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                           SPRING EQUINOX 1992          
 Compuserve On-Line Ritual
 User  User ID        Nod  Area      Name
           ----  -------------  ---  --------  -------------------
              1  73715,1552     NWH  Rm  8     Larne
              3  70401,523      NOM  Rm  8     Felix Culpa
              4  75166,706      LOU  Rm  8     Peri
              5  72740,634      BPC  Rm  8     Tapestry
              6  71600,621      DNC  Rm  8     Jehana
              8  71361,2705     LSM  Rm  8     >>Nan<<
              9  70007,1546     VFL  Rm  8     LABHRIUNN MACIAN
             13  73117,2012     GRT  Rm  8     Paul P.
 (8-1,Larne) OK all, standard procedure, a number of places after I say <ga>
             you're invited to add your own thoughts, in order of user number.
             If you don't want to add anything just say ga or something, so the 
             next person knows when to start.
             Today we meet to celebrate the spring equinox, which is also
             the first day of spring.  The time when day are night are equal,
             and the day continues to grow.  The weather is starting to get
             warmer, the days longer.  The Earth is starting to awaken, buds
             and blooms and shoots of all sorts are starting to appear.  And
             there's that unmistakable sense of spring in the air; not quite
             a smell, more like a feeling, vague and indistinct, but definitely
             Take a few deep breaths, in and out in and out...
             let all those worries and scheduals and plans that dominate
             most of our time turn to liquid and drip away, down into the
             ground.  Feel yourself freed from the constraints of time
             and space.  Become awake, alert, yet simultaneously relaxed
             and comfortable.
             Now, visualize a point of bright blue light to the east.
             Let it move in an arc towards the south, leaving a trail
             of cool blue fire behind it, seperating Where We Were
             from Where We Will Be.  
             Continue the arc to the south,
             then to the west
             then to the north
             then back to to the east.
             We have now isolated ourselves from the rest of the
             everyday world, but in doing so we have all come together,
             here Between the Worlds, joined by the joyfull dance of
             electrons and other, subtler, forces.  Take a moment to
             visualise us all together, and say a mental 'hi!' to everyone
             Turn your mind's eye to the east, and visualize incense smoke.
             Within that smoke are vague forms that, although they have no
             firm shape, give off a distinct sense of great knowledge.
             Eastern spirits of the Air!  We ask you to join us in our
             celebration and to share with us your gifts of undertsanding
             and insight.  Welcome!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) IHVH (Tracing pentagram) ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) Welcome. ga
 (8-6,Jehana) Hail and welcome, refreshing breezes! ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) march winds that shake the walls of my house tonight...Welcome! 
 (8-1,Larne) Now turn to the south, and visualize dancing flames.  See
             the indistinct forms there, and feel their strength.  These
             are obviously entities who can accomplish anything they
             strive for!
             Southern spirits of Fire!  We ask you to join our celebration,
             to help us manifest our own Wills into the world.  Welcome!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) ADONAI (tracing pentagram)
 (8-5,Tapestry) Welcome, spirits of passion. ga
 (8-6,Jehana) Hail & welcome, passionate spirits of fiery will! ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) welcome to our celebration dear warriors of the heart. <ga>
 (8-1,Larne) Turn now to the west, and think of a large body of water.  Within
             its depths move other forms, beings whose emotions and capacity
             for empathy are as deep as the waters they move in.
             Western spirits of Water!  We ask you to join us in our 
             celebration, and to help us touch our own deep emotional cores. 
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) EHEIEH (tracing pentagram) ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) Welcome, spirits (sprites) of LOVE! ga
 (8-6,Jehana) Hail & Welcome, waters of Intuition! ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) welcome wisdom of the deeps, join our celebration and cleanse 
               and heal us. <ga> 
 (8-1,Larne) Concentrate now on the north, and think of a patch of ground.
             Under it other entities move, entities that, though they are
             as without absolute shape as the others, are somehow extremely
             solid at the same time.
             Northern spirits of Earth!  We ask you to join in our celebration,
             and to remind us by your presence that each of us, also has a
             solid center that is as firm and real as the Earth Herself.
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) AGLA (tracing pentagram) ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) Wee, spirits of the earth, bring us your strength. ga
 (8-6,Jehana) Hail & welcome, bones of the land herself! ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) sweet earth ones welcome to our celebration. <ga>
 (8-1,Larne) Finally, turn back to the east, and complete the circle.
