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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

           Compuserve on-line Full Moon Mar. '93
           (Shadow Hawk) Ok, we begin....
           (Shadow Hawk) see the darkness of the night settling in around you....
           (Shadow Hawk) and gradually as your eyes adjust you find yourself in
           (Shadow Hawk) the woods, and the sound of the night creatures begin to
           (Shadow Hawk) be heard.
           (Shadow Hawk) Ahead you see the glow of a fire deep in the woods.  it
           (Shadow Hawk) a small fire, that you might easily miss, but it pulls
           (Shadow Hawk) to it like a compass to the magnet.
           (Shadow Hawk) As you enter a small clearing, you see around you
           shadowy figures
           (Shadow Hawk) robed and moving in the flickering candle light.  You
           feel the
           (Shadow Hawk) powers of the night begin to stir.
           (Shadow Hawk) On the horizon, you see the full moon breaking in
           through the trees...
           (Shadow Hawk) and you hear the sounds of a small bell.  You stand
           within the circle..
           (Shadow Hawk) and one figure breaks away and begins to call to the
           four directions...
           (Marc Tripp) Walking to the East of the cirlce and raising my athame.
           (Marc Tripp) I summon the Guardian of the Gate of Air!
           (Marc Tripp) King of the Poweres of the East
           (Marc Tripp) The Sacred Space is thine for this Night!
           (Marc Tripp) Open for me the Way-Without-Time.
           (Marc Tripp) Air of Earth, We are One with Thee!
           (Marc Tripp) Then turning and walking to the south of the circle
           (Marc Tripp) I raise my Athame.
           (Marc Tripp) I summon the Guardian of the Gate of Earth!
           (Marc Tripp) King of the Powers of the South!
           (Marc Tripp) The Sacred Space is thine for this Night!
           (Marc Tripp) Open for us the Way-Without-Time
           (Marc Tripp) Earth of Earth, We are one with thee!
           (Marc Tripp) Walking to the West..I raise my athame.
           (Marc Tripp) I Summon the Guardian of the Gate of Water!
           (Marc Tripp) King of the Powers of the West!
           (Marc Tripp) The Sacred space is thine for this Night!
           (Marc Tripp) Open for us the Way-Without-Time.
           (Marc Tripp) Water of Earch, We are One with Thee!
           (Marc Tripp) Walking to the North.  I raise my athame.
           (Marc Tripp) I Summon the Guardian of the Gate of fire!
           (Marc Tripp) King of the Powers of the North!
           (Marc Tripp) The Sacred Space is thine for this Night!
           (Marc Tripp) Open For me the Way-Without-Time.
           (Marc Tripp) Fire of Earth, I we are One with Thee!
           (Marc Tripp) I then return to my place in the circle.
           (Shadow Hawk) Two figures break forth and gather the earth/water and
           (Shadow Hawk) from the altar where they rest....
           (Shadow Hawk) I cleanse and purify this place with the spirits of
           Earth and Water...
           (Shadow Hawk) I cleanse and purify this place with the creatures of
           Air and Fire!
           (Shadow Hawk) I take the Sword of Knowledge and walking to the North,
           I point
           (Shadow Hawk) it down do the ground.  Cascading rivers of fire flow
           from it
           (Shadow Hawk) and I walk the circle in a clockwise fashion...
           (Shadow Hawk) and as I walk a curtain of fire flairs up behind me,
           around the
           (Shadow Hawk) circle I walk.
           (Shadow Hawk) The Circle is cast, we are in the space between the
           (Shadow Hawk) in a place that is not a place, in a time that is not a
           (Shadow Hawk) in a space that is not a space.  We are in the Sacred
           (Shadow Hawk) So Mote it be!
           (Shadow Hawk) Two figures walk to the altar, and the power surrounds
           (Shadow Hawk) with wure hands they take up the tools of Power, and
           begin to speak...
           (Priestess) This is the time of the fulness of the symbol of our Lady
           (Priestess) the Moon. All things wax and wane, and on this evening the
           (Priestess) powers of life, of magic, and of creation are at their
           (Priestess) highest. This is the time of building, of doing. it is a
           (Priestess) time when the veil between the mundane world and the
           (Priestess) and beautiful realms of elfhame becomes thin indeed.  On
           (Priestess) this night may one transcend the boundaries of the worlds
           (Priestess) with ease, and know beauty and enchantment.
