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                                  AN OPEN LETTER TO A WITCH
                I do not know what  Tradition you follow.  That does  not matter.
           Indeed, for all I know, you may not follow any of the traditions.  You
           may be  one of those many  lonely ones who, for  whatever reason, must
           worship by 'feel'  rather than  through any formal  coven training  or
           participation.  But whoever you are, and however you worship, all that
           matters to me is that you hold 
           true to the God and the Goddess.  My purpose in writing this letter is
           to  enjoin your  aid  in destroying  that  which cripples  our  Craft.
           Dissension is the disease.  It is not a cancer, 
           for  it  can be  cured;  and,  as with  most  herbal  cures, the  best
           treatment is that administered internally. 
                     Friend,help spread theBrotherhood andSisterhood ofthe Craft.
           do not seek to establish a scale of Wicca purism,  (for no two Witches
           will ever agree  on the relative positions on the  scale of even their
           own tradition.)  There is no one religion for all people, and THERE IS
           NO  ONE TRADITION  FOR  ALL  WITCHES!   Let  this be  understood,  and
           accepted.  Choose your own path and 
           leave your neighbor to choose  his.  Remember the primary tenet:   "AN
                     Yetnever forget:"An it harmnone..." If your pathleads to sex
           rites, to homosexuality, to not pt it foreward
           as "THE WICCAN  WAY".  It is only  A Wiccan way, one of MANY.   And by
           the same token, if a path  so presented is not your way, do  not decry
           it simply because it is  not your way.  Who are you to  say another is
           wrong, so long as it harms none. 
                     Strive for honesty, friend.  Do not make false Craft claims,
           whether of  position, heredity, lineage, or  whatever.  If you  have a
           quarrel with someone, seek out the one you  disagree with, rather than
           utilize  perhaps unreliable  intermediaries.   do  not spread  unfound
           rumors  and question  those who  do  so.   News of  battle makes  more
           exciting reading than news of peace.   Why, then, provide battle  news
           for publication  when the serenity of  the Craft is what  we should be
                       We have come along way, myfriend, in a fewshort years. Let
           us  move on  along our  chosen paths  till we  emerge -  as we  will -
           accepted and respected by ALL as a religion in our own right. 
                     Help usbring anend to washingour dirty linenin public. There
           will  always be disagreements, there  will always be  those who cannot
           tolerate others,  but they  are in  the  minority and  so they  should
           remain, if  you  wish.   But do  not deny  them their  right to  those
                     Friend, weare Children ofthe Universe, andChildren ofthe God
           and the Goddess.  Let us try to remember that, and live in Peace. 
                                       Blessed Be, and Merry Part! 

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