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                            Notations c. 1991/1992 Erynn Darkstar.
           The following books, articles, papers and ephemera are in my personal
           collection are photocopies.  Annotations will contain notes regarding
           the format of the material, my general comments or impressions as to
           copy  quality or the  usefulness of the material  for a Pagan practit-
           C - cloth binding
           T - trade paper
           M - mass paper
           P - photocopy
           S - spiral bound
           A - article
           E - ephemeral material of some sort, e.g. cards, charts, etc.
           244 entries as of April 18, 1992.
           --  Basic  Irish for  Parents,  (Institiuid Teangeolathochta  Eireann,
           1985) P,  gover language  course  for parents  with children  learning
           Gaelic.  Incomplete.
            -- Britannia After the Romans; Being an Attempt to
           Illustrate the Religious and Revolutions of That Province in the Fifth
           and Succeeding  Centuries.  (Henry G.  Bohn,  London, 1836)  C,  uncut
           pages.  An early  examination of Celtic mythology  and society with  a
           critical and discerning eye for bullshit.
            -- Do Ghabh.laibh Arend, (no pub data available) 
           PS, vol 1 of possibly 4 or 5. English text and translation.
           Covers the beginning of the world to the invasio the Sons of M.l. --
   English-Irish Irish-English  Dictionary  (An G.m,  Baile
           Atha Clia T, pocket dictionary.
           -- The Birth of Merlin : A Comedy Attributed to William Shakespeare &
           William R (Element Books,  Longmead 1989) T, commentary by  RJ Stewart
           and others. More of Stewart's "Merlinology".
           Bain,  George, Celtic  Art :  The Methods  of Construction  (Dover, NY
           1973) T, an introduction to constructing knotwork designs.
           Bartrum, P.  C., Tri Thlws Ar  Ddeg Ynys Brydain :  The Thirteen Trea-
           sures of Brit  (Etudes Celtiques,  1963) AP,  a discussion  of the  13
           Treasures, some original te from Welsh with English translation.
           Bleakley, Alan, Fruits of the Moon Tree : The Medicine Wheel &
           Transpersonal Psychology (Gateway Books, Bath 1988) T, Jungian/Graves-
           ian psychobabble based in tree-lore.
           Bodmer, Frederick,  The Loom of Language :  An Approach to the Mastery
           of  Many Languages (Norton, NY1985)  T, reprint of  1944 edition. Lin-
           guistics, touches on  Celtic languages among others in the Indo-Europ-
           ean group.
           Bonwick, James, Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions (Dorset 1986) C,
           reprint o edition.
           Bord, Janet & Colin, Earth Rites (Grenada Publishing, London 1982) C,
           book club by arrangement with publisher.  Fertility folklore and
           Bord, Janet & Colin, Sacred Waters : Holy wells and water lore in
           Britain and I (Grenada Publishing, London 1985) C, folklore and site
           gazetteer of wells and springs.
           Bord, Janet & Colin, The Secret Country (Walker and Co, NY 1976) C,
           folklore, l UFO's and mysterious sites.
           Borvo, Alan, Le Grand Oracle Celtique d'Alan Borvo (Grimaud, nd) ET,
           card deck, layout chart and booklet in French and English.  Unusual
           three-suit and Major Arcana structure.
           Breathnach, Breand.n, Folk Music and Dances of Ireland (Mercier Press,
           Dublin 1 T, reprint of 1971 edition.  Brief history of folk music and
           dance with some sa scores.
           Breatnach, Liam, The Cauldron of Poesy, (Eriu #32, 1981) AP, Irish and
           English dealing with internal "cauldrons" and possibly a meditative or
           yogic system.  G glossary appended.
           Breeze, David J. and Brian Dobson, Hadrian's Wall (Pelican/Penguin,
           Middlesex  1 M,  b/w photo plates.   An archaeological  survey of Had-
           rian's Wall and the sites deities associated with it.
           Briggs, Katherine M, A Dictionary of British Folk-Tales (Indiana
           University Pre Bloomington 1970) C, vols 1-4 of 4 vols.  1 and 2 are
           Folk Narratives, 3 and 4 Folk Legends.  No real indexing or table of
           contents, so things are difficult to locate.