             Bright Mother, Goddess of the grass and trees, beautifull
             Lady of the gentle rains that nurish the soil, please
             join us!  We meet today to honor You, and to share Your
             joy in the life springing up around us.  Welcome!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) Before me:RAPHAEL
                    Behind me: GABRIEL
                    At my right hand: MICHAEL
                    At my left hand: AURIEL. ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) Welcome, Great Lady! ga
 (8-6,Jehana) Hail, gentle Lady, whose touch brings life's nurturance to the 
              land! ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) hi mom <grin> ga
 (8-1,Larne) Green Man, Herne, Radiant Sun that warms and lights us,
             God of the woods where once again bright spring colors
             are beginning to appear, we ask you to join us as well!
             Come, wake us from the long winter sleep, into the
             bright, green world!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) Come forth, O HORUS
                    Ye Crowned and Conquering Child
                    Come Ye forth and partake of our celebration. ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) Welcome, my Great Horned Lord! ga
 (8-6,Jehana) Hail & welcome, Hunter Herne! ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) a thousand welcomes oh laughing one. <ga>
 (8-1,Larne) The Lord and Lady take hands, and slowly begin to dance
             across fields that have lain cold and hard all winter.
             Grains, grasses, flowers, young animals, all come out
             of their dark homes to see them and be nurished by their
             love.  We too need this nurishment as we come out into
             the daylight.  Both on a physical level, as well as to
             feed those hopes and desires we keep within us.  For myself,
             I will gladly take some of this energy to help me as I
             continue my efforts at musical composition.  May the music
             spring out of me as beutiful and vibrant as the flowers
             from the ground!
             Everyone, now take this energy within to feed those
             seeds within you.  Feel free to tell us what you are
             growing, or don't if it is something special and
             private you wish to keep to yourself.
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) Come unto me, O MUSES! ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) I ask for self-confidence to grow and flourish.
 (8-6,Jehana) May growth and creativity flourish within me.
              May it spread to all those who wish to share with it. ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) i breathe in the joy of spring to feed my creativity in my art 
               work and in my writing. and may i inhale the fertility of this 
               season so that i may breathe out and share it with ohters. ga
 (8-1,Larne) Finally, as we rejoice in the lengthening days let
             us take a moment to think of Kuwait and the surrounding
             areas, where the thick foul smoke often prevents the sun
             from getting through at all, and chokes both plants and
             people.  Let us direct some of this nurishment to an area
             which has already suffered so much, and let us send
             our best wishes to the people who undertake the difficult
             and dangerous task of putting out all the burning oil wells.
             May a day soon come when we no longer need such dangerous
             and disgusting substances to provide our energy!
             Bright Lady and Lord, we thank you for joining us in our
             circle and sharing your love and joy with us.  We shall
             continue togrow in your presence!  Although you leave
             us now, you are always with us.  Hail and farewell!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) Hail and Farewell, O Ye Four Furies! ga
 (8-6,Jehana) Hail & farewell, Gentle Lady and Hunter Herne! ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) Thank you for your love and sustenance. ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) mahalo and aloha gentle dancers of the light. ga
 (8-1,Larne) Focus yourselves again to the east.
             Spirits of Air, we thank you for attending our rite
             and stirring our minds.  Hail and farewell!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) IHVH (tracing pentagram) ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) Hail and farewell on the winds. ga
 (8-6,Jehana) Hail & farewell! ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) thank you and farewell sweet sping winds. ga
 (8-1,Larne) Now to the south.
             Spirits of Fire, we thank you for attending our rite
             and charging our wills.  Hail and farewell!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) ADONAI (tracing pentagram) ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) Hail & farewell on the smoke. ga
 (8-6,Jehana) hail & farewell! ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) dear friends thanks you once again for joining our rite. ga
 (8-1,Larne) To the west...
             Spirits of Water, we thank you for attending our rite
             and touching our hearts.  Hail and farewell!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) EHEIEH (tracing pentagram) ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) Hail & farewell on the water. ga
 (8-6,Jehana) Hail & Farewell! ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) for your healing and your laughter we thank you watery ones. ga
 (8-1,Larne) To the north...
             Spirits of Earth, we thank you for attending our rite
             and helping us feel our centers.  Hail and farewell!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) AGLA (tracing pentagram) ga
 (8-5,Tapestry) Hail and farewell in the earth. ga
 (8-6,Jehana) hail & farewell! ga
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) hail and farewell. ga
 (8-1,Larne) Now unwind the circle, letting the arc collapse back into a point
             taking it back from east
             to north
             to west
             to south,
             and back to the east, 
             where it again become a bright point, which 
             goes back into the Earth.
             The circle is open, but never broken
             merry meet,
             merry part, and...
             MERRY MEET AGAIN!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) SO MOTE IT BE!
 (8-6,Jehana) MERRY MEET AGAIN!!!
 (8-5,Tapestry) Hugs!
 (8-8,>>Nan<<) B*B
               hugrz too all
 (8-1,Larne) Blessed be, all!
 (8-6,Jehana) Hugs!
 (8-3, Felix Culpa) (gang-hug)

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