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CNI News 18.5

 CNI News - Volume 18.5
 May 16, 1996
 Published by the ISCNI News Center
 Editor: Michael Lindemann
 The stories in this edition of CNI News are:
        Does His Story Indicate a Real Crash Location and Date?
        Reflections on a Phenomenon, by Bufo Calvin
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 The subject matter of CNI News is inherently controversial, and the views and
 opinions reported in the news are not necessarily those of ISCNI or its
 The next edition of CNI News will appear on Monday, May 20.
 [In 1967, a man named Roger Patterson claimed he had filmed a Bigfoot. The
 so-called Patterson film has since become famous as the best photo evidence
 that Bigfoot might be a genuine creature resembling a large ape. Patterson's
 Bigfoot, which is evidently female, is relatively clear in the brief film
 clip, and experts have claimed that its gait is so unusual that it probably
 is not a human in a costume. Now, however, a person has come forward who
 claims to have helped create the film. CNI News credits Rob McConnell,
 publisher of the 'X' Chronicles, for this story.]
 By Rob McConnell
 St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
 Wednesday, May 15, 1996.
 The infamous Bigfoot photograph/film by Roger Patterson which was allegedly
 filmed in 1967 has been uncovered as a hoax.
 Harry Kemball, Director and Screenwriter at Golden Eagle Productions told THE
 'X' CHRONICLES researchers that he was at the CanWest 16mm Film Editing Room
 in 1967 when Roger Patterson and his friends put together hi sBigFoot Hoax on
 16mm film.
 According to Kemball, they all laughed and joked about the rental of the
 gorilla costume and the construction of the Big Feet.
 One of Kemball's extra tall buddies played the role of Bigfoot.
 Patterson and his crew carefully chose muddy ground so that the footprints
 would expand.
 The film crew carefully shot it on 16mm Kodak EF High Speed Color Positive
 film stock and when the film is force processed in so-called "Hot Soup," the
 film grain is enlarged to add to the sense of mystery.
 They added a shaky camera zoom with the right amount of "out of focus" to
 complete the deception.
 Kemball, who is a graduate in comparative anatomy studies, states, "This
 creature does not and never has existed."
 The 'X' Chronicles is in possession of a signed statement by Kemball to the
 statements contained in this release.
 [CNI News thanks Masinaigan and UFO ROUNDUP for permission to reprint this
 Sunday night, May 5, 1996, at approximately 10:12 p.m. EDT, a party of
 amateur astronomers set up their telescope on a hillside in Wayne, New
 Jersey. The group hoped to obtain good views of the planet Venus, then
 prominent on the western horizon.
 As the first astronomer peered through the telescope's eyepiece, he saw "a
 bright flash near Venus." He said, "At first I thought it was some sort of
 meteor exploding in the upper atmosphere."
 Another member of the group, who'd set up their telescope on Brandon Avenue
 near Route 23, said the sky explosion was "a whitish green color."
 The first astronomer looked again and saw a gray saucer with "two bright
 lights on the top of the dome. It was about the size of a two-bedroom house."
 He said he had the saucer in view for about 20 seconds. He spotted two
 transparent "glass blisters" fore and aft of the saucer's dome.
 The UFO performed no aerobatic maneuvers--it merely hovered in place. At the
 end of the 20 seconds, it "flew away to the north very fast."
 Note: Wanaque Reservoir, long a UFO hot spot, lies about 25 miles north of
 Wayne, New Jersey. Most recently, the area reported many UFO sightings during
 February and March of 1996.
 In related news, an AOL source reports that there has been heavy UFO activity
 recently in New Fairfield, Connecticut, along Route 25. CNI News will try to
 get more information on these events.
     Does His Story Indicate a Real Crash Location and Date?
 [The May 13 edition of CNI News discussed a current rumor that the mystery
 cameraman who shot the "alien autopsy" film had at last been interviewed.
 This rumor died as quickly as it began. No such interview has yet occurred.
 However, further rumors continue to emerge, along with tantalizing clues to a
 possible "real" crash site and date. CNI News thanks Steve Kaeser for
 permission to reprint this article.]
 by Steven Kaeser
 While the debate over the alleged "Alien Autopsy" footage has subsided
 somewhat, the issue is far from resolved.  That is not to say many will have
 their positions changed as a result of future announcements, but it can at
 least be assumed that Ray Santilli and his partners are hoping to keep
 interest at a high level so future releases of alleged "footage" [remain]
 This past weekend [May 11-12] at the Mid-Atlantic MUFON Symposium, Bob Shell
 presented some of his research into the "film" thus far, and provided some
 interesting information for those who are still following the story as it
 unfolds. Some of [the following] is a direct transcription of Bob's
 presentation, noted as such. The rest has been derived from conversations at
 the Symposium and other portions of his presentation that are not
 specifically [quoted].