           Briggs, Katherine M. The Fairies in English Tradition and Literature
           (Bellew Pu London 1989) T, reissue of 1967 edition. Celtic and later
           British lore.
           Bromwich, Rachel, Celtic Dynastic Themes and the Breton Lays (Etudes
           Celtiques,  AP,  a discussion  of  kingship and  successsion  with the
           figure of Sovereignty outlined.
           Bromwich, Rachel, Trioedd Ynys Prydein :  The Welsh Triads (University
           of Wales Cardiff,  1961) P,  translation and discussion  of the  Welsh
           Triads.  Welsh  and English. Four pages in the  indexes and supplemen-
           tary material on names are bad copies.
           Brown, Beth Phillips, A Celtic Daybook (White Pine Press, Fredonia NY
           1987) T, perpetual illustrated calendar with brief mythological
           Buchan, David, Scottish Tradition : A Collection of Scottish Folk
           Literature (R & Kegan Paul, Boston 1984) C, folk songs, drama and
           Byrne, Mary E & Dillon, Myles, B. (Etudes Celtique, Paris,
           June 193 The Driving of Fr.ech's Cattle in English, with analysis.
           Calder,  George, Auraicept  na  n-.ces :  The  Scholar's Primer  (John
           Grant, Edinbur PS,  Irish and  English text and  translation from  the
           Book of Ballymote, and the Yellow Book of Lecan, with  the Ogham Tract
           and the Trefhocul.  Much not translated.  A primary medieval source on
           Ogham.  Fold-out facsimile pages illustrating Oghams.
           Cameron,  Anne, Tales of the Cairds  (Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park
           BC,  Canada 1989)  T,  fiction, myth.  Carmichael, Alexander,  Carmina
           Gadelica  :  Hymns and  Incantations  : Ortha  nan  Gaidheal (Scottish
           Academic Press,  var dates)  SP, have 1-5,  and in process  of gaining
           access to all 6 volumes. Scottish  Highland folk prayers and charms in
           Gaelic and English.
           Carr-Gomm, Philip, Elements of the Druid Tradition (Element Books,
           Longmead 199 T, inside look at a particular British Druidic order's
           workings.  About average terms of an occultist's knowledge of Celtic
           Castleden, Rodney, The Wilmington Giant : The quest for a lost myth
           (Turnstone Wellingborough 1983) T, analysis of an English hill-figure.
           Cavendish, Richard, Prehistoric England (British Heritage Press, NY
           1983) C, archaeological gazetteer.
           Chadwick, Nora, Celtic Britain (Newcastle Publishing, North Hollywood
           1989) T, archaeology, history.
           Chadwick, Nora, The Celts (Penguin, Middlesex 1985) M, archaeology,
           Chadwick, Nora, Geilt (Scottish Gaelic Studies vol V, part II, Oxford
           1942) AP, analysis of sacred madness in Irish and Scottish tales.
           Chadwick,  Nora, Imbas Forosnai (Scottish Gaelic  Studies vol IV, part
           II, London AP, an  excellent discussion of Irish visionary  and divin-
           atory techniques.
           Caesar,  The Conquest of Gaul (Penguin, London 1984) M, translation by
           S. A. Han revisions by Jane Gardner.
           Caesar's Gallic wars.
           Chotzen, Th  M Th, Emain Ablach  - Ynys Avallach -  Insula Avallonis -
           Ile  D'Avalo (Etudes Celtiques, Paris  1948) AP, article  in French on
           the Isle of Apples.
           Coghlan, Ronan, Dictionary of Irish Myth and  Legend (Donards Publish-
           ing, Bangor 1979) T, brief compilation of the more familiar characters
           and places of Irish.
           Cole, Bryony & John, People of the Wetlands : Bogs, Bodies and
           Lake-Dwellers (T & Hudson, NY 1989) c, many photos & line drawings.
           Worldwide survey of bog finds and bodies, with significant material on
           Celtic finds. Archaeology, hist.
