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Internet Book of Shadows, (Various Authors), [1999], at

                                   WHEN SATURN RULED AQUARIUS 
                    The Kiss of Saturn is hot, black, fierce, deep 
                    A hint of Wild Ass 
                    In her blue-black hair 
                    Breasts soft as black Lead 
                    Moulten hips steaming with empowerment 
                    Belly bold with Lust 
                    That heals...and heals...and heals 
                    Uranus!  She cries. 
                    "Wild Ass!" I reply. "I am set on you!" 
                    My Wild Ass prances 
                    "For I am Set, my Nepthys 
                    My sweet Wild Ass 
                    I come to claim your dark powers tonight 
                    In Binah tonight 
                    For we are in Binah 
                    Deep set in Binah 
                    Saturn am I!  Shivah am I! I AM! 
                    I am Atman!  THAT! 
                    I claim you Dark Nepthys 
                    THAT we may be ONE!" 
                    In Atman hide the Secrets of Maya 
                    Terrible Maya 
                    (When we are in Her Claws) 
                    Is kind in Atman 
                    There is a reversal in Atman 
                    Of subtle beauty 
                    Maya becomes God's Will 
                    And I am as God 
                    In Atman.  I am as God, Will Supreme 
                    Soft as a Feather 
                    Strong, gentle, wise and firm, 
                    Free!  I am Atman! 
                    I am Atman.  I am Free.  I am He. 
                    In Atman, I AM 
                    As God in Atman. 
                    Free!  I am Atman! 

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