           (Priest) There is a magnificence to this time. The ancients knew well
           (Priest) of the mysteries of this night, and used them well to build
           (Priest) and to strengthen themselves.. and to partake of elvish
           (Priest) adventures of which we can have but little inkling.
           (Priest) Sensuous , mysterious, in human form, in
           (Priest) dramatic costume, in solid, soaring architecture, the lithe
           (Priest) suppleness of our animal brethren, the arrogant magnificence
           (Priest) of a spectacular landscape. And more.....much more.
           (Priest) This is a time for weaving of the inchoate into being, of
           (Priest) spinning the strands of space and of time to bring forth
           (Priest) Creation. For all does rotate, and turn about upon itself;
           (Priest) this is a fundamental principle of the universe, and a
           (Priest) mystery of the greatest magnitude. The Gods know of it and
           (Priest) we shall also. Weave a spell of Moonlight and fashion with
           (Priest) it a fabric of pure magical substance.
           (Priest) There is a challenge and a joy to building, and creating.
           (Priest) The joyous strife of a just battle, of the cascading passion
           (Priest) of lovemaking, and even to the birth-pangs in creating a new
           (Priest) life. there is the peace of Aphrodite that follows such as
           (Priest) these, a thoroughly fulfilling quietude.  And it is easy,
           (Priest) really. very easy and the most natural of things.
           (Priestess) This is a time of travelling unseen in the full moonlight,
           (Priestess) time for hearing of elfin music not made by humankind. It
           (Priestess) a time for oneness with the forest, with the mountains,
           (Priestess) the eternal and life-giving sea, with the warm rains and
           (Priestess) bolt of lightning that creates the very spark of life.  It
           (Priestess) is a time for pilgrimage to the holy of holies, to stand
           (Priestess) last before the cauldron of our Lady and to see form, and
           (Priestess) substance, and being created anew once more.
           (Priestess) Hear the sound of the Circle Bell...
           (Priestess) (Repeat after Priestess)
           (Priestess) All hail, O goddess of the silver-rimmed cauldron.
           (Rilla) All hail, o goddess of the silver-rimmed cauldron.
           (Marc Tripp) All hail, O goddess of the silver-rimmed cauldron.
           (Jim Stay) All hail O Goddess of the silver-rimmed cauldron
           (Priestess) All hail, thou from whom all does come.
           (Kammy) all hail, o goddess of the silver-rimmed cauldron.
           (Many Blue Sparks) All hail, o goddess of the silver rimmed cauldron
           (Rilla) All hail, thou from whom all does come.
           (Kammy) all hail, thou from whom all does come.
           (Jim Stay) All Hail thou from whom all does come
           (Marc Tripp) All Hail, Thou from whom all does come.
           (Priestess) On this night do we give salutation to the magic of
           (Priestess) And to the ecstasy of the Gods.
           (Many Blue Sparks) All hail, thou from whom all does come.
           (Kammy) on this night doe we give salutation to the magic of creation
           (I.D.) All hail thou from whom all do3s come
           (Kammy) and to the ecstasy of the Gods.
           (Rilla) On this night do we give salutation to the magic of creation
           (Marc Tripp) On this night do we give salutation to the magic of
           creation and to the 
           (Marc Tripp) ecstasy of the Gods
           (Rilla) and to the ecstasy of the Gods!
           (Priestess) (Smell the rising incense smoke and hear the circle bell)
           (Many Blue Sparks) On this night doe we give salutation to the magick
           of creation
           (Many Blue Sparks) and to the ecstasy of the Gods.
           (Priestess) O gracious and beautiful goddess, Teach us to weave magic,
           (Priestess) Show us thy ancient art to bring forth from chaos and from
           (Priestess) nothingness that which is Being itself teach us to draw
           (Priestess) the Moon, to spin and to fashion fabric magical and pure;
           (Priestess) Insubstantial as dew, yet  with the strength of iron.
           (Priest) O most excellent Lady, teach us of love, and of beauty, and
           (Priest) of sensuousness.
           (Priest) Teach us of daring, and of adventure. Show us of the
           (Priest) building of spells of the spinning and shaping of moonlight.
           (Priest) Lead our feet in the magical dances of power. Show to us the
           (Priest) paths between the worlds, To realms strange, and beautiful.
           (Priest) Lead us through mist and moonlight to places of crystalline
           (Priest) rainbow light.  Groves of enchantment, thy hollow hills of
           (Priest) magic, and pools and lakes of mystery.