           Connellan, Owen, The Annals of Ireland, Translated from the Original
           Irish of t Masters. (Bryan Geraghty, Dublin 1846) P, poor copy
           throughout, dark and spotty. English-only translation of early annals,
           including numerous footnotes regarding the Tuatha d. Danann. Who did
           what to whom, and when.
           Cross,  Tom Peete and Clark Harris Slover, Ancient Irish Tales (Barnes
           Noble, NJ 1988 reprint  of 1936 edition)  C, a good standard  English-
           -only translation of much mythic material.
           Cunliffe,  Barry, The  Celtic World  : An  Illustrated History  of the
           Celtic  Race, Culture, Customs and Legends  (Greenwich House, NY 1986)
           C, archaeology, mythology and brief discussion of modern legacy.  Many
           Curtin, Jeremiah, Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland (Dover, 1975) T,
           unabridged r 1890 Myths and Folk-Lore of Ireland without introduction
           from original edition.
           Darkstar, Erynn, Ogham, Tree-Lore & The Celtic Tree Oracle : Part I
           (Preppie Bi Press, Seattle 1991) T, self-published compilation and
           reorganization of the first two Fireheart articles on Ogham and Irish
           Darkstar, Erynn, Ogham, Tree-Lore and The Celtic  Tree Oracle: Search-
           ing for Roots (Ouroboros, Roskilde Denmark various dates) A, Manteia :
           A magazine  for the  mantic arts  #3, #4,  #6.  Parts  1, 2  & 3  of a
           projected 7-part series.
           Darkstar, Erynn,  Ogham, Tree-Lore and  The Celtic Tree  Oracle (Fire-
           heart, 1991) 1 of projected 5-part series.
           Davidson, HR Ellis, Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe : Early
           Scandinavian and Celtic Religions (Syracuse University Press, Syracuse
           1988) T, archaeology and folklore.
           Davis, Courtney, Celtic Iron-On Transfer Patterns (Dover, NY 1989) T,
           only artwork.
           Davis, Courtney, The Celtic Tarot (Aquarian, Wellingborough 1991) ET,
           accompany book by Helena Patterson.  Nice Tarot deck artwork, but the
           book is really abysmal.  Has one of those stinky plastic casette
           de  Santillana, Giorgio  and Hertha  von Dechend,  Hamlet's Mill  : An
           Essay  Investigating the  Origins of  Human Knowledge  and its  Trans-
           mission Through Myth 2ed (David R. Godine, Boston 1983)
           de Troyes, Chr.tien, Arthurian Romances, Including Perceval, (Everyman
           Library, Charles E. Tuttle & Co, Rutland VT 1991) T, translation by D.
           D. R. Owen.  A good translation of some of the original Arthurian
           Dillon,  Myles &  ., Donncha,  Teach  Yourself Irish  (Random
           House, NY  1987 confusing language  course in the  "Teach Yourself..."
           Dillon, Myles, Early Irish Literature (University of Chicago Press,
           Chicago 194 summary of many mythic themes by an acknowledged expert in
           the field.
           Dillon, Myles,  The Cycles  of  the Kings,  (Oxford University  Press,
           London 1946)  compilation of  English-only translations of  King Cycle
           Doan, James E., Sovereignty Aspects in the Roles of Women in Medieval
           Irish and Society (Northeastern University, Boston 1984) P, Irish
           Studies Program working paper.
           Doan,  James  E., Studies  in  Welsh  Arthurian Romance:  Peredur  and
           Trystan  (Northeastern  University,  Boston  1990)  P,  Irish  Studies
           Program working paper. Dobbs, ME, Altromh Tighi da Medar : The Foster-
           age of the  House of the  Two Goble (Zeitschrift  Fur Celtische  Phil-
           ologie, NY  1930, Band XVIII)  AP, tale in  Irish a English  featuring
           Manann.n mac Lir and others of the S.dhe.
           Dorson, Richard M (ed), Peasant Customs and Savage Myths : Selections
           from the British Folklorists, 2 vols (University of Chicago Press,
           Chicago 1968) C, Discussions of and excerpts from the works of
           influential British folklorists.
           Duval, Paul-Marie, Obesrvations sur le Calendrier de Goligny, III
           (Etudes Celti 1963) AP, French article (third in a series) on the
           Coligny Calendar.
