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                               Yule Ritual 
 YULE DIVINE PLAY - by Lady Allusha, Coven Tara, publiched in the
 Georgian Newsletter, December 1983
 Characters:  Narrator, Earth Goddess, Handmaidens, Sun God
 Props:  Yule Fire
 Narrator:  It has been a long cold winter.  Here, where the trees are
 all barren and the snow covers the ground the nights are dark and long.
 Earth Goddess enters, followed by her Handmaidens.  They all move slowly
 around towards the birthing spot.
 Narrator:  We see shadowy figures in the distance, moving slowly.  The
 delicate footprints lead into the deepest realms of the forest.  It is
 the Earth Goddess, pregnant with Life, followed by her Handmaidens.
 Earth Goddess stops.  Handmaidens gather before her and kneel.  Earth
 Goddess starts to make soft birthing sounds.
 Narrator:  Listen!  The Earth Goddess is about to give birth.   In the
 midst of deepest darkness, light shall be reborn.  Lend her your aid!
 Handmaidens start swaying gently, joining in the birthing sounds. 
 Narrator encourages all present to join in the birthing sounds.  The
 sounds get louder and louder until ...
 Narrator:  The Sun is Born!
 Sun God jumps out from hiding into the center.  He appears small and
 Earth Goddess:  Go, my faithful Handmaidens, and build up the Yule fire.
 That the weak Sun God shall grow in warmth and strength by its flames.
 She collapses with a sigh.  Handmaidens build up the fire.  The Sun God
 slowly grows as the fire grows, until he stands tall with his arms
 outstretched.  He says, " I have returned"  Then he dances a little jig.

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