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BBS Files

These files from the legendary KeeleyNet BBS and the ‘UFO Chronicles’ distribution list are documents of the UFO community, posted long ago on a pre-Internet bulletin boards, FIDOnet and Usenet by hard-core UFO believers. As usual, views expressed in these files are not necessarily the views of, and we can’t answer any questions about their contents or authors. The UFO Chronicles are provided courtesy of C. Demetrius Morgan.

A Revival of the 61-Month Wave Theory
UFO Landing and Government Intercept
Alternative 003
Dreamland (Part 1)
Dreamland (Part 2)
Dreamland (Part 3)
Flying Saucers: The Bible Connection
Black Aircraft
Crop Circles a Hoax?
1991 Crop Circles
Crop Circles
The UFO Conspiracy (Part 1)
The UFO Conspiracy (Part 2)
The Message of Cydonia
Dallas Area UFO Sightings
Examining The Earthlight Theory
Circles of Confusion
Detectability of Extraterrestrial Technological Activities
Secret Advanced Vehicles
Review of Harbinson’s Genesis
Planned Groom Lake Land Acquisition Criticized
Air Force Wants To Seize Mountain To Protect Secret Base
Compuserve Chat with Hoagland about Mars Face
A Brief Account of the True Nature of the UFO Entities
Betty Hill Star Map
Magnetic Implants (Part 1)
Magnetic Implants (Part 2)
Nasa UFO Tape
UFO’s and the Occult Reich
Who are the Ufonauts? (Book of Enoch)
Flying Aircraft and Nuclear War and Other Strange Occurences of the Past
Flying Saucers-Top Secret: The Piri Reis Map
Russian UFOs
Tibetan Disks
Tibet, Shambhala and UFOs
UFO Incident at USAF Missile Base
UFOs and the End of the World
Witnesses Marvel at Mystery Objects (Bemidji MI 8/31/1990)
How to Build a Flying Saucer After So Many Amateurs Have Failed
Guidelines for UFO Encounters
Nikola Tesla, Man Ahead of His Time (or How to Build a UFO)
Starship Engines
Saucers’ Secret: Antigravity
UFO Update
UFO Photos
Nine UFOs Reported at Nevada Test Site
The Truth about Alternative 3
===== [ The UFO Chronicles ] =====
Heaven’s Gate (Part 1)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 2)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 3)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 4)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 5)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 6)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 7)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 8)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 9)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 10)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 11)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 12)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 13)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 14)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 15)
Heaven’s Gate (Part 16)
Heaven’s Gate Cult
Mysterious Couple Appear To Be Founders of Suicide Cult
The Alien Autopsy Film
USAF Regulation AFR200-2: UFO Reporting
Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology
Alien Autopsy FAQ
Alien Insurance
UFOs, Alien or Man Made
The Physical Appearance of Intelligent Aliens
Ancient City Found, Irradiated From Atomic Blast
The Authorship of the Bible
Area 51 FAQ
Area 51
Antikythera Mechanism
SFSU Researchers Discover New Planet With Oblong Orbit
Avenger Bomber Wing Disappearance in Bermuda Triangle in 1945
The B2 Bomber: Could it be Responsible For Boomerang UFO Sightings?
The Bermuda Triangle and Parapsychology
UFO Briefing Document Shows ‘Best Available Evidence’
Betting on the Cosmos
Flying Saucers: The Bible Connection
Project Blue Beam
Project Grudge/Blue Book
List of UFO Bodies Allegedly in the Possession of the USGovernment
UFO Books — The Serious Literature
UFOlogy in Canada
Jimmy Carter’s UFO Report
Crop Circles: The Signs Have Arrived
Oliver’s Castle Crop-Circle Video
Crashed Discs 12,000 Years Ago
The Mysterious Chupacabras
Have You Hugged Your Chupacabras Lately?