 During the past six months an effort has been underway on many fronts to
 obtain additional information from the alleged "Cameraman" as to the location
 of the crash and the circumstances surrounding the recovery of the "bodies"
 and "debris".  Thus far, all information has been obtained through Ray
 The goal, of course,  is an "on camera" interview with the "Cameraman", which
 Bob Kiviat has said is a requirement of an update to last August's "Alien
 Autopsy, Fact or Fiction" program.  This has not yet taken place, in spite of
 rumors to the contrary, and is still being actively pursued behind the
 scenes.  Ray Santilli and his partners are in control of the information flow
 regarding this matter, and it would appear that when they are ready to
 finalize the details regarding an interview, it will take place. This first
 interview will be important, in that it will likely open the floodgate to
 other interviews that are also being negotiated.
 This is, once again, all about money.  It appears that negotiations for
 exclusive rights to the first interview are, in part, open to the highest
 bidder, and followup interviews will take place as arranged (at this point)
 through Santilli.
 In lieu of direct contact with the "Cameraman", Bob Shell and a few others
 have had an opportunity to ask him questions, through Ray, in a three-way
 telephone conversation. During one such conversation, he provided a
 description of his trip to the alleged crash site near Socorro, New Mexico.
 In addition, the "Cameraman" has provided a hand drawn map, as well as a
 printed map, on which he has marked the alleged location.
 As Bob noted in his presentation: "The crash site is about 10 miles southwest
 of Soccoro.  That's about 125 air miles from the Foster Ranch, and so we're
 talking about something that happened about 125 miles away and a month
 earlier.  So, this is not the Roswell event and should not be associated with
 it... but WAS associated with it, mostly for commercial reasons.
 "I've been out there twice, [German researcher] Michael Hesemann has been out
 there several times, and friends of ours who live in Arizona have been out
 there several times trying to make sense of the cameraman's instructions.  We
 only just recently found out that the reason we couldn't find the location is
 because the road, Route 60, has been re-routed since 1947, and we weren't
 aware of that.  A modern map shows how the road loops down to the southwest,
 then begins to loop back up again towards Magdalena.  That road was a little
 bit straighter in that first loop back in the '40s, and the changing of its
 location is what's thrown everybody off who's been out there looking for the
 crash site.
 "While we were out there, we went to the New Mexico Bureau of Mines in
 Soccoro, because we were pretty sure we had the right general area for the
 crash site, and we found something interesting there.  We found a document in
 their files, which is a standard report on a mine with the unfortunate name
 of 'Niggerhead Mine.'   Basically, it tells us is that the manganese was
 played out in 1943 and the mine was shut down.
 "But for some reason, on June 1st of 1947 the mine was reopened by the
 military, kept open for one month -- no mining was done -- and it was shut
 down again.  Now, I've thought about that a lot, and the best explanation I
 can make is that if you wanted a cover story for heavy equipment going down
 this funny little dirt road, if you were taking in a lot of big trucks in and
 out and you didn't want the locals to be too curious, if asked you could say
 you just re-opened that mine.
 "You've all heard the Barney Barnett story.  Well, I talked very briefly by
 telephone to Faith Danley, who is the wife of 'Fleck' Danley, who was Barney
 Barnett's boss. She's, to be honest, very tired of talking to UFO people and
 wants to be left alone.  But she agreed to talk for a few minutes and said,
 'Oh, yes.  Fleck went out to this crash also.'  I asked if she knew when the
 crash had occurred, and she didn't know the date, but said it occurred in the
 summer of 1947.  When asked where the crash had occurred, she said that by
 her recollection the crash was between Magdalena and Socorro.  The same place
 we've been looking at for this crash site, and not out on the 'Plains' at
 "One of the landmarks that the Cameraman used when he was talking about the
 road to the crash site was a wooden bridge, and after we realized that the
 main highway had been re-routed we were able to locate the old route followed
 by Route 60 and the old dirt road, and we found the remains of a large wooden
 bridge.  The cameraman said they went across a wooden bridge in 1947, but
 when he went back to the site about 15 years ago the bridge had long since
 collapsed and was in ruins.  Now we know from talking to the Forest Rangers,
 because all this area is part of a National Forest,  that this was the only
 wooden bridge anywhere for many mile around.  So if a wooden bridge was a
 landmark, this is THE wooden bridge.  This does connect to the same road that
 goes down what's called Box Canyon, and again this is that same place where
 the mine was re-opened by the military.
