the
 Priestess to the right of the Priest, on the ground outside or the
 carpet indoors.
 An altar is set in the center, with Bread and Water and either fresh
 flowers and greenery (when outdoors) or a potted plant (indoors).
 When everyone is settled and silent, the Priestess begins the blessing:
 P'ess:  Blessed be this Bread, the body of our Lord,
         And Blessed be this Water, the blood of our Lady.
         As our bodies are nourished by Their divine energy,
         So let Them ever nurture our spirits.
         We are the conscious product of Their eternal passion,         
       And so do we give Them our gratitude in celebration of Life.
 The Priest takes the Bread from the altar and raises it aloft in
 Priest:  Seed fallen on the wet Spring table, 
          embryos bedding in the night.
          The Sun is joy on the Earth in the morning,
          And the wheat reaches up for the food that is Light.         
 He holds his child to the Sun and would free him to the wind.         
 Then we take them both, Father and Son, both still young.
 We fold them into tight brown loaves, Rocks of Sun for the tables of the
 The Priest takes a piece of the Bread and places it into the mouth of
 the person on his left with the words:  "May you always have sufficien-
 cy".  He then passes the plate on to that person, who does the same
 actions and gives the same blessing to the next person to the left, and
 so on round the circle.  When the loaf comes around to the Priestess
 sitting on the Priest's right, she gives him his share while taking a
 small piece and crumbling it onto the Earth , if outdoors, or into the
 potted plant if indoors, saying:
                "Mother Divine, take back what is Thine."
 The Priestess then takes the chalice of Water from the altar and holds
 it aloft in consecration:
 P'ess:  Ice in the North will melt into the Earth.
         She will soften and breathe again.
         Water, sweetened by the lungs of the Earth, our Mother, runs   
         South To the houses of the people, and the clouds give birth and 
         They tremble on beds of air giving birth.
         Their trembling rocks the Earth with thunder; all their life is 
         Their last breath is in our cup,
         Let us drink the rain.
 The Priestess then holds the chalice to the lips of the Priest on her
 left, who drinks as she says:
                  "Water shared is Life shared."  
 He then holds the cup and repeats the phrase for the person on his left,
 and so it goes, clockwise, around the circle.  Other phrases may be
 spoken, such as "May you never thirst", or "Drink deeply".  As the
 chalice passes from each person, they link hands with those who already
 shared the water, until, as the chalice completes its round, all hands
 are joined.  Finally the person to the right of the Priestess gives her
 back the chalice and the blessing, whereupon she pours out the remainder
 of the water onto the ground or the plant as a libation to the Earth,
 speaking again the words:
                  "Mother Divine,take back what is Thine."  
 She places the chalice back onto the altar, then returns to her place to
 link hands and complete the circle.  Then may follow a silent medita-
 tion, a chant or song, a breathing exercise to raise energy,
 or whatever is desired.  When the exercise or meditation has reached its
 conclusion, the Priest pronounces the Benediction:
 Priest: O Gracious Lady and Laughing Lord,
         We would ever have Thee here with us.
         Now the time is come to break the circle and return to the
         May Thy love be ever with us and Thy wisdom guide our steps.   
        Blessed Be.
 Everyone repeats the words "Blessed Be" simultaneously dropping the
 hands they are holding, thereby breaking the link and ending the Rite.

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