           Dwelly, Edward, Faclair Gaidhlig gu Beurla le Dealbhan : Dwelly's
           Illustrated G English Dictionary (Alexander MacLaren & Sons, Glasgow
           1967) C, Scottish Gaelic, line illustrations
           Dyer, T. F. Thiselton, British Popular Customs, Present and Past;
           Illustrating and Domestic  Manners of the People :  Arranged According
           to the Calendar of the Year (George Bell & Sons, London 1876) C,
           calendrical lore and folk- celebrations from England, Wales, Cornwall,
           Mann, Ireland and Scotland. Very good early source.
           Easpaig, Donall MacGiolla, Noun + Noun Compounds in Irish Placenames
           (Etudes Celtiques, Paris 1981) AP, discussion of elements of place
           Ellis, Peter Berresford, A Dictionary of Irish Mythology (Oxford
           University Pre 1987) T, a good reference by a known Cornish-language
           Evans, E. Estyn, Irish Folk Ways (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London 1988)
           T, discu of folk tools and country life.
           Evans, E. Estyn, The Personality of Ireland : Habitat, Heritage and
           History  (Ca  University Press,  London  1973)  P, double-sided  copy.
           Brief anthropological stu of Irish personality as developed within the
           context of the land and its history.
           Evans-Wentz, WY, The Fairy Faith  in Celtic Countries (Citadel  Press,
           NY 1990) T reprint of 1911 edition.  Folklore concerning the s.dhe.
           Faraday, W, Druidic Triads : The Wisdom of the Cymry (Sure Fire Press,
           Edmonds  1984)  T,  unsourced triads  in  English.  Probably from  the
           Barddas.   Ferguson, Samuel, Ogham Inscriptions  in Ireland, Wales and
           Scotland (David Doug  Edinburgh 1887) P, a listing  and interpretation
           of many of the inscriptions of Ogham from Celtic lands.
           Fleetwood,  John, History of Medicine  in Ireland (no  pub data avail-
           able) P, chap "The Pre-Christian Era".
           Flower, Robin, The Irish Tradition  (The Clarendon Press, Oxford 1947)
           P, a good primer on Irish folklore and tales, and the Irish literary
           Ford,  Patrick K, The Mabonogi and Other Welsh Medieval Tales (Univer-
           sity of  Cal Press,  Berkeley 1977)  T, one of  the best  translations
           Fortune, Dion, Avalon of the Heart (Samuel Weiser, NY 1971) C, reprint
           of 1934 Pagans, Joseph of Arimathaea and Atlantean priesthoods.
           Fox, Robin, The Tory Islanders : A People of the Celtic Fringe
           (Cambridge Unive Press, London 1978) C, an excellent study of the past
           and present culture of To Isle, including some very interesting notes
           about Balor.
           Gantz, Jeffrey, Early Irish Myths and Sagas (Penguin, London 1988) M,
           good tran of  several Irish  tales and some  poetry. Geoffrey of  Mon-
           mouth,  History of  the Kings  of Britain  (E. P.  Dutton, NY  1958) M
           standard reference in the field. Sebastian Evans translation, revision
           by Char Dunn.
           Gerschel, Lucien, L'Ogam et le Nombre : Pr.histoire des Caract.res
           Ogamiques (Et. Celtiques, 1962) AP, French article on the Ogham and
           numbers/tally systems.
           Gerschel, Lucien, L'Ogam et le Nom (Etudes Celtiques, 1963) AP, French
           article apparently regarding Ogham and masons's marks.
           Gmelich, Sharon ed. Irish Life and Traditions (Syracuse University
           Press, Syrac T, analysis of impact of tradition on modern Irish life.
           Gomme, Alice B, The Traditional Games of England, Scotland and Ireland
           (Thames Hudson, NY 1984) T, 2 vols in 1 originally printed in 1894 and
           1898.  Words and music to children's games, rules for adult's games.
           Interesting survivals of P influence.
           Graves,  Robert, The White Goddess (Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, NY 1966)
           T,  amended edition  of  1948 printing.  Mythic history  reinterpreted
           through poetry.
