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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

                 -Gwen Zak               
               (Tune: "Windmills")       
  In days gone by, when the world was much younger
  Men wondered at spring, born of winter's gold knife
  Wondered at the games of the moon and the sunlight,
  They saw there the Lady and Lord of all life.
  CHORUS:  And around and around and around turns the good earth   
           All things must change as the seasons go by,            
           We are the children of the Lord and the Lady,          
           Whose mysteries we know but we'll never know why.       
  In all lands the people were tied with the good earth
  Plowing and sowing as the seasons declared
  Waiting to reap of the rich golden harvest
  Knowing Her laugh in the joys that they shared.
  Through Flanders and Wales and the green land of Ireland
  In Kingdoms of England and Scotland and Spain
  Circles grew up all along the wild coastline
  And worked for the land with the sun and the rain.
  Circles for healing and working the weather
  Circles for knowing the moon and the sun
  Circles for thanking the Lord and the Lady
  Circles for dancing the dance never done
  And we who reach for the stars in the heavens
  Turning our eyes from the meadows and groves
  Still live in the love of the Lord and the Lady
  The greater the Circle the more the love grows

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