The Chupacabras Song
USAF UFO Order 12/24/1959
CNI News 18.5
CNI News 18.7
CNI News 18.8
CNI News 18.9
CNI News 19.2
CNI News 19.3
CNI News 19.4
CNI News 19.5
CNI News 19.6
CNI News 19.7
CNI News 20.1
CNI News 20.3
CNI News 21.1
CNI News 21.2
Columbia River UFO 3/17/1981
Comets May Have Introduced Interstellar Chemicals to Earth
The Draconian/Saurian War Conspiracy
THe UFO Coverup
Alleged UFO Crashes
CSETI: Project Starlight
Debunking Versus Counterintelligence: Reflections of a Pro-Ufologist
UFOs: Some Context for the Discussion
The Dogon
The Groom Lake Desert Rat Issue #30
The Dulce Base
Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
Extra-Terrestrial Exposure Law Already Passed By Congress
AP Press clipping on Foo Fighters. Dec 13 1944
Bigfoot Hoax
Groom Lake Timeline
Electricity is Directly Related To Gravity
A Grim Fairy Tale
Hale-Bopp Comet Madness, by Alan Hale
Comet Hale-Bopp and its ‘Mysterious Unidentified Companions’
Fraudulent Hale-Bopp Images
Comet Hale-Bopp
An Astronomer’s Personal Statement on UFOs, by Alan Hale
Hanger 19
The MJ-12 Affair: Facts, Questions, Comments
The Hollow Earth
Hopi Prophecies
ISCNI Flash 6/16/1996
Peter Jennings: Swiss policy on UFOs
Korean UFO
Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part 1)
Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part 2)
Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part 3)
Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part 4)
Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part 5)
Long Island UFO Crash
Conspiracy Mania
Mars Pathfinder
Doubt Cast On Martian Life Theory
Handling the News Media: What MUFON Members Need to Know
Memorandum II
MIB Want Photograph
Sightings: Men in Black
Encounters With Men In Black
Military Brass Go Public With Explosive New Information
Inside the Military UFO Underground
Operation Majority
Majestic 12
NASA Moon Photos
Alien Moon Base
Project Moon Dust
Stanton Friedman Monthly Report Dec. 1996
Stanton Friedman Monthly Report Feb. 1997
Mystic Encyclopedia
Is NASA covering up Hubble pictures?
NASA Leaks
NASA Turnabout, or Empty Promise?
Foo Fighters and the Kugleblitz
UFO’s. Alien or Man Made?
Urge to Investigate and Believe Sparks New Interest in UFOs
The Scientific Context of the UFO/Abduction Phenomenon
Protocol 5
The Pyramid On Mars
Galactic Races
UFO Reality Is Breaking Out
Reflections on Abduction Studies
Richland WA UFO, 1947 (Part 1)
Richland WA UFO, 1947 (Part 2)
Roswell New Mexico UFO Crash Incident, 1947
Scenario List
Schulgen Memo
UF0’s and Mainstream Science
The Drake Equation
Gulf Breeze Sighting
Review of ‘The 12th Planet’
A Dialogue with a former member of the Intelligence Community
Soviet Saucers
Swedenborg Ornithopter
Eyewitness Testimony and the Paranormal
Resolving The ET Question in a Vacuum of Data
A Century of UFO Landings (1868-1968)
Orange Triangle Hovered Over Garden
Tuscaloosa (AL) News 10/23/1996
Tales From the Dark Side of Flying Saucer Research
UFO roundup 10/27/1996
UFO roundup 12/22/1996
UFO roundup 3/23/1997
UFO roundup 3/30/1997
USS Tiru UFO Sighting
The Air Force, BlueBook and Dr. McDonald
Renato Vesco
David Vine
Whidbey Island UFO Report
Wright Patterson AFB : What’s Going On There?
West Seattle, Washington UFO Report Saturday, March 5, 1988 (Part 1)
West Seattle, Washington UFO Report Saturday, March 5, 1988 (Part 2)
UFO involvement in WWII
Toppenish WA UFO Report (Part 1)
Toppenish WA UFO Report (Part 2)
Toppenish WA UFO Report (Part 3)
Zimbabwe UFO