           Gray, Elizabeth A, ed. Cath Maige Tuired : The Second Battle of Mag
           Tuired (Iri Society, Leinster 1982) PS, Irish and English text and
           translation. Excellent and commentary. This press is noted for its
           scholarly work.
           Green, Miranda, The Gods of the Celts (Barnes & Noble, Totowa NJ 1986)
           C, archaeological analysis of deific types.
           Gregory, Lady Augusta, Cuchulain of Muirthemne (Colin Smythe Ltd,
           Gerrards Cros 1976) T, reprint of 1902 edition.  The first accessible
           English  translation of  stories of  Cuchulain, the and  the Red
           Branch tales.
           Gregory, Lady Augusta, Visions & Beliefs in the West of Ireland (Colin
           Smythe  L Gerrards Cross 1979)  T, reprint of  1920 edition. Folktales
           and anecdotes collected over 20 years.
           Gwynn,  Edward,  Poems From  the  Dindshenchas  (Royal Irish  Academy,
           Dublin 1900) P Todd  Lecture Series Vol VII. Geographic  origin poetry
           in Irish and English.
           Gwynn, Edward, The Metrical Dindshenchas (Royal Irish Academy, Dublin
           1903) P,  Todd Lecture Series  Vol VIII.   Part I  of 5(?)  Geographic
           origin poetry in Iris and English.
           Haggard, H Rider, A  Farmer's Year (The Cresset Library,  London 1987)
           T, reprint 1899 edition.  Diary touching briefly on aspects of English
           folklore and custom.
           Hartley, Christine, The Western Mystery Tradition (Aquarian, London
           1968) T, considered a "classic" by some occultists, it is for the most
           part more Atlantis and space-aliens.
           Hartley, Dorothy, Lost Country Life : How English country folk lived,
           worked, thatched, rolled fleece, milled corn, brewed mead... (Pantheon
           Books, NY 1979) T, folk life in England and Wales.
           Hastings, James ed. Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics (Charles
           Scribner's So nd) AP, poor copy quality. Excerpts on the Celts by
           various authors: Ancestor- Worship and Cult of the Dead; Art; Blest,
           Abode of the; Calendar; Celts; Druids Dualism; Ethics and Morality;
           Fairy; Festivals and Fasts; Feinn Cycle; Head; Ma (Introductory)
           (Celtic); May, Midsummer; Stones (Introductory and Primitive); Stone
           Monuments (Rude); Sun, Moon and Stars (Primitive) (Celtic);
           Transmigration (Introductory and Primitive) (Celtic).
           Hawkes, Christopher & Jacquetta, Prehistoric Britain (Pelican, Middle-
           sex 1952) reprint of 1937 edition.  Archaeology.
           Hawkes, Jacquetta, A Guide to the Prehistoric and Roman Monuments in
           England an Wales (Abacus, London 1978) T, reprint of 1951 edition.
           Archaeological gazetteer.
           Heaney, Seamus, Sweeney Astray : A version from the Irish (Farrar,
           Strauss & Gi NY 1985) T, poetry based on traditional poetry of Buile
           Suibhne, the Frenzy of Sweeney.
           Henry, PL, The  Cauldron of Poesy, (Studia  Celtica #14/15, 1979/1980)
           AP,  Irish English  of a  text dealing  with internal  "cauldrons" and
           possibly a meditative or yogic system.
           Hoover, Tracey, The Celtic/Druid Tarot (a privately printed work in
           progress - yet) E, discussion of the possibilities of a Celtic/Druidic
           Tarot system.  Grav based.
           Hubert, H, The Greatness and Decline of the Celts (Constable Press,
           London 1987 History of Civilization series. Volume 2 of 2. Originally
           published in 1934. Archaeology, history.
           Hubert, H, The Rise of the Celts (Constable Press, London 1987) C,
           History of Civilization series. Volume 1 of 2. Originally published in
           1934.  Archaeolog history.
           Hughes, Thomas, The Scouring of the White Horse (Allan Sutton,
           Gloucester 1989)  reprint of  1859 edition.   An account of  the White
           Horse of Uffington's yearly cleansing festival of 1857.