           (Priest) (hear the sounds of the bell)
           (Priestess) Teach us, O Lady of radiance To speak the language of the
           (Priestess) wilds, To fly with the freedom of the bird, To live with
           (Priestess) power and grace of the feline, To know the ease, the
           (Priestess) beautiful ease of creating.  And to know ecstasy and joy.
           (Priestess) stir t he very heights of our being.
           (Priestess) BLESSED BE !
           (Priestess) Prepare for Meditation.
           (Priestess) We are all seated comfortably on cushions near a large
           (Priestess) mirror.  It is night, and the moon is full. We stand up
           (Priestess) where we are, and stepping out of our bodies, leave them
           (Priestess) resting comfortably behind. We go to the mirror and look
           (Priestess) through; we can see through to the other side and make out
           (Priestess) moonlit grassy hill beyond, rising before us, We step
           (Priestess) through and fins ourselves in a warm moonlit night. a path
           (Priestess) stretches off to the right across a broad grassy meadow.
           (Priestess) look back briefly and see the portal of our mirror, with
           (Priestess) candle lights on the other side; it will be here open and
           (Priestess) waiting for us on our return.  We start up the path in the
           (Priestess) bright, full moonlight...
           (Priestess) In the distance ahead of us we see forest covered hills,
           (Priestess) sky is bright with many stars. the wind moans softly in
           (Priestess) tall grasses, there is the smell of pine on the air, on
           (Priestess) either side the mist lies low upon the ground, we continue
           (Priestess) across the meadow turning until the forest lies off to one
           (Priestess) side, ahead of us now we see scattered fruit trees,
           (Priestess) which we walk. the grass underfoot is wet with dew, our
           (Priestess) robes drift in the gentle breeze, the ground begins to
           (Priestess) before us and the air is full of the sounds of night birds
           (Priestess) and crickets. we move tirelessly up the slight incline,
           (Priestess) seeming to barely touch the ground, fireflies flicker
           (Priestess) briefly in the distance as we move through the shadows
           (Priestess) beneath the trees, our movements almost soundless, patches
           (Priestess) of moonlight cast our shadows, rainbow rimmed on the wet
           (Priestess) grass.
           (Priestess) We glance back and, far behind we can see the rolling
           (Priestess) and on the horizon, what seem to be the flickering of a
           (Priestess) distant thunderstorm, the clouds far away, above us the
           (Priestess) is clear, the moonlight bright.  Mist drifts in patches
           (Priestess) the meadow, w e pass on through it. there is the heady
           (Priestess) perfume of flowers, the smell of grass and trees, small
           (Priestess) animals rustle near us. we move quickly and silently on,
           (Priestess) passing through the trees like moonbeams, haloes about our
           (Priestess) shadows. almost as if there were others with us.. but we
           (Priestess) cannot make them out. The forest closes in as we progress,
           (Priestess) ahead we make out the what seems to be the entrance to a
           (Priestess) cave, with a soft multicoloured glow within.
           (Priestess) As we approach we see what appear to be glistening miner-
           (Priestess) encrusting the rock about the entrance to the cave.  We
           (Priestess) sounds of soft music from within, rainbow colours flash
           (Priestess) colouring the wisps of mist which drift before it. We step
           (Priestess) inside...
           (Priestess) We seem to be wrapped in soft misty light. We notice the
           (Priestess) aroma of sweet flowers. Ahead is a pool of crystal clear
           (Priestess) water, catching all the colours, shimmering rainbow mists
           (Priestess) rise from it. next to the pool a path leads to the right
           (Priestess) we follow it. There are other pools in small chambers
           (Priestess) the cave, they appear as mirrors to other worlds and other
           (Priestess) times, the sound of soft music fills the air. Jewel-like
           (Priestess) minerals are everywhere, the path leads upwards through
           (Priestess) rock, to a chamber where we see a great cauldron, mist
           (Priestess) from it encrusting the rim with glistening beads, soft
           (Priestess) whispering can now be heard.  We stop and hold up our
           (Priestess) before the cauldron, fine sparkles of light fly from our
           (Priestess) fingers, and as we weave patterns with our hands we see,
           (Priestess) a moment, a pattern of light of our creation take form,
           (Priestess) dissolve to be reality elsewhere. the mist rises thickly
           (Priestess) from the cauldron and we step forward and peer into it, as
           (Priestess) through gazing into a mirror we see images of ourselves,
           (Priestess) d as we gaze these images appear to change, we become
           (Priestess) healthier, more perfect, with fiery glowing auras, our-
           (Priestess) improving within and without.