 "Michael Hesemann is convinced that he has located the crash site in an area
 west of the dirt road [note: later it was stated that it is four miles north
 of the actual mine site].  On the western side of a large flat area is a
 cliff face that rises vertically, with an area at the base of the cliff that
 has been artificially chewed out.  It doesn't appear to be eroded by water,
 or removed in any way we would think of.  It appears to have been chiseled
 out by people, and the cameraman's statement was that when this thing came
 down it was so hot that it melted the rock.   One of those on the small
 expedition was a miner, who said that it appeared to be a special type of
 mining, but the rock face is made of a type of rock that doesn't contain
 anything that anyone would want to mine." [end of Shell quote]
 So, while there are many who will complain that we have no proof that the
 "Cameraman" is a real person, as he remains cloaked behind a veil of secrecy,
 it is most interesting that his description has led to a site that the
 military can be connected to, at the time mentioned by the "Cameraman".
 [In the wake of reports that the dreaded Chupacabras might be on the prowl
 south of San Antonio, Texas, our intrepid reporter Rebecca Schatte decided to
 join a night expedition to watch for the beast. Here's her story.]
 By Rebecca Schatte
 On Sunday, May 12, I met with a group of five folks from San Antonio to look
 for the chupacabra. The hunt was carefully planned by Jason Andromalius, who
 had first notified me by e-mail of a recent report of nine goats being killed
 near San Antonio.
 Jason had found a site near the Medina River that appeared to be public land.
 The river is about 1 to 2 miles south of the attack site. Of course, looking
 for the Chupacabra in South Texas after having received only one report of an
 attack is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.
 I agreed to meet Jason and the gang in La Coste (pop 1021), a small town
 southwest of San Antonio. I came armed with a notepad, pen, and tape
 recorder. Jason was much better prepared, with a night-vision scope, motion
 detector, binoculars, walkie-talkies, one
 shotgun (NOT ENOUGH), gas masks (in case the chupacabra spit some vile poison
 our way!), infrared film, cameras, tape recorders, and flashlights.
 What we needed was beer. Then we would have probably seen a chupacabra. We
 did hear lots of strange noises, but nothing that came out on the audio tape.
 Maybe chupacabras are like vampires who can't be seen in the mirror -- they
 can't be recorded on audio tape. That's my working theory, anyway.
 Before the group gathered at 7 p.m., I visited the original site of the goat
 attack and generally surveyed the area. I spoke to a number of people in the
 town of La Coste and asked what they knew of the Chupacabra. I found that all
 the people with whom I spoke in the predominately Hispanic town were familiar
 with the goatsucker. They talked of the reports they had seen on the Hispanic
 television stations from San Antonio. However, no one seemed overly
 concerned, just curious as to what the chupacabra really was. Most believed
 it was real. Speculation ran from the chupacabra's being some type of
 government-induced experiment to a new kind of unknown animal. Not one person
 I spoke to believed it to be a myth.
 The site that Jason had selected was a beautiful-tree covered area on the
 banks of the Medina River. An open field to the north of the river contained
 an abandoned deer blind (a truck cab on stilts), and this is where Jason and
 his friend, also named Jason, holed up. Kevin and his girlfriend, Delia,
 picked a site right on the bank of the river, a little farther upstream.
 Jason's girlfriend, Yvonne, and I were designated to stay at the base camp,
 which was also on the river bank but on the south side. All three locations
 were equipped with walkie-talkies, enabling all of us to communicate what we
 were seeing and hearing.
 And we all heard LOTS of things! Kevin and Delia heard the most interesting
 sounds. They also got quite a bit of action on the motion detector, but could
 never see anything, even with the night-vision equipment. "Flapping noises"
 were heard in the water and the motion detector indicated motion. The
 flapping noises were described as having been made by something large.
 Meanwhile, Jason and Jason were hearing odd things too-- lots of wailing and
 dogs barking, plus occasional train whistles. Yvonne and I were not without
 strange sounds, either. We heard a myriad of strange things, from branches
 rustling to sounds of something moving through the brush. Unfortunately we
 did not see anything.
 Delia and Kevin came back to the base camp because Delia did not like sitting
 near the river. I can't say that I blame her. It was very spooky being in the
 middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. I felt vulnerable. Kevin left
 Delia with Yvonne and me and returned to his original location on the river.