           Hull, Vernam, Cairpre mac Edaine's Satire Upon Bres mc Aladain
           (Zeitschrift F.r Celtische Philologie, NY 1930, Band XVIII) AP, Irish
           and English text of the Satire.
           Hull, Vernam, L.m D.oraid, (Zeitschrift F.r Celtische Philologie, NY
           1930, Band AP, notes on the phrase "the hand of a hostile stranger."
           Hull,  Vernam, The Four Jewels  of the Tuatha  d. Danann, (Zeitschrift
           F.r Celtisc Philologie,  NY 1930,  Band XVIII) AP,  discussion of  the
           Treasures and Irish and English text from the Lebor
           Hull, Vernam, Cause of the Exile of Fergus mac Roig, (Zeitschrift F.r
           Celti Philologie, NY 1930, Band XVIII) AP, Irish and English text from
           the Book of Leinster.
           Hutton, Ronald, The  Pagan Religions  of the Ancient  British Isles  :
           Their Nature  Legacy (Blackwell, Oxford 1991)  C, well-written, inter-
           esting,  and (surprisingly familiar with at least some of the neoPagan
           movement.   He concludes that there no  such thing as a Pagan survival
           anywhere in the British Isles. Strictly archaeology-based.
           Ingalls, Jaquelin, Moon, Sun and Stars : An Accurate Solution of the
           Sickbed  of Cuchulainn as a  Nature Myth (thesis,  University of Wash-
           ington, Seattle 1950) P, examination of the Sickbed as a description
           of an eclipse and Celtic star-lore.
           Jackson, Kenneth Hurlstone ed. A  Celtic Miscellany (Penguin, NY 1971)
           M, reprin 1951 edition.  Excerpts from Celtic tales and poetry in Eng-
           Jackson, Kenneth Hurlstone,  The Oldest Irish  Tradition: A Window  on
           the  Iron Ag (Cambridge University  Press, Cambridge 1964)  P, text of
           the  1964 Rede Lecture.  Discussion of Pagan Iron  Age elements in the
           Irish tales.
           Jackson, Kenneth, Language  and History in Early  Britain (The Univer-
           sity Press o Edinburgh, Edinburgh 1956) C, hardcore linguistics.
           Jackson, Kenneth, The Gododdin : The Earliest Scottish Poem (Edinburgh
           Universi Press,  Edinburgh 1978)  M, reprint  of 1969 edition.  Trans-
           lation  and analysis,  b the poem  is spread throughout  the book, not
           printed as a whole.
           Jekyll, Gertrude, Wood and Garden : Notes and Thoughts, Practical and
           Critical, Working Amateur (The  Ayer Company, Salem NH 1983  - reprint
           of  1899) P, chapter "December"  which contains a  reference to a gar-
           dener's notched writing system vaguely resembling an Ogham.
           Jones, Gwyn & Thomas, The Mabinogion (Everyman's Library, NY 1974) C,
           reprint o 1949 translation.
           Kinsella, Thomas, The Tain (University of Philadelphia Press,
           Philadelphia 1985 translation of the Tain Bo Cuailnge with brush & ink
           illustrations by Louis le Brocquy.
           Kirk, Robert, The Secret Common-Wealth (Folklore Society, Cambridge
           1976) C, ed Steward Sanderson.  Compilation of manuscripts dating from
           the period of approx 1644.  Highland folklore concerning witches and
           Knott, Eleanor, An Introduction to Irish Syllabic Poetry of the Period
           1200 - 1 (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin 1957) P, poor
           copy quality. English description of metres and poetry in Gaelic with
           some notations.
           Knowlton, Derrick, The Naturalist in Scotland (David & Charles, London
           1974) C, photo plates, line drawings.  A brief guide to the flora and
           fauna of  Scotland. Little folklore, but  much interesting information
           on location and habitat of na and imported animals and plants.
           Ledwich, Dr. Antiquities of Ireland (Dublin 1804) P, reprint of 1792
           edition.  copy. Antiquarian notes and speculation.  Lehmann, RPM & WP,
           An Introduction to  Old Irish (University  of Texas Press, Aus  nd) P,
           poor  quality copy. Works through  the text of  Scela Mucce Meic Datho
           and some poetry.