           (Priestess) We step back and throw a kiss toward the cauldron, spar-
           (Priestess) of light explode in the air, we look and listen for a
           (Priestess) then turn and begin to retrace our steps....
           (Priestess) Once again we pass through the chamber of the pools, with
           (Priestess) its glistening jewels an d soft music, out into the bright
           (Priestess) moonlight  the forested hillside about us, behind us the
           (Priestess) cave entrance, down through the trees we pass across the
           (Priestess) meadow, with its whispering grasses and gleaming fire-
           (Priestess) our robes floating gossamer upon the air, silently we
           (Priestess) Ahead on the horizon the storm flashes, small creatures
           (Priestess) rustle in the grasses, our shadows move with us haloed in
           (Priestess) moonlight, we move rapidly through the trees and across
           (Priestess) meadow, ahead we see the faint glimmer of our own portal,
           (Priestess) growing larger, brighter as we approach. we stop before it
           (Priestess) and look around, one last look at the moonlit meadow, the
           (Priestess) forest, the hills , the fireflies, the mist. Then we step
           (Priestess) through.  We are in the circle again. We go to our bodies
           (Priestess) and settle comfortably down within them.  We have retur-
           (Priestess) I call Rilla
           (Priestess) Rilla, enter into the Center of the Circle!
           (Rilla) I enter into the center of the circle
           (Priestess) Children of the night, send forth your power to this our
           (Priestess) Sister, that she feel the relief of our touch.
           (Priestess) (visualize healing fire flowing from your hands to Rilla)
           (Priestess) (and that any aches and pains are melted away  and flow
           (Priestess) into the ground for transmutation)
           (Priestess) Rilla, when you feel full of power, earth the extra
           (Rilla) <I send the spiral of the breath into the earth.....>
           (Priestess) and return to your place in the Circle.
           (Rilla) <and with it flows all pain and burden>...
           (Rilla) <and breathe the spirit of the earth back to my heart>
           (Rilla) <and out again to my brothers and sisters>....
           (Rilla) I thank you...
           (Rilla) Blessed Be...
           (Rilla) <returning to place in the circle>
           (Priestess) Blessed Be!
           (Priestess) Is there any others that have a boon to ask tonight in
           (Priestess) Night of Power?
           (Rilla) I ask a boon.
           (Rilla) To send the healing power we have gathered here...
           (Rilla) to our brother, Otter...
           (Rilla) so that he may feel our love and healing touch.
           (Priestess) We concentrate on the center of the Circle...
           (Priestess) and a shadowy figure forms.  The shape of Otter
           (Priestess) takes form, and once again, the Healing Fire reaches
           (Priestess) out to touch and caress.
           (Priest) The figure waves it's thanks, and gradually fades away,
           (Priest) behind the echoes of it's Blessed Be!
           (Priest) Are there any other boons or wishes?
           (Rilla) Healing for those not with us?
           (Rilla) Berrywine, our sister...
           (Rilla) and Alexandra too.
           (Priest) Heh, We are deep enough for that too.
           (Priest) We spread the circle, and many shapes and forms
           (Priest) begin to appear.  Brothers and Sisters that cannot
           (Priest) be here in the Now, but that are always with us.
           (Priest) And once more, with a rumbling from deep in the earth...
           (Priest) the Healing Fire once more flows forth, and lightning
           (Priest) cracks across the sky in response, power to power...
           (Priest) and the shadowy figures straighten up, lose their pain,
           (Priest) and smiling, slowly fade away.  Blessed Be.
           (Priestess) Any others?
           (Priestess) Any items to be charged?  We accept Goddess Charge and
           Lady Visa  (grin)
           (I.D.) for Brad...
           (Shadow Hawk) I have a request, I have a wand that I picked up in the
           Isle of Man
           (Shadow Hawk) a wand of Ash from a mountain that our brothers and
           sisters died on
           (Shadow Hawk) during the Burning Times.  I would like to charge it
           with the energy
           (Shadow Hawk) of the night.  I place it on the altar in the center of
           the Circle...
           (Priest) Visualize the Fire flowing once more, not healing, but
           (Priest) with power, sealing the Wand to do the Lady's Will.
           (Priest) So mote it be!
           (Priestess) Any others?
           (Rilla) Ingrid mentioned Brad....
