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                            Personal Effects of Magic Ritual 
                                       By Nihasa 
       LC> I am exploring the power of change, as applied to 
       LC> ritual. When I step out of my suit and tie and into my 
       LC> ceremonial robe, then step out of my rooms and into my 
       LC> temple, then leave behind my everyday life and enter 
       LC> into the sacred space, what is it that makes it 'work' 
       LC> for me? 
      One part of the effect seems to come from an unconscious pact 
      you make with your many-faceted mind. When you remove your 
      "street" clothes, you give your mind permission to likewise 
      "put off" important thoughts about "mundane" life until you 
      return to those clothes. Notice that I don't say "compel 
      your mind" to avoid those thoughts...that generally doesn't 
      work very well. Instead, you acknowledge the importance of 
      the mundane thoughts and promise to return to them after the 
      ceremony (gee, did you know you were being so polite to your 
      self? <-;). 
      Likewise, when you don your ceremonial robes you invite your 
      mind to start focusing on the ceremony ahead and the general 
      context of such ceremonies and their associated mental 
      states. For those who work 'skyclad', this effect is often 
      achieved by tieing on a cord or putting on ritual jewelry. 
      When you step into the ritual chamber, you reiterate those 
      invitations while you step out of the transition and into 
      the magick. 
      These dynamics are fairly universal...they are the same for 
      a Christian priest and his vestments or a Toreador and his 
      Suit of Lights; from an actor slipping into his costume and 
      character to a couple slipping into those "special" night- 
      things. The mechanics vary from a simple "change clothes and 
      walk in" to elaborately formal vesting rituals with 
      prescribed chants and gestures at each stage. In NLP we call 
      the clothes and places "anchors", while others call them 
      reminders, Mnemonics, or talismans. They can be constructed 
      consciously or evolve unconsciously. 

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