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                 |                     The Scorpio Dragon                      | 
                  I am  Scorpio and  I can  fly as  high as the noble eagle or 
                  play it  down and  dirty, stinging as if a scorpion, both of 
                  which symbolize  my zodiacal sign.  I have been told so many 
                  times that I am passionate, intense, can be green with envy, 
                  can be  vindictive that  I almost  begin to  believe some of 
                  these appellations.   If  I took  seriously what is said and 
                  written, I  would be  making love  all  night  and  planning 
                  insurgencies all day. 
                  I am drawn to the Occult, I am competitive, I desire victory 
                  but I also insist on fair play.  It is not easy to defeat me 
                  because, like  the  fabled  Phoenix,  I  rise  from  my  own 
                  ashes...I come alive when most people would consider me dead 
                  and buried.   I  adore secrets,  I am  sensual,  my  psychic 
                  impressions usually  are accurate,  my dreams  are prophetic 
                  and I am an incurable romantic. 
                  I delve  deep, I  reject superficial  responses,  I  am  the 
                  probing  editor,  psychoanalyst,  finder  of  lost  persons, 
                  purveyor of  arcane aspects  of the law, knowledgeable about 
                  taxes and various aspects of inheritance. 
                  I can  be jealous,  will fight  for what is right, seldom do 
                  anything halfway,  can fall  madly in love and I can also be 
                  completely vulnerable.   Yes,  I can  be hurt,  but  I  also 
                  possess retaliatory  weapons that  might  give  as  adversary 
                  fits. I  tear down for the ultimate purpose of rebuilding on 
                  a more  suitable base.   I  am creative,  rebellious, can be 
                  fixed in  my views, am willing to take a gamble but prefer a 
                  sure thing. 
                  I am  tormented by the fact that evil exists.  Maybe that is 
                  why I  seem to  be a  natural healer.  I abhor suffering and 
                  will risk  my own  skin to  save others.  Oh, yess, I can be 
                  evangelistic.   I am dynamic and dedicated when the cause is 
                  In the  Chinese Astrology,  I am  an unquenchable  fire, the 
                  center of  all energy,  the stout  heroic heart.  I am truth 
                  and light,  I hold  power and glory in my sway.  My presence 
                  disperses dark  clouds.   I have  been chosen  to  tame  the 
                  Fates.  I AM THE DRAGON! 
                  Now, listen.    If  I  tell  you  anymore,  you  might  know 
                  everything and then lose interest.  And that would devastate 
                         Blessed Be!.........Sewna, The Scorpio Dragon 

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