           (Rick B) Charge his monitor! <g>
           (Priestess) Then we continue, please take your chalice and bread.
           (Rilla) who is not with us except in his heart <g>...and would be if
           he could!
           (Priestess) (lift your chalice)
           (I.D.) Who needs peace!!
           (Priestess) O Goddess of beauty, and of Magnificence, O God of laugh-
           (Priestess) and joyous strength.
           (Priestess) Cast now thy blessings on this feast of sacrament. That we
           (Priestess) may honour thee, and learn of thy mysteries of life, of
           (Priestess) magic of creating.  Blessed Be !
           (Priest) Eat now of the gifts of the earth. ever new, ever fresh,
           (Priest) ever excellent, know well that the power of life to come
           (Priest) forth is beyond bounds in time and space.
           (Priest) Eat now of the bread before you. of the grain that forms a
           (Priest) link with the most ancient of living things And with  the
           (Priest) grain that shall sprout and grow for countless eons to come.
           (Priest) Know well that to abide, life must draw vitality and power
           (Priest) from the earth.
           (Priest) Eat, and know of creation enduring.
           (Priest) Drink now of the sweet wine before you, symbol of the light
           (Priest) and beautiful magic, which opens the portals to the realms
           (Priest) of enchantment.  Know that music, and the lure of the
           (Priest) mysterious is the sweetness and most intoxicating of all
           (Priest) human experience.
           (Priest) Drink, and know of elvish magic.
           (Priestess) I bid you now, finish that which ye have, and meditate
           (Priestess) the significance of that which has been said.
           (Shadow Hawk) Gracious Goddess, thank you for being here tonight...
           (Shadow Hawk) thank you for your Love and your touch and the light
           (Shadow Hawk) you send to show us the Path in the Dark.  Blessed Be!
           (Shadow Hawk) Mighty God, thank you for being here tonight...
           (Shadow Hawk) Thank you for you Love and your strength and the power
           (Shadow Hawk) to find the strength to walk this Path in the Dark. 
           Blessed Be!
           (Marc Tripp) <Standing and moving to the East>
           (Marc Tripp) Powers of Air, 
           (Marc Tripp) Place of Dawn,
           (Marc Tripp) Guardian of the Gate I pledge my Air to Thine!
           (Marc Tripp) Depart in peace to whence ye came
           (Marc Tripp) Until we meet Again
           (Marc Tripp) <Moving to the South>
           (Marc Tripp) Powers of Earth
           (Marc Tripp) Place of deepest Night,
           (Marc Tripp) Guardian of the Gate, I pledge my Earth to thine!
           (Marc Tripp) Depart in peace to whence ye came.
           (Marc Tripp) Until We meet again.
           (Marc Tripp) <Moving to the West>
           (Marc Tripp) Powers of Water
           (Marc Tripp) Place of the Setting Sun,
           (Marc Tripp) Guardian of the Gate, I pledge my Water to thine.
           (Marc Tripp) Depart in peace to whence ye came.
           (Marc Tripp) Until we meet again!
           (Marc Tripp) <Moving to the North>
           (Marc Tripp) Powers of Fire,
           (Marc Tripp) Place of the Highest Sun,
           (Marc Tripp) Guardian of the Gate, I pledge my Fire to thine!
           (Marc Tripp) Depart in peace to whence ye came.
           (Marc Tripp) Until we meet again.
           (Marc Tripp) <Moving back to my place in the circle.
           (Shadow Hawk) I take the Sword of Opening, and I move to the North
           (Shadow Hawk) Moving counterclockwise, I walk the Circle one more
           (Shadow Hawk) and the fire gutters out and sinks into the Earth...
           (Shadow Hawk) I walk the Circle Round and Round.
           (Shadow Hawk) I walk the Circle into the Ground.
           (Shadow Hawk) I walk the Circle round and Round.
           (Shadow Hawk) Out to the edge of the Covenstead.
           (Shadow Hawk) Returning to the north, I raise the sword high...
           (Shadow Hawk) The Circle is Open, but unbroken...
           (Shadow Hawk) Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry meet again!
           (Shadow Hawk) So mote it be!
           (Rilla) So mote it be!
           (Marc Tripp) So Mote it be!
           (Jim Stay) So Mote it be
           (2-1,Rick B) So Mote It Be!
           (I.D.) So mote it be!
           (Kammy) So mote it be!
           (Many Blue Sparks) So Mote it be!

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