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                 |                        RITUAL BATH                          |
                       The purpose  of a  ritual bath  is to cleanse Yourself,
                  from the  inside and  out, of  negative energies and prepare
                  your Physical,  Mental and  Spiritual Self  for Circle.    A
                  ritual bath is a rite in and of itself.  The rite is ideally
                  done just  prior to Circle, but this is not always the case.
                  [An example  of such is if you have to travel to the meeting
                  place.]   After the rite is completed and you must travel to
                  another place  for Circle,  try  to  keep  your  mind  in  a
                  Spiritual frame as this will aid you in Circle.
                       The bath water should be infused with salts, herbs oils
                  and colors  that are harmonious with the work to be done in
                  Circle.  To prepare for the bath:
                       Select the  Herbs, [it  is best to have your herbs in a
                  satchel for  easier clean-up]  oils and  salts [of  the same
                  color as the candle] that you will be using.
                       Have a  censer and  charcoal  block  ready  to  burn  a
                  corresponding incense on.
                       Anoint a  candle of  appropriate color [Possibly using
                  the same  oil as  you are  using in the bath water.]  If you
                  have a  shrine set  up in  your bathroom  there should  be a
                  Goddess and God candle present.
                       Have some  Holy Water ready.  [Holy Water is made from:
                  1/3 sea-water  {river-water with  sea-salt added  will do if
                  sea-water is unavailable}; 1/3 river-water; 1/3 spring-water
                  {store bought is OK}.]
                       Have a  tape recorder  with  meditation  music  in  the
                  bathroom  with   you,  as   its  aid  to  visualization  and
                  meditation is  invaluable.   [Be cautious  to have  the tape
                  recorder far  away from  any water and DO NOT TOUCH IT WHILE
                  YOU ARE STILL WET.]
                       A glass  of wine  is also  needed for  consumption upon
                  completion of  the rite.   And  your libation  dish for  the
                  libation to the Gods.
                       To begin  turn out  the lights  and light the candle(s)
                  and incense,  turn on tape, fill the tub with warm water and
                  add herbs,  oils, salts and a cup or so of Holy Water.  With
                  your  Athame   draw  and  visualize  a  Water  or  Banishing
                  Pentagram over the bath water.  All of these tools represent
                  the four  Elements; Air/the  incense and the scents from the
                  bath, Fire/the  heat of  the bath,  Water/the bath  and Holy
                  Water and, Earth/the herbs and oils.
                       Lower  yourself   into  the   water  and  visualize  it
                  cleansing you  of all  negativity.  Know that these energies
                  are flowing  from your  Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self
                  into the  water.   Relax and  enjoy the warmth of the water,
                  the scents  in the  air and the feeling of being cleansed of
                  all negativity,  let yourself  drift.   Now concentrate  and
                  visualize on  the purpose of the coming ritual and know that
                  you are  truly prepared.   When you feel you are ready, pull
                  the plug  and stay  in the  tub  until  all  the  water  has
                  drained.   As the  water is draining visualize and know that
                  the negative  energies that  are now  in the water are going
                  into the Earth and are grounded.
                       Rise up  out of the tub and do a Self Blessing like the
                  Anoint each area while saying aloud:
                          Blessed be my Mind, that learns of Your ways
                                   [anointing your forehead]
                          Blessed be my eyes, that have seen this day.
                                      Blessed be my lips,
                          That utter Your names and keep Your secrets.
                     Blessed be my breast(s), formed in strength (Beauty).
                                 Blessed be the phallus (Womb),
                               For without which I would not be.
                   Blessed be my knees, that shall kneel at thy Sacred Altar.
                    Blessed be my feet, that have brought me in these ways.
                       Pour a  libation to  the Gods and drink the wine.  When
                  dried, robe,  clean-up the  bathroom and  take the  libation
                  outside to return it to the Earth.  The rite is ended.
                                        So Mote it Be!

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