 And then...
 It was Delia who said: "What's that?" Yvonne and I scrambled for the
 flashlight and shined it across the road to see a small, strange-looking
 animal ambling along. At first we thought it was a possum, but with the
 illumination of the animal we saw that this was no possum!  The animal
 resembled a cat but was bigger than a housecat. It was brown and its eyes
 reflected that eery "green" that only animal eyes can do when illuminated.
 The animal had pointed ears resembling a cat in that they stood up on the top
 of its head and they seemed larger than a cat's ears. The animal did not move
 in a stealthlike manner one associates with a cat. This animal ambled, more
 like a possum or an armadillo. Its movement caused Yvonne to remark that the
 animal was hurt. And that is the way it appeared.
 But the interesting thing was that when we caught the animal in the
 flashlight beam it sat up on its rear haunches and looked right at us. It
 stared at us for what seemed like an eternity. While we were trying to
 contact the rest of the gang on the walkie-talkie, the animal made its way to
 the underbrush. We caught it again in the flashlight beam, and again the
 animal turned, sat up on its haunches and looked at us before disappearing
 into the brush, never to be seen again. Perhaps, it was a baby chupacabra!
 We never thought to get the camera.
 Around 1 a.m., the boys made their way back to the base camp, and we all
 exchanged tales of what we had heard and seen. After packing up the gear, we
 So that's it. It was cool, and I want to go back. I wonder if the Fish and
 Wildlife boys have set a "season" for chupacabras?
     Reflections on a Phenomenon, by Bufo Calvin
 [Here's the latest from our occasional Columnist of the Weird, the inimitable
 Bufo (yes, that's his real name) Calvin. Do you have a question about
 anything Weird? Bufo is the answer man. You can contact him via email at Bufo also maintains a phone message service called
 "Bufo's Weird World." For the latest weirdness by phone, call (510)
 By Bufo Calvin
 May 15, 1996
 Yup, and the "drain train" has been making stops all over the world!  The
 "goat-sucker", which started out as a Puerto Rican phenomenon, has been seen
 in Costa Rica, Florida, Mexico, New England, San Francisco, Moscow, may be more likely to see it than to see your dentist.  It's
 even started to make it into the mainstream press.  The SAN FRANCISCO
 CHRONICLE ran a small piece on May 11 (page A14) about the sightings in the
 Sinaloa state of Northern Mexico.  It had one of those wonderfully precise
 "mundane explanations": "...thought to be a vampire bat, wolf or large cat."
 Syndicated humor columnist Dave Barry (on whom the DAVE'S WORLD tv series is
 based) mentioned it in his April 26th column.  Playing on a despicable
 stereotype, he had a hilarious line: "...first reported in Puerto Rico, where
 it is known as chupacabras, which is Spanish for 'attorney'."  We don't
 approve of lawyer bashing, and please don't sue us.
 "Anomaly Comedy"
 Speaking of comedians, I've noticed that it is from their ranks that some of
 the great supporters of weird stuff come.  Jackie Gleason, THE HONEYMOONERS
 Ralph Kramden, was known for his huge library on the paranormal.  He also
 reported having many such experiences, including UFO sightings.  He commented
 that "These were definitely not objects made on our planet -- they weren't
 secret weapons -- but were solid craft."  Brett Butler, star of GRACE UNDER
 FIRE, reportedly had a close encounter.
 Stand-up comedian Dick Gregory was one of the earliest people to suggest that
 there was "...a conspiracy afoot to formulate a one-world government and that
 one of the ways they are going to do it is with dummy flying saucers."  While
 that isn't an expression of support for the paranormal, exactly, it does
 support the witnesses.
 Soupy Sales, famed kiddie show host, reportedly [claims] that he had
 encountered many extraterrestrials. He said that he could tell by their
 auras... that otherwise they appeared to be "quite normal".  Dwight Shultz,
 "Crazy Murdoch" on the A-TEAM, has co-hosted Don Eckers UFOS TONIGHT cable
 radio show.
 Dan Aykroyd, one of the original stars of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, has been one
 of the most open proponents.  He gave David Letterman a copy of ABOVE TOP
 SECRET (a UFO book by Timothy Good) when he appeared on the show.  He has
 said that the Blues Brothers outfits were  inspired by the stories of the
 "Men-in-Black" who harass UFO sighters.  He has recently begun work on a
 non-fiction series on the paranormal.  When told about the Chupacabras (there
 it is again!), he said he could do a piece on it and call it "Goat-busters".
 #     #     #

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