           Lehmann, Ruth P, "The Calendar of the Birds" and "A Grave Marked With
           Ogam" : T Problem Poems from the Book of Leinster (.tudes Celtique,
           Paris 1980) AP, poetry and analysis in Irish and English.
           Lethbridge, TC, The Legend of the Sons of God (Routledge & Kegan Paul,
           Boston 1 T, megalithic figures and space aliens.
           Lethbridge, TC, Gogmagog : The Buried Gods, (Routledge & Kegan Paul,
           London 195 P, story of Lethbridge's dig on buried hill-figures and a
           study of related "gia tales.
           Linguaphone Institute, C.rsa Gaelige (London, 1974) PE, Irish language
           instruct vols and cassettes.
           Littleton, C. Scott,  The New Comparative Mythology :  An Anthropolog-
           ical  Assessm  the Theories  of  Georges Dum.zil,  3ed  (University of
           California Press,  Berkeley 1982)  T, excellent overview  of Dum.zil's
           material, which includes references to works on Celtic mythology.
           Logan, James, The Scottish Gael; or Celtic Manners, as Preserved Among
           the Highlanders ... 5ed (S. Andrus & Son, Hartford nd) P, the chapter
           "Of the Knowledge of Letters Among the Celts"
           Logan, Patrick, Irish Country Cures (Appletree Press, Belfast 1981) T,
           folk med herbology.
           Lyle, Emily B, Dumezil's Three Functions and Indo-European Cosmic
           Structure (publication data unknown, 1982) P, notes and discussion of
           God/Goddess roles i IE structure.
           MacAlister, RA Stewart, The Secret Languages of Ireland : with special
           referenc origin and nature of the Shelta language (University Press,
           Cambridge 1937)  PS,  good modern  anlaysis  of Ogham  and  "Oghamized
           MacAlister, RAS, Corpus Inscriptionum Insularum Celticarum (Coimisi.n
           L.imhscr.bhinn. Na h.ireann, Dublin 1949) P, 2 vols.  An attempt to
           catalogue a of the  stone inscriptions and some inscribed  archaeolog-
           ical  finds  in Ireland.  Reviewed in  Speculum  as terribly  poor and
           incomplete, but a gallant effort.
           MacAlister, RAS, The Archaeology of Ireland (Nethuen & Co, Lodon 1928)
           P, the chapters on Ogham & title page.
           MacAlpine, Neil & Mackenzie, John, Gaelic-English and English-Gaelic
           Dictionary (Gairm Publications, Glasgow 1979) C, formerly "MacAlpine's
           Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary". Scottish Gaelic.
           MacCana, Proinsias, Celtic Mythology (Hamlyn, London 1970) C, overview
           of mythological themes and personalities.
           MacCulloch,  John Arnott  and M.chal,  Jan, Mythology  of All  Races :
           Volume 3,  Cel and Slavic (Cooper  Square Publishers, NY  1946) C, two
           volumes  bound as one; Celtic Mythology by MacCulloch and Slavic Myth-
           ology by  M.chal.  B/w plates,  colorized plate frontspiece.   Fair to
           good general overview with brief retellin certain sections of tales.
           MacCrossan, Tadhg, The Sacred Cauldron : Secrets of the Druids
           (Llewellyn, St. 1991) T, a sexist, racist look at "non-political"
           druidry.  Some useful information but mostly either bad or dangerous
           advice, like a ritual that includes giving honey to a newborn
           (potentially deadly).
           MacFirbis, Duald, On the Fomorians and the Norsemen (Det Norske
           Historiske Kildeskriftfond, Bogrykkeri 1905) P, trans by Alexander
           Bugge.  Text compiled approx. 1650.  Irish and English.  Equates the
           vikings with the mythical Formoi.
           MacKillop, James, Fionn mac  Cumhaill : Celtic Myth in  English Liter-
           ature  (Syrac University Press, Syracuse 1986) T, analysis of Fionn as
           a literary figure, from hero to buffoon.
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           Butler, Irish Fairy and Folk Tales (Modern Library, NY nd) C,  
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