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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

                                        PAN TO ARTEMIS 
             Uncharmable charmer 
             Of Bacchus and Mars, 
             In the sounding, rebounding 
             Abyss of the stars! 
             O virgin in armour, 
             Thine arrows unsling 
             In the brilliant resilient 
             First rays of the spring! 
             By the force of the fashion 
             Of love, when I broke 
             Through the shroud, through the cloud, 
             Through the storm, through the smoke, 
             To the mountain of passion 
             Volcanic that woke-- 
             By the rrage of the mage 
             I invoke, I invoke! 
             By the midnight of madness, 
             The lone-lying sea, 
             The swoon of the moon, 
             Your swoon into me; 
             The sentinel sadness 
             Of cliff-clinging pine, 
             That night of delight 
             You were mine, you were mine! 
             You were mine, O my saint, 
             My maiden, my mate, 
             By the might of the right 
             Of the night of our fate. 
             Though I fall, though I faint, 
             Though I char, though I choke, 
             By the hour of our power 
             I invoke, I invoke! 
             By the mystical union 
             Of fairy and faun, 
             Unspoken, unbroken-- 
             The dusk to the dawn!-- 
             A secret communion, 
             Unmeasured, unsung, 
             The listless, resistless, 
             Tumultuous tongue!-- 
             O virgin in armour 
             Thine arrows unsling, 
             In the brilliant resilient 
             First rays of the spring! 
             No Godhead could charm her, 
             But manhood awoke-- 
             O fiery Valkyrie, 
             I invoke, I